Disclaimer : Characters belong to their respectful owner (namely Anne Rice)

Fandoms : The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

Rating : K to M

Pairing(s) : Lestat de Lioncourt x Louis de Pointe du Lac, Lestat de Lioncourt x Nicolas de Lenfent

Genres : Fanfiction, slash


Invitation from the Damned

My Immortal

Sleeping Beauty





Le Violoniste










14 thoughts on “The Vampire Chronicles Fanfiction

  1. I just finish part I of the novel. Now I’m burning with emotions just like Lestat and that musician boy being engulfed in the flame. This ought to be the most thrilling vampiric story I’ve read since Count Dracula (I prefer to ignore the fact that I attempted to read Twilight a few years ago, but in my defense, I only leafed through pages out of curiosity) Fascinating plot, neat writing, imaginative description and cool characters, I dare not say I will read all 12 books in the series (are there more?) but so far Louis and Lestat still stimulate my interest. Starting a novel by an interview with a vampire is a smart move to spur readers’ mind. I can’t stop asking questions and have no choice but to keep reading and waiting for answers. Ms Rice, despite the fact that she wrote Sleeping Beauty and has voiced her support for Fifty Shades of Grey, she truly knows how to tell a good story and create her characters. I wasn’t in favor of Lestat at first until Claudia killed him and reduced him to a withered form. For one moment I almost felt a void in Louis’s heart and mind when he was convinced that Lestat was dead for real. I guess it’s painful to part ways with a companion of two centuries no matter how despicable that person is. I didn’t believe that Lestat was finished and braced myself for his return. He did reappear but was likely consumed by the fire afterwards. Now whether he survived remains to be seen. I shall unfold that secret in a few days so no spoilers please. As far as I know, the movie adaptation was well received, now it’s sitting in my hard driver, waiting to be played after I get to the last chapter. They said Kirsten Dunst was awesome as Claudia, perhaps the film is not bad. I just hope it doesn’t stray too far from the book. I’ll read your fanfiction as soon as I finish the novel, for the sake of avoiding spoilers *refrain* Oh and one more thing, thanks for liking my translation, to be perfectly honest, I kind of lost the motivation at some point, believing that no one even lays eyes on my attempts, but your likes give me the encouragement I desperately needed ❤


    1. Dear, you broke my heart for disappearing for too long and then came back and smothered me with affection 😳😳. I have a slight heart disease you know.

      Now, about liking your translation, don’t thank me, really. As a fellow writer/editor/translator I fully understand what it feels like to pour your heart and soul into something and then get no attention, no recognition. Not to sound too arrogant but what we do, what we create are of a higher standard than many others I’ve seen, just not as much recognition. Not following the public trends, I suppose. To tell the truth, I haven’t fully read your translations since I’ve read the work already (with a little help of QT) and I have so many things to read and write, the Vampire Chronicles, for instance. But I can tell from what I’ve read that you’re doing a marvelous job. So, don’t give up, OK. (I did give up a few projects and have been feeling terrible about it 😰)

      Since you’ve said no spoilers, I’ll do my best to restrain myself 😘. I’ve been coaxing my friends into reading this series and have failed epically. Maybe I just don’t have it in me to convince people. Anyway, I’m glad to have you as my companion. So, what have gotten you to read Interview with the Vampire? For me it’s because of the movie. I watched it in the past and didn’t pay much attention (silly young me) and recently, I rewatched it and my brother’s remark sparked a light in me. Why didn’t I see it before? You know, the implications about Lestat and Louis’ relationship? So I turned to the books and my fangirl’s wet dream came true: good, serious literature with beautiful and cool characters dumping hints on fangirl readers (it’s not really hints but you’ll find out soon enough). I’ve made it through the first three books and the latest book, out of curiosity. Like you, I won’t read all of them either, just the ones to my liking. My fav so far is the second one, telling Lestat’s life.

      About the movie, well, it’s pretty good, just not so faithful to the novel. Some were cut, some were added but generally most vital elements were kept. So give it a try after finishing the book. There’s another one, much later and I may or may not recommend it to you. You see, in terms of pure entertainment, it’s good: cool rock music, pretty boys and girls as sexy vampires. In terms of merits, especially to who’ve read and love the book and its characters, it’s a blatant insult. I’ve written some sort of a review for that movie. Maybe you can have a look at it.

      Lastly, about the poor musician that went back with Lestat, his name is Antoine and he’s my fav. He won’t come back until the latest book so I hope you won’t mind a little spoiler. He’s a pretty boy, for one thing, and Lestat and he had a little affair (probably not so little). He loves Lestat and they’ll get to see each other again. He didn’t die in the fire.


  2. My sincerest apology. I had too much on my plate but I assure you I didn’t cease in my stalking. I just don’t want to type half-baked comments if I don’t really mean it. Besides, I love showing up out of nowhere and give someone a good scare *evil laugh*

    It is said that translating is a lonely occupation. Finding a soulmate amongst a sea of readers is virtually hopeless, espeacially in the case of freelancers, those who do the work with no pay. I just want to return the novel to the place it deserves, not to be blemished by a horrid mess of a translation (seriously, if only I knew who butchered this book, I would not hold back in cursing him). When I started working on the first chapter, I had prepared myself to the possibility that my efforts may fall into oblivion, but I couldn’t stand my favorite book being misrepresented, so I carried on anyway. I absolutely will hang in until the very end (6 more chapters to go)

    Sometimes you don’t have to convince people, just let them voluntarily sacrifice themselves to the instinct (like what Lestat did to Louis). That’s exactly what happened to me, I have heard of the movie and its raving reviews, but I didn’t know it was based on a novel. The other day I stumbled upon a vampire adaptation on HBO, which was “Vampire Academy”. I swear it’s one of the lamest films I’ve ever seen, but somehow it re-sparked my interest in vampirism and I couldn’t resist the temptation to read the original novel. To my relief, the book was better than the film although it still lacked the classic thrill as I experienced with “Count Dracula.” I immediately searched for better recommendations and settled on “Interview with the Vampire” partly because of the intriguing tiltle. Vampires often conceal their true nature to humans, but this vampire agreed to do an interview with a mortal? Odd and alluring at the same time. I was a little overwhelmed to find out there are 12 books in the chronicle, but I went on reading the first and so far so good. It’s been long since I read such a lively literary work. I love most characters, Louis, Lestat, Claudia, etc. The dialogues are well-written, particularly the ones between Louis and the interviewer, Louis and Lestat. The author has a knack for words, she described in an animate and intriguing way that sometimes I felt like the scene appeared in front of my naked eyes, like I lived in the story, not just observe it, especially the parts when Louis “died”, Lestat forced Louis into killing, the Freniere boy, Babette, Claudia arc, Louis sat in the church and had a vision, Lestat’s death and revival, the list goes on. My initial thoughts with Lestat weren’t positive, admittedly, I deemed him a condescending jerk who showed no regards to others, even his own kind. He hit a turning point after the clash with Louis and then he said “tomorrow, we talk.” It’s laughable to place the word “talk” next to Lestat’s name but since that moment, it became clearer that there was indeed another aspect of him, the Lestat we don’t know. I keep wondering where he came from, how he became a vampire, what he hid under that impeccable façade and more importantly, Louis’position in his heart (don’t blame me, those two are so obvious, do you remember when Louis sucked blood from Lestat’s wrist?). In short, I found myself turning pages every night before I realized it. The last time I was so absorbed in a book is with “The book thief.” I can’t wait to learn every details about Lestat.

    About the adaptation: books are always better, this fact applies to most cases. I don’t expect any filmmaker to fully interpret the story’s nature onto the big screen, but seeing two hot guys get it together shall quench my thirst to a certain extent.

    What kind of bastard dares to lay hands on Louis’ man oh wait, does he play the piano? I have a soft spot for pianists and musicians *admiring glances* Guess I have no choice but to like him eventually (so far I haven’t found him interesting). Right now I wish I had a week off to devour the remaining three parts, I can only go for about thirty pages every day *weep* I need to know how Lestat managed a resurrection.

    Incidently, I’m typing this makeshift essay at work and my co-workers are like “hey what cha doing?”. Now they’re all gone home and I’m the only one left *weep again*


    1. Woa, first time I’ve received an essay-length comment. It shows that you truly care and for that I’m grateful.

      I do believe that writing is a lonely activity – i cant imagine agroup of people sitting and writing something together.Drafting the idea, yes but writing, definitely no. Sometimes I feel so demotivated and depressed because my works get very little regconition. You know what’s more frustrating than having few readers? That’s getting quite a lot of readers but no comments,no likes, nothing at all. We dont eat comments and likes to live but they give us a considerable push – a kind of ‘fuel’ for us to keep on working, to keep on creating. Sometimes, just one person is enough to make us feel that we’re doing something meaningful. i guess that’s how the affair between Lestat and the musician (Antoine) happened. Antoine’s talent wasnt appreaciated by anyone but Lestat and that meant a world to Antoine – he composed for Lestat and sometimes fainted on the piano while doing so. Sorry for spoilers but since Anotine only reappears in the latest book so I cant really help myself. It is never explained why Lestat found Antoine fascinating but I do believe Antoine resembled someone important in Lestat’s past. You’ll see, Lestat tends to fall really hard for mopey brunettes. Louis and Antoine are two examples and there are others.

      so, do you intend to read the books after Interview with the Vampire? I strongly recommend the 2nd and the 3rd. They introduce many wonderful characters that are essential to the vampire world. The 4th is considered the most hilarious one and it’s rumored to be made a movie in the near future. If so, I do hope they keep the delicious love triangle as in the book. The 5th is a bit wacky (I skimmed a few pages and it’s indeed wacky).The following seem like fillers to me and it’s entirely safe to jump over them and proceed with the latest one, which picks up after the 3rd.

      As for the characters, well, truthfully, I dont like all of them. Take Claudia for example. when I first watched the movie, I felt sorry for her – almost cried – while I felt nothing for Lestat – he could die for all I cared. Then I read the book. I still feel sorry for Claudia but her murdering Lestat was never justified to me. She blamed Lestat for condemning her in a child form, robbing all joys and pleasures as a human (there’s a song in the musical in which she sings about her never having a chance to love a man, to give birth, to taste food etc.). But then, if Lestat had never made her a vampire, she would have been dead, or sold as a slave or a prostitute. Did she ever think about all those things? Besides, Lestat had never mistreated her either; he kind of spoiled her by showering her with luxuries. To me, her plan to get rid of Lestat is more a power struggle than just vengeance. Louis loved her and was easier to be manipulated and with Lestat around, she could never gain full control on Louis, which she eventually did.

      Like I said, I felt nothing for the movie Lestat. I saw him as some kind of a cruel, smug snake and believe it or not, I kept asking why the hell he hadnt died after all that happened. Book Lestat changed my thinking. I first felt that there was a hidden past which could be tragic in the way he interacted with his father and his father’s confession that he had mistreated Lestat. Sadly, these were erased from the movies and thus, viewers who didnt read the book were denied the hints that Lestat was more than meets the eyes. The original script was much more faithful to the book but why they had to cut them out totally baffled me.

      Oh, The Vampire Academy. I watched most of it and to me, it was just another teen movie which is slightly better than Twilight. I could only stand like, 10 minutes of Twilight while I sat through the Vampire Academy. Good for a little entertainment but real merits, no. But it has some Twilight bashing in there which is hilarious.

      Well, i dont have to convince my friends to like the Vampire Chronicles. The problem is most of them dont even want to give the movie a try and then see for themselves that the book is even better. It’s good to have friends that share your interests; my friends and me have almost no interests in common.


  3. The length of my comments largely depends on my mood and time in the moment, especially after I finish a chapter, I feel like being overwhelmed and no words could possibly convey my burning emotions, only it usually happens at midnight, who can I talk to then? *weep* And the situation is the same with me, none of my friends gets my hobbies either, they’re like “oh you read that kind of books? Cool!” and then change the subject, once in a while two of my best friends do press “like” for a random comment I make on Facebook about what I read, though I’m sure they give no attention to what it means *weep again*

    I always hold literary authors in high regard, they often write a ton but only a few of them are published, some people write their whole life without any notice from a publication, yet many of them never stop telling their own stories. Do you consider becoming a professional writer? Although you mostly write fanfic based on existing characters, I think you’ve got some great ideas that could be developed into something more, an animation, for example. Unfortunately you may have to seek that kind of opportunity overseas since we all know how lame the Vietnamese showbiz is, at least from my perspective. They have released some good titles in recent years but still not enough to create a strong push and propel the industry forwards. But who knows where the wheel of fate would turn in the future, so long as writing stories brings you joy and satisfaction, keep doing it 😀

    How can I stop after the first book? There are twelve books in my library, I’m already dying to learn about Lestat’s past and origin, barely contain my anticipation for him to show up again, so surely I must move on to the next ones in the series. I’m on part III currently, part II appears a bit of a filler, though it does open up new questions about vampires as well as introduce new characters. When Louis and Claudia embarked on the journey to Europe, I made a prediction that they would bump into Lestat there but so far still no trace of him. The compensation is that Louis couldn’t stop thinking about Lestat no matter how far he was away from him physically, which made me giggle every time it was mentioned (can’t help it). Claudia had become a manipulative, arrogant young lady, but my feelings for her are more of a mix of pity and annoyance rather than hate. Indeed, it was Lestat who saved her life by turning her into a vampire and provided her with everything she needed, ensured she lived like a princess. She could have been subjected to death, slavery, poverty, prostitution or even worse but for him, she had a family and a loving home. Still, we are talking about “if” which suggests uncertainty, if Claudia was given the choice between immortality and misery – but with full experience as a human being – what would she choose? She was just a child after all, perhaps she didn’t understand the meaning of her becoming an immortal vampire. I was somewhat surprised to witness the change in her after Lestat’s supposed death. The moment she crushed the china lady doll in the hotel room and enquired Louis about love-making, it sruck me that how strong her yearning was to escape reality and obtain what she never could have. What Lestat did to her, under the circumstance, if I was him, I would probably do the same. Lestat may not do it out of humane sympathy, but it can’t be denied that he did save a life, for I strongly believe that being alive and healthy is the greatest gift of them all. It seems to me that our petite beauty was going through a sort of puberty and throwing tantrum at her doting father. I doubt that she would ever practice altruism, she was smart and eager to know it all, I just hope in the end, whatever her choice, destiny wouldn’t be too hard on her.

    As I said, sometimes part II becomes slightly draggy but it raises new questions, for instance, why were Louis and Claudia so different from other vampires they met in Europe? What did Lestat transfer into them? Who was Armand and what about that vampire theater? Was Lestat going to make a surprise return? I’m still on part III, so far all spoilers about Antoine are harmless, but this time please let me find the answer on my own. I may be able to discuss the story further after I flip the last page of part IV. I can’t wait to learn how this interview turns out and what happens to the interviewer boy. I’m quite fond of his clumsiness (seriously, who wouldn’t be around a blood sucker?) and his honesty, straightforwardness, was it ever explained how he managed to book an interview with Louis in the first place? And please don’t let Lestat die, Louis and Lestat’s reunion is keenly anticipated.

    Sounds like the movie will get on my nerves more than what I expect, I like book Lestat too much to stand a stupid imitation of him. I’ve learned a hard lesson that as a book fan, never get your hopes up at the news of adaptation. I’m forever bitter about the miscalculated release of “The girl with the dragon tattoo,” I wonder if the genius who thought showing such a movie on Christmas is still employed. Now we may never get a sequel because of that. Actually, it was my little sister who insisted on watching “The Vampire Academy,” I noticed its lameness after like five minutes but despite the terrible acting and contrived dialogue, it managed to stimulate me enough throughout 90 minutes, hence the temptation to read the books, but I lost interest after book 2 and decided to skim over the last ones. I guess sometimes you just need a guitlty pleasure to keep boredom away. I don’t recall any Twilight reference in “The Vampire Academy”, in fact the whole film has eluded my mind except some scenes (yeah the hot scene is one of them *red face*)


    1. Wait a minute. You have Facebook? How come we haven’t added each other? Most of my friends don’t really care what I share on my page so it’s pretty much me talking to myself there. I have a tendency to post excerpts from whatever I’m reading or writing there so forgive me if I accidentally drop a massive spoiler on the Vampire Chronicles 😝. My Facebook account is Joel Siebte (it’s 7th in German) and the avatar is the same here.

      For me, writing fanfiction is a way of practicing writing. Sometimes I drop a few original characters in my fanfiction to see what they say. Some like, some don’t and the rest stay silent. But besides Tales of Bizarrities I do write some original stories. Maybe you can give me some constructive feedback ☺️. Btw, I heard Lady Anne Rice is strongly against fanfiction, which explains why there aren’t a lot fanfiction for this series (and Lestat x Louis too, I need Lestat x Louis). I don’t know why she’s had such negative attitude towards fanfiction; if I were to ever become one, I would encourage my readers to feel free to borrow my characters and create stories. Honestly, I myself read fanfiction more than books and there are some writers whose writing is so good it can be on par with published books. On the other hand, some published books are really lame.

      Like I said, I have a habit of dropping spoilers so thank you for reminding me. Must restraint myself 😣😣😣. As for Claudia, we see her through Louis’s eyes and Louis never really understands her,no more than he understood Lestat. I feel pity for her but I believe there’s a wicked side in her that both Lestat and Louis fail to see. Btw, have you ever heard about Claudis’s Story, a graphic novel retelling Interview with the vampire in Claudia’s POV. It’s fanfiction as far as I’m concerned but the art is great: a beautiful mix of manga and Western styles. The paper is a bit glossy so it’s hard to take pictures and post them on this blog though.

      Did you find the musical yet? If yes, I suggest you not watch it until you finish the second book. The musical appears less…silly that way. I wouldn’t say it sucks, but due to time limit and other factors, a lot were cut and altered. The music is great and Lady Anne Rice herself praised the lead actor, who played Lestat. Some fans agree that he has both Lestat’s look and attitude while Tom Cruise has the attitude and Stuart Townsend (the later movie that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously) arguably has the look – I find him hot 😘. And the actor who played Armand in the Broadway version is the most wicked actor I’ve ever seen (in a good way, especially if you are a fangirl).


  4. God, you speak so many languages (Vietnamese, English, Japanese, French, German…?) I deleted my Facebook account a few years ago and only re-registered one since the end of 2014 to promote my translation. As you must have seen, I seldom post anything on Facebook, I prefer Twitter because it’s less crowded and I find the 140 character limit quite fascinating. Until I complete part IV, it’s advisable that I temporarily stay away from your Facebook for the sake of avoiding spoilers. I already read brief summaries of the next book, learned the interviewer’s name and now I feel horrible, I hate how weak I am *head banging against the pillow*

    Speaking of fanfiction, there are indeed those with high quality, I love a fanfic of Justice Bao (of course in Chinese) which is translated and published in Vietnamese. The story centers around an ordinary girl accidentally time-travels back to the 13 – 14th century and becomes a member of Justice Bao’s investigation team. The remarkable trait of this novel is the brilliant comedic quality. I laughed my head off while reading it, so I’ve made it a source of solace to cheer myself up whenever I feel down. You should give it a try because the romance is not over the top and the main girl is wickedly adorable. As for constructive feedback, I’ll try but no promise *face palm*, I’m an incompetent critic. I don’t know why, but your stories kind of get to me in an intriguing way although sometimes they have a simple plot, perhaps I fall more in love with your writing style? *head scratching* When you publish your first book, may be I’ll step out of my comfort zone and draft a first fanfic just for you. A woman’s mind is unfathomable, I can’t give a valid explanation as to why Rice hates fan writing while she is in favor of “Fifty Shades of Grey” which, inronically, started out as a Twilight fanfiction. The publication industry sometimes depends on luck, whether a good script catches the editor’s attention or not. The first Harry Potter book almost got thrown away if it wasn’t for a little girl. We don’t have an editor who can separate wheat from chaff that often.

    Claudia’s ending is expected, I’ll dissect more on that in my upcoming review. I still don’t hate her though after all has happened, but my adoration does fade a little. I saw pictures of the novel which you posted on your Facebook wall. The design is awesome, where can I get one? How much does it cost? How long does it take for the book to be delivered?

    I haven’t found the musical 😦 Perhaps there is a torrent for it somewhere. I don’t know if I can wait another two weeks until I finish the second book, this one is longer than the first and my reading speed is terribly slow, some parts I must read twice such as the scene where Lestat confronted Louis or Armand asserted his love for Louis *squeal* Will we ever hear the same declaration of romance from Lestat? I’ve heard only one song so far and apparently it’s from the movie (Lestat’s sonata which is an excerpt from a Haydn’s work) According to your suggestion, it seems the musical contains elements from the second book as well, doesn’t it?


    1. You may add Chinese to the bunch lol. No, I’m kidding. I speak Vietnamese (of course!), English (it’s my job) and Japan (enough to get me a ticket out of university but my current level is questionable). I know some German words and French words which I sometimes sprinkle in my writing and may or may not get people to think I speak those languages lol. But no. Seriously.

      Since you’ve already learned the interviewer’s name I guess it’s safe to say he’s the guy with the falcon/eagle/whatever bird in my Facebook cover picture. I dont know why he’s associated with a prey bird though.

      I know the fanfic that got published you mention. Came across it sometimes in the bookstore and considered buying it just so I could rip the cover off. The art is cute. But I still have a lot of reading to do and at the moment I’m in a deep pit that is known as American Horror Story (doing a marathon of 3 seasons). I plan to postpone my reading and writing until I’m done with this series. Since you recommend it maybe I’ll give it a try in the near future. Thanks.

      I got the book from Ebay at about 600k VND. Took a month and a half to arrive. I don’t know if it’s still available on Ebay (I ordered at the begining of December and got it in February). If not, you can try Amazon. It’s worth the money.

      The musical consists of two acts: the first is a shortened adaptation of the second book (Lestat and his life in Paris) and the second act is Interview with the Vampire told in Lestat’s POV. Of course they changed alot, including the ending, which made it quite silly. Sir Elton John wrote and performed the songs, which you can find in full and good quality on Youtube ( keywords: elton john lestat the musical). I personally prefer the versions sung by the actors but those are rare and not in good quality. There’s no torrent for the play, only camera versions that are quite shaky and include a lot of noises :v. I’ll send you the links on Facebook.


      1. I plan to be an interpreter and am working quite “hard” to achieve that goal. My dream is to be a multilingual speaker and travel the world. Silly and unrealistic, yes, but no tax imposed on dreaming, isn’t it? =)) The problem is even my current level of English still not enough to get me anywhere near that goal. My teacher, who is a seasoned interpreter, said I have potential but must show more dedication 😦
        When I started working here I thought there was chances to incorporate some Chinese lessons into my schedule, but on the contrary this job is more demanding than I expected. It hasn’t gotten to a resentful vibe yet, I’m just being under a lot of pressure to meet the target, perhaps things will ease up a little next month (or so I hope). I can’t discuss this sort of thing on FB, because my boss is on my friend list. No pun intended, she’s an amazing woman and I look up to her, but if I could go back in time, I would never, ever have friended anyone from my workplace. I prefer to keep my personal and work life separate. Although in yet another weak moment I told a co-worker about this blog, no one really checks out this place, so this is my safe haven 🙂
        Anyway, having a job is still better than being unemployed, I shouldn’t complain too much.
        On another note, I’ve always entertained the idea of moving to HCMC, working in an active, busy environment and drinking all the coconut juice I want, but I still have unfinished business here, sadly. I wish I were in HCMC this summer and visit a “wuxia” cafe, which I read about on a FB page. The servers all dress up in ancient costumes and the menu is distinctly wuxia-ish. Opportunities seem to be more opened in HCMC.


      2. Well, that’s a shame bc my company is in need of new employees. We’re a book company and I’m working as an English editor. I think your English is very good and you should pass the entrance test effortlessly.

        There’s such a cafe in HCMC? I didn’t know that. Well, to be fair, I don’t know many things about this city, where I was born and have been living up until now. I’m sort of detached to the world around, which I’m trying to fix with hardly any success.

        I feel honored that you share your dream with me.

        We can hang out once you’re here right?


      3. I’m taking IELTS in the end of May or early June,if I score lower than an 8, no words could convey my disappointment *sob* I need a certificate to boost my confidence.
        What does an editor’s job involve? I imagine you guys sitting amongst piles of papers and scanning every page with a magnifying glass for errors, which makes you exposed to eye strain @@ And yes, if I go there, we can go on a date, preferably one with plenty of good food and chatting over coconut juice *drooling*

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You remind me how I hate IELTS. I’m working on one and I want to curse every hour. I prefer TOEFL but have no reason to retake it.

        Not a pile, really. We learn soon enough to keep our desks clean and tidy so as not to mess things up and that’d be nightmare. And no, we don’t look for errors, errors come hitting at our faces. Sometimes I look at a so-called ‘first edition’ and want to cry blood tears. And I know our lady typewriter downstairs will cry blood tears to. Bc the book is choked with errors that we have no choice but rewrite it mostly.


  5. What a coincidence, I mean us both preparing for IELTS. If you don’t mind, perhaps I will bother you once in a while with questions about how to give a strong speech and how to write a moving essay, I tend to stammer whenever I open my mouth, something which the examiners won’t be doting on. I, too, prefer TOEFL but the exorbitant fees keep me at bay, at least IELTS has a less exorbitant cost, we’re choosing the lesser of two evils here. Are you planning on a further education? I’m sure you have no trouble aiming for band 9.
    My current job is slightly similar to a tutor and I have to review writings all the time. No offense to my students, they’re successful and respectable, but let’s face it, they suck when it comes to English. The writings are laden with outrageous errors I can’t help but screaming inside “stop butchering grammar/vocabulary.” Mostly a rewrite takes shorter than a revision. I regret being a bad student in my school days. A wave of sympathy for my former teachers roars in me everytime I stumble upon an absurd error.


    1. I mean I’m working on an IELTS book. Again, I hate IELTS so if I need a certification I’ll go for TOEFL (I’m really sick at charts and tables right now 😰😰). You’re also overestimating me. I’ve just finished a vocabulary book for Band 9 and it’s crazy. So the best I can get is probably 8. Im not strong at writing essay either. Im more interested in creative writing, which I didn’t get to do much in university. I bet it’s much more fun than worrying the brain with thesis statement and topic sentence.

      I’m a terrible speaker really lol. Having to present sth without preparation was my nightmare at university. Sometimes I even stammer in Vietnamese lol. So I prefer writing to talking. I did an IELTS speaking book once and I didn’t find it very useful. Same old stuff about trying to relax and such. Easier said than done.

      I’m not planning any further formal education at the moment. But I’m learning a lot from the books I edit, which is nice. I get to read books without having to buy them lol.

      I did tutoring once and never again lol. It was a lecturer at University of Arts. All due respect, she’s terrific in her major but her English was a trial for my patience. Her changing her aim didn’t help either: one day she said she needed a TOEIC but a few days later she aimed for a C certificate while her level, dare I say, hardly qualified for an A.


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