White Clothes, Take Warning: Penny Dreadful Season Finale

Warnings: spoilers and episodic rant, as usual

The title is a parody of a TV trope “Red Eyes, Take Warning.”

In a gothic horror series whose setting is in never-have-a-sunny-day London and characters’ wardrobe consisting mainly of dark clothes, when the light is bright and our beloved characters dress in white (all white, no less) you immediately know something’s definitely NOT alright. And indeed, ‘bad’ is a massive understatement.

In Round 1 we have Vanessa VS the Devil aka Lucifer, who just has to possess a ventriloquist doll that looks like Vanessa and speaks with her voice. Really, Lucifer? He’s the Fallen Angel, he’s powerful and he wants to eradicate humankind and God – couldn’t he have chosen a more formidable vessel to speak to his intended? Couldn’t he masquerade as Sir Malcolm or Ethan like he did in season 1? That worked just fine. But no, Luci wants something new because playing the same trick again is lame. So he presented himself in a (clay? Porcelain? Plastic?) doll whose face is smashed by Vanessa (I was very tempted to say “In your face, Luci!”). Guess his ‘bride’ is neither impressed nor pleased seeing him as a dummy, right? Bad choice is just… bad.


So they engage in a verbal fight – seriously they yell at each other in un-subtitled Verbis Diablo for a few minutes, leaving us totally baffled as to what they are saying – and Vanessa emerges victorious, but that’s only after Lucifer has tempted her with a vision that is basically the ultimate dream of any Vanethan (Vanessa x Ethan) shipper: she is married to Ethan and they live in a luxurious house with two lovely kids all in white – a scene taken right from a fluffy alternate universe fanfiction. So, I’ve finally had the honor to see the renowned ‘Claire Chandler’, the ‘daughter’ of Vanessa and Ethan Vanethan shipper keep ranting about; too bad so far she only exists in a tempted vision Vanessa has promptly rejected. Here the question that concludes season 1 comes around: “Do you want to be normal?” and this time we get to hear Vanessa’s answer.


Vanessa is very wise to reject Lucifer’s offer, despite how peaceful and loving it may be to her (and to shippers). Sure the Devil can give her a dreamy family like that, no doubt it’s within his power, but there’s no way the Ethan in that vision is the real Ethan: the real Ethan is full of guilt and pain for what he’s done and will probably continue doing every full moon – didn’t he just kill his friend, Sembene? In order for him to become the ‘perfect’ husband in that dream Lucifer has to 1. brainwash him completely or 2. replace him completely. Can Vanessa find peace and happiness with an empty shell like that? Sorry Luci, your ‘bride’ is too smart a woman and your bait only succeeds in catching the Vanethan shippers. Good luck next time!

Vanessa: 10          Lucifer: 0

We have just reveled in Vanessa’s victory and are extremely eager to watch Round 2 – Vanessa VS Evelyn Poole, the witch who has shown her cunningness and viciousness throughout the season, who has been successfully built up to be a formidable foe (forgive the alliteration) for our heroine. Deep down we all knew before it even starts that Evelyn would undoubtedly lose the battle; we only wait for how awesome it would be. But no, Vanessa has just crushed the Devil and she is in need of a break so tada~ here comes Ethan, all furry and bloody (with Sembene’s blood). It’s pretty a curb-stomp battle as Evelyn isn’t able to utter a single word of Verbis Diablo before Ethan claws her throat out. See the fatal weakness of witches? They are fundamentally very powerful; however, their powers come from time-consuming, complicated rituals that never, ever serve well in a one-on-one battle. All it takes is an element of surprise, a traitorous daughter and a really sharp claw and take that, bitch!!

Ethan: 10          Evelyn: 0

Hecate: 10          Evelyn: 0

Round 0.1  –  Sir Malcolm/Victor VS Evelyn’s illusions & Prof. Lyle VS unnamed witch

Meanwhile, the rest of the band are still battling their own demons – Sir Malcolm with his dead family and Victor with his three children and things aren’t faring well for them. While Sir Malcolm has managed to survive the psychological torture almost a day, albeit cornered and trembling, it only takes some minutes for Victor to pull out his syringe, ready for a shot of toxin instead of his usual morphine. This mental battle has proven that Victor is the most mentally weak in the team – probably due to years of morphine abuse – and his mind is very, very fragile. That may serve as an explanation for his later action.


Sir Malcolm/ Victor: 0          Evelyn’s illusions: 10

On the other side of the door, Prof. Lyle surprisingly turns the table with two well-aimed bullets. In defense of the unnamed witch – since many believe that she’s too stupid to keep hissing instead of finishing him off – she probably hasn’t received Evelyn’s direction and hence she’s quite confused as to what to do with him since Lyle is still technically Evelyn’s lackey. Evelyn is one heartless, scary bitchy witch and not every young witch dare challenge her like Hecate.

Lyle: 10          Unnamed witch: 0

Speaking of Hecate, she’s gained a major victory in this season – her ‘mother’ who has been suppressing her is dead and though her sisters are also dead and their castle is burnt to the ground, she’s able to walk away with her mother’s treasured tools. Guess we’ll see more of her in the next season. Sarah Greene is pretty and it’s certainly not a burden to see her face on the screen. I’m curious as to what she’s gonna do next. To Ethan’s rescue??

Before we move on to Round 4, R.I.P. Sembene and Evelyn Poole.

The Devil defeated (for now), the witch coven destroyed, but the night is far from over yet. On one hand we still have The Creature locked behind bars, waiting to be in the limelight of a near-future freak show. But not for long; in this episode we also learn that he’s not only strong (like a bit stronger than an average strong man), he’s super-strong. The Putneys’ nightmare comes to reality when The Creature grips the iron bars and breaks them, then breaks the wife’s neck and the husband’s skull. Cornered animals are dangerous indeed.

The Creature/ John Clare: 10          The Putneys: 0

Am I the only one who feels a tiny bit sorry for Lavinia, who discovers her parents’ corpses and screams. Sure the girl is a bitch in sheep clothing but still…

…On the other hand, while mayhem is going elsewhere in London, in Dorian’s house it’s party time. No, not the kind of all-you-can-fuck orgy he usually hosts, this is an elegant ball for two, with a myriad of candles and some opera (probably Wagner, please excuse my poor knowledge of opera) playing on the gramophone. I have to seriously wonder if the two have just wedded (both wearing white and sporting new hairstyle) and now they are officially man and wife and celebrating.

Unfortunately, their evening is ruined by the presence of an uninvited guest, who’s probably suffering morphine withdrawal, witch’s curse after-effect and holding a fully loaded gun (Ethan forgot to take back the gun, unfortunately). Undaunted by the gun, they taunt him – Lily does most of the job while Dorian’s sheer presence is taunting to Victor, who doesn’t take it too well and ‘bang’, a bullet pierces Lily’s chest, soon followed by another which drills a hole in Dorian’s. Did Victor just do what I think he shouldn’t do? Yes, yes, he did. He just murdered two people, one of whom he claimed to love. Really, Victor? He was overwhelmed by emotions and shot Lily, yeah, but his reason for him shooting Dorian might not be emotional. Dorian discovered his secret, which is resurrecting dead people – any man with a decent IQ could put 2 and 2 together based on what Lily said – and so Victor tries to silence him. In that particular way isn’t he very similar to Dorian?


Some people just don’t die when they are killed, said a certain redheaded Seigi no Mikata (Ally of Justice).

Victor’s attempt to kill two immortals isn’t his wisest action of the year: shot through the chest and bleeding, still, Lily and Dorian keep smiling while horror dawns on Victor’s face. I am to believe that if they had chosen to eliminate him right on the spot, Victor wouldn’t have noticed: all his life he has been looking for a way to defeat death, going so far as to reanimating corpses, now he just discovered that someone (Dorian) had long been enjoying immortality without Victor’s grubby hand. Despaired, he seeks release in morphine (let’s hope he still possesses enough sense not to commit suicide) while Dorian and Lily continues their waltz, painting the floor red with their own blood (Just how much blood do they have?).

Dorian & Lily: 10          Victor: 0

Bet the servants wouldn’t be too pleased having to clean up this glorious bloody mess.


Maybe it’s a minor detail but it keeps bugging me: doesn’t Dorian’s house have a lock? How come Victor just walked in the gallery like this is some sort of public house anyone can enter? Moreover, doesn’t Dorian have servants? He must have some, right? I can’t imagine him with broom and mop to clean up the mess after his orgy parties? Seems to me his servants just miraculously appear when there’s something needs cleaning and then miraculously disappear? If he does have servants, shouldn’t he be a bit more discreet about his supernatural stuff? I mean, painting the floor with blood is hardly the best way of protecting his secret, isn’t it?

This bloody waltz is one of many reasons I adore Penny Dreadful. It’s macabre and beautiful at the same time – like beauty in death. Vampirism tells us that there is sensuality in blood and the spilling of it, and this is exactly what the scene brings to audience. I once told my friend that Penny Dreadful is not something everyone can digest: to many it’s nauseating with all the bloody, bizarre (amazing) things the crew have come up with, to others it’s an exquisite feast that they can never get enough.

By the way, I’m probably the only one who can still laugh after the screen turns dark. I’ve made myself clear in previous posts that I am never a Vanethan shipper so can’t say I’ll give a damn if this ship goes totally Titanic. At this point I’m not shipping any – let John Logan do the shipping and I’ll just see where those ships are heading – except Victorian (Victor x Dorian), which is kind of crack. One thing I’ve learnt the hard way while swimming in fandoms: canonical ships can go Titanic any minute should the creator feel the urge to break some fragile hearts but crack ships thrive forever; fanfiction writers are generally kinder than writers, that I can be quite sure.

Ethan’s turning himself to the cops and being taken back to America: 10          Vanethan shippers: 0

John Logan and crew: 10          Vanethan shippers: 0

Please tell me I’m not the only Tarot user to use her decks to predict events in TV series. I’m quite lucky to have two decks that indulge me; they answer most of my TV series-related question without (much) complaint. Their predictions about Dorian and Lily’s relationship turned out true so I wasn’t very surprised to see them end up together.

So I’ve asked them a few times who or what Dorian truly is and twice they gave me the ‘Death’ card, which is interesting. Does this indicate he is indeed the fallen Angel of Death who coupled with Lilith? You can almost draw a correlation between Lilith’s story to Penny Dreadful in a way that Lily is Lilith – she was created by God (Victor) because of Adam’s (The Creature) demand – she refused to be the submissive mate and turned to Samael (Dorian) and she gave birth to the vampire race, which is what Lily is intending to do (creating a race of superior dead people). If Dorian were Samael (and I also heard that Samael is another name for Lucifer), then what would be his role in the whole rectangular love drama between Vanessa/Amunet, the two Fallen Angels and Lupus Dei? Would he join the Devil’s force and oppose it? (Samael is evil but considers himself God’s servant).

Or the ‘Death’ card simply indicates his ability to cheat death as well as his fascination with death in the form of Lily? And speaking of death, I still have some hope that Angelique will be joining season 3. At this point I have come to accepted that Angelique is really killed off (my Tarot cards unfortunately agreed) but so far there’s no hint of what happened to her body; personally I don’t think Dorian could have done some grisly act (like he did in the novel and 2009 adaptation) to erase the evidence of his crime. This prompts to a subplot that could happen in season 3: supposed in one way or another Dorian managed to coax either Victor or Lily into resurrecting Angelique. Didn’t Lily say she wanted to create a new race? Let’s start with this beautiful, whole corpse that Dorian is conveniently preserving (there’s some kinds of poison that actually keep the body from decomposing). Once Angelique became a ‘monster’ just like Dorian himself, he wouldn’t have to worry about her divulging his secret. Angelique might experience some shock and denial at first but eventually she would come to accept this state. On the bright side, she would no longer have to concern with how people despise her and hopefully we will see Dorian’s having a harem (and please try to include Victor in that harem).

Excuse me, I have to go and write some fanfictions.

Before we bid this season farewell, here’s a summary of the season finale in songs:

  • The Devil aka Lucifer

Hello, is it me you’re looking for? (Hello – Lionel Richie)

Yeah, looking forward to punching your face. *Vanessa’s line probably*

  • Evelyn’s losing her youth

Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful? (Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey)

Sir Malcolm’s a few rooms away, please. And no, he won’t.

  • Ethan’s out!

Who let the dogs out? Woof woof. (Who Let the Dogs out? – Baha Men)

Hecate did.

  • Ethan K.O. Evelyn


Born to be wild

Born to be wild (Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf)

  • Victor’s being a green-eyed monster – El Tango De… Lily???


Jealousy will drive you… MAD!!!

His eyes upon your face

His hand upon your hand

His lips caress your skin

It’s MORE than I can stand! (El Tango De RoxanneMoulin Rouge OST)

Victor dearest, Dorian probably won’t mind if you want to join.

  • Dorian & Lily’s Dancing with the Blood


Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight.

Don’t you dare look at him in the eye, as we dance with the devil tonight (Dance with the Devil – Breaking Benjamin)

If the Devil looks as good as Dorian, count me in.

  • Victor’s Getting High. Again


All the drugs in this world

Can’t save her him from herself himself (Coma White – Marilyn Manson)

Baby, you’d better not overdose. We Victorian shipper still need you.

  • The Creature’s on board


Cold we’re so cold

We are

so cold we’re so cold (Cold – Static X)

  • Ethan’s ‘We walk alone’


There’s an ocean between us.

You know where to find me. (Only an Ocean Away – Sarah Brightman)

Love Is in the Air Tonight (or Not): Penny Dreadful 2×06

Warnings: spoilers and inappropriate comments alerts!!


… in which Dorian throws a ball on a whim, inviting “anyone who’s everyone” (basically people he slept/ wants to sleep with), Ethan tours a horror museum, Lily gets a chance to meet men other than Victor, Victor gets jealous, Vanessa gets a public panic attack and Ethan wolfs out (again!).

One of my friend said that he didn’t like waiting for one episode a week so he’d rather wait for the entire season to be out and watch. But to me there’s exquisite fun in anticipating for each new episode and guessing what’s gonna happen next. And of course, there’s also the fun in discussing the episode’s details with fellow viewers and hopefully increasing my blog’s traffic with half-assed review (or weekly rant, if you prefer). So here I’m going to express my opinions on episode 2×06: Glorious Horrors.

After a glorious ‘bang night’ in 2×05: Above the Vaulted Sky, the morning after is mostly sweet for the three couples: Lily makes delicious breakfast for Victor and he kisses her right after waking up (never mind morning breath – it’s non-existent in fiction); Evelyn Poole and Sir Malcolm snuggles in bed (but not before our witch lady has stolen some hair from her lover to do some yucky witchy magic tricks later); and Angelique decides to move in with Dorian while the latter casually announces that he’s going to throw a ball for her. Kinda sweet, right, if you ignore all the crazy things that happen at Dorian’s ball. Maybe, just maybe Dorian should be more selective of his guests. But the boy doesn’t really care, does he? I’m inclined to believe that if Lucifer showed up he might not even bat an eye (provided he’s not Lucifer himself).


Bits and bobs of the episode…

Like I’ve perhaps a hundred times before that I’m no serious reviewer, I just jot down whatever strikes my mind at the moment. And my post, as the result, can be quite a jumbled mess. Bear with me or click back, OK?

  • “When he found his son dead, I was there. This is not him.”

…And the prize for ‘The Most Sensible Guy in the House’ goes toSembene. So we have Sir Malcolm returning home after a wild night with Madame Kali, humming a joyous tune and giving a lot more shit for the floor carpet than his estranged wife’s gruesome suicide (by the hand of his witch girlfriend, in case you’ve forgotten last episode). Obvious Sir Malcolm’s notoriety for being a prick is serious enough to immediately drown out Ethan’s suspicion that there’s something very wrong with him. While Vanessa’s torn between deciding if Sir Malcolm is a certified d-bag (to be fair, she’s had a lot of his dickiness) or he’s being hexed, Sembene is quick to point out that the man is not being himself because 1. I was with him when his son died and 2. I’ve been living together with him for only-John-Logan-knows-how-long. Kudos for Sembene. Unfortunately, since our man has a dreadful habit of never saying more than 20 words, coupled with a patch-faced man’s untimely visit, the matter of whether Sir Malcolm is hexed or not is postponed to episode 7.

  • “I just needed to finish the story in my own way.”

Always trust a cop to suspect a werewolf as the culprit… Kudos for Inspector Bartholomew Rusk for being genuinely brainy in this bizarre world full of vampires, witches, demons and many things that fall in between. From my experience of years of watching movies and TV series, I’ve come to a conclusion that the police force in most TV series/ movies whose focus is not on the police force is pretty useless (yeah, I’m talking about you, The Originals). But no, not in Penny Dreadful. Inspector Rusk deserves a gold medal for suspecting that Ethan is the culprit behind the massacre at the inn (and a few more before it). It’s refreshing to see that in a bizarre and chaotic setting like Penny Dreadful’s, there’s at least a person who still values law and order.

  • “You tell me, where is He… in this city of perpetual suffering?”


If you haven’t taken a liking to the enigmatic villain Evelyn Poole, than again the show and its writers are telling you to like her. Here she shares with Professor Lyle a glimpse of her view on beauty, youth and the price she (all of them witches actually) has to pay to maintain them, which is suspiciously a foreshadowing to Dorian Gray. And of course, she reveals to Lyle, and us viewers, that she was once a believer, until God turned from her (flashback episode, anyone?). I was surprised to find that her view about the All-Mighty shares similarities with mine: if God really exists, where is He when the world suffers? And if He fails his devoted believers, the question is, is He worth worshipping?

  • “I like your flower.”

It’s quite funny to think that fangirls have been shipping Dorian Gray and Victor Frankenstein even before the two have the chance to officially meet. Reeve Carney (Dorian Gray) even joked about the possibility of Victor’s being the next lover on Dorian’s list. So, to satisfy the female audience who likes pretty men on pretty men, the first thing Dorian does after meeting Victor is flirting with the good doctor, who is too social awkward to realize the immortal’s intention. Again, at the ball, Dorian recognizes Victor immediately, before his eyes lay on Victor’s date, which leads to…

  • “Is it not ‘Dorian’?”


Seems to me Vanessa may not so nonchalant about her short-lived romance with Dorian as she believes. The same goes for Dorian: just when we all think he has moved on from his breakup with Vanessa in the last season, he shows signs that he’s still upset about the whole first-time-rejection thing. Vanessa, on the other hand, sports a mildly surprised, mildly bitter look upon hearing that Dorian wants her to meet his new girlfriend. Jeez, my suspicious sense is tingling: please DO NOT let it be that Dorian only uses Angelique to make Vanessa jealous and hopefully gets her back. Much as I love seeing Miss Ives and Mr. Gray together, I also adore Dorian x Angelique ship and I do not wish to see it go horribly Titanic.

  • “It seems the world is filled with romance these days.”


That could be Vanessa’s summary of the ball in this episode, except that it isn’t the least true. What we viewers are treated instead is a crumbling of romance with special thanks to blatant flirtation, bitter jealousy and possibly domestic abuse. Am I to believe I’m not the only one who puts Dorian’s words that he doesn’t recognize Lily as his trick to find more about her? Vanessa might be excused for not remembering a woman she only met for five minutes but if Dorian does forget a person who coughed up blood all over his face during sex than he must have the memory of a goldfish. Seriously. I’d love to watch him trying to explore and put an end to Victor’s dysfunctional little ‘family’. Someone needs to teach the good doctor that a romance built on lies can never last too long.


Also, I find many viewers’ anger towards Dorian somewhat exaggerated. They call him ‘d-bag’ and ‘dick’ for his negligence of Angelique. True, he has forgotten for awhile that this ball he’s hosting is a coming out for her, that he should treat her as the sole center of his attention instead of heaping compliments on Lily. To be honest, I was a bit put back by his behaviors tonight but does he deserve all the chastises? This is a ball that lasts for hours and you can’t expect him to talk and dance with a single woman the entire time! In the bedroom he’s wholly hers; still, outside the bedroom and in a social event no less, it’s courtesy to interact with other people. And flirting is Dorian’s nature (he basically flirts with every good-looking one he meets) so does it make him less in our eyes when he does it with one woman in the entire night? He does dance with Angelique again, doesn’t he?


Instead can we talk about how Victor is being a possessive jerk towards Lily, scolding her for ‘embarrassing’ him and because she enjoys Dorian’s company? That’s over the top – another reason for me to despise this ship. There’s a possibility that the only reason Lily falls for him is simply because she has had only two limited choices – between her good-looking ‘cousin’ and the less attractive Creature. His jealousy only further proves his insecurity – that he is afraid to have to compete with other men to win her affection. Let’s face it, Victor, handsome as you are, you’re certainly not the most charming man on Earth. It almost gives me goose bumps to think how Victor will react when Lily does go out with Dorian in the next episode.

Imagine Dorian’s singing Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back to Victor as I’m typing this entry.

I’m bringing sexy back…

Before ending this weekly rant and going for some Penny Dreadful slash fics, can I just say that the blood rain at the episode’s ending is very well be a metaphor of unexpected period???



Am I the only one who doesn’t ship Vanethan aka Vanessa x Ethan? Not that I despise them being together or something but I don’t muster enough passion for this ship to board it.

Kudos for Dorian for bringing his old flame, his new flame, his possible flame and his one night stand all together in the same place? We only an Ethan to complete the list.

And Angelique is simply beautiful.


Acceptance and Love: Penny Dreadful 2×05

Warning: spoilers and NSFW screenshots

To summarize Penny Dreadful 2×05: Above the Vaulted Sky in one word: ACCEPTANCE.

(I was going to say ‘sex’ but let’s leave it to later, OK?)

We start with a heart-warming scene where Vanessa, frightened by the witches’ haunting, runs to Ethan’s room and asks to sleep in his bed. You’d be forgiven to think “It’s sexy time!”, considering what the show has presented to us so far (not that I’m complaining); however, our sweet wolf-boy politely tells her to use his bed while he sleeps on the sofa. They exchange a few meaningful lines and one of which is: “Whatever you have done… Whoever you have made yourself… I’m here to accept you.” These lines will find a meaningful echo in the next episode, as revealed in the teaser, Ethan’s werewolf nature will be revealed to his family-of-choice.

01 02

Meanwhile, The Creature’s touching fabricated little story fails miserably to win Brona/Lily’s reanimated heart, which we have already suspected to gravitate towards Victor Frankenstein. Rejected and heartbroken, however it seems his luck hasn’t completely run out yet: in the cholera-infected dark place he meets Vanessa Ives, who has already accepted him as not so different from any other human being (2×02: Verbis Diablo). Being the good-hearted woman that she is, Vanessa consoles him by citing poetry with him (John Clare’s work) and offers to teach him to dance. Sweet and heart-warming, right? Let’s hope they keep it that way: friends who share love for poetry and please do not let The Creature fall for Vanessa. I imagine it would have catastrophic result *sweatdrop*.

04 03

We still have no idea what The Creature is doing here (free soup and friendship with a beautiful woman, anyone?) and Vanessa, shouldn’t you get back to work?

Skipping a failed interrogation by Inspector Bartholomew Rusk and Ethan’s successful tail-cutting, we arrive to some opera theater where Dorian Gray and Angelique are happily on a date. Unfortunately, their jolly evening is ruined by some jerks who just feel the urge to humiliate a couple (too much time on their hand??). Kudos for the writers for giving us both Angelique’s and Dorian’s character development in a single scene: this is the first time we ever see Angelique’s dropping off her confidence, charming self to reveal a more vulnerable one – she endures being shamed without a retort. And Dorian steps up to do the single thing we all hope he will do but do not expect from him: he raises her hand to his lips and kisses it, telling the world that he is proud to have her by his side. Moreover, we see Dorian showing feelings for another person other than himself: he has always had an air of aloofness about him as if he doesn’t give a damn about the world. Now, the anger is palpable in his tone and he would have started a fight right there if Angelique hadn’t hold him back. (Part of me wish Angelique hadn’t so that we could see how our ageless beauty would have fared in a brawl.)


… Which leads to one of the most beautiful and meaningful dialogues, where Dorian lovingly tells Angelique he likes her for her person, not her sex. It’s still a little early to say if they have fallen in love (at least on Dorian’s side) but in this scene, there is a certain level of affection in Dorian’s words and gestures, which makes the sex scene afterwards much more enjoyable to watch because it’s not casual sex, it’s love-making – the fact that a lot of emotions are involved makes it all the more beautiful and sacred.




OK, let’s move to the ‘sex’ part as I have mentioned at the beginning.

Josh Hartnett (Ethan Chandler) once joked that season 2 was going to be a ‘bang-fest’ and this is proven in this episode – four relatively sex-free episodes (Angelique’s nude scene doesn’t count as sex, to me at least) and now the creators of the show think it’s high time they dropped the bomb and boy, how it explodes! We find out that stormy nights are always a perfect excuse to get horny – aside from Dorian x Angelique, there’s Sir Malcolm x Evelyn Poole and Brona/Lily x Victor Frankenstein. Here I will divide them into hate and love categories and give my two cents about them.

  • Sir Malcolm x Evelyn Poole
  • Love/Hate? Hate
  • Why? Of all the possible couples in this season this is the one that gives me an icky feeling when mentioned. My own personal shipping code dictates that a couple is only a true couple when there is honest affection, which is nonexistent in this one. From the beginning Evelyn Poole has approached Sir Malcolm with a hidden devious agenda (not so hidden to us viewers) – to seduce him and ‘infiltrate’ Vanessa’s defense. Last time we saw them in episode 2, she has obviously put a hex on him and in this episode, she pricks him with her ring, which is her lethal weapon she used to kill one of the witch (2x01: Fresh Hell) and a few dozen cows (2x03: Nightcomers). Whatever potion/poison she has injected into Sir Malcolm weakens his resistance, heightening his desires (for her). To me it’s dub-con (dubious consent – a usual tag in fanfiction) at best since the man is not in his right mind. The consequence later, I wager, will be rather dreadful.


  • Brona/Lily x Victor Frankenstein
  • Love/Hate? Hate
  • Why? Like the above couple, this couple is only dub-con at best. From the start it’s problematic and as the series progresses, it only descends down the path of nauseate (for lack of a better word). Let me make this straight that I have no qualms about the incestuous aspect between Lily and Victor (he ‘created’ her so he’s sort of her ‘parent’); what makes me cringe when thinking that they are shippable is that both Victor and The Creature have been filling her up with lies! Well, while The Creature fails (mostly due to his unattractive appearance), Victor wins! That he seems to harbor feelings for her does not make this relationship, built on a mountain of lies, any excusable. I have to seriously wonder when she jumps on his bed and starts touching him, does she have any idea at all about what she is doing, what they are and are not supposed to do considering that they are ‘cousins’ (Victor’s fattest lie). The Creature gets Lily rejection as a ‘punishment’ for his lies, let us wait and see what ‘punishment’ our good doctor will receive.

13 14

  • Dorian Gray x Angelique
  • Love/Hate? Love
  • Why? As I already elaborated above, this is perhaps the only sex in this episode that doesn’t involve deception. Sure both of them are still holding onto their secrets, Angelique with her true name and family before she came to London and Dorian with whatever secret he keeps on his infamous portrait and his immortality, yet there is a fine line between having secrets and deceiving each other. Even the most loving and faithful couple can have one or two things they want to keep for themselves (as long as their secrets do not affect their relationship). It may be a trivial detail that while the first two couples have sex with most of their clothes on (symbolizing the lies in their relationship, anyone?), Angelique and Dorian are entirely free of clothes (symbolizing their genuine feelings). Seems to me at that moment they lay bare for each other to see their emotions and they can be honest to each other despite their secrets.

11 12

By the way, kudos for a very passionate sex scene. *both thumbs up*. And Wagner is Penny Dreadful’s aphrodisiac (confirmed). And putting sex scenes with horror scenes is probably the show’s way of preventing people from fapping over these gorgeous actors and actresses 😈😈😈.

[Aborted] Threaten Me with Life

Disclaimer : Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom : Penny Dreadful (2014)

Rating : M

Pairing : Victor Frankenstein x Dorian Gray

Genre : fanfiction,

Characters : Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, The Creature/Caliban

Summary : This is an aborted idea I had for a Victor x Dorian smut. Sadly my inspiration has run out before I have the chance to finish it. To not waste a few words I’ve written, I will leave it here. Feel free to use it if you want to, just give me a few words, OK? The plot is that The Creature wants Dorian Gray as his mate and implies to kill him so that Victor will resurrect him (it’s a bit dark at first). Then they both learn a disturbing truth that some people just don’t die when they are killed. 

“He’s out of your league!” Victor Frankenstein hissed at his Creature, who, together with him, were lurking in the shadows and peering at the opposite coffee shop. “He’s no common folk, perhaps a lord’s son, a nobleman, a person of wealth and status. Drill some common sense into your head: should he go missing, his family could turn the city inside out to find him…”

He barely finished his sentence when his throat was seized with cold, vice-like fingers and his body was slammed against the damp wall, knocking the air out of his lungs. He clawed at the hand that sought to crush his windpipes but it was of no avail, the steeled grip did not loosen. His vision was blotted and his eyes bulging, Victor could feel the foul breath of Death very close to his face.

“How is a corpse ‘out of my league’, Creator? Does it matter whose son he is or what status or property he possesses once Death puts the veil over his pretty eyes? Oh, how fair and just Death is to us all: that he would treat a nobleman and a bastard the same, stripping them off their status and their gold, and leaving them a naked, undignified rigid cadaver.”

The Creature growled, baring his teeth in his widening grin as he lectured his creator. Victor could not bear to look at him.

“It’s different…” he retorted weakly. “He…he’s still living, he has not..”

“What is the difference? Was I human once, and living? Was my brother the same? We died of whatever cause we could not remember, and were revived by your hands. Did it matter to you at that time that you chose to give this corpse life and not the other next to him? Does it matter now that you work your magic once again on yet another corpse?”

Victor’s face crumpled in a grimace, his face purple with the lack of air. The Creature went on, voice softer and languid, “What matters is that I want him, Creator, have wanted him since the moment I saw him, closing his eyes as he inhaled the sweet perfume of the Rothchild’s Slipper. I have yearned for him as I yearned for your care and guidance when you made me, as I have yearned for release from this miserable fate of eternal loneliness and you will oblige me. Make him mine, Creator, and you have my word that we will go far away, out of your sight and your life. You want peace, don’t you? Do it for me and you will have it.”

Then The Creature released him and Victor gasped for air like a fish out of water. Every intake of breath was a painful stab to his lungs: his sight blurred with the hot tears that gathered at the corners of his eyes. “Fine…” he wheezed, clutching his throat, where he did not doubt would have five ugly purple bruises for days to come. Unconsciously he fixed his crumpled collar and cravat; he was not prepared to answer the torrent of questions from Sir Murray and Mr. Chandler lest they saw his neck. “But let me be clean of it, of this hideous crime of yours. I will have no part in your cold-blooded murder.”

“Fine. Taking life is my part as creating new life is yours. In three days I will come back, and I will have my beautiful mate. Do not fail me this time, Father.”

He retreated to the darkness faster than human eyes could follow, leaving Victor with a tornado of angst and guilt churning in his stomach as if a hungry mechanical monster. He wanted to throw up, despite he had not had much in his stomach since morning, and it was not entirely due to the violent treatment he had suffered at the hands of his ‘child’ or the putrid smell coming heavily from the open trench nearby. He braced himself to look up and found the young man had not left his place. The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history. Lines from a recently read novel sprang up in his mind. Such a beautiful creature and vividly alive. Yet Victor could envision that sculpted body, nude, pallid and lifeless, lying on his operation table, that his scalpel would mar that flawless skin with grotesque scars and stitches. He was no longer able to hold it back;  he threw up violently on the pavement, toxic acid burning his mouth and tongue.

Through a veil of tears Victor saw that the young man was staring at him from his place across the street.

Theories on Penny Dreadful

Warning: spoilers alert!!

Penny Dreadful is getting better and better – an episode full of precious gems: Vanessa and Victor being cute siblings while shopping for dresses and… underwear, Ethan showing that he’s far sharper than most give him credits for, Victor and Lily discussing feminism, Sembene being mysterious, quiet and frankly… Sembene while making dessert for everyone and of course, Dorian and Angelique showing the world their own version ‘Victorian Romance’ (really, the music, the cinematographic effect and the kiss are killing me – never quite turned on by such a kiss onscreen).


And so the awesomeness and cuteness of episode 4 have prompted me to a few theories regarding The Devil/Lucifer/whatever demon that Evelyn Poole & co. are worshipping. I’m gonna list them here in this post; some of them are pretty logical and sound (according to my friend) and are backed up with evidence while some are just plain wacky, so bear with me please. Here we go.

#1: Dorian Gray is The Devil aka Lucifer


I’ve never bought the idea that the show is going to stick to the book and at some point will give us an old, hideous and mean-looking photoshoped version of Reeve Carney on a huge canvas – as far as I know, Penny Dreadful loves to play with those well-known literary figures. So by the end of season 1, I have come up with a theory of my own regarding Dorian Gray’s secret, which can be read in my previous post. In short, I’m quite convinced that our pretty faced immortal is either the host of Amun-Ra (as Vanessa is Amunet’s) or the Egyptian God himself.

Then season 2 has been airing and viewers find all the Egyptian reference pushed back to a corner, replaced by a threat from The Devil, aka the Fallen Angel Lucifer in Christianity. So far, little connection has been made between Dorian and the main plot as his storyline, combined with the new enigmatic Angelique’s, while intriguing and pleasant, is still hovering somewhere else (if this continued the two of them might as well start their own series). In an attempt to try to include Dorian and Angelique in the main story, I’d like to believe Dorian Gray’s true identity is Lucifer and while the witches of Evelyn’s coven are doing the dirty work for him, the Great Master himself is on a date, playing ping-pong, stunning ordinary people with fearless public display of affection and generally having fun. Well, it’s good to be the King and have minions working for you so that you can enjoy yourself, right?

One more clue: remember how Vanessa described ‘The Devil’ to Joan Clayton in “Nightcomers”. That sounds suspiciously like Dorian Gray to me.

Does this mean I forfeit the theory that Dorian is related to Amun-Ra. Actually no. I’m still holding to it as I believe Amun-Ra and Lucifer, in spite of names, are actually one entity that is the embodiment of the evils in this world. I don’t know the exact term for the process but in my own words I will call it ‘merging’ – that is when beliefs, religions, deities etc. have been affected by one another because of wars, invasions, merging of cultures, etc. and thus share similar traits. One example I can think of is when the Romans conquered Greece and adopted the Greek pantheon – pretty much the same gods and goddesses except for the names (Zeus to Jupier, Hades to Pluto, Poseidon to Neptune and such). So, it’s quite possible that Amun-Ra and Lucifer are one and the same. Besides, I don’t think John Logan and team would make create an elaborate storyline with all the myths and prophecies in season 1 only to throw it out of the window in favor of something new. Would be a total waste.

If Dorian Gray is indeed Lucifer then his relationship with Angelique may take a very twisty turn, which is my second theory.

#2: Angelique is either A) a Servant of God aka Not-Evil Angel or B) a fallen angel like Lucifer

Based on her name which is very likely an alias and her special condition, I’m inclined to believe this new, interesting and charismatic transgender character may not be a mere prostitute; instead, she may be an angel! Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong (I’m not Christian) but I remember reading from some source that angels are supposed to be sexless/ non-gender (can’t pinpoint the exact word), thus it makes some sense that an angel masquerading as a human would choose to represent themself as a transgender person – neither man nor woman. If in this season our heroes are fighting the Servants of Devil then presenting a Servant of God would be a nice way to balance the scale.

But why would a Servant of God appear as a prostitute? Surely there’re a lot more places other than a brothel. And why would s/he approach and apparently seduce the Devil? That leads me to wonder whether Angelique is not a ‘good’ angel, but rather a fallen one. “When Lucifer fell, he did not fall alone” will be our mantra till the end of the season and may even continue in the next and episode 4 also fortifies the fact that many other ‘Evil’ angels fell with Lucifer and may be scattering all over the planet, corrupting humans or simply chilling out. So, after eons, at least one of them has found their way back to ‘reunite’ with Lucifer, right? Hell, that’d take ‘kindred spirits’ and ‘partners in crime’ to a whole new different level!

 #3: Dorian Gray is a fallen angel and it’s Angelique that is Lucifer/The Devil/Amun-Ra, etc.

So this is a reverse of my #1 and #2. Dorian Gray is one of the many that fell with Lucifer to earth and he was lost to his ‘friends’, hence he’s bored, lonely and always seeking new sensations, pushing against boundaries. Now his ‘Lord’ has come to him to take him ‘home’. Their exchanges at the ping-pong table serve as way for them to test each other in order to recognize their true faces. Once they do, what’s better way to seal the deal with a passionate kiss?

Beside, remember the little hint at the beginning of their scene? There’s a puppet box that is playing something related to Lucifer and then Dorian and Angelique walk out, arm in arm. Judging how John Logan likes to scatter hints to characters’ identities, this may qualify as an important one that indicates either of them is the Big Bad Boss of this season (if the Big Bad Boss does show up).

Still, why the Prince of Darkness would choose a transgender prostitute as his guise is quite beyond me.

#4: Dorian Gray is the son of Lucifer/Amun-Ra


It’s getting wacky from here. You’ve been warned.

OK, so most of us viewers agree that Dorian Gray is immortal, he lives one hell of a long life and most importantly, he may have sold his soul in exchange for eternal youth and beauty, with his sins continously demonstrated on a huge canvas. But, what if the truth behind his immortality is none of this trading-soul business? What if he was born supernatural and was sent to earth by his father (whisper: Lucifer) to do his bidding? However, instead of focusing on his mission, he dumps all the work on the witches’ and takes time to enjoy himself? And every time his vessel suffers any damages he has to heal himself via a magical object in the form of a huge canvas, which also serves as an ‘Internet phone’ between him and Daddy. And every such time he has to listen to Lucifer’s reprimands until he can take it no more and decides to team up with the heroes to unsurp his Daddy. That’d be one hell of a family drama!

Blame The Originals series and their family drama for this crazy theory.

#5: Lucifer is actually Vanessa Ives

OK, I know this is crazy but let’s give it a thought.

Let’s suppose Vanessa Ives were Lucifer and somehow The mighty Devil had suffered an amnesiac which led to the emergence of ‘Vanessa Ives’ while the true Lucifer was confined/pushed back to a corner of her psyche. In order to get out and regain full control, Lucifer had to make Vanessa know who she really was and accepted him. So, he enlisted the help of his devoted servants (Evelyn Poole & co.) to mess up with Vanessa until she realized the truth. Would she be able to make peace and embrace him once she found out? That’s one major question awaiting an answer.

By the way, if this turns out to be true, I still have to wonder where Dorian Gray and Angelique would fit into the plot.

#6: Victor Frankenstein is actually an immortal

Unlike his fellow immortal Dorian Gray, our cute doctor, Victor, though lives long and stays young, doesn’t know much about how to enjoy himself and his immortality (or how to accumulate wealth for that matter). He devotes his endless years for science and thus suffers loneliness a great deal. He pities humans for their very limited life span and at the same time finds himself unable to see them as his equal and love them. So he seeks to create another life form that can endure time to be his ‘perfect companion’. So far he has managed to made 3.

But what about his flashback and childhood in season 1’s episode 3? It can be a false memory, created with a purpose to fool the audience until the big revelation later. Or, like Vanessa’s case in #5, Victor might have had amnesia and even now he still does not know of his immortality. Nevertheless, he has not forgotten his obsession with creating life.

I just realize this will make a good idea for an AU fanfiction where Victor Frankenstein finally gets a chance to meet Dorian Gray, someone he can call his equal and hence the budding of a romance.

Just my non-sorry attempt to ship ‘the good doctor’ and ‘the beautiful boy’.

So, my theories may or may not be true. In order to find out, we have to be patient and wait for the next episode, scheduled to air on May 31.

[Fanart] Penny Dreadful

All credits go to the artists who have created such beautiful artwork


Have some Caliban (The Creature) x Victor Frankenstein

And some Happy Family ( Proteus, Caliban & Victor)

The look on Victor’s face when being sandwiched by his big ‘sons’
And last but never, ever least, the intoxicating Mr. Gray