[Rant] Haunter of Ruins – The Originals 4×03

Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate jokes (it’s ranting; what do you expect?), careless language, messing up the order of the events

  • ‘Tis a peaceful day of the Mikaelsons…
  • The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, no squirrels are eaten and it’s a lovely day in… I’m sorry, where are the Mikaelsons?!
  • In the middle of nowhere, right. Even Klaus says it out loud.


  • Nice manor tho.
  • The Mikaelsons sure are early risers… or they just don’t have the need to sleep after sleeping for 5 years.
  • Nate just nailed Bratty Kol *thumbs up*.


  • The way Elijah’s hands are frozen in the holding position for some seconds after Kol snatches the newspaper
  • It may have happened a lot in the dream world.
  • Klaus took the time to shower and groom himself properly. Gotta look dashing for his little girl.


  • … but he forgets to groom his temper obviously. Perfect timing, bro (y).
  • Hope’s looking intimidated and confused. I wonder if Hayley had ever taken her to the attic to ‘meet’ her aunts and uncles or just told Hope about them. But Hayley must have shown her pictures, no?


  • Anw, first impression isn’t so good.
  • Klaus’s looking so hurt he doesn’t dare follow his little her into the garden. Aw.
  • Ooh, flashback and even better, it’s flashback of Vincent and Eva.
  • Maisie’s beautiful af.


  • Eva seems so nice and sweet I can hardly reconcile this Eva with the evil witch in the second season.
  • So Sophie Deveraux had a gift of telling that a woman’s pregnant. That’s how she was able to tell Hayley was pregnant in the first season. Makes sense.
  • Vincent’s gonna be a father. Considering we haven’t heard even one mention of his kid today we can safely assume it was either stillborn or got taken away. Anw, bad things happened.
  • Oh, Will… How I miss thee. Thought he was offed by some rascal vampires in the last season finale. His status has been officially promoted to the show’s human token. Is it too much to ask the scriptwriters to please not kill him off?


  • Seeing Eva and Will does give me hope that perhaps we can get to meet a few old faces (but not Caroline please), namely a certain crazy redhead and her equally crazy but devoting brother. Their fates were cliffhanging in the last episode and I’d prefer the writers tight up the loose ends. In other words, if they have to get rid of Tristan and Aurora then just kill them off and be done with it.
  • Back to the Mikaelsons.
  • Klaus’s bonding with Hope seems to go rather well, except that Hope’s drawing that creepy blue circle and later seeing it.


  • Hope’s doing magic!!! Without Freya’s teaching her any spells yet!!
  • The magic she uses to heal the butterfly is pretty much the same as Freya’s when she reunited with Finn in season 2.


  • Kind of feel sorry for Keelin until she accuses Hayley of betraying her kind for a bunch of vampires. What has Hayley done that can be considered betraying her own kind, girl?
  • But Freya sure is brutal when it comes to protecting her family. And she’s bit cranky as well. Very much like a pre-Hope Klaus.
  • And Keeling nonchalantly reveals that she’s queer.
  • I’m not the only one sensing Freya x Keelin vibes, right?
  • And why Freya’s unhurt after she’s hit by Keelin’s car?? Weird.
  • Meanwhile Kol and Rebekah are musing their life matters over a fresh corpse. Who’s gonna clean up after, I wonder.


  • Pretty a foreshadowing of their leaving, which happens near the end of the episode. But it’s alright, they’ll come back soon enough, especially when trouble is brewing at home.
  • I find it extremely refreshing that the enemy this time doesn’t seem to be the Mikaelsons’ result of centuries of mistreating others, or does it?
  • Vincent’s recollection of how the book landed in his possession is creepy enough. So, was he possessed and unknowingly wrote it or it just copied the handwriting of its ‘owner’ for the sake of messing their mind?
  • Why the serpents though? Is it some sort of ancient creatures/monsters?
  • Whatever it is, let’s hope when it’s brought into the light, it won’t be a gargantuan disappointment like Cade aka the (lame) Devil.
  • Aw, look at Klaus’s reaction when Hope surprises him with a gesture of affection. 1000-year-old Original hybrid, Big Bad Wolf, everyone’s nightmare, totally baffled. You’d better get used to them, man, ‘cuz you’ll be getting a lot of them from now.
  • The blue light again.
  • Nice to see the old Strix mansion. Less nice to see it become a sacrificial ground for some creepy-ass dude that may or may not make it through the episode.
  • Creepy-ass dude whose name we may never know knocks down Marcel. Creepy-ass dude: 1, Marcel: 0


  • Actually, make it 2 since Marcel’s a super vampire now.
  • Creepy-ass dude may be creepy af but he’s one strong witch.
  • Shouldn’t we be surprised that Hope’s among the kids targeted? No, we shouldn’t.
  • Which leads us right back to the Mikaelsons’ mansion, and Hope’s nose-bleeding. Never a not-worrying sign for a witch.
  • Can we just have a few seconds appreciating Hayley’s running out to her daughter in her underwear and Elijah’s shirt.
  • The vampire-hybrid sex earlier is hot af, and I’m not even a Haylijah Not to mention the “I love you” confessions from both of them. Hard to get a screenshot of the bedroom scene tho as they keep vamp-speeding like that.
  • Are they fighting for domination in bed?


  • “She needs me. I need both of you. We’re a family.” Kudos for Hayley.
  • So the family’s back to New Orleans. Freya’s probably staying home.
  • The exorcism of Eva looks creepy enough.


  • And then there’s Will, clearly possessed, slitting an officer’s throat and driving the children to God-know-where.
  • Last but not least, Kol and Rebekah’s on their road trip (after taking a nice car from some random victim). Hope to see them again soon; they still have some bonding with their little niece to do.

Looking forward to the next episode.

[Rant] No Quarter – The Originals 4×02

Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate comments

  • This is one hell of an episode – action-packed, thrilling and above all, sparkling with the familial love and solidarity of the Mikaelson clan. They’re truly the strongest when they fight for their family.
  • It once again reinforces my belief (not that it needs any reinforcing) that The Originals has a superior team of writers than The Vampire Diaries It’s unfair if The Originals only has 4 seasons (Ms. Plec ‘kindly’ mentioned something about there will be no fifth season in an interview) while The Vampire Diaries managed to sprout 8 while it should have ended after the train wreck that was the fifth.
  • Anw, back to this gem episode.
  • I kinda feel sorry (but not too sorry) for the guy Kol ate…
  • … or the entire bus they chowed down. “I’m so hungry I could eat a whole bus” taken very literally. Five years of no eating does takes it toll.


  • Did Hayley grab a few bites of her own?
  • Elijah’s shouting for Kol to eat less noisily like a big brother and Kol, actually hearing him or just coincidentally snapping his victim’s neck
  • I have a feeling that Kol does enjoy the scream a bit more than considered healthy.
  • Am I the only one to wonder why Elijah sort of cradles the dead body (presumably drained by him)?
  • Proper family squabbles. How I miss these?
  • Kol not so subtly reminds the producers not to kill him the friggin’ THIRD time.


  • Elijah’s shutting down the arguments by his vow: “We’ll free Niklaus today. Even if I have to burn that city to the ground.” Determined big-brother Elijah is the best Elijah.
  • See the brief proud look on Freya’s face?


  • “If we can’t free him, we’ll sure avenge him”. Sorry, wrong quote.
  • Anw, the vampire Avengers are advancing to New Orleans. Marcel’d better be beware.
  • Somewhere in Nola, Josh’s having a new, very human and undoubtedly clueless about the supernatural world boyfriend. It won’t bode well for him in the long run. I hope he fares better than Aiden. If he doesn’t, well…


  • Josh’s expression when seeing Elijah and Rebekah is similar to a person waking up to see two tigers lounging about in his home. His reaction is similar too – staying calm, no sudden movement so as not to provoke them while secretly trying to grab his phone and call 911…


  • … which is what Josh does, and fails, because one of the ‘tiger’ has a “murderous hunger” that can’t be appeased with pizzas. Duh.
  • And there’s Marbekah/Rebel argument in the graveyard. I’ve never doubted that Marcel genuinely loves Rebekah (even though he loathes her brothers to death) and Rebekah feels the same. I just love it even more that despite her love, Rebekah chooses her brothers over Marcel because that’s basically what the Mikaelsons and The Originals do, unlike The Vampire Diaries which tended to put way too much emphasis on romance. I cringe every time I read that Matt x Rebekah was cute and how big a waste to let that ship sink. To me it’s just a big, fat yuck that Rebekah had some affection and slept with the one that murdered her brother. And before someone kindly reminds me that Elijah was way too friendly with Elena, Kol’s murderer, I have to make myself clear that it grossed me as well.
  • Well, let what happened in The Vampire Diaries stay in The Vampire Diaries.
  • Sofya just has to interrupt Bex’s emotional speech, doesn’t she? Someone needs to remind her a certain Original absolutely hates backstabbing; she’ll pay back in one way or another.
  • The family’s casually discussing murder in Josh’s presence like he’s thin air
  • While the rest tries to find a way to break Klaus’s prison, Josh and Kol have a heart-to-heart conversation, or the closet thing to a heart-to-heart conversion, about losing someone they loved. It’d be quite a moment if it weren’t for Marcel’s text and Kol’s right back to threats of murders and destruction.
  • Josh was lucky Davina really liked him though.
  • Kol’s tearing through the vampire mooks like they are wet papers for Bex. Vampire mooks: 0, Originals: 1
  • Someone has anger management issues.
  • Hearing Elijah saying “brother” with both worry and relief lacing his tone is too much for my Klelijah
  • Hayley’s offering her power for Freya to channel to break the boundary spell while Elijah standing watch. Teamwork in its finest form.
  • Elijah’s facing Marcel alone to buy Freya some time despite Marcel’s hatred for him running the deepest
  • Hayley’s stepping in to protect Elijah, claiming once again to be a Mikaelson


  • … which of course enrages Marcel as the real reason for Marcel’s bitterness and wrath was because he felt he wasn’t treated as a Mikaelson.
  • Behold, Klaus’s incredible feat of pulling out Papa Tunde’s blade by himself (plus his subconscious Cami’s help). Almost as good as Mikael, who plucked it out not long after getting stabbed and with no imaginary soulmate’s encouragement. Klaus’ll get better next time for sure.
  • Klaus’s falling right into Elijah’s arms. Be still my Klelijah heart 
  • Kolbekah moment followed by Klebekah hug followed by…
  • The whole family standing united against Marcel. #squad_goals
  • “That’s what family does. We fight for each other.” Kudos for Hayley.
  • And “If you want to kill one of us, you’ll have to kill us all.” Kudos for Rebekah.


  • Just to rub some salt onto the wound is Kol’s sassy remark…


  • … definitely not a very wise move because, well, considering Marcel could kill them all, why feeds his wrath more?
  • Actually, I believe it’s Marcel who was gonna lose if he and the Mikaelsons engaged in a full-out battle. Just think this strategy: Elijah, Rebekah and Hayley would fight Marcel (more like stalling him) while Kol and Klaus would protect Freya and probably let her channel them to cast some spell. Remember the sigil she’d created to trap Lucien last season? And Marcel, unbacked by the Ancestors, wouldn’t be able to fight it. Maybe not something of that scale since Freya’s pretty drained after freeing Klaus but a lesser spell to hinder Marcel’s movement would suffice, no?
  • Anw, no fighting happens as Marcel decides to ‘show mercy’ because he isn’t like the Mikaelsons. Who’re you kiddin’ Marcel? Anyone surviving to this point of the show with them is just like them. He just needs a few situations to see that…
  • … which the mysterious blue light and threat to the city would happily provide. Vincent’s up to some serious shit this season. Just don’t die along the way, ‘kay?
  • Klaus’s watching Hope in her peaceful sleep instead of waking her


  • Last but not least (more like saving the best for last), it’s Cami friggin’ O’Connell. I don’t care if she remains dead, I don’t care if she’s a figment of Klaus’s imagination, what matters is she is with Klaus in his darkest, loneliest hours to give him the strength to break his bondage. Klaus has conjured her to be his sole companion during his days of suffering, and more importantly, Klaus, having known Cami so well, has created this version of Cami that is very much similar to the original Cami; she isn’t afraid of his temper, and she challenges Klaus to face and triumph over his demons. She has literally become a part of Klaus per his promise: “I will carry you with me.” She has gained immortality inside his mind, where nothing or no one could lay a finger on her again. I admit, what she and Klaus have isn’t love. It transcends love to become something much greater, much more lasting. Love fades over time but once you let somebody get a spot in your mind, they’ll stay for as long as you live, and in Klaus’s case, possibly eternity. I’ve always felt Klaus and Cami’s relationship to lean more on spiritual side and this just proves it.

Overally, an excellent episode. Looking forward to Klaus and Hope’s first proper reunion next episode.

[Rant] Gather Up the Killers – The Originals 4×01

Warnings: spoilers galore, careless language, maybe inappropriate jokes

I watched the season premiere on Saturday and since then had been debating with myself whether to write a review for this spectacular opening of a new season. You see, last season I wrote a review for each episode and though it certainly had its fun, it was a bit tiring as well. Scratch it, much tiring. And being the lazy ass I am, I don’t really want to relive that ‘pain’. Still, my affection for this show is running strong and the newest episode definitely deserves some attention, so here is my thoughts (or rant):

  • Ooh, New Orleans. How I miss thy sights. How long has it been? 10 months?


  • Never realized I actually miss Vincent’s voice. Love the way the episode begins with his voice over on Nola scenes. My friend who watched with me thought his cadence was “poetic”, to use her word.


  • So, they indeed have an anniversary for the fall of the Mikaelsons. Nola residents sure have a weird way to ‘pay respect’ to the founders of their city.
  • Even better, a special event is held annually so that ‘tourists’ can witness the suffering of Klaus Mikaelson. What kind of tourists? Those with fangs, of course (and fancy cars that usually have a fresh, bleeding human corpse as accessory).
  • This vampire looks familiar somehow. Oh, I remember her. Sofya. The one-episode guest star in the previous season. I did remark that she kinda looked like Bex; maybe someone heard that and decided to change her look. Now she’s a brunette. Her profession remains unchanged however.
  • And now she’s working for Marcel and maybe hooking up with him. Beware, Marcellus, for Bex is coming back to town and she can be intensely jelly.
  • On the other hand I don’t think we’re in need of a love-triangle subplot.
  • But if they’re going that way then I guess it just have to roll with it.
  • Oh Klaus. And his Fifty Shades in Chains. Who knows? It may be the title of the next instalment of the Fifty Shades of… Whatever.


  • He even has a collar! Damn Marcel is kinky. Just not sexy-kinky.
  • And that’s about 5 minutes into the season premiere perhaps?
  • Hayley sure has a night cozy house in the middle of nowhere. I wonder how she got it, by compulsion or the Mikaelsons’ money.
  • Guess not all the money has gone to Caroline Salvatore’s school. Ha-ha. (I’m being sarcastic btw.)
  • Yeah, the romantic-but-morbid-but-still-romantic scene in the trailer.
  • Look, look. Hope’s big girl now and she’s wearing that magic-restraining bracelet in the second season. Nice come back.


  • That means she hasn’t used magic once in 5 years? Hope she’ll get the hang of it quickly when the bracelet’s taken off because Auntie Freya’s gonna teach her a lot of badass shit.
  • Mary! Dear old same Mary who’s still salty with the Mikaelsons after all these years. Please don’t spread your saltiness to the little girl; they’re her family who all love her.
  • … which is what Hayley is quick to reinforce. Hayley f*cking Mikaelson.


  • Determined Hayley is the best Hayley. Glad last season she finally picked a side.
  • I wonder who the witch to siphon Rebekah’s hex was. Could it be Valerie Tulle or another Siphoner (most likely vampire) that was way older than the Heretics? Has it been confirmed in The Vampire Diaries that Valerie and the twins are the only Siphoners left in this world??
  • Josh… Not sure how I feel about thee… I mean thee are nice and all but…
  • Hah, my guess is right!!! Marcel has removed Papa Tunde’s blade from Klaus.
  • So, Klaus is like Marcel’s secret counselor or something?
  • Alistair Dupence(?). Did I get his last name right? Oh well, whatever. Just another item in Klaus’s never-ending list of enemies.
  • … who barges in the city and starts making demands. Hello, upgraded Original there. What makes you think he won’t play dirty and bite you somewhere nobody sees (double entendre very much intended).
  • His accent is more memorable than his person actually.
  • Srsly, after 5 years and he hasn’t found Hayley and Hope and the slumbering Mikaelsons? C’mon she hasn’t even left the country! Aren’t your resources a failure? I guess Hayley’s really good at covering her track and laying low but still…
  • And he throws the gauntlet! Wonderful. Mano a mano. Man to man… except put Klaus in chains and starve him beforehand pretty please?


  • That Hayley and Hope’s hug though.
  • Hayley’s in a black dress. OK, I’m so used to seeing her in shirts, jeans, leather jacket and boots that this new look is… startling. Looks very good on her though. Don’t get me wrong, but she can wear that dress at both a funeral and a nightclub.
  • I have a feeling she dresses to attract her prey’s attention…
  • … who is Keelin, a wolf. Is this the bisexual wolf I’ve heard rumors about?
  • Hayley doesn’t waste a second, doesn’t she? After five years she’s become very vigilant.
  • Let’s see… dimly lit, pretty dirty place: check, bondage: check, crazy contraption that’s likely to cause pain: check and check. I wonder why this place reminds me so much of Saw.
  • But Hayley doesn’t want to play; she’s in for business…
  • … which is gathering Keelin’s venom and waking sleeping beauty Freya up.
  • That Hayley and Freya’s hug.


  • I guess Freya’s so accustomed to this sleeping-for-years-and-then-up-and-walking shit she doesn’t waste a moment for her stiff, lethargic muscles to flex and goes straight to work. That’s big sis for ya!


  • Hayley VS Alistair’s lackeys. Hayley: 1, Alistair’s lackeys: 00000000 (can I add the zeros to infinity??)
  • Her f*cking wolf form though. ♫♫♫♫ Who let the wolf out? ♫♫♫♫
  • But the most gruesome awesome kill goes to…… Freya Mikaelson. Srsly brain melting? That’s a novelty.
  • She probably has so much energy pent up in her. Poor that vamp dude. Next time buy a life insurance. That way your wife and kids will get compensation.


  • Once again this show proves women are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Klaus VS Alistair (plus crowd). Klaus: 0, Alistair: 1. Some ranting on Alistair’s part later… Klaus: 1, Allistair: 000000…
  • See the similarities?
  • I seriously think Klaus should expand his diet to vampire blood as well. I mean Alistair’s full of healthy blood; why doesn’t Klaus just sucks him dry? He’s been pretty starving, hasn’t he?
  • “Meet…… your…… maker.”
  • Too bad Marcel has to choose this very moment to be a dickwad. Why, Marcel, why?
  • Marcel’s boast kinda gets on my nerves.
  • “You want more?”
  • Hayley’s making badass taunt while standing in her gloriously nude form. I’m fine. I’m so fine. Are all wolves natural naturalists?!
  • Elijah’s really the expert in creepy killing. Is this a throwback to the pilot where he killed all those vamps who were ganging up on Sophie?
  • Haylijah reunion.


  • The kiss! I’m not a Haylijah shipper but still…
  • Vincent mentions Cami and Klaus immediately shuts up his threats. “You stayed my hand and quelled my rage” indeed.
  • Even better, Cami will make an appearance in the next episode!
  • “When it comes to my family’s safety, I don’t negotiate.” Mikael’s beloved daughter speaking.
  • “After all this time…” “Me too.” They really don’t need many words, don’t they?
  • “A child after my own heart.” The moment they will get to meet Hope will be s-p-e-c-t-a-c-u-l-a-r!!!
  • And now they’re going back for Klaus!
  • Kinda agree with Klaus about Marcel’s not escaping his shadow and being weak. Kinda feel bad Klaus gets daggered for that. “Why’re you so hell-bent on proving him right, Marcel?” to parody Vincent’s words.

Overally, a good episode and a strong start for the season. Looking forward to the next episode.

Highlights from The Originals’ trailer (Season 4)

After a long long wait with only a couple of sporadic pics and tidbits of info to feed the fans (and almost nothing on the new faces), CW has finally released their first official trailer for the fourth season of The Originals. We original groupies seem to be the most patient fandom in the world. Anyway, here’s some highlights from the trailer:

  • “This week marks five years…” Wait wait wait! Are they having an anniversary for the day the Mikaelsons fell?!
  • Klaus’s exactly where he was left last season – in Marcel’s hand. Imprisoned and chained, he seems to have lost most of his former bravado and is quite broken, bordering on insanity.


  • Papa Tunde’s blade appears to have been removed from his body. If it were still lodged inside him, he wouldn’t be able to sit, speak, scream, etc. as shown in the trailer.
  • Or five years has tremendously steeled his tolerance of its pain?! That remains to be seen.
  • Marcel seems to be in charge of Nola again. Old news.


  • But where’re his followers (read: bitches)? Don’t see them in the trailer.
  • Does that mean the king is alone on the throne??
  • The downside of power.
  • Vincent’s built up a community just like he said the last time we saw him. He’s also rebuilt Marcel’s gym into a church again. Like he said it last time. Man of his words he is.
  • The Treme witch isn’t especially chummy with Marcel but he tolerates him.
  • Nola’s in great danger, according to Vincent’s voice over, from unknown force. What is it, I wonder, because we can count on Marcel to defend the city from whatever supernatural threats and he’s hella strong now and mostly unkillable.


  • Or, maybe Cade’s paying Nola a visit. You know Cade? The supposed-badass-Devil-that-comes-out-lame in the mother show, The Vampire Diaries.
  • I’m doubtful whether Vincent’s quote “We managed to keep our monsters buried. Now we’ve got to make sure they stay buried” refers to the Mikaelsons at all although it’s sort of leading us to believe so. He could be talking about the new threat(s).
  • Hayley’s full f*ucking wolf form. Like we’ve never seen her before. Up until now all we’ve got to see are her eyes turning gold (lots of time), her hand in mid-transformation into a paw and her wolf footprints.


  • How could she turn so fast? In a blink of an eye and whoof, two legs into four. Doesn’t the transformation take a lot of bone-arranging and pain and screaming?!
  • That reminds me: we’ve never seen Klaus’s full wolf form either. F*cking demand it in this season *banging pots and pans together*.
  • Btw, whatever opponents she’s facing must be quite tough because she unhesitatingly wolfs out while she’s encountered pretty hardcore enemies in the past (Shen Min, Aya, upgraded Lucien, etc.) and not once has she turned completely and immediately.
  • There’s Elijah in the box just like last time we saw him. His clothes seem different though. Maybe I’m wrong. It’s hard to see.


  • Looks like Hayley’s visiting him. Kind of romantic. But morbid. But still romantic. And morbid. I could go on and on like this.
  • All the siblings are stored in a dusty, cowebbed very The Originals-style attic(?!). Kind of reminds me of Davina’s attic.


  • It’s hard to count the number of the coffins. I wonder if Aurora’s in there too. Anyone remembers Aurora de Martel? Redhead, funny laugh, pretty but not quite right in the head. Last time she was under Freya’s Sleeping Beauty spell. Did Hayley bring her with her when leaving Nola?
  • Speaking of which, ain’t Elijah like the Sleeping Beauty now, patiently waiting for Wolf Princess Hayley’s magic kiss?
  • Stop me before I turn it into a fanfic!!
  • At this point, it’s not ‘highlights’ anymore; it’s rant!
  • Freya, Kol, Rebekah and Hope aren’t in the trailer. C’mon, why not showing a few glimpses of the littlest wolf?
  • Marcel’s upgraded face. Who’ll receive the ends of his teeth I wonder.


  • Ooh, new faces.
  • Marcel’s telling Klaus like the 36289th time that Nola is his. This shit is getting old. See the bored look on Klaus’s face?


  • And no, Marcellus, Nola doesn’t belong to you or anyone.
  • And the king that keeps saying that he’s a king is really not a king at all.
  • Klaus’s screaming “CAMILLE!!!”. Anyone feels their insides they torn up just a little?
  • Humpty f*cking Dumpty! Cami’s right beside him.


  • “I’m here.”
  • Don’t get your hopes up. She’s most likely Klaus’s hallucination/dream.
  • Maybe she’s a ghost. Doesn’t matter.
  • Does it look like he can’t see or hear her because he’s not looking at her as he screams?
  • I’m having Evanescence’s My Immortal feels right now.
  • It actually makes sense that Klaus screams out Camille’s name in the time of despair. His mental refuge. His last thread of sanity. His lighthouse in the ocean of pain.
  • Klaus keeps his vow of carrying her with him.
  • Yet that won’t stop some mean shippers from flinging rude comments at Cami’s appearance while at the same time demanding you-know-who to be brought to Nola, which is utterly irrelevant to The Originals’ plot.
  • Maybe Valentine’s coming and they’re trying to sprinkle in a dash of romance (Haylijah & Klamille). Yet considering the back-stabbing, heart-ripping, pain-inducing, blood-splattering, tear-jerking, overall macabre nature of this show, their attempt at romance comes out pretty morbid.
  • Well, they tried.
  • “I’m trying to save my family.” MY family. Hayley’s officially a Mikaelson.
  • Seriously, Hayley deserves a f*cking medal for carrying the family in the span of five years while protecting and taking care of Hope.

The Bloody Crown – The Originals Season Finale


Warnings: no warnings whatsoever unless you by odd chance haven’t watched the season finale…

…which was aired three weeks ago. I watched the episode right after its airing but delayed writing the review. Half of the blame fell on my chronic slothfulness and half fell on my recent obsession with a certain young actor. Anyway, what must be done cannot be postponed forever so here it is, my final episodic review for the third season of The Originals.

There’s just so many things to talk about in this episode – the beauty of the love between the Mikaelsons, most visibly in Klaus’s ultimate sacrifice, how Hayley has finally become a Mikaelson, how Marcel has turned into the new Klaus, albeit without the family part to help redeem himself, etc. – that I end up not having much to say about it. I remember sitting in front of my laptop, silently watching the 45 minutes of bittersweetness and being overwhelmed with emotions: sad, hurt, angry, moved and hopeful; but to put all those emotions into incoherent words is too difficult a task and I had decided right back then that I wouldn’t; each of us has our way of expressing our feelings towards the episode; still, one thing in common is that most of us are touched by the combined effort of the production crew and the actors. It’s in episodes like that the core of the entire series shines: Always and forever – Family above all.

Let us give a long, resounding applause to the characters for getting through the episode alive (though on the verge of death). There were many rumors and speculations circulated around the fandom and the idea of one more major death in the season finale was juggling by the producers themselves, so most of us would probably watch the episode with growing anxiety or fear for our favorite characters’ lives. Kol was the most popular guess since 1. Nate Buzolic has remained a guest star so far and 2. Kol died not once but twice already; third time’s a charm and what could stop the producers from repeating history? Rebekah was the second-most popular guess because Claire Holt, like Buzolic, has been a (special) guest star, who could leave the show on a sad but otherwise expected note. And then there were rumors the third major death would be Freya as she is the only mortal in a family of immortals and more often than not has fallen into the “squishy mage” trope. The fear gains a lot more ground when only a couple minutes into the episode, Kol and Elijah have been bitten by Marcel and Freya is poisoned (again). It would be three deaths in total and undoubtedly a devastating blow to the series in general, but thank goodness, the crisis is brilliantly averted by Freya’s spell and Klaus’s sacrifice (the second thing to thank dear late Aunt Dahlia after the fertility spell). In short, none of our beloved characters, including Marcel, has to say farewell and although they all have “fallen”, by family, friend, foe or all three, the Mikaelsons will definitely rise again, stronger and more united, to fight and take back what they have lost.


The gem of this show is that in the direst situation, the Mikaelson siblings will swipe aside their differences and conflicts to stand together as one. We see Rebekah stopping Marcel so that her brothers could retreat. We see Rebekah reinforce a truth that really needs no reinforcement (but still touching to hear), that she will always and forever choose her family. We see Rebekah and Klaus working together to turn the odds to their favor and emerging ‘victorious’ in terms that their plan succeeds and the whole family live to see another day. We see Klaus coming to his brother Elijah with a heartfelt confession: “I can’t do this without you”, and the latter, looking worse for wear, giving his younger sibling courage in a firm embrace. Klelijah shipper or non-Klelijah shipper, each of us feels the love and trust brimming between the brothers. It’s even more touching as they began the season with a deep “ravine” (to quote Daniel Gilles) between them and have incessantly antagonized each other. In the previous episode Klaus was even mad at Elijah for eliminating Marcel. Nonetheless, in the face of threat, they immediately prove that they are true family, bound by blood, a millennium-old lasting vow and above all, a love that has been many a time tried, abused, shredded and yet is not lost, never lost. Their love is both their damnation, as they have accumulated countless enemies in its name, and their salvation – their shining hope in the darkest hours. Romance comes and goes, ships sail and sink but the love between the Mikaelson siblings remains strong as always.


Such love explains Kol’s revolving attitude with Freya, whom he severely chastised in their last encounter; he even proclaimed to leave his siblings behind to live or to die on their own. His words were harsh, yet in the end he didn’t. Some might think Kol’s characterization has serious issues, but I believe he isn’t OOC at all. Kol has three things that he regards as important in his life: his magic, Davina and his family; now that he has lost his magic and Davina, he only has his siblings. Kol knows that even though they have hurt him in a way that requires a long time to make amends, they are the only ones he has in this world. He has no friends, his love is dead and if he lost them, he would not be able to go on with his life. So it’s understandable that the moment he hears Klaus’s enemies are gathering, he joins them. He may not forgive Freya (and Elijah) yet; however, it is not the time to start a civil war while their enemies are rallying outside their door. I admit the scenes between Kol and Freya are not very well handled – it would have been better if they had had a few more words instead of postponing the matter to the next season. Maybe, just maybe we will get to see it in the deleted cuts.

I’d like to talk a little about Marcel, the Beast and true antagonist of this season. What he’s done to the Mikaelsons is neither right nor wrong, just understandable given what they have done to him. And yet, somehow he has a delusion that by driving the Mikaelsons out of New Orleans, he is doing the whole city a huge favor. He isn’t, as Marcel proves to not be any better than his family; he is exactly like them: ruthless, calculating, hypocritical and above all, having little to no regard to human lives, or collateral damage. I’m glad there is at least one Vincent to call him out on his actions (but honestly how the hell could Vincent think someone raised by the Mikaelsons be any different from them? Vincent wasn’t in Nola during Marcel’s reign?!). On the surface, Marcel appears on the triumphant side – he’s utterly strong, he rules again and there’s no stronger creature to threaten him – and the Mikaelsons, the defeated. Nevertheless, their defeat brings them together and tightens their bond; each of the Mikaelsons is fearsome on their own right but their true power lies in family. As for Marcel, he is undeniably alone now: family lost, subordinates (the Strix) killed by his own hands and allies turned opponents while the bunch of rascals he has summoned are by no means allies or friends. So on the bloody throne the king sits by himself, vulnerable to attacks. I bet it won’t be long before Marcel realizes the kind of stand-alone-powerful is not the kind that lasts.


Highlights of the episode:

  • Klaus’s apologizing to Hayley and placing his trust in her. Klaus, the megalomaniac, paranoid, control-freak Klaus apologizes and admits his mistakes. That’s one hell of character development.
  • Klaus’s sacrifice so that his family get to live
  • Klaus’s letter to Hope. Let’s hope he will be back with her before she learns to say “Papa”.
  • Klaus’s unapologetic “I’m your maker”
  • Hayley’s finally a Mikaelson. She’s made her choice and it’s with them.
  • Where’s the sneak little peak of Hope’s powers as teased????
  • Vincent’s “The King is dead. All hail the King.” Yusuf Gatewood delivers the sarcasm so well. His “Consequences be damned” also counts.


  • Klaus’s look of horror as he witnesses his two brothers being bitten. Joseph Morgan doesn’t only act it, he lives it and makes us feel it.
  • Freya’s utilizing the same spell that inhibited her to save her family
  • “Don’t fear the Reaper.”

  • Freya’s beautiful dream world


  • Rebekah’s returning to her family and staying with them
  • Elijah and Hayleys moments
  • Hayley’s chaste kiss to the slumbering Elijah


  • I’m not the only one to mourn the destruction of the Mikaelson house, aren’t I?
  • One word for Marcel’s gathered bunch: uncivil

Since it’s the season finale, which means I won’t get to see those endearing monsters until January (what the actual hell?!), I think I should do a sort-of summary of what I like and what I don’t about this season.

What I like:

  • Freya is accepted and loved by the family she always yearned for and in turn, she’s fought with the ferocity of a tigress to protect her younger siblings. Any doubt of her character and commitment to her family at the end of season 2 has been wiped clean during the course of season three.


  • How Hayley has finally been integrated into the Mikaelsons. It should have happened long ago as she was bearing a Mikaelson child and she’s proven to share a lot of similar traits with the Mikaelsons. It’s kind of annoying to see her swing back and forth between being ‘in’ and being ‘out’. She’s made her choice and that’s one of the greatest points of this season.
  • Kol’s resurrection. After so much pressure from fans, the producers finally decided to bring their favorite Original back, played by none other than the original actor. Daniel Sharman was wonderful in his portrayal of Kol but it was Nate Buzolic that left such a profound impression with the fans – it’s impossible to forget his boyish rascal look as he casually swung the baseball bat… on Damon’s face. If we had to make a choice between them, Nate would probably win by a hairbreadth.
  • Finn’s return, however brief it is. At least this time he dies in the arms of his siblings, surrounded by familial love as compared to his first, sudden and lonely death. This time, he makes peace with his family and has the chance to bid farewell before leaving. Bonus point: the touching funeral scene where Finn is mourned by all of them sans Rebekah.


  • Character development of the Mikaelsons. They are a vivid example that living beings change as they live (though technically speaking most of them aren’t “living beings”). Even for thousand-year-old creatures, they are capable of development – to act out of what is expected of them. The most notable examples are Klaus and Elijah. Elijah has grown far out of the “Knight in shining armor” image others wrongly cut for him. He can be monstrous, he can be hypocritical and he is capable of destroying to serve his purpose. And instead of hurting his siblings, Klaus now puts them before himself. Still, despite the changes, the core of their characters: their devotion to their family remains the same.
  • The general suspense hanging above the last episodes. The producers have played into our reassurance that main characters won’t die no matter what their predicament is, and then knocked the chair from under us. The grim prospect that anyone can perish heightens the anxiety and adds a more realistic touch to our already dark show (I’d find a show with a mature theme unrealistic if the heroes and heroines’ plot armor is too thick).
  • The introduction of intriguing characters – the Trinity and Aya. It wouldn’t be boasting to say they produce enough material to run a spinoff show.

What I don’t:

  • Though I appreciate the realistic sense that anyone can die, I’m still shaken by the loss of familiar faces. I guess once we’ve gotten used to seeing them in the show we will want them to stay whether we are their fans or not.


  • The underdevelopment of potential minor characters. Season 3 cast some new faces and so far, only the Trinity and to some extent, Aya, are note-worthy. Will, who could have had a thicker plot considering his rocky experiences with the supernatural, is written pretty flat; he is kind of be there to aid when other characters need something done and as a result, has no plot of his own. The same goes for Van Nguyen, who also exists to serve a few purposes and then dies an obscure death. Let’s not mention Cortez, Sofya and Adrianne, who are all one-episode wonders.
  • In contrast to characters whose plots are too thin, there are characters whose are too thick they end up being underdeveloped, such as Lucien, Aurora, Tristan and Aya. It would have been nice if we had been given a few glimpses of Lucien’s madness, how he and Klaus “painted the town red” back in the day, Tristan’s struggles with his sister’s problems and Aurora’s inner conflicts between her love for Tristan and her desire to be free from him. It would have been wonderful if we had gotten a peak of how the three young vampires survived Mikael or under what circumstance did Aya and Elijah meet. None of those happen and heck, we didn’t even get to see Tristan’s turning while the other two were shown! The producers and actors promised viewers a flashback-heavy season and it was a blatant lie: it has fewer flashback scenes than the previous seasons although the threading plot involves a lot of past affairs. Isn’t it a big sarcasm how the tag line is “Fight the past” while the past is obscure and generally crammed into dialogues instead of being focused?


  • The Strix, big disappointment, period. They were introduced as the world’s oldest vampire society, which has been around for several centuries. They gave an impression they would be great element to the plot and yet, and yet they, save Tristan and Aya, were mostly faceless. After Aya’s death, they were reduced to mere sidekicks running amok in the background, waiting to be killed by Marcel in the season finale. I mean, what the hell?? An ancient vampire society completely, irredeemably wasted. The writers of The Originals have a major issue in writing here: they are capable of creating amazing, intriguing materials and instead of using them to their full potential, they just dumped them down the drain.

Give ‘Em Hell Kid – The Originals 3×21


Warnings: do we need warnings at this point? Disagreement welcomed but not hate

One thing we learn from reading fantasy novels and watching fantasy movies and shows is that prophecies have a nasty tendency: they will be fulfilled no matter how the subjects involved try to avert or change them; as a matter of fact, they have a way of subtly but actively manipulating their subjects into doing this little bit or that and helping or even speeding up the possible scenarios on their road to become reality. In short, they will definitely happen, otherwise they would be called complete nonsense spoken in poetical and mysterious way instead of “prophecies”. The third season’s twentieth episode is concrete evidence.


Following the devastating wake of Where Nothing Stays Buried which has ignited two civil wars going side by side, it’s fitting that Give ‘Em Hell Kid begins on a morbid note: we are cordially invited to Cami’s funeral which involves trumpets, carriages, street parade and a lethal amount of whiskey at the Russeud’s, and Davina’s funeral, which is held in the cemetery absolutely without fanfare and attended only by her few supernatural friends (where’s her family? Her mother was killed Marcel/Marcel’s loonies so…). This is one juxtaposition made between these two female regulars the fandom lost in the same episode. While Cami’s death somehow united our heroes against Lucien, Davina’s ripped apart what fragile alliance they had formed – now Marcel, Kol, Josh and Vincent are one team and seriously pissed and the rest are another team and burdened with guilt. The tear in their relationship needs much, much time to mend and yet, the plot decides it’s not the time to calm down and reflect on their acts (because it’s the eve of the grand finale duh!) and throws its last punch: the visions come visit again and this time, they’ve been upgraded so that the identity of the true Beast is revealed. Guess what? No other than the adopted son Klaus and Elijah had spent the better part of season 1 fighting against.


No rest for the wicked indeed.

That Marcel has turned out to be the prophesized doom of the Mikaelsons is not that big of a twist – the former vampire king of New Orleans has been on the list of suspects since the very beginning. When Lucien drank the serum and completed his transformation, Marcel’s possibility to become the final boss was overshadowed, but then Lucien was offed three episodes later, thus giving way for other characters to become the true Beast. At so late this point in the season, it would be dumb to introduce an entirely new face and cramp them into the big bad’s shoe, so the writers had to empower one of the old ones. Aurora was the other one who had taken the serum, but most of us agree dearest Rory is entertainingly psychotic and murderous, yet she’s very unlikely to be the ‘chosen one’, far from it even, and after what has happened to Davina, it isn’t difficult to envisage Marcel seeking vengeance on the Mikaelsons.

By the way, in hindsight, the Beast in Alexis’s visions kind of looked like Marcel, right?


At this point it’d be pointless to point the finger at a character and accuse them of setting the prophecy into motion; in my opinion each and every character plays a specific role in bringing together the necessary elements to its fulfillment. You could blame Freya and Elijah for not having destroyed the White Oak in the first place or for antagonizing Marcel by having thrown Davina to the Ancestors. It’s easy to put the blame on them as their roles seem prominent than others. Nevertheless, in hindsight, Vincent is not without responsibility. If Vincent had activated his witchy bomb sooner, like after he had been forced to cast the spell to create the serum, by which time he should have already been aware the Ancestors were villainous, things would be much different now. Lucien would have become a parking lot. Cami wouldn’t have been bitten and died. Kol would have been freed from the hex and wouldn’t have killed Davina. Elijah and Freya wouldn’t have had to sacrifice Davina. Davina would be alive and well and Marcel wouldn’t have become the Beast… Or had Davina not antagonized the Ancestors so much… Still, it’s too late to analyze who was at fault; what is important is how the heroes try with everything on their disposal to avert the crisis.

That said, desperate time calls for desperate means, and it’s quite obvious Elijah is so desperate now he’s willing to go down the darkest path possible. You could always argue that they had another choice when Elijah and Freya chose to damn Davina and perhaps there really was; still, what was running in their heads at that time was their siblings’ lives being severely threatened and there was little to think of something else other than that extreme method. It’s easy to say they had other choices when you’re sitting in front of the screen watching them instead of being them.

It confuses me how some fans seem to possess a notion that the Mikaelsons are “heroes”, that they value life and such. They started out as villains of TVD and becoming protagonists of TO doesn’t really change their nature as ruthless monsters who value their own blood over all others, who’ve made selfish choices and suffer the consequences later. One argument I’ve come across is that Klaus objected to Elijah and Freya’s sacrificial act (but his older siblings went out and did the atrocity anyway). Sure he did tell them to find another way, but that’s when he was safe and talking, Hayley was by his side and Rebekah was also safe wherever she was. A couple of minutes later, Klaus was helpless on his knees, Lucien had Hayley’s heart in his palm and they were lucky either Lucien was so obsessed with Klaus or he still had lingering feelings for Aurora he hadn’t gone for Rebekah first. So yeah, Klaus understood Elijah and Freya’s reason because had the situation been reversed, he would have done the exact same thing. Over the course of three seasons, Klaus has changed, arguably because of Cami, but when it comes to his family’s survival, no number of Cami’s sessions could have changed his beastly nature (isn’t that the recurring theme of this show?). And don’t get me started on Rebekah. I’ve also stumbled across some opinions claiming Rebekah would never want Davina dead just so she could live. Seriously I was so baffled I thought we weren’t watching the same show! Rebekah, from her introduction in TVD, has been as much a monster as her brothers. Who terrorized the Mystic Falls gang for fun? Who killed Elena so her family wouldn’t have to run for another century? Who returned to Nola and flung death threats to the witches? Yeah, she has a few humans she fancies, like Matt or Davina, whom she would protect instead of hurting, but when her family’s survival is concerned, she wouldn’t be the Rebekah we know and love if she didn’t choose her own blood and her own life over a girl she knew for a while. It’s just that Claire Holt isn’t a regular anymore so it’s pointless to have Rebekah make the kind of tough choice Elijah and Freya did because she wouldn’t be around long to deal with its aftermath.

Now, back to Marcel. Marcel was raised by the Mikaelsons like their child and whether he admits it or not, he has absorbed several traits of his adopted family: ruthlessness, cunningness, arrogance, to name a few. He understands their thinking, that’s for sure, and he’s fully aware how exclusive their list of ‘family’ is. Family above all; the saying has a cruel ring to it. Davina they never saw as a family, but Marcel is a complicated case as so far he’s been hovering along the thin line of ally and rival. Part of him has already been convinced that he would be on their kill list the moment he posed a threat to them and that’s why he took the serum when he was offered it, according to Vincent. Yet he didn’t off himself right on the spot. One could say he wanted to test the Mikaelsons, see if they cared for him as a member and then decide for himself. Obviously they failed his test and the result is the prophesied Beast’s coming to hunt them. Still, it’s also possible that he had already decided when he drank the serum, but due to the complex nature of his relationship to the Mikaelsons, he was hesitant in exacting his vengeance. What he needed was the final push so that his last attachment to them was severed. With his death by their hands Marcel was liberated from his bond to them, which at times has become his bondage, and he is now free to hate them and punish them as he wishes for harming Davina.


Marcel may have cut off his link to Klaus and Elijah but what I really want to see in the grand finale is how that affects his relationship with Rebekah, for whom he still has feelings. Would he loathe her too as she’d definitely stand by her siblings’ side?

One thing to say before I conclude this weekly review: Hayley. There’s been criticism on Hayley’s choice to comfort Elijah instead of lashing out at him, bring her previous words “I just can’t keep losing people” as accusation of her inconsistency. On the contrary I believe Hayley’s been written quite consistently in the last two episodes. It’s true she said those words and it’s also true she opposed to the very idea of sacrificing Davina. However, she understood it was thanks Elijah and Freya’s act that her heart remains in her chest now. Hayley is no saint and she’s as selfish as the Mikaelsons when her life is concerned; moreover she wants to live and see her daughter Hope grow up. She understood why Elijah and Freya gave up Davina’s chance of life and she understands why Elijah killed Marcel, someone she sees as a friend; she herself has seen the prophecy and its likely outcomes. Between her friend and her lover and her family, it’s clear she has made her choice. Even an outsider like Josh sees that. So she comforts Elijah when he comes to her and simply breaks (has Elijah ever gone on his knees and wept like that?) because he needs her and she loves him. I stopped shipping this couple centuries ago and still this scene has moved me with its beauty of love and kindness.


Highlights of the episode:

  • Davina’s setting the bomb is simply epic! Even if we may never see Davina again, we’ll remember that she went out with a literal bang.

  • Klaus and Marcel’s conversation on the bridge
  • Will Kinney’s acceptance of the supernatural world seems a bit too rushed and unnatural to me, given how he hadn’t bought into Cami’s talk about vampires before. Either it’s a flaw in writing or our detective slash human token has some big skeleton in his closet.


  • Kol’s unnecessary dick words to Freya. He’s mad and grieving all right, but to say that to his sister who has been fighting for her family at the expense of her wellbeing is just…


  • Davina’s unnecessary bitch acts to Kol. There’s got to be another way, a better way to grasp your bf’s attention than spooking him and slitting his throat, right?


  • Elijah’s getting down on his knees, Hayley’s comforting him and their making out after. Judging by the sadistic nature of our dear writers, something very bad will befall them in the season finale.
  • The Ancestors’ connection to the living world is severed so does that means Nola witches’ magic are…… gone?? I remember in season 1 they did say something about the witches’ powers were linked to their Ancestors.
  • I’m curious why Marcel bites Kol. Aren’t they kind of on one team?
  • Can Rebekah save the day?
  • Are the writers going to let Tristan and Aurora fade into history like that because as tension escalates between Marcel and the Mikaelsons, I see no slot for the de Martel sibling?

Where Nothing Stays Buried – The Originals 3×20

Warnings: spoilers, ranting tendency, disagreement welcome but not hates, never hates

It’s been a while since an episode of The Originals stirred me enough to beat my terminal laziness, and instead of delaying the review till the weekend like usual, I feel compelled to express my thoughts as soon as I could.

… Maybe not as soon as I could as I was caught in a plethora of new fanvids and fanfics dedicated to a couple I ship. Me being… me, once again I delayed writing my review.

The Originals‘ writers be like…

Perhaps in celebration of the newly released Marvel movie Captain America 3: Civil War, the CW wanted to do something similar and The Originals became the subject. Thus we are treated to not one but TWO civil wars going side by side: one going on between our tormented Mikaelsons (plus or minus Kol) and Marcel and Vincent (also plus or minus Kol), and the other going on between fans who rage against Freya and Elijah in Davina’s name and those try to justify their action and defend them. In the past few days I’ve encountered many hate posts bashing Freya and Elijah that browsing their tags kind of make me cringe. Elijah used to be my fave (but my fave has kind of shifted to his first progeny, who is now wooing some mermaid (or merman) with his dead seriousness – I’m aware that I’m fickle, thank you) and Freya has always been the type of female character I want to see in a movie/TV series/novel/manga/whatever: strong in personality and fiercely loyal to those she loves; still, let me make myself clear before continuing: I’m not taking either side; what I want to discuss in this post is how Freya and Elijah’s decision is understandable given the situation – not noble, not good, just understandable, that they don’t deserve the flaming insults (you may loathe them and flood their tags with posts expressing your bitterness but saying that Marcel should rip Freya’s heart and shove it down Elijah’s throat is too uncivil), and how the fandom have been seething over their ‘evil’ deed and promptly ignoring another evil deed committed in this same episode.

(Please note that I have talked a little bit about it on Tumblr and received some responses expressing disagreement, and I’m now using this review to indirectly reply to them because if I answer them on Tumblr, I feel like repeating myself and more importantly, it’d be tedious to write/read the same contents.)

There’s a controversial ideology in the Fate franchise (games, manga and anime in case you’re interested just what the Fate franchise is about) that I think would apply perfectly to the major conflict of this episode: if you save someone’s life, you simultaneously abandon another because it’s basically how the life scale balances. Freya and Elijah choose to save Rebekah, Klaus and Hayley, so at the same time they have to abandon Davina. It is a tough choice, bordering on sadistic, and they visibly struggle with it before the situation gives a final push and that’s it – they will grasp this super rare chance and destroy Lucien, saving their siblings or they will lose it, lose their siblings and their lives. Lucien has made it very clear that he won’t rest until the Mikaelsons are history; it’s only a matter of short time before the Ancestors help him penetrate the compound. Freya and Elijah are not dumb to see the possible scenarios that come out of their decision; moreover, they are the most devoted to their family out of the Mikaelsons and it’s never a question who they will pick: their own flesh and blood over an outsider. Family is all Freya has, according to Michael Narducci, and Elijah holds the “Family Above All” almost word for word – he has been known (and loathed) to abandon his lovers and ‘children’ for his family.

With that in mind, Elijah isn’t hypocritical when he says Marcel is family, but we all know the Mikaelson family has a terrible habit of backstabbing, betraying and hurting their own family, deliberately or not. Still, at the end of the day, they will keep each other alive and safe no matter the cost. Sacrificing Davina will severely antagonize Marcel and Kol; Freya and Elijah know it, yet it will keep them alive and that’s worth it.

Besides, has Freya and Elijah ever considered Davina family? No. To them she’s a witch kid who has antagonized their family more than helped, many a time adding trouble to their already gargantuan heap. I have a feeling that they tolerated her because of her close relationship with Marcel and Kol rather than real affection.


Some fans say they could have opted for another method that somehow saves their siblings and preserves Davina’s soul. It’s too good to be true and one thing we know about The Originals’ writers is that they don’t favor such idealistic solution. Everything comes with a price and more of than not, the loss is bigger than the gain. Perhaps, had they had more time to spare, they might have come up with something else, something less desperate. Nevertheless, time is precisely what they don’t have: neither Klaus nor Hayley answers the phone and with Lucien on the way to find Rebekah, it’s unlikely the two Hybrids have dropped their phones or turned them off. In the worst scenario, Lucien might have already gotten his fangs on Rebekah and torn Klaus’s and Hayley’s heads off – fortunately for us our heroes’ plot armor is thick enough for the actually killing to happen. Time is of the essence here and rather than wasting precious time by summoning the scattered Marcel, Kol and Vincent to discuss a solution, whatever of which wouldn’t be able to defeat a Lucien with enhanced powers and a legion of dead witches behind his back anyway. What choice is left for Freya and Elijah but to take matter into their own hands and act quickly?


Speaking of choice, on a hindsight, Freya and Elijah have saved the others from having to choose. Imagine for a second that Vincent, Marcel and Kol were put in the same situation as Freya and Elijah. For Vincent the choice would be easy – Davina – as he has little love for the Mikaelsons; nevertheless, how about Marcel and Kol? Marcel would have to pick between his adopted daughter and Rebekah, whom he has loved and always wanted to protect no matter what. And Kol, he would be torn between saving the love of his life, his savior literally, and his siblings. Personally I believe it would be much crueler for everyone involved if the writers decided for the choice to fall on Kol; he would break, undoubted. It may sound condescending but it’s a mercy for the other two that Freya and Elijah are the ones to choose (and bear the burden afterwards) because it’s easier for them to pick their family over Davina.

Kol murders a young man out of wrath and nobody bats an eye.

Freya and Elijah sacrifice a young woman to save their family and everyone loses their mind.

(To use an infamous Joker meme)

I know I wrote this on Tumblr on the spur of the moment, but for the sake of argument, I bring it here and elaborate on it a bit more, otherwise my review will be missing a significant point.

People loathe and curse Freya and Elijah for what they’ve done to Davina, which robs her off her chance of life and damns her to an eternity of suffering (which is so far theoretically; we have yet to learn of her true, final fate). It’s atrocious, I’m fully aware. Davina was nineteen and lost her future. But if we pay a little more attention to a minor character who is portrayed by a guest star with a one-season contract, we’ll see Davina is not the only life loss in this episode. Van Nguyen was probably a few years older than Davina, twenty-something, and he also lost his future the moment Kol sank his fangs into his neck. Whether Davina deserves such harsh treatment remains debatable, but what has Van Nguyen done to earn his fate? He lost his mother and perhaps some of his relatives/acquaintances (as they were killed alongside her) but unlike some other characters in this show, he sought justice, not vengeance. He didn’t attempt to kill her, merely exposing her crime so that she was shunned from the community, which implies his moral compass was rather strong and he wasn’t an evil man. He aided Lucien and attacked Vincent, sure, but he was following the Ancestors’ instructions (at this point it’s safe to say the Regent is the Ancestors’ puppet to intervene with the living world) and because he believed in their vision of a vampire-Nola, which is a good thing for the human faction because honestly what good do the vampires bring to humans anyway? You could argue that he agreed to previously help Tristan and then Lucien for money, and it’s true. It isn’t noble or a right thing to do, of course, but it’s something he had to do in order to support his younger siblings thanks to a certain teenage witch’s murdering their mother out of paranoia. “Life’s a bitch in the ninth” according to Vincent and Van Nguyen had to struggle to “put food on the table for his sisters”, implying his family was in a dire state of poverty after Kara’s death. If you think what happens to Davina is horror, try imagine the life of Van and Kara’s family after they lose not only their mother but also their brother. While Davina’s state is a kind of ‘fantasy’ horror, having her soul destroyed, the other horror is very real and it happens all over the world every day. Just because the showmakers only had a brief talk about it and never dwells on it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and therefore not worth discussing.


Killing Van is an atrocious act since he dies for absolutely no purpose – he wasn’t responsible for Davina’s suffering, his death won’t bring her back, and he was hardly a threat to our heroes. Kol puts an end to him simply because he’s in pain and he inflicts pain on others as a kind of counter-mechanism, which is what he’s been used to pre-Davina. It’s neither Kol’s nor the Mikaelsons’ morality that I’m arguing here because frankly their morality is gloriously screwed; what disturbs me is the writers’ treatment of a character who is deemed minor and how the fandom just entirely let it pass their radar.

On a side note, I don’t get why Van just stood there like a helpless, non–magic person while he should have uttered a spell the moment he heard Kol. What good can come from an Original vampire who has just lost his love and is visibly seething with rage?


I have to strongly disagree with Vincent here because Davina WASN’T good. Not at all. She could use others for her advantage (summoning and using Mikael as a means to destroy the Mikaelsons, for instance) and she already tainted her hands with blood, and all of these make her NOT a good person following normal moral standards. So, either Vincent is consumed with grief and rage that his judgment is a bit clouded or he has really warped moral standards as he’s fully aware Davina murdered a fellow witch and indirectly caused the deaths of a few more (he was the one to expose her crime, wasn’t he?). Anyway, Davina was not good, nor was she evil; she had, like most other characters in this show, her good sides and her bad, which makes her a complex, relatable character worthy of being one of the female leads. I truly appreciate some of her fans who acknowledge both her light and her darkness instead of insisting she was an innocent child and did not deserve such cruel fate, which unnecessarily positions her as a victim she was never be; she was a player and she lost the game. Although I think ripping her soul apart is too harsh a punishment, I believe Davina somehow deserved it. The Ancestors are overzealous, extreme and whatever; however, they don’t hate her and want to wipe her out for no reason. When she died the first time, they isolated her but didn’t destroy her soul despite what she had done (helping Marcel to subdue the witch community); they didn’t try to murder her the entire season 2, and they even allowed her ascension to regency. They punish her for the crime she committed; why else they made Kara her punisher and not someone else? Kara never meant to kill her, not in broad daylight and in the presence of other witches – killing a witch is after all a severe offence of their law; furthermore, Davina, with her Regent status, had more powers than Kara, so Kara wasn’t a big enough threat that she must have resorted to extreme method to deal with. Out of many other (wiser and less brutal) options, she went with elimination like a tyrannical ruler. Anyway, it was the choice she made as a young adult, not a child, which she stopped being the moment she chose to get out from under Marcel’s wing and left the attic. From then on any choices she made were her own and she was well aware of their consequences – “I’m a New Orleans witch. I was born with blood on my hands.” She even told Marcel that she had grown up. If the character saw herself as an adult, I don’t get it while some of her fans insist that she was a child who was treated unfairly by adults.


Highlights of the episode:

  • The music in this episode is spectacular. The song used in the scene where Freya breaks the circle and Davina is sent to the Ancestral plane is simply haunting, especially as the crescendo is in sync with Davina’s scream.

  • The Hybrids’ bantering and then Klaus’s giving Hayley’s love advice. I may ship Klayley but never romantically, just close friends raising a child together.


  • The Haylijah It’s been quite a while since the last time anything Haylijah-related stirred me. But this scene is marvelous: neither of them speaks a word, merely sharing the pain and burden in silence.


  • Marcel and Davina’s heart-to-heart conversation
  • The Civil War is truly happening.
  • How many cars are the staff allowed to trash each season? I’m pretty impressed by the car crash.


  • The fighting sequence is bloody awesome.
  • I’m not the only one who feels uncomfortable watching Lucien’s execution, am I? I mean, is the face mutilation necessary?
  • On the other hand, look how Klaus and Elijah work in perfect tandem when they torture and murder someone.
  • I.P Lucien. You’ll be missed as the world’s first non-Original vampire and a very entertaining villain. Also, your “abs of a laborer”.


  • Forever lament that he won’t stick around and we won’t get to know him better.
  • What should we call Tristan and Aurora now as the Trinity is no more?
  • At this point, I don’t think I would feel pain if they killed Tristan or Aurora or both in the last two episodes; I have become quite numb. If the writers could kill main characters who have gone through three seasons, I don’t see why they would show mercy towards two minor villains.
  • Klaus’s jealously over Elijah and Rebekah’s sharing secret is weirdly adorably Klaus-ish.
  • If my memory serves, Marcel joined the “stupid cult” out of his free will: he could have ignored Tristan’s offer but instead, he wore the tux and came to the Strix’s party, resulting in his membership. Elijah never asked him to join; in fact, he was uncomfortable seeing Marcel hanging out with his new ‘buddies’. Or he could have left the Strix after Aya’s death if he didn’t like it.


  • I’m gonna put this blame to his overwhelming grief.
  • The way Freya pulls Elijah to a corner as she divulges with him her newly discovered method to destroy Lucien really shows how close the two of them have gotten over the season. She trusts him to aid her with the plan when the time comes. Now they’re going to bear the weight of the sin together.

No More Heartbreaks – The Originals 3×19


Warnings: ranting tendency, inappropriate comments and spoilers galore

Lately I’ve read an intriguing article about it psychology. While the contents’ plausibility remains to be examined (by experts, not me), it does pose an interesting point: that those who are blessed with a knack for literature, music or arts are more likely to become psychopaths. I can’t say much about those involved with music and arts because of my scarcity of knowledge regarding those fields; still, years of reading novels and watching movies and TV shows lend some evidence to my claim that almost all writers have psychopathic tendencies. They enjoy killing, that’s for sure, but instead of going out and slaying actual people (and then spending the rest of their life behind bars), they stay in, give birth to fictional humans and butcher them afterwards. Even better, they get paid for it. I’ve encountered a few writers who derive pleasure from offing their own offsprings: G. R. R. Martin, the father of A Song of Ice and Fire which is turned into a multi-season TV series, is one such writer. His motto could be summarized as this: “I’m gonna write characters that are incredibly cool that you’ll incredibly like, and I’m gonna kill them. Brutally.” Gulong, another favorite writer of mine, wasn’t any better than Martin in his treatment of his characters as his code seems to dictate: “I’m gonna write characters that are incredibly cool that you’ll incredibly like, and then I’ll turn them into villains and finally kill them.” While The Originals’ writers in general and Julie Plec in specific have yet to make it into my favorite writers list, which is very short by the way, I have enjoyed their writing, mostly the unexpected twists and intriguing characters they’ve created, I find it impossible to appreciate their tendency to enact unnecessary murders of their characters, Camille O’Connell’s death being the most recent and exemplified instance.

Why am I saying Cami’s death is unnecessary? Here’s some reasons.

Being a writer myself, I’d like to think every writer should consider their decision very carefully before committing murder with the tip of their pen, or their keyboard, for that matters. I remember reading a story about an author who came out of his room one day and startled his friends by weeping and announcing the death of Mrs. X, and it turns out Mrs. X was a character in his novel. Characters once created possess their own life and their death almost never fails to leave an impact on readers/viewers, even more so if that’s a main character or one that has been playing a significant role up to the point of their death. Cami is one such character and you can love her, hate her or think her storyline too boring to pay attention, but you can’t deny her role in The Originals. She’s been with the show since the pilot and has grown and changed much since; moreover, she’s considered one of the ‘good guys’, not a villain, thus making her leave an unexpected, shocking strike to the audience.   I’m not saying the show’s writers don’t have the right to kill her off – they do by the way as they’re her creator; however, what I want to bring to discussion is whether letting her kick the bucket is crucial to the plot as a whole, and by “crucial to the plot” I mean whether her death truly serves any purpose other than being shock value (and just because the writers can).

The answer is “Hardly.”

When Jackson was killed by Tristan in The Ghost Along the Mississippi, it was to show how wicked an individual Tristan was. All the torture and mutilation he inflicted on Lucien was a well-enacted sample of his cruelty, but it was a thousand years ago, so, in order for his ruthless nature to be relevant to present day, another example was necessary. Moreover, Jackson’s death began a cycle of even those are hovering around the periphery of the Mikaelsons are just as cursed as they are (because clearly Aiden’s and Gia’s death in the last season weren’t enough evidence). Anyway, Jack’s death did serve a purpose and propelled the plot forward.

And then there was Finn’s death in Beyond the Black Horizon, which, as I mentioned in my previous review, was sad, overly soon but otherwise meaningful. His death could have bound the remaining siblings together, yet unfortunately that wasn’t the route the writers planned for our cursed family, as the Mikaelsons were still divided. Other than that, Finn’s loss served not only one but two purposes: it showed just what sort of danger the heroes would have to confront, one that could kill even the unkillable, and it also gave the Mikaelsons a true, burning motive to bring all hands on deck in a supposedly epic battle with ‘the Beast’.

Now, back to Cami’s death. What is its role regarding the general plot? What purpose does it serve? Is it necessary to prove that Lucien has a very twisted personality and possible mental problems? No, as we’ve known from the season premiere there was something seriously wrong with the guy – how lightly he treated a human’s life, the iconic Glasgow smile, and let’s not forget the madness he created in the past, according to Klaus (which we may never get to see what it really was). Does the plot dictate that it’s time to let the audience know what a huge threat Lucien posed, that he could effortlessly kill what, a normal, non-Original baby vamp? Please, he killed one Original with his teeth, subdued one with his fist and forced another plus an ancient witch into retreat. If all of these weren’t enough, I don’t know what is. Finally, do the Mikaelsons need a legitimate motive to seek vengeance on Lucien? Again, a big “NO.” Finn’s death was enough. Even before that, Lucien took the villain seat the moment he stole the White Oak, abducted and abused Freya.

In a nutshell, Cami’s death serves no other purpose than being an episode-long massive tearjerker, which, again, is NOT needed as viewers had just barely recovered from Finn’s departure two episodes ago. Not to mention an entire episode is dedicated to saying farewell to her while it could have been something else, I don’t know, like a flashback episode that dwells deeper into the relationship and conflict between the Trinity and The Originals, one that we were led into believing we would have at some point along the season and we may never.

All the ranting above may leave an impression that I am anti-Camille. Well, if you have followed this blog and read my Originals writings, you know I don’t. I’ve never shipped Klaroline so Cami has never been an obstacle for my ship, nor have I ever seen Cami as a “cheap Caroline knockoff”. Cami was a strong human who was not afraid to speak her mind regardless who’s standing before her – a bloodthirsty ancient Original Hybrid or said Hybrid’s biggest fear; she’s a character aside from Hope that hasn’t committed murders, a pure rarity in this show of supernatural psychopaths. At times I’ve been really annoyed by her irrational behaviors as a newborn vampire, but I’ve never hated her or wished for her leave. When you’ve gotten used to seeing a certain character on your favorite show for three seasons, you can’t help feeling tremendously saddened by such character’s departure since they have managed to wedge into your heart and claim a part, big or small.

That’s what I am now, saddened by this twist of event and feeling betrayed by the writers’ decision. Although I sometimes murder my own characters in cold blood (and quite brutally so, as my friends comment), I’m generally pro-life. A character, especially one with so much potential for story, should be killed only when their death brings forth a breakthrough in the plot, or when death is inevitable and all other options are out of hands. Otherwise it’s just lazy writing – can’t think of anything to do with this character? Just write him or her off and be done with it – which I suspect the writers are being plagued with, considering they’ve managed to off not only Cami but Davina as well. Anyone can die, that, I admit, adds a sense of suspense and keep the viewers on edge; on the other hand, not every show can afford it because not every show has a huge cast like Game of Thrones with plot lines literally spanning every direction. The Originals’ cast isn’t big, not to mention half of it are guest stars who mostly never make it through a season. If the showrunners decide to stick to this butchering tendency, they’ll risk losing a significant portion of viewers.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Lucien’s being a Scorpio. Now we know why he’s so vengeful.
  • After Tristan, Lucien has claimed the title “Shipwrecker” due to the ships he’s single-handedly sunk: Frucien (by killing Finn and attempting to wipe out the rest of Freya’s siblings), Klamille (by killing Cami), Lucille (also by killing Cami), and to a milder degree, Kolvina (by prompting Davina to discover the truth of Kol’s resurrection).

Maybe he’s secretly a Klaroline shipper.


  • Hayley’s bringing Jackson’s death up for what? Spiting Elijah? That’s totally uncalled for.
  • Wait a minute, they actually think leaving Hope with an old wolf is safe?! Good thing for our heroes, Lucien possesses enough grace and dignity not to go after a kid.
  • I just don’t get why some viewers make such a fuss about Hayley’s using Hope’s blood to cure Cami. She’s a Hybrid (possibly Tri-bid) child born from Hybrid parents with her uncles and aunts being either vampires or witch; blood-sharing is her family’s everyday business. Moreover, she doesn’t suffer any damage from the act, so what’s the big deal?
  • Vincent’s farewell to Cami. I feel nothing when Hayley speaks her last words to Cami but Vincent truly moves me. The loss of Vincent and Cami’s friendship is to me even more lamentable than the sinking of Klamille – the partners in (fighting) crime are no more.
Lyrics from Lee Ann Womack’s I Hope You Dance
  • Davina’s daggering Kol, which fulfills the “One by friend” part of the prophecy


  • And Kol’s killing Davina – just when we think nothing can shock us more the death of one of the female leads, they give us the death of another female lead. Great.
  • Freya and Vincent’s joining hands to unmake Lucien
  • Joseph Morgan and Leah Pipes’ exceptional performance – for all the spoilers about Cami’s leave, I was still teary while watching Klaus and Cami spending her last day of living together and finally saying farewell.


The Devil Comes Here and Sighs  ̶  The Originals 3×18

Warnings: No more warnings because if you’re here reading this, I bet you’ve far passed the ‘spoilers alert’ state.


So much bondage…

So much screaming…

So much blood…

So much agony…

Those are what stick in my head after finishing the third season’s eighteenth episode of The Originals  ̶  The Devil Comes Here and Sighs like, three times in a row (please don’t condemn me; I just had too much free time on my hands and little to do during the extended weekend); besides them, the episode didn’t leave much impression on me. I’m not saying it’s a terrible episode or anything  ̶  I will never deem an The Originals episode of any season terrible; it just doesn’t give me a lot of thoughts to compile into this half-assed episodic review, which takes a not-so-tiny part in my delay (the out-of-nowhere hiatus and my terminal laziness contributed another part). Maybe Beyond the Black Horizon was so well-done, so heart-wrenching and set such a huge milestone in the plot line, maybe The Devil Comes Here and Sighs serves as a transition to lead our tormented main characters into another phase of …well, torment, maybe both or something else altogether, I fail to get excited watching it. In other words, it is decent but definitely not extraordinary. If I were to give it a rate (which I have never done before by the way), it would be 6 out of 10.

Last week, I thought although heartbreaking and sudden as Finn’s death was, it would be the much needed glue to bind the remaining siblings together as they are facing their biggest threat yet. For all my expectations I am disappointed that the Mikaelsons are still as divided as they were before such crucial turn of event. Elijah and Freya sort of stick together, which is common since Freya’s been closest to Elijah, her “little Thor”, besides Finn, Kol is stuck with his seemingly out-of-the-circle status and Klaus decides to take on Lucien, the uber-creature whose weaknesses haven’t been discovered yet, with Papa Tunde’s blade as his sole companion. While this familiar aggressiveness is typically Klaus-ish, this plan propelled by wrath isn’t his wisest plan, if not his dumbest one so far, and once again the need to showcase just how insanely powerful a being Lucien has transformed into is reinforced: without so much as breaking a sweat he bests the duo of Klaus and Papa Tunde’s knife, even turning the blade against its owner. For the first time in his immortal life Klaus has experienced how it feels to play the ‘damsel in distress’ role, or should I say ‘hybrid in distress’. Who (hasn’t read the synopsis beforehand) is surprised by this twist please raise your hand?

If you’re one of a few viewers who aren’t too surprised by how easily and pathetic a bested Klaus is (like myself), seeing how he uses his tongue to ravage Aurora’s sensitive spots (okay, no innuendos intended here) and save his ass is quite jaw-dropping. I guess I’m too familiar with the action Klaus to fully embrace this talking/stalling/negotiating side of him.


Every individual in distress needs a rescuer (or several, for that matter). In Klaus’s case, it’s Cami and Hayley that come to his aid. This is indeed brave, I admit, but bravery isn’t always synonymous with wisdom. By that I mean Cami and Hayley could have taken a moment to reflect on the likelihood of Aurora’s having taken the serum (come on, it’s been more than a day since Lucien broke her out of her prison), and rather than saving Klaus, they might end up getting killed in brutal manners right before his eyes. It’s still not clear what effects a post-serum Aurora has on an Original Hybrid and whether her bite could really kill him  ̶  surely it killed Finn but Finn and Klaus are biologically different; one thing is sure, however, is that Aurora could easily decimate them both. And yet, and yet they stride boldly into Lucien’s place, armed with only hybrid’s venom, an antique dagger that we never get to know its use till the episode ends and a syringe of vervain, purchased right from the local pharmacy.

Okay, it may not be vervain but something else, something strong enough to knock Aurora out in one shot. Anyone cares to enlighten me on what it is, pretty please?

Anyway, back to the topic. Fortunately for the rescuing pair and unfortunately for common sense, Cami and Hayley’s scratchily prepared plan still works, mostly thanks to Aurora’s grievous tendency of being a chatterbox. She talks and talks non-stop without a slightest sliver of realization just how many times her mouth has ruined her plans. Back in The Other Girl in New Orleans, she provoked Cami into spilling her dark truths, giving Klaus enough time to arrive and save her. Maybe that one time she actually had a gambit to back her plan A but the second time, when she couldn’t help giving Klaus hints to solve Aya and her brother’s (mostly Aya’s though) cleverly crafted game, there was just no backup plan and she ended up being imprisoned in the tomb. This time, if she hadn’t wasted the time and just offed herself right after taking the serum, or earlier, when Lucien offered her the bottle on one knee with heart-shaped eyes, Hayley and Cami wouldn’t have a chance. Surely all the taunting could wait a minute or two, could it?


For a vampire who has literally a thousand years of practice and was introduced engaging in a sword fight with her brother, our darling Aurora is surprisingly and frustratingly lame at fighting barehanded, and she allowed Hayley to get the upper hand. I had to roll my eyes: did they just empower Hayley more in the last few episodes without me knowing? And Cami too, who is having her head smashed against a supernatural wall (just look at her face, hear her scream and you can tell how painful it is) and still retains enough consciousness to pull out her hidden syringe. Empowering two female characters by disempowering another female character, sorry if I find this girl power nonsense too ridiculous to buy.

Before my lazy blood hits again, allow me to express my admiration to Lucien’s long-lasting love for Aurora. Seriously, where could we find a guy on this earth who has been in love with a girl for a thousand plus years, despite all the separation, mental problems and betrayal she’s pulled on him? Lucien’s hopeless love for Aurora is both his redeeming quality and his severe downfall, which makes me wonder if the Mikaelsons would exploit to take him down. It’s truly intriguing and exciting how Lucien would treat Aurora if they were to meet again. Would he rip her throat or would he find his affection strong enough to forgive her yet again? We shall see about that.


Still, much as I adore Lucien’s romantic side, I can’t help asking myself whether the guy has a peculiar spot in his brain that has been insanely erasing all the blatant sights that Aurora absolutely DOES.NOT reciprocate his feelings. Not a millennium ago, not in those long years as vampires and certainly not after he offered her an almighty transforming serum. She’s taking advantage him, that’s for sure, but it’s partly Lucien’s fault for being delusional and basically giving her the chance to use him.


Highlights of the episode:

  • Let’s congratulate everyone for not dying: no head torn, no heart ripped, no body crisped by the sun or withered by wolf’s venom. I previously thought only Game of Thrones (which has just premiered its sixth season, in case you haven’t known) was the only series where I have to be constantly on edge with the whole who’s-gonna-perish-this-episode suspense; now The Originals is following its (bad) example.
From Galavant S02e09
  • The Cami and Hayley vs Aurora cat fight doesn’t get me as excited as I thought it would, probably because Hayley’s free, very plot-convenient entrance into Lucien’s penthouse. Anyone cares to tell me when Lucien invited her in because I couldn’t remember? If my memory serves, Lucien’s barrier only lets vampires of Klaus’s sire line in, that is if he hasn’t erected another barrier. Either way, could he be so careless as to allow such a big, hybrid fallacy in his system?
  • Aurora’s looking very pretty
  • The Elijah and Freya plus the Strix vs Lucien fight, which is good and all until Lucien wipes the floor with them. Bad news.



  • And the Ancestors’ being the true big bad of the season. Now I see why The Travelers had to blow up the Other Side in The Vampire Diaries; some dead souls just can’t stop meddling with the living business.
  • Is it just me or Kolvina’s romance seems a little out of place?
  • Van Nguyen is back after several absent episodes to become the Ancestors’ loony, sorry, Regent, no need for voting or ceremony. The regency business is becoming pretty cheap these days.
  • Van Nguyen’s ascendency was Tristan’s original plan as well, which leads to my previous question if Tristan had a hand in Lucien’s upgrading-to-the-Originals-better gambit.
  • Where are other witches when their voices are needed? Come on, Nola must have other living witches other than Freya, Vincent, Davina and Van Nguyen. Are they all chilled with this sudden shift in political power?
  • Come to think about it, Vincent hasn’t used his chance to revive someone, and now he’s lost it or what?
  • If being shunned by the Ancestors doesn’t result in magic lost, Davina and Vincent being two examples, what is the point in shunning in the first place, except from staying out of the Ancestors’ annoying radar?


Beyond the Black Horizon  ̶  The Originals 3×17


Warnings: major spoilers

Sadness is only a part of my feelings after this seventeenth episode of The Originals. More than just being sad, teary and miserable, I am enraged by the grievous truth that once again, Finn Mikaelson is used as a plot device. First time is in The Vampire Diaries, where he was killed, unexpectedly and unfairly if I might add, for a groundbreaking revelation: if an Original dies, so does every single vampire sharing his or her blood. An example had to be made but who would be the sacrificial lamb? Klaus was the big bad and it would be foolish to write him off before the season finale  ̶  everyone understood that. Rebekah was popular and she had grown to earn the fans’ love, so killing her would be a mistake. Elijah was also favored by fans, considering the whole ‘Original family’ concept came into being thanks to Daniel Gillies’ outstanding performance when Elijah debuted. Kol, new to the fandom as he might be, was a cute psycho and most fans love a cute psycho. And Mikael, who probably had had no sireline, had been already killed in the previous season. That left Finn, the Original that had been placed in an unfavorable light since his introduction, who conveniently had a sireline. Naturally, reasonably, Finn would die to further the plot  ̶  no argument needed. Viewers knew very little about Finn besides his devotion to Esther, his hatred for his siblings and perhaps his affection for Sage, who also died alongside Finn and added to the character waste, and thus it was wisest to waste Finn. When Finn was brought back in season 2, he appeared in another body and was quickly built to become a minor bad before the big bad’s arrival, meaning we had already known at some point he would be put down before that was aired. Woe is the villain’s fate. Finn has remained with the show, of course, in sporadic flashbacks and modern-day soul conjuring. Still in no better light than when he made his first appearance  ̶  full of spite and uncooperative. His resurrection invoked mixed feelings from fans, many of whom just wished him to remain dead, or in soul form, whichever caused less damage to the family. However, to those who favored Finn’s character in general and Caspar Zafer’s portrayal of him in specific, it was a sign of hope for Finn’s permanent return to the living world. They harbored even more hope after Finn was locked in his vampire body by Davina  ̶  no more body-jumping and a huge chance for Finn’s character development as he would struggle between his physical urges and his firm moral compass. Finally a chance for Finn to fight along his family instead of against them. Has it happened yet? It has, and Finn is allowed an opportunity to voice his mind, adding more depth to his already layered characterization. All is good and well for his fans until Finn is once again killed, the purpose for which is to show just what sort of madness Lucien has evolved into. One has to go for the threat to the Originals to have real weight and that’s Finn. Klaus and Elijah are the pillar of the story, Rebekah is currently unavailable and Kol has just gone through a lot of trouble to be standing here  ̶  killing Kol right now would generate so much hate that the show risks collapsing. Harshly speaking, the one death that would not cause much damage and as the same time further the plotline is Finn’s. Naturally, reasonably, Finn Mikaelson has to go.


That’s what he wishes for as well, one may argue. And I cannot retort because it’s the truth, a very sad truth indeed.

Aside from the unfair treatment, I’m angry that the writers have chosen the easy way to deal with Finn, just like what they did with Jackson. Neither Finn nor Jackson had garnered a large fan base for themselves; as a matter of facts there were some who wished for their leave. In order to soothe the fans, the writers had Finn and Jackson incorporated more with the Mikaelsons’ affairs, redeeming their unfavorable past actions, before writing them off the screen. In a way such strategy has worked wonderfully: the circumstances and suddenness of their deaths by the enemies’ hands have earned much sympathy from fans, perhaps even from those who used to hate them. Yet that’s why I say it’s the easy way. The harder way is, in my opinion, would be to keep them in the show and make them more likable by exploring their growth in thoughts and actions  ̶  Jackson to have less prejudice about the Mikaelsons’ actions and Finn to truly become a part of the “Always and forever” oath. Unfortunately, too much effort and too little screen time for such to come true.

Nonetheless, unfair as Finn’s depart from the show as it may be, it is not meaningless. His death tightens the remaining siblings, giving them a real, pushing motivation to fight for the survival of their family. Never before have they faced such a lethal threat. Mikael was frightening and in possession of the White Oak, but his stake could only kill one of them, and they had been successfully evading him for centuries (I wonder why they never tried to outnumber him instead of scattering like scared little birdies). Alaric was created to be their hunter, yet he had a major walking, talking weakness which came in the form of an 18-year-old mortal girl; disposing him was a single-handed task performed by Rebekah. Silas messed with their mind a little but never was hell-bent on decimating their lot. Francesca was basically a joke, while Esther, as well as Finncent, was put down relatively easy. Dahlia was extremely powerful, but to kill them she had to rely on the White Oak; plus she had a weakness they could exploit to defeat her. And lastly, the White Oak has been a constant threat; still it hasn’t grown fangs to give them a fatal bite nor has it moved with vampire speed and subdued them with superior strength. Lucien possesses all of these and is capable of creating another vengeful, insanely strong being just as himself. Moreover, his weakness hasn’t been shown while the only thing that might put an end to him, the White Oak bullet that created him, is destroyed. The Mikaelsons are no strangers to dangers and death, but witnessing the death of their flesh and blood in front of their very eyes, which they were utterly helpless to avert, has an entirely different effect on them. A true and real death, no more body-jumping, no more resurrection spell or soul-storing pendant. Never before have the Mikaelsons been more vulnerable; never before have them been more united. Finn’s death brings them fear, pain, rage and a burning desire for revenge, and all of these penetrating emotions could wipe away the siblings previous differences and conflicts to work together. “My brother and I against the citadel,” now is exactly the time for that saying.

All the heartbreaking dealt by Finn’s death gives me enough reason to loathe Lucien; however, for all of what he’s done, I cannot find myself hating the newly promoted Original Hybrid (is he?) in town. He’s brilliant and patient, which makes him a formidable, even admirable, villain. There’s this Chinese character 忍 for “patient”, compiled of a weapon “刃” hanging above a heart “心”. To be patient is to suffer – such is the meaning of this character, and Lucien embodies its very essence. In order to execute his plot, he has disguised himself as a helpful friend that quickly submitted to the Mikaelsons and gave away the hard-earned Seraturra once his alliance with Tristan was foiled, and sided with them against the de Martels. In this regard Lucien is smarter than the de Martel siblings; instead of calling an all-out war with the stronger, immortal enemies, he opts to go undercover, patiently waiting for the best chance to strike. He has had us viewers as well as them, the cunning, ruthless Mikaelsons, completely strung by the nose, and that itself is an impressive, praise-worthy feat (again with the villains outsmarting heroes trope). It’s not yet made clear whether this crazily clever scheme is The Trinity’s original idea, that the three of them have been working on it since the beginning, or it’s Lucien’s own brainchild after the Seraturra and sireline-breaking plans have failed. If it’s his idea, then he does deserve his newly gained powers and immortality (even though I hate the fact that Finn has to die).


On a less significant note, any flimsy hope for the Frucien ship has been utterly smashed in this episode. There is absolutely no way a romance is possible between Freya and Finn’s murderer. Freya isn’t Rebekah, who had some feelings for Matt, the human who stuck a White Oak stake into her brother’s heart in an attempt to destroy all five of them (her affair with Matt really cheapens her character in my opinion). Freya is Dahlia’s daughter and disciple and whether she likes it or not, she has inherited traits of her godmother in her person, one of which being extremely vengeful. Not only Lucien has betrayed her, he has also taken away her beloved brother, thus forever robbing her off her wish for a family whole and united. In short, Lucien is past redemption in Freya’s eyes; what’s left between them is a hatred so deep I doubt any fanfic writers would have a tortuous time trying to mend their relationship without the OOCness should they want to keep this ship floating. And one thing I would like to watch in the remaining episodes is Freya’s battle against Lucien, although that seems a bit too dangerous for her considering what Lucien has become. Still, being overpowered by her enemies did not stop Hayley from venting her wrath on the Strix; why should it stop Freya?

Highlights of the episode:

  • Matt’s extremely relevant appearance in this episode. I guess since Elijah and Finn have to set foot on Mystic Falls, it would be nice for them to be warmly welcomed by the local right?
  • Shouldn’t Matt be more surprised by the sight of someone he killed walking and talking than the mention of another Original sister?
  • Matt’s here to provide the gun. Save the five-minute trouble of having to find a wooden stake in the woods.


  • And Cami’s here to provide the plot-required dark object and a feminist aspect ̶  no-one can take her stuff from her without her consent, even if that’s a 1000-year-old Original vampire who’s notorious for being a psychopath.
  • Thanks to her now we know Kol’s hexed like Father Kieran. Terrific news. Kol’s returns to the living seem to be never free of hex.
  • The “Oh shit” moment. Shit just got truly real.


  • No? Wait until he bites Finn.


  • Still no? Wait until how that bite turns out.


  • Klaus and Hayley’s teaming to massacre of the Kingmaker’s staff. Anyone who feels a wee bit sorry for the humans?
  • The enigma of Lucien’s transformation. “Puzzling” is a serious euphemism. Shouldn’t he need Elena’s blood?
  • Lucien’s redeeming quality is his eternal one-sided love for Aurora. Sigh.
  • Now, it’s Vincent and Davina vs. all Nola witches.
  • Finn’s description of his “black horizon”. I never hate Finn for what he did ̶  anyone who gets 900 years robbed off them wouldn’t take it so nicely once out. Don’t try to imagine the mental toll and trauma resulted from being imprisoned in your own head; it’ll drive you crazy. Hearing him describe that sensation only makes it more tragic and heartfelt.
  • Finn’s desperate hallucinations of being left alone
  • The siblings gathering around and holding his hands on his deathbed so that he won’t feel abandoned. This is by far the most bittersweet scene in this series.


  • Kol’s tear and Klaus’s pained and helpless expression. Although they never seemed to be on good terms with Finn, the death of their brother is still much agonizing.
  • Finn’s funeral where the remaining siblings bid him farewell. It’s a shame Rebekah never gets a chance to say her farewell to him.

At least he’s free to pass on the afterlife now, where Sage is waiting for him.