[Rant] A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken – The Originals 4×11

Warnings: spoilers, careless language, messing up the order of events

  • I began watching the episode with an uneasy feelings, mostly due to the spoilery bit that Kol was going to betray his family. Even when I finished watching and known that said betrayal was neither too serious nor having lasting effect, the feeling didn’t go away. I’ve learned well that betrayal and shifting alliances were fundamental to this show and I was also aware that everything Kol did he did for Davina, who isn’t only his love but also his savior, who risked many things to bring him back to life, and Kol wasn’t wrong in trying to save her life. Still, that nagging feeling seriously got in the way of my enjoyment.


  • In fact, let’s say this is the episode that I’ve least enjoyed so far.
  • “You can’t betray your family.” Davina has me surprised when she says this. Perhaps it’s just me but I find this line quite jarring because it’s a bit out of character to her.
  • Is she afraid that Kol’s siblings will punish his betrayal?
  • “It’s kinda my specialty.” Here starts my uneasy feeling.


  • I struggle to understand Kol’s logic in not telling his siblings about the Hollow’s manipulation of him and Davina. Not only that would save a lot of shouting, furniture breaking, beating and an almost daggering in the later part of the episode, it also helps with the general plan to save Davina and kill the Hollow. Kol honestly thinks he can protect the Hollow’s totem against all his family, especially Klaus, who later proves in no way he can? Why can’t Kol just go like “I have the bitch’s totem, you guys can help me unlink Davina and then we’ll put all hands on deck to waste that bitch”? It’s not like the Hollow puts a surveillance on him or Davina, occupied with her little mind game that she is. Kol’s free to go and do stuff and Davina’s free to go and do stuff…
  • Besides Kol’s incomprehensible logic, there’s a couple of things in this episode that has me baffled (and contributes to this episode being my least favorite). Let’s go over them.
  • The overly simplified solution to unlink Davina from the Hollow. When it was presented in the last episode, I believed that this link would create a major conflict between our heroes’ desire to destroy their greatest enemy yet and protect their family and their morality – like when Freya and Elijah made a hard choice to sacrifice Davina last season. But no, all it needs to break the link is a spell from the first season and one power but inexperienced little witch. Isn’t the Hollow’s magic supposed to be ancient, much more complex and thus harder to undo than one Sophie Deveraux’s?!
  • Rebekah and Marcel’s passiveness in this episode. Despite Rebekah’s claim of urgency, she and Marcel practically spends the better part of the day sitting in the magic circle and poking at each other like five-years-olds. Seriously. Why doesn’t Bex just torch the house like she originally intends and go back and MAYBE lend Freya and Hayley a hand? You know, the two of them against an ancient, wicked witch with many tricks up her sleeve.


    • The Hollow’s motif remains as hazy as it’s been for the last episodes. Although Vincent was thoroughly and utterly terrified that once she began to walk the earth again she’d burn New Orleans to the ground, massacre everyone, et cetera, et cetera – typical mass-murdering villain stuff. So far she hasn’t done anything befitting his prediction yet, aside from slaughtering several witches but it’s New Orleans and people die every day, nothing out of the ordinary. And now she implies that she wants to die?! Seriously. Which villain in the right mind would spend so much time and effort just so s/he could die, well, except TVD’s Silas but Silas had had that intention from the beginning while it seems to have come out of nowhere for the Hollow.
    • Who were the bodies killed by the Hollow? Were they her followers as Marcel indicated last week? Her reason to kill her own minions is beyond me. I get it she’s a heartless, sadistic bitch but doesn’t she, like, still need them to do the dirty works for her?
    • Why does the Hollow just leave Freya with a little mind trick instead of killing her? Let me make myself clear: I don’t want any harm coming to Freya but it’s nothing but strange that the Hollow allows her to just lie there, with the weapon still in her hand, while she plays with Hayley. Hello, Freya has come to kill her. Shouldn’t she take more caution with her enemy?
    • Why doesn’t Davina ask the Harvest Girls to help her unlink herself from the Hollow?! Four of them should be enough for this spell, right? (Davina unlinked Sophie and Hayley in season 1 just by herself). They may have some beef with the Mikaelsons but not with Davina; why shouldn’t they help her?
    • Julie Plec & co. ‘s opinions regarding the relationship between Hayley and Elijah. Yeah, I’m talking about Plec’s decision to break a central romance in one of her shows which is very likely Haylijah, given Hayley’s absence at Elijah’s resurrection and her monologue. I have to roll my eyes at her [Plec’s] logic though: Elijah, who has never raised his voice at Hayley, who has always been nice and loving to Hayley, who has always respected her boundaries and decisions, suddenly becomes the abusive one because his Beast, the manifestation of his darkest self that Elijah has tried to restrained, attacked her in his subconsciousness. Hello, “everybody has those days” and “nobody’s perfect”, to quote Hannah Montana. I just don’t get their need to paint Elijah as the bad one and make him take the blame in the show where everyone, save Hope, has their fair share of equally terrible things. Oh, wait, they did the same to Stefan too. I’m dreaded to see where the train is going from here.
    • Just exactly how falling for someone who makes you feel safe (not to mention loved and respected) is “messed up”? And, supposed Hayley was dazzled by the suit and the gallantry, she had, like, seven years to see who Elijah was, how he treated her and made her own judgment. At the beginning of the season she hadn’t given up on him despite the time gap, why suddenly now?
    • Oh, while we’re at it, let’s keep in mind Plec is the woman who has been relentlessly baiting crazy shippers with the ultimate abusive ship Klaroline.
    • Ah, Jackson. How I not miss thee in the slightest. Here I thought Jackson topped my list of most annoying character (no offence to his actor though) but it appears Hollow-Jackson just beats real Jackson and takes his place.


      • The Hollow sure loves her mind games. You know who else also loved mind games? Silas, who happened to share lots of similarities with the Hollow. Let’s see: ancient witches, extremely powerful, kinda immortal (but can be killed using mortal methods), feared by witches young and old, prophesied to be destroyer of the world once freed/resurrected while in reality they just kill a bunch and wanna have fun, love getting into people’s heads, are blood-related to our heroes and at one time would masquerade as them. Is the Hollow’s story used to be Silas’s story which was scraped away in lieu of the Travelers’ boring one?


      • Silas and Idahu should be a match made in heaven (or hell for that matters).
      • Seeing Kol’s little moment with Hope reminds me of the sore lack of interaction between Elijah and Hope as well as between Rebekah and Hope.
      • I guess Marcel and Rebekah’s banter and later kiss are supposed to be serious and emotional but I just find them comical. Don’t know why.
      • Ah, Kol’s bringing up Cami to get Klaus’s charitable moment”.
      • Well, at least one couple gets their happy ending right.
      • And no one bothers to at least text Marcel that Davina is resurrected, not even Josh. Rude.
      • So, in the end, it’s just Klaus and Freya who stay by Elijah’s side. Why isn’t Rebekah there? Doesn’t she want to see her brother right after he came back from the death?


      • Really, Elijah could write a long poem about having his mind shattered and his heart broken. Has he reached his quota for bad luck this year yet?
      • Side trivia: all three of Mikael’s sons died and were resurrected.

      Two more episodes before saying goodbye.

      [Rant] Phantomesque – The Originals 4×10

      Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate jokes, careless language, messing up the order of events


      • Is there anyone else who is surprised that this season only has 13 episodes? I remember reading somewhere before that there would be 16 episodes. Where have the three episodes gone?
      • On a slightly note, I’ve just learned that Michael Narducci will leave the show after this season, giving full rein to the capable hand of Julie Plec. Given the mess that The Vampire Diaries became, this is by no means positive news. The best I can hope for is the fifth season of The Originals won’t turn into the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries, which, as far as I’m concerned, is an enormous fall from which the show never ever recovered.
      • But that remains to be seen in the future. For now, let us give a big applaud to Daniel Gillies’ successful directorial debut. I think this is my favorite episode of this season so far.
      • Mostly because its focus is Elijah’s storyline, his Red Door and the fabled Beast lurking behind, all of which have been postponed for two seasons. Let’s say all of these aren’t a disappointment.


      • I especially the look of the all-white seemingly endless corridor. Maybe it’s just me but I find all-white places far creepier than dark, dimly-lit places. It probably has something to do with the color white being associated with death in some cultures. Perhaps they had that in mind when they designed this corridor as representation of Elijah’s mind to highlight the grim fact that death follows his each and every footstep.


      • All in all, the white corridor is very aesthetically pleasing. And the all-white aspect is a beautiful contrast to the ones that set foot in it, namely Freya, Hayley, Hope and later, Elijah (or rather, step out of the door).


      • Kinda makes me wonder how Finn’s mind would have looked like. What color would have represented his psyche?
      • Anw, let’s get back to the episode first.
      • From the screencaps on Tumblr, I almost thought we got to see flashback of Bex in the 80s. Maybe it’s just me but her red dress and hairstyle kinda gives off the 80s vibes.


      • She looks good btw, as she always does. And she’s ready for some fun with a random guy…
      • … who happens to be a vampire from Elijah’s bloodline and has a heart attack right after having a little make out session with Bex. Rude (I mean the guy).
      • This is pretty much a confirmation of Tristan’s fate if there were any doubts after the ninth episode.
      • Forever bitter I’ve never got to see his transformation into a vampire and Elijah’s exact motive to turn someone he deemed dangerous and lunatic. He could just grabbed any random guy to pose as himself to complete the Klaus-Rebekah-Elijah trio – they were all compelled and who cared if they weren’t real siblings – and compelled the human Tristan to jump off the cliff or something. Yet Elijah just had to give Tristan his blood. His reason for doing so is as enigmatic as how the Trinity managed to elude Mikael despite being baby vamps.
      • Anw, back to present.
      • Kol and Bex are quick to deduce what happened to their brother and they’re immediately flying back to Nola.
      • Klaus’s still pushing Freya to resurrect Elijah while Freya gives him a medical, or shall I say orthopedic, analogy as explanation. Does this have anything to do the fact that her girlfriend is an orthopedist?
      • While waiting for Rebekah and Kol to catch a taxi home, Klaus spends some minutes giving Klelijah shippers a beautiful speech that ends with a heartbreaking note “I’m so sorry, my brother.”


      • And then, that Klebekah.
      • The Klaus-Rebekah-Kol squad. Hearts will be ripped and blood will flow. That much we can expect.
      • Alas, this squad doesn’t last long because Kol’s gotta find the Harvest Girls for a chance to contact Davina.
      • Why does everyone, including Klaus, have to keep repeating that Elijah killed those four girls? Yes, it was terrible. Yes, it was cruel. Yes, it was inhuman. But it wasn’t anything new at all. At least Klaus of all people should understand this (is the “murdered in cold blood” absolutely necessary?).
      • At the same time everyone has to keep forgetting that those girls weren’t Harvest Girls to begin with; they weren’t chosen since there were no elders and the Ancestors simply were disconnected. Ironically it was Elijah who ‘chose’ them and now they’re having the title and powers of Harvest Girls to brag about whenever they are onscreen. It’s getting a bit boring.
      • Not trying to justifying Elijah’s act here, just looking at both sides of the matter, which the characters kinda forget to.
      • Dunno whether to praise Marcel for his gallant chivalry or his naivety that he could take on a 1500-year-old likely-to-be-immortal super evil witch. Remember the last time that creepy witch dude wiped the floor with him?
      • Naturally Marcel fails big. Better luck next time.
      • So big question: who’s in possession of the dagger that can kill Marcel?
      • Kinda surprised the big bad Hollow just lets him take a nap right there and does nothing to him while she threatened to build her kingdom upon his ashes before.
      • This Hollow girl is probably the first villain in the entire TVD and TO universe to have absolute nothing for viewers to sympathize with. The name truly befits her.
      • Even her motives are unclear. Vincent was rightfully terrified by the prospect that once resurrected, she would burn the city to the ground (for what?). So far she hasn’t burned anything, just strolling around the city in fancy footwear making flowers withered and killing her own followers or lurking in the cemetery. Huh?
      • Maybe deep down she’s still a teenage girl who wanna have fun. Next she might even want to go to school just so she can be in the cheerleading squad and attend the Homecoming ball.
      • Freya’s got to witness a merry moment of her younger siblings. Such a rare sight to see Kol joke and throw stuff playfully at Elijah. And of course Klaus just has to bring snack to the dinner table.
      • Lucky for Freya she doesn’t open a door that stores some of her little brother’s more… mature memories with his lovers over the years (Katherine, Celeste…). That would be really awkward.
      • The entire episode could be dubbed ‘The Trip Down Memory Lane’ instead.


      • Have to strongly disagree with Hayley here. The person who’s closest to Elijah should be Klaus as they’ve been by each other’s side since the very beginning and they’ve seen the best and the darkest aspects of each other. Hayley’s been with him for about seven years and she has yet to see everything that makes Elijah Elijah, the evidence being she has no idea about the existence of the Red Door and the Beast. If it had been Klaus who was sent into the pendant, the outcome would have been vastly different as he would not have run, he would not have been shaken to the core facing the Beast and he would have been strong enough to fight this manifestation of Elijah’s darkness. But since Klaus has to hunt the rose bushes, poor Hayley has to suffer by the hand of the Beast before once again Hope saves the day.


      • Although the Haylijah ship has hit a rather bulky rock, on the bright side it’s a necessary challenge and development of their relationship. No relationship, I believe, can be deemed healthy and strong if the partners have not seen each other at their best and their worst.


      • Both Phoebe and Daniel deliver this heartbreaking sequence really well. While Phoebe’s done a great job in portraying Hayley’s terror and despair at being assaulted by the darkest version of the man she so loves, whom she fails to reach and wake, Daniel nails the Beast’s mute malevolence. There’s something as beautiful as it is unsettling in the Beast’s serene expression and his absolute silence in contrast with the atrocities he’s been committing.
      • Can we perhaps think of this Beast as a humanity-off Elijah? We’ve never seen an Original switch his or her emotions so this is the closest to that.
      • Elijah looks so lonely here.


      • In hindsight the whole entering-Elijah’s-mind could be a perfect opportunity for the writers to tie the knots with Tristan’s storyline by showing the scene where Elijah turned Tristan and compelled the Trinity to become the Mikaelsons – something we’ve been deprived of since forever – instead of showing two scenes from the first season.
      • Hearing Klaus praising Elijah once again moves my little Klelijah heart. Elijah may not truly be the best of them but Klaus certainly thinks he is.
      • Still, it probably takes a while for his reassuring words to sink in Hayley’s scarred heart.
      • I’m a little disappointed in Kol for being ready to leave the city. Family’s crisis aside, he gives up too soon. The Harvest Girls give him a witch headache, sure; they also break his neck and take his stuff, sure, but come on, he’s a Mikaelson who has gone through death twice; shouldn’t he be a little more adamant in his will to see and speak to Davina?
      • Of course, the Hollow brings Davina back with a catch. Having gone through Klaus’s mind, she should have known better than to link herself to Davina; didn’t the last time Freya and Elijah sacrifice Davina in order to defeat their foe? The history may just repeat itself.


      • The Hollow can be considered the Mikaelsons’ in-law, can’t she?
      • Wait, does that mean the Hollow is mortal?! As in killable?!

      Looking forward to the next episode.

      [Rant] Queen Death – The Originals 4×09

      Warnings: spoilers, subjective opinions, careless language, messing up the order of events

      • In the last rant, I predicted that Sofya was likely to be killed while Elijah would survive the ordeal, y’know, thinking like a conventional viewer. After watching this episode, I felt the need to grab a facehugger and slap it against my face. Repeatedly. Never have I felt so wrong and stupid in my life, like the writers had super-kicked the chair under me and I never saw it coming as my face hit the floor. Hard.


      • Please excuse me a moment to pick up and put together my broken jaw.
      • So, in contrast to my prediction, Sofya survives whereas Elijah doesn’t. In other world, Taylor Cole’s job is secured whereas Daniel Gillies’ is put in jeopardy.


      • Nah, just kiddin’. Elijah is not gone. His leaving the show would be a risk too big to make at this point. Technically he’s dead – not those temporary, fake deaths we’ve seen at least a dozen times before – but he isn’t gone. Freya manages to grasp his dying soul and put it in the same pendant she used to keep Finn and Hope helps confirm that he is still in there. So the good news is his siblings and Hayley will stop at nothing to bring him back to life.
      • Kinda like the way Stefan was killed near the end of the fifth season and was revived later. To add to the suspense, y’know.
      • That is to say, Elijah haters, please contain your joy. You’re likely disappointed in a few next episodes.
      • Seriously, where are all the hates for Elijah coming from, aside from Davina’s matter? Some overzealous Klayley shippers?
      • (Keyword: some)
      • On the other hand, the bad news is in the tug war between Freya’s witchy power and the Hollow’s, the pendant shatters and so does Elijah’s mind. Cue Hayley’s journey into the labyrinth of the mind of her thousand-year-old immortal lover with lots of psychological issues in order to search and get said lover back. Cue the Red Door storyline we’ve been waiting since its introduction in the second season. Kinda anxious to see the fabled ‘Beast’ behind the Red Door.
      • Wait, is this the Beauty and Beast storyline?!
      • I remember writing an original story similar to this: a beautiful woman wanders into the dark corners and releases the beast, literally and figuratively.
      • Extremely curious about Hayley’s reaction when facing the Beast, a part of Elijah that she has never witnessed for herself. Will she embrace it or will it decimate their relationship?
      • On a side note, R.I.P to all Strix members. Lucky for you Hell is already burnt to crisp (kind of an irony isn’t it?).
      • Rest, dear Tristan, for your five-year torment finally comes to an end. After watching his deleted scene in the third season, I was a bit glad that he was freed from his everlasting cage.
      • Also, R.I.P to my hope of seeing Tristan onscreen ever again. Where the heck is his vampire origin storyline?
      • Forever bitter about it.
      • Poor Rory who is left all alone in this world.
      • Speaking of Rory, where is she? Will she ever come back?
      • Let’s get back to the rest of the episode.
      • Hayley wakes up and is surprised to see half of bed still perfectly made, meaning someone who is supposed to unmake it hasn’t.


      • Hayley and Elijah are obviously sharing a bed, to no one’s surprise.
      • I find myself to be quite fond of these little domestic details.
      • Klaus’ indulging Hope’s sweet tooth in the most extravagant and Klaus-like way as possible. Don’t we love it? Of course we love it *imitating Nathan Lane’s voice*. Every second of it.
      • One of my favorite frame is Klaus’s feeding his daughter a beignet.


      • Hope’s indeed a princess. Her parents were king and queen and her brother is now a self-proclaimed king of New Orleans.
      • Aw, Freya’s making Keelin breakfast. Didn’t know Freya could cook anything other than magic concoctions.
      • Fluffiness doesn’t last long because crazy-ass bitch Hollow has to ruin everything for everyone.
      • Wow, Vincent. He can’t seriously ask the Mikaelsons to give up on one of their own, can he? He said it himself in the second season: “When push comes to shove, always trust a Mikaelson to back another Mikaelson.”
      • I hope Vincent doesn’t let his bias cloud his judgment. He hates Elijah and has been reminding viewers of it for episode after episode, that much we know. What I wonder is whether he unconsciously allows his hatred to invade his decision making process because if it were someone else other than Elijah or a Mikaelson, he probably would try harder to find a way other than sacrifice. Does he realize that what he does, asking the Mikaelsons to give up Elijah’s life, is pretty similar to what Elijah and Freya’s did to Davina five years ago? Sacrificing one life to save others?
      • The sheer amount of Klelijah in this episode alone is enough to kill a Klelijah shipper’s heart with a heart attack ten times over, from Klaus’s offering to literally die for Elijah, Elijah’s asking for Klaus first thing when he sees Freya, to Klaus’s rage, denial and breakdown as he shouts at Freya. He had witnessed his brothers’ deaths before but not once had he broken down. He was indifferent the first time Finn died and sad the second; he was furious the first time Kol died and sad the second but he wasn’t in denial like this. It’s because of all brothers Elijah’s the most important to Klaus. “The monster in me can only be checked by the monster in you” and “Without you by my side I don’t think I can survive my own love for my daughter”.
      • Now I’ve seen some complaints about Hayley’s reaction when Elijah dies, mostly that she doesn’t express strong outbursts of emotions like she did when Jackson perished even though Elijah is her true love. I’d say the reason she hasn’t burst into tears or screamed is because she, like Klaus, is in denial. Jackson was mortal and the moment she saw Tristan’s hand going into Jackson’s chest, things were over; there was no way to save Jackson. But it’s different with Elijah in a way that Elijah could be save and Hayley was counting much on Freya’s power to wrench his soul from true death. The single tear she sheds later as realization begins to dawn on her that Elijah might be gone speaks much more of her pain than screaming or crying out loud ever could. That, in my opinion, is praise-worthy and it proves Phoebe’s acting skill has improved by each season.


      • In fact, Klaus’s, Hayley’s and Freya’s expressions in this scene are all beautifully acted and very heart-wrenching to watch.
      • Once again, Hope’s saving the day when she helps confirm Elijah’s soul is in the broken pendant. I’m crossing my fingers for Hope to kick the Hollow’s ass in the season finale.


      • One thing I forgot to mention in the last entry: Vincent said the Ancestors’ spell to trap the Hollow requires the life of an immortal, and a true immortal like an Original or Marcel, not a normal vampire. Then, who was that immortal that was sacrificed when the Ancestors first trapped the Hollow?
      • Vincent’s venturing into the dark side.
      • Hollow bitch is flesh and blood again. That means she can be killed now, right?


      • Last but not least, one mention of a certain brave blond bartender has Klaus going from bitterly sarcastic to speechless. Has ‘Miss Mystic Falls’ ever managed to do that? Nope.
      • Yeah, Cami would have been proud of him but incredibly sad.

      Looking forward to Kol and Bekah’s return and their reaction to Elijah’s death.

      [Rant] Voodoo in My Blood – The Originals 4×08

      Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate jokes, careless language, messing up the order of events

      • Once upon a time, a princess was born. She was the hope of her papi and mami as well her tribes. So the Witchy Godmother bestowed her with many magical gifts so she would grow up to be a proud, beautiful and powerful girl, no, witch. As time passed, she grew up happily to be…

      Anyone’s reminded of this?

      • … the Hollow. Or Idahu, as we viewers finally learn her name. Or, alternatively, one crazy bitch…


      • … with nice hair. As nice as sixth-century hair treatment could manage.
      • With great power comes great insanity, apparently. Or great bitchiness.
      • And no, she wasn’t abused by her parents, her elders or her peers. She was evil because she was ‘born this way’.
      • Bitchiness in my blood indeed.
      • Thus it’s the origin story we need in order to sort of figure out what, or who, the season’s big bad is, which is told through the lovely and familiar voice of Davina Claire…
      • … who has come back-ish. It remains to be seen whether she’ll stick around.
      • Didn’t the Ancestors tear her to shreds?! How come her juju is still so strong? Then what’s the point for bashing Freya and Elijah for the past year?
      • She seems pretty fine actually.
      • Oh Alaric. Do I miss ye? Let me check. Huhm. No I don’t. Nope. Not even a bit.
      • As a matter of fact I don’t miss anyone from Mystic Falls. At all.
      • Crossovers aren’t that necessary and it confuses the hell out of non-TVD viewers.
      • Guess he’s needed for the bone…
      • … which is swiftly taken by Hollow-possessed Sofya.


      • The Hollow is a much more intimidating and threatening villain than the so-called Devil in TVD.
      • I’m puzzled as how a vampire body can use magic. Does possession work that way?
      • So if Sofya’s killed, will the Hollow die with her or just be expelled from her body?
      • Moreover, can the Hollow be killed? Like, torn to shreds, eradicated from this world and whatever worlds beyond? Davina seems pretty certain she can’t be destroyed, hence her intention to sacrifice Klaus. But can she be killed by using her own bones? Using one’s own bones to kill one is a familiar device used repeatedly in TVD and TO, for instance Dahlia was killed by combining soil from her homeland and ashes of her oppressors; Cade and Katherine were killed by their own bones.
      • Either way Sofya’s life is hanging on a thread. I just don’t see her surviving the season at all.
      • And so is Elijah’s life, after he’s stabbed by Hollow-Sofya.
      • I’m getting a lot of Stefan vibes here, from the guilt, the self-hate, the low self-worth, right to the ‘sacrifice my life and my love so that my brother can live happily with his girl’. I will be sad, but not surprised if they kill Elijah in the similar manner they did Stefan. After all they probably didn’t expect to have the fifth season.


      • Maybe not in the next episode but perhaps the season finale, they might kill Elijah. There’s always a dear price to pay to defeat their enemies; that’s the Mikaelson way and at the end of the day, it’s most likely their way that succeeds in defeating their enemies. This show is cruel like that. Sometimes I wonder why I am torturing myself and watching it.
      • The future can’t be predicted as I’m not on the writing board of this show. Hope for the best, expect the worst, as a wise man once said. For now I’m happy that Hayley isn’t Caroline and she won’t sit still and just accept her man’s self-sacrifice.
      • Cue some golden Haylijah They do need to work through their issues first if there will ever be a happy ending for them.


      • On the other hand, it’s nice to have Hayley and Klaus worrying about each other. Hope needs both parents.
      • “I’ll compel them to the priesthood.” This line tho.


      • It’s actually worse than dead. Ruthless Klaus.
      • I don’t see Davina as being painted as a villain here although others may disagree. She isn’t vengeful; she’s just very determined to put the Hollow back to her cage, no matter what it takes. I guess in that light she’s very much similar to Freya and Elijah. Perhaps that’s why she doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge.
      • Still, why does it have to Klaus? I hate to say this but Elijah practically offers himself up to be the sacrifice.
      • Hope’s saving the day is awesome! She blows Davina away with one blast of sheer energy, no need for spells.
      Credit: https://hyopott.tumblr.com
      • Hopes definitely the key to destroying the Hollow bitch.
      • The moments between Hayley and Hope and Marcel and ghost-Davina are touching and sweet, or bittersweet in Marcel and Davina’s case.
      • The music during Marcel & Davina scene.
      • Really, Klaus compels a sweetshop to make treats for his daughter? The perks of having a vampire dad. I wonder if he ever did the same to young Marcellus centuries ago.
      • And a simple, platonic mention of Caroline and barely any reaction from Klaus sends a certain community of shippers spiraling into enthrallment. Predictable much?


      • Where’s Freya and Keelin this episode? Off to their love nest perhaps?
      • The Werewolf Origin story is nice too.


      • Definitely better origin story than this:


      • One thing before end, does Elijah’s suit really cost 9,000 dollars or does he just make a joke??
      • Filthy rich guy.
      • “Babysitter.”
      • Looking forward to the next episode and prepare myself for saying goodbye to gorgeous Taylor Cole – have a feeling she won’t likely make it to the tenth episode.

      [Rant] High Water and the Devil’s Daughter – The Originals 4×07

      Warnings: Spoilers, careless language, inappropriate jokes, messing up the order of events

      • First, congratulations to Charles Michael Davis for his successful directorial debut. The episode definitely lives up its predecessors’ standard. Looking forward to Daniel Gillies’ episode.
      • Second, I can totally imagine the Ancestors throwing their heads back and laughing their dead asses off in the Ancestral Realm. “You blew the link but now you need us or the Hollow’s gonna blow all your asses straight to Hell.”


      • Wait, Hell was already destroyed in TVD!
      • As usual, “no bloodshed in the house where my daughter sleeps and plays” will no doubt end up in a lot of bloodshed at the end of the episode, say the writers of TO probably.
      • “Perhaps I’ll go out for dinner”. All these bloody jokes never go old, don’t they?
      • But Klaus is grounded although it’s Elijah who kinda caused a ruckus last time. Life simply isn’t fair. Not that I’m complaining.
      • Guess at least one Original has to stay home and protect the family.
      • Freya’s hair’s looking fine af. Riley’s so gorgeous she’s got to have a different hairstyle each episode.
      • And guess who she runs into? Surprise, surprise, it’s Dominic who should be ashes in the furnace. New Orleans, or the French Quarter to be more specific, is really small isn’t it, since our characters keep ‘conveniently’ running into one another.
      • They also have about one bar to hang out, the Russeud’s, and that’s where Freya finds Josh.
      • Now I wonder what Freya’s original plan for the day was before stumbling across Dominic. Scourging the city for the Hollow’s followers?
      • What I don’t get is why Freya has to embark on this mission of destroying evil minion Dominic alone. Elijah’s having his own affair but can’t she just take Hayley with her? They already have Klaus to guard the house and Hayley’s far more capable partner than Josh in terms of fighting and defending Freya if Dominic tries something funny (which he does, eventually). Plus, she doesn’t have to shoo Hayley away as she does Josh.
      • Maybe it’s in the actor’s contract or something.
      • In this episode we have two most powerful witches making two enormous mistakes: Freya to let her emotions get the best of her and throw Dominic out of the circle and Vincent to treat such a crucial item (Sacrificial Knife) in such careless manner – no cloaking, no protection spell and not even hiding it somewhere safer. While Freya can be excused for her growing affection for Keelin, there’s no reason for Vincent to practically tell Elijah what the blade is used for and just leave it there for Elijah to take. It’s not like he has only known Elijah for a day and has no idea what the Original is capable of.
      • So, either Elijah has rock-hard, unwavering faith in Vincent’s juju or he’s a sociopath, which is no surprise I guess, given that he hasn’t been human for more than a millennium. Either way he’s getting more hate for slitting those four girls’ throats.
      • Love him or hate him, you cannot deny what he does, he does it for his family. 
      • At least Elijah’s act is still better than Damon’s snapping Jeremy’s neck not knowing Jeremy was wearing the Gilbert resurrection ring.
      • I read a comment somewhere that says this season’s Elijah has no chill because he has given all his chill to Klaus. Kinda agree.


      • On the other hand, the Ancestors are really mean, aren’t they? They hate Elijah, fine; they hate Vincent for helping Elijah (and not because he sorta blew up the link and had been shaking hands with Marcel for the last five years), also fine. But they are not going to resurrect the girls, who are, like, their own children?!
      • Meanwhile Klaus’s venting his frustration of being trapped in the house by hammering the jawbone, which doesn’t even leave a scratch. It’s high time we called an exorcist and sprayed it with holy water.
      • The Klayley conversations. I don’t and will never ship them as romantic partners; I ship Klaus and Hayley as partners who have each other’s back and trust each other to do right by their child.


      • “No one protected ours.”
      • “I see no evidence that your uncle Elijah doesn’t sleep here hanging upside down.”
      • Not sure if Klaus is calling Elijah a bat or Dracula. Either way it makes no difference right?
      • The way Klaus lies about the blood on his hands being paint is touching. Still, he does realize his daughter is part-wolf and has wolf senses right and probably knows the smell of paints, doesn’t he?
      • Because she’s “seven, not stupid”.


      • She even figures out on her own that the man in the basement was the boy living in the attic.
      • Cue brother-sister bonding moment we’ve been waiting for.
      • Since Hope trusts Marcel’s words about family sticking with one another, that means she acknowledges him as her family, specifically her brother, right?
      • But Hope is really strong isn’t she? She hasn’t learned any proper spells and yet she’s able to break Freya’s binding and cloaking one. And fast too.
      • I imagine Freya must have laid a stronger spell.
      • Klaus’s hybrid face tho.


      • Klaus vs. Dominic battle. Klaus: 1, Dominic: -1 (head).


      • Hayley’s framing her dad’s photo and hugging Hope in sleep.


      • The Freelin Can’t say I’m excited about them or shipping them (have given up shipping game with this show long, long time ago) but I’m fine with them being together and hope neither of them, mostly Keelin, will fall victim to ‘Bury Your Gay’ trope.
      • The little Freylijah moment near the end.
      • Is it just me or the Hollow’s voice sounds a lot like Davina’s, just a bit more child-like? And its, or her, CGI face kind of looks like Davina’s too. This leads to a question whether Davina should be trusted or whether she is an ally or not. Maybe when she was ripped to shreds by the Ancestors, she somehow ended up at the same place with the Hollow and they made a deal.


      • Well that remains to be seen.

      Looking forward to the next episode, where dear old Alaric will make pay Nola a visit. The idea of Hope going to Alaric and Caroline’s school has been circulating around the fandom for a while but I don’t see Klaus or Hayley ready to part with their littlest wolf because that is a boarding school and there’s some distance between the A rmory and New Orleans.

      [Rant] Bag of Cobras – The Originals 4×06

      Warnings: spoilers, ranting tendency, subjective opinions, careless language, inappropriate jokes, messing up the order of events

      • Well, it takes a lot of balls to attend a Mikaelson ball because as the universal law dictates, every time a party is held in The Vampire Diaries/The Originals universe, bloodshed is inevitable.
      • So bloodshed will happen. Eventually. At the most jaw-dropping moment.


      • Needless to say, the outcome of this supposedly merry event will be pretty un-pretty.
      • But not so un-pretty as the news about The Originals’ possible cancellation. Seriously.


      • The news got me so upset that I did delete this weekly rant and considered stopping altogether. But then Elijah’s particular brand of sass got me recover this deleted rant.
      • Let’s get back to the episode.
      • The ice sculpture looks really pretty. Did Klaus make it himself?


      • So Vincent’s been holing up in his home to do research on the Hollow’s patterns. I originally thought he’d taken an episode off to moan Will. Turns out he’s been doing something far more productive.
      • Vinlijah (Vincent & Elijah) makes quite a good team. The level of sass has reached the ceiling and burst it.


      • On the other hand, Viklaus (Vincent & Klaus) brings fresh dynamic to the show as they’ve never worked together before.
      • Back to Vincent’s project. A couple familiar names pop up like Madame LaLaurie or the Axeman. Kinda reminds me of American Horror Story: Coven, whose setting is New Orleans. Bonus point: Riley Voelkel also starred in it.


      • So, finally, Hayley’s backstory. Spoiler alert: Hayley’s dad and mom died.
      • Gotta admit Hayley’s dad was a real looker.


      • Still, why was baby Hayley blond? Does babies’ hair color change when they grow up? Anyone cares to shed some light on this ‘cuz I’m no expert.
      • Anw, the killer just left the baby there after murdering her folks? Odd. I suppose that was when Marcel swooped in and saved Hayley and sent her out of New Orleans? I know the guy has a code of never hurting children but this whole murdering thingy is pretty much wolf business and I’m surprised he even knew.
      • The scene where Hayley and Freya enter the haunted house and conjure Hayley’s dead parents’ last memory seems to be taken straight out of a horror movie. I honestly expected some scare jumps, which there are none. What a letdown.
      • And the lower jaw Hayley finds in the teddy bear is probably a homage to The Grudge, or Ju-on. Again I entertained myself with the thought that a stringy black-haired crawly ghost appearing all of sudden and grabbing Hayley.


      • Then Hayley would probably punch it in the face and then all creepy vibes would be scared away and it’d turn into Scary Movie.
      • In case you have no idea what The Grudge is, American or Japanese version, just go watch it for the sake of being spooked out of your wits (or pants). Grace yourself with the splendid sight of the lovely Kayako crawling down the wooden stairs, turning her face and staring right into yours.
      • Urg, as usual, I’m straying a little from the episode.
      • Nice to have a jolly, very Klelijah chat between the brothers. Just like the good ol’ day. Bonus point is they are discussing murders and tortures as casually as normal people do grocery items.
      • Aw, Elijah offers to do all the dirty deeds himself so Klaus can stay the perfect father in his doting daughter’s eyes. I’m so touched right now, if they touch me more I might orgasm.
      • And we’ve got to see how Elijah stays true to his words near the end. Executing Dominic in public may not be his wisest move but it’s satisfying (for me) to watch. That’s the Elijah in TVD’s second season that quaked Rose and Trevor and Elena with terror.
      Gif not mine
      • Still, it’s not his wisest move. So much for giving a false sense of security.
      • Speaking Elijah’s words, the man has some badass lines in this episode.
      • “I don’t bargain. And I’m done with reason.”
      • “Fascinating Neanderthals”
      Worst job ever
      • Seriously if Elijah opens a class on insulting, sign me the fuck up.
      • “The smell of fertilizer”. This guy’s so classy he doesn’t say “shit” like us peasants.
      • Love Vincent’s magic with the Tarot. Utterly cool.


      • So is the Vincent vs Dominic brief mojo battle.
      • Still, it has me wonder why Vincent’s magic doesn’t expose Sofya as she’s also in alliance with The Hollow.
      • Maybe because she shows up late and he hasn’t shaken hands with her?
      • Also why does he stop looking after exposing Dominic? There’s a chance Dominic isn’t alone, right?
      • Speaking of Sofya, her spike bangle is indeed a “monstrosity” in terms of fashion. The rest of her attire is more than fine tho.
      • That killer cleavage.
      • I’m surprised for someone’s been brewing a vengeance plot for centuries, she gives up the weapons so easily.
      • Kudos for JoMo and Taylor Cole for bringing out the sensuality in the dance.
      • Sofya’s backstory. But the true gem is Klaus’ extremely apologetic expression.


      • Freelin (Freya x Keelin) ship is still sailing. Looks like Hayley approves.
      • Freya gets her hair and makeup done in record time. Must be magic. It usually takes me almost an hour or more.


      • The exasperated looks Klaus and Freya give when seeing Elijah’s execution are priceless.
      • Impeccable timing, Elijah.
      • “Let’s confirm with Dominic, shall we?”


      • On hindsight, shouldn’t the magic blade be magically locked? How are safes safe in the supernatural world?

      Looking forward to the next episode, where Marcel and Hope finally meet.

      [Rant] I Can Hear You Knocking – The Originals 4×05

      Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate jokes, careless language, messing up the order of events

      • I have a distinct feeling that the fifth episode of each season starts with a flashback. Though I can’t recall what 1×05 is about (goldfish memory!), I remember pretty well that 2×05 gives us flashback with Tatia, 3×05 is Aurora’s past, her turning to be more specific, and now 4×05 graces our screens with an adolescent Klaus and Viking Mikael! How I miss the glorious sight of the Destroyer!


      • I’m not the only who wishes to bring Mikael back to the show, am I? I’m convinced he was a much more complex character than just the brutal, sort of insane vampire dad other characters have painted him so far. A shame we don’t get to view the story through his perspective and his limited bonding time with Freya is also lamentable.
      • For a moment I thought they’d cast another boy as the young Klaus but it turns out to be the same Aiden Flowers. How he’s grown in two years’ time!
      • The aftermath of the slaughtering looks appropriately brutal but you gotta give it to Mikael: he kills these men all by himself!


      • Ruthless as it is, there’s truth in Mikael’s words tho: who know what these men would have done to Mikael’s family if they had succeeded in invading the land?
      • Anw, back to present.
      • If there’s something worse than a demonic possession, it’s dual demonic possessions of two most powerful supernatural beings.
      • Thank the Lord the Hollow doesn’t make them go on a large-scale killing rampage. Still, poor those three unfortunate souls. While in the world people are worried about terrorist attacks, here New Orleans citizens and tourists are worried about possessed-hybrid attacks.


      • But Klaus’s taunting the Hollow is definitely fun to watch… “Daddy drank. Mommy never loved you.” Gold.
      • … until it flips the table on Klaus. Hard.
      • Kleya is going strong in this episode.


      • So is Freya x Keelin (there’s a ship name yet?). To the point Freya endures the antiseptic stings and stitches to have Keelin patch her up while she could have easily asked her little bros for their blood. Isn’t she drinking vampire blood all the time? I do understand this means to give these girls a moment for a ship to sail but still it isn’t very sensible.


      • Making Freya bisexual is a cool move. It’d be cooler if Klaus, Elijah and Kol were also bisexual (Bekah already is as far as I’m concerned). Come on, they’ve been living for a thousand years; don’t tell me they have never even considered swinging both ways. *cough* Lucien and Tristan *cough*
      • I think I’m straying a little far from the episode.
      • Anw, congratulations to Marcel for staying alive. I was afraid he would be the one to bite the dust because the stakes are high and 2. things don’t go well for those who oppose and threaten the Mikaelsons. Lucien and to a lesser extent, Aurora and Tristan, were good examples.


      • It’s an interesting parallel that the Hollow takes the form of Mikael to appear before Klaus and the forms of Elijah and Klaus (but mostly Elijah’s) before Marcel. In Klaus’s case, it’s simple because Mikael was and always will be a dark shadow haunting his life, even long after his death. Unlike Cami, whose memories he won’t let go, Mikael’s memories are what he can’t let go, and probably will never be able to. Now, in Marcel’s case, the Hollow shapes itself in the image of Elijah, first and foremost, and later in the image of Klaus, but as the episode progresses, it chooses to remain Elijah. Interestingly, Mikael, cruel as he was, was the only father figure in Klaus’s life while both Klaus and Elijah were father figures in Marcel’s life. Marcel considered Klaus his father, but while growing up, he looked up to Elijah as well. Moreover, Klaus might be right when he said Marcel was seeking his approval in the last episode, but I’m convinced that he was also, albeit secretly, seeking approval from Elijah. That’s why he was so hurt and angry at being killed by Elijah’s hand and why the Hollow uses Elijah’s form to provoke him.


      • So basically this episode could be dubbed ‘Daddy Issues’ instead of the vague title ‘I Hear You Knocking’.
      • Seriously sometimes I don’t get the titles at all.
      • Elijah’s words to Marcel in the dungeon are harsh though I guess he has his reasons.


      • Actually I was tempted to type “he has every reason to” considering the two of them aren’t exactly on best terms at the moment.


      • I’m really curious as what sort of creature the Hollow was. Of course it’s referred as a ghost but a ghost of what? A human? A witch? A psychic like Cade (that explains the mind tricks it’s using)? Something ‘not of this world’?
      • Silly me, Sofya just refers to the Hollow as “dead witch”.
      • And why does it let out a high-pitched shriek that sounds a lot like children’s when hit with Freya’s potion?
      • Sweet Haylijah moment in the bayou.


      • “In jean shorts.”


      • But jean shorts may not be a sensible option considering the number of mosquitoes in the bayou.
      • What beef could Sofya have with Klaus that she’s waited for 5 years to get revenge? She first made an appearance as a vampire for hire and suddenly now she has a grudge with Klaus?! Does she try to avenge Lucien or something?
      • Ooh creepy-ass vine as a gift from creepy-ass ghost.

      Looking forward to the next episode. Looks like the Mikaelsons have taken their home back and returned it to its former glory.

      [Rant] Keepers of the House – The Originals 4×04

      Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate jokes, careless language, messing up the order of events, the usual stuff

      • First, congrats to JoMo on a very successful episode. The Originals is getting better week by week, the storyline is intriguing and unpredictable, and frankly I don’t understand why some people are complaining it’s an uninteresting plot. Guess they’re just hard to please eh?
      • The opening scene treats us to a nice view of Charles Michael Davis’s muscled back. I mean, the night view of Nola is pretty and all but I’m mildly distracted by another view…
      • Just like Sofya’s attempt to distract Marcel from his distraught day, which is leaning towards success until…


      • … Vincent comes bringing more bad news. Way to go, Vince.


      • Last episode I thought poor Will was possessed by the blue light; turns out I was wrong and Will seems pretty willingly kidnap the kids. I’m getting vibes that this episode will be the last we see of him.
      • Yeah, this is the last we see of Will. Our token human is gone. Looks like we’re not going to have a Matt Donovan in this show, are we?


      • On the other hand, it’s pretty ironic and tragic that Klaus, who once saved Will from Lucien’s compulsion-induced suicidal depression, is the one to severe his mortal coil.
      • In the French Quarter, Klaus, Elijah and Hayley are bringing Hope to the old Mikaelson compound to meet with Vincent. What a shame to see the once-beautiful compound become a ruin.
      • Why are there so many crows gathering at the compound, waiting to be killed by mysterious force to form a circle around Hope?!


      • Anw, Vincent’s mojo isn’t working and Hope’s condition appears to worsen. I wonder why the way the Hollow affects Hope is a bit different from the other kids: she dreams of and draws the Hollow; she doesn’t have to be present at the scene of the ritual, she has visions of other kids and premonition of her dad’s possession. Maybe it’s because she’s very special and the Hollow wants something different from her? Taking over her body and powers, perhaps?
      • Anw it’s too early to say anything regarding the Hollow as we have just learned its name.
      • Honestly I have no idea why Klaus has to clean up the bodies of dead crows. It’s not like this place can get anymore trashed, right?
      Multitasking huh?
      • So, not only witches are involved in this evil-mojo business but humans and wolves as well, just like Eva’s narration in the last episode stated. Now, here are some question that I hope will get the answer in later episodes: if this Hollow thing has been present in New Orleans soil since Vincent summoned it (he “gave it breath” right), how come it hasn’t been mentioned once during the course of seven years? And why is it suddenly and violently active now after having laid dormant for years? Whom can it affect? Witches, wolves and humans, but what about vampires? Can’t it reach vampires as well? And does it affect Nola-born individuals or any individuals standing on Nola soil?
      • Wait a minute, the reason why the Hollow is suddenly active may be because the link with the Ancestors was severed. When Vincent summoned it, the link was weak due to the Harvest girls stuff, so that thing sneaked in and got to Eva. Then the link got stronger and so it laid dormant until Vincent and Davina planted that witch bomb to destroy the link. Plus, that bomb was created by Eva and who knows, maybe she made it under the Hollow’s influence since getting rid of the Ancestors was what it wanted. Without them, it’s easy for this wicked thing to brainwash Nola citizens.
      • Well, that’s just my theory.
      • Elijah is particularly handsome in all-dark suit. Like every time he wears all-dark suit, it’s expected his suit will be ruined.
      • The scene where he blocks the bullets for Vincent and doesn’t even flinch is just too cool. I know he’s immune to bullets and all but it still looks so badass.


      • Elijah’s having some badass quotes this episode. I wonder if the scriptwriter(s) is secretly his stan.
      • “That’s quite the monster you got lurking in there. You want to see mine?”
      • “I will violate everything sacred under the sun in the name of rescuing my niece.” This quote gives me both thrill and chill because it’s not bluff or boast, just bare truth. For his family Elijah’s willing to become the Devil himself.
      • Nice to see Vincent and the Mikaelsons working peacefully together for the greater good.
      • I actually feel kind of… sorry for Lara. I don’t think the show means to make viewers feel for her; she has like 5–7 minutes screen time and bamf, drop dead minus the gorgeous. Maybe it’s just me, maybe the actress is really that good that she makes me feel for the wolf girl although I’m not sure if I write her name right. Lara or Laura?


      • But short-lived Lara dear makes two points before she’s off to wolf heaven. Let’s discuss them one by one.
      1. Marcel makes himself the king and claims to protect the city and its people and maintain peace and such, and he makes good to his words; still, it doesn’t change the fact that Nola isn’t his to rule. In this aspect he’s exactly like his ‘family’ (putting it in quotation marks because Marcel’s vehemently denying it), especially a certain Hybrid whose main concern used to be getting as much power as possible (now it’s just his little girl).
      2. Another wolf blames Hayley for abandoning her pack and choosing the Mikaelsons, leading to the wolf pack disintegrating. So your alpha failed you, you felt bitter, but hello, you’re wolves, get yourselves a new alpha. Aren’t wolves good at that? Choosing the strongest wolf to be their alpha?
      • Klaus and Hope’s bonding is getting better and better by the episode. He’s super determined to become the exact opposite of his abusive father, Mikael, and this is partly thanks to a certain brave bartender who was there to believe in the good in him and wouldn’t stop encouraging him to nurture it.
      • Speaking of Mikael, it looks like we get to meet the Destroyer in the next episode.
      • More Freya x Keelin vibes this episode. They’ll make a powerful couple with intriguing contradictions: the wolf and the witch, the young one and the ancient one, the scientist and the magic user, the lone one and the family protector.
      Probably both
      • Freya’s impressing Keelin again with her magic.
      • Freya’s being the badass matriarch of the family and honestly, she’s the sister we want to have in our lives.


      • Klaus’s worried look when Marcel gets dragged into the magic circle. Despite everything the Hybrid still cares about his first child. I’m hopeful that somewhere along the season Klaus and Marcel will mend fences and Hope will get to call Marcel “big bro”. That’ll be very cute (except the tiny fact that ‘big bro’ and auntie Bex screwed each other once upon a time).
      • .. the Hollow gets to Marcel and Klaus. Nothing surprising because we’ve already been spoiled by the synopsis of the fifth episode. Of course Freya will save her little bro but let’s hope Marcel make it out in one piece too.
      • That Klelijah moment where they casually share a drink. It’d have been perfect if Elijah didn’t look so depressed. I mean, I don’t think I have ever seen ‘disheveled’ him like this, his shirt dirtied and untucked and him drinking straight from the bottle. There’s no question he would have done the necessary evils if Vincent hadn’t found the loophole, and after that he would have been gnawed by the guilt; even if he hadn’t done it, he is still much troubled. So, to people who wonder how Elijah-stans can still stan him after what he’s done, here’s why: he will do whatever necessary to save his family, and to him it’s the ‘right’ thing to do, but he won’t feel any good from it; instead he’ll be burdened by its weight for as long as it takes for a new guilt to step in and takes the old guilt’s place, and the cycle repeats. That’s the tragedy of his character. If you think he is remorseless, we are clearly not watching the same show.
      • Hayley’s armor-piercing question and her resolution for them to “do better” for the sake of Hope are much-needed for their relationship building. I’m all for a healthy, supportive and sympathetic relation where both partners are striving to help each other to become better.
      • Finally an auntie-niece moment to end the rant on a lighter note. Imagine how wonderful and badass it’ll be if by the end of this season, auntie and niece will join hands (figuratively and literally) and use their awesome magic (maybe channel some energy from their family) to kick this vile Hollow thing’s ass all the way to oblivion.


      Looking forward to the next episode… and Mikael’s appearance.

      [Rant] Haunter of Ruins – The Originals 4×03

      Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate jokes (it’s ranting; what do you expect?), careless language, messing up the order of the events

      • ‘Tis a peaceful day of the Mikaelsons…
      • The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, no squirrels are eaten and it’s a lovely day in… I’m sorry, where are the Mikaelsons?!
      • In the middle of nowhere, right. Even Klaus says it out loud.


      • Nice manor tho.
      • The Mikaelsons sure are early risers… or they just don’t have the need to sleep after sleeping for 5 years.
      • Nate just nailed Bratty Kol *thumbs up*.


      • The way Elijah’s hands are frozen in the holding position for some seconds after Kol snatches the newspaper
      • It may have happened a lot in the dream world.
      • Klaus took the time to shower and groom himself properly. Gotta look dashing for his little girl.


      • … but he forgets to groom his temper obviously. Perfect timing, bro (y).
      • Hope’s looking intimidated and confused. I wonder if Hayley had ever taken her to the attic to ‘meet’ her aunts and uncles or just told Hope about them. But Hayley must have shown her pictures, no?


      • Anw, first impression isn’t so good.
      • Klaus’s looking so hurt he doesn’t dare follow his little her into the garden. Aw.
      • Ooh, flashback and even better, it’s flashback of Vincent and Eva.
      • Maisie’s beautiful af.


      • Eva seems so nice and sweet I can hardly reconcile this Eva with the evil witch in the second season.
      • So Sophie Deveraux had a gift of telling that a woman’s pregnant. That’s how she was able to tell Hayley was pregnant in the first season. Makes sense.
      • Vincent’s gonna be a father. Considering we haven’t heard even one mention of his kid today we can safely assume it was either stillborn or got taken away. Anw, bad things happened.
      • Oh, Will… How I miss thee. Thought he was offed by some rascal vampires in the last season finale. His status has been officially promoted to the show’s human token. Is it too much to ask the scriptwriters to please not kill him off?


      • Seeing Eva and Will does give me hope that perhaps we can get to meet a few old faces (but not Caroline please), namely a certain crazy redhead and her equally crazy but devoting brother. Their fates were cliffhanging in the last episode and I’d prefer the writers tight up the loose ends. In other words, if they have to get rid of Tristan and Aurora then just kill them off and be done with it.
      • Back to the Mikaelsons.
      • Klaus’s bonding with Hope seems to go rather well, except that Hope’s drawing that creepy blue circle and later seeing it.


      • Hope’s doing magic!!! Without Freya’s teaching her any spells yet!!
      • The magic she uses to heal the butterfly is pretty much the same as Freya’s when she reunited with Finn in season 2.


      • Kind of feel sorry for Keelin until she accuses Hayley of betraying her kind for a bunch of vampires. What has Hayley done that can be considered betraying her own kind, girl?
      • But Freya sure is brutal when it comes to protecting her family. And she’s bit cranky as well. Very much like a pre-Hope Klaus.
      • And Keeling nonchalantly reveals that she’s queer.
      • I’m not the only one sensing Freya x Keelin vibes, right?
      • And why Freya’s unhurt after she’s hit by Keelin’s car?? Weird.
      • Meanwhile Kol and Rebekah are musing their life matters over a fresh corpse. Who’s gonna clean up after, I wonder.


      • Pretty a foreshadowing of their leaving, which happens near the end of the episode. But it’s alright, they’ll come back soon enough, especially when trouble is brewing at home.
      • I find it extremely refreshing that the enemy this time doesn’t seem to be the Mikaelsons’ result of centuries of mistreating others, or does it?
      • Vincent’s recollection of how the book landed in his possession is creepy enough. So, was he possessed and unknowingly wrote it or it just copied the handwriting of its ‘owner’ for the sake of messing their mind?
      • Why the serpents though? Is it some sort of ancient creatures/monsters?
      • Whatever it is, let’s hope when it’s brought into the light, it won’t be a gargantuan disappointment like Cade aka the (lame) Devil.
      • Aw, look at Klaus’s reaction when Hope surprises him with a gesture of affection. 1000-year-old Original hybrid, Big Bad Wolf, everyone’s nightmare, totally baffled. You’d better get used to them, man, ‘cuz you’ll be getting a lot of them from now.
      • The blue light again.
      • Nice to see the old Strix mansion. Less nice to see it become a sacrificial ground for some creepy-ass dude that may or may not make it through the episode.
      • Creepy-ass dude whose name we may never know knocks down Marcel. Creepy-ass dude: 1, Marcel: 0


      • Actually, make it 2 since Marcel’s a super vampire now.
      • Creepy-ass dude may be creepy af but he’s one strong witch.
      • Shouldn’t we be surprised that Hope’s among the kids targeted? No, we shouldn’t.
      • Which leads us right back to the Mikaelsons’ mansion, and Hope’s nose-bleeding. Never a not-worrying sign for a witch.
      • Can we just have a few seconds appreciating Hayley’s running out to her daughter in her underwear and Elijah’s shirt.
      • The vampire-hybrid sex earlier is hot af, and I’m not even a Haylijah Not to mention the “I love you” confessions from both of them. Hard to get a screenshot of the bedroom scene tho as they keep vamp-speeding like that.
      • Are they fighting for domination in bed?


      • “She needs me. I need both of you. We’re a family.” Kudos for Hayley.
      • So the family’s back to New Orleans. Freya’s probably staying home.
      • The exorcism of Eva looks creepy enough.


      • And then there’s Will, clearly possessed, slitting an officer’s throat and driving the children to God-know-where.
      • Last but not least, Kol and Rebekah’s on their road trip (after taking a nice car from some random victim). Hope to see them again soon; they still have some bonding with their little niece to do.

      Looking forward to the next episode.

      [Rant] No Quarter – The Originals 4×02

      Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate comments

      • This is one hell of an episode – action-packed, thrilling and above all, sparkling with the familial love and solidarity of the Mikaelson clan. They’re truly the strongest when they fight for their family.
      • It once again reinforces my belief (not that it needs any reinforcing) that The Originals has a superior team of writers than The Vampire Diaries It’s unfair if The Originals only has 4 seasons (Ms. Plec ‘kindly’ mentioned something about there will be no fifth season in an interview) while The Vampire Diaries managed to sprout 8 while it should have ended after the train wreck that was the fifth.
      • Anw, back to this gem episode.
      • I kinda feel sorry (but not too sorry) for the guy Kol ate…
      • … or the entire bus they chowed down. “I’m so hungry I could eat a whole bus” taken very literally. Five years of no eating does takes it toll.


      • Did Hayley grab a few bites of her own?
      • Elijah’s shouting for Kol to eat less noisily like a big brother and Kol, actually hearing him or just coincidentally snapping his victim’s neck
      • I have a feeling that Kol does enjoy the scream a bit more than considered healthy.
      • Am I the only one to wonder why Elijah sort of cradles the dead body (presumably drained by him)?
      • Proper family squabbles. How I miss these?
      • Kol not so subtly reminds the producers not to kill him the friggin’ THIRD time.


      • Elijah’s shutting down the arguments by his vow: “We’ll free Niklaus today. Even if I have to burn that city to the ground.” Determined big-brother Elijah is the best Elijah.
      • See the brief proud look on Freya’s face?


      • “If we can’t free him, we’ll sure avenge him”. Sorry, wrong quote.
      • Anw, the vampire Avengers are advancing to New Orleans. Marcel’d better be beware.
      • Somewhere in Nola, Josh’s having a new, very human and undoubtedly clueless about the supernatural world boyfriend. It won’t bode well for him in the long run. I hope he fares better than Aiden. If he doesn’t, well…


      • Josh’s expression when seeing Elijah and Rebekah is similar to a person waking up to see two tigers lounging about in his home. His reaction is similar too – staying calm, no sudden movement so as not to provoke them while secretly trying to grab his phone and call 911…


      • … which is what Josh does, and fails, because one of the ‘tiger’ has a “murderous hunger” that can’t be appeased with pizzas. Duh.
      • And there’s Marbekah/Rebel argument in the graveyard. I’ve never doubted that Marcel genuinely loves Rebekah (even though he loathes her brothers to death) and Rebekah feels the same. I just love it even more that despite her love, Rebekah chooses her brothers over Marcel because that’s basically what the Mikaelsons and The Originals do, unlike The Vampire Diaries which tended to put way too much emphasis on romance. I cringe every time I read that Matt x Rebekah was cute and how big a waste to let that ship sink. To me it’s just a big, fat yuck that Rebekah had some affection and slept with the one that murdered her brother. And before someone kindly reminds me that Elijah was way too friendly with Elena, Kol’s murderer, I have to make myself clear that it grossed me as well.
      • Well, let what happened in The Vampire Diaries stay in The Vampire Diaries.
      • Sofya just has to interrupt Bex’s emotional speech, doesn’t she? Someone needs to remind her a certain Original absolutely hates backstabbing; she’ll pay back in one way or another.
      • The family’s casually discussing murder in Josh’s presence like he’s thin air
      • While the rest tries to find a way to break Klaus’s prison, Josh and Kol have a heart-to-heart conversation, or the closet thing to a heart-to-heart conversion, about losing someone they loved. It’d be quite a moment if it weren’t for Marcel’s text and Kol’s right back to threats of murders and destruction.
      • Josh was lucky Davina really liked him though.
      • Kol’s tearing through the vampire mooks like they are wet papers for Bex. Vampire mooks: 0, Originals: 1
      • Someone has anger management issues.
      • Hearing Elijah saying “brother” with both worry and relief lacing his tone is too much for my Klelijah
      • Hayley’s offering her power for Freya to channel to break the boundary spell while Elijah standing watch. Teamwork in its finest form.
      • Elijah’s facing Marcel alone to buy Freya some time despite Marcel’s hatred for him running the deepest
      • Hayley’s stepping in to protect Elijah, claiming once again to be a Mikaelson


      • … which of course enrages Marcel as the real reason for Marcel’s bitterness and wrath was because he felt he wasn’t treated as a Mikaelson.
      • Behold, Klaus’s incredible feat of pulling out Papa Tunde’s blade by himself (plus his subconscious Cami’s help). Almost as good as Mikael, who plucked it out not long after getting stabbed and with no imaginary soulmate’s encouragement. Klaus’ll get better next time for sure.
      • Klaus’s falling right into Elijah’s arms. Be still my Klelijah heart 
      • Kolbekah moment followed by Klebekah hug followed by…
      • The whole family standing united against Marcel. #squad_goals
      • “That’s what family does. We fight for each other.” Kudos for Hayley.
      • And “If you want to kill one of us, you’ll have to kill us all.” Kudos for Rebekah.


      • Just to rub some salt onto the wound is Kol’s sassy remark…


      • … definitely not a very wise move because, well, considering Marcel could kill them all, why feeds his wrath more?
      • Actually, I believe it’s Marcel who was gonna lose if he and the Mikaelsons engaged in a full-out battle. Just think this strategy: Elijah, Rebekah and Hayley would fight Marcel (more like stalling him) while Kol and Klaus would protect Freya and probably let her channel them to cast some spell. Remember the sigil she’d created to trap Lucien last season? And Marcel, unbacked by the Ancestors, wouldn’t be able to fight it. Maybe not something of that scale since Freya’s pretty drained after freeing Klaus but a lesser spell to hinder Marcel’s movement would suffice, no?
      • Anw, no fighting happens as Marcel decides to ‘show mercy’ because he isn’t like the Mikaelsons. Who’re you kiddin’ Marcel? Anyone surviving to this point of the show with them is just like them. He just needs a few situations to see that…
      • … which the mysterious blue light and threat to the city would happily provide. Vincent’s up to some serious shit this season. Just don’t die along the way, ‘kay?
      • Klaus’s watching Hope in her peaceful sleep instead of waking her


      • Last but not least (more like saving the best for last), it’s Cami friggin’ O’Connell. I don’t care if she remains dead, I don’t care if she’s a figment of Klaus’s imagination, what matters is she is with Klaus in his darkest, loneliest hours to give him the strength to break his bondage. Klaus has conjured her to be his sole companion during his days of suffering, and more importantly, Klaus, having known Cami so well, has created this version of Cami that is very much similar to the original Cami; she isn’t afraid of his temper, and she challenges Klaus to face and triumph over his demons. She has literally become a part of Klaus per his promise: “I will carry you with me.” She has gained immortality inside his mind, where nothing or no one could lay a finger on her again. I admit, what she and Klaus have isn’t love. It transcends love to become something much greater, much more lasting. Love fades over time but once you let somebody get a spot in your mind, they’ll stay for as long as you live, and in Klaus’s case, possibly eternity. I’ve always felt Klaus and Cami’s relationship to lean more on spiritual side and this just proves it.

      Overally, an excellent episode. Looking forward to Klaus and Hope’s first proper reunion next episode.