[Rant] Haunter of Ruins – The Originals 4×03

Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate jokes (it’s ranting; what do you expect?), careless language, messing up the order of the events

  • ‘Tis a peaceful day of the Mikaelsons…
  • The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, no squirrels are eaten and it’s a lovely day in… I’m sorry, where are the Mikaelsons?!
  • In the middle of nowhere, right. Even Klaus says it out loud.


  • Nice manor tho.
  • The Mikaelsons sure are early risers… or they just don’t have the need to sleep after sleeping for 5 years.
  • Nate just nailed Bratty Kol *thumbs up*.


  • The way Elijah’s hands are frozen in the holding position for some seconds after Kol snatches the newspaper
  • It may have happened a lot in the dream world.
  • Klaus took the time to shower and groom himself properly. Gotta look dashing for his little girl.


  • … but he forgets to groom his temper obviously. Perfect timing, bro (y).
  • Hope’s looking intimidated and confused. I wonder if Hayley had ever taken her to the attic to ‘meet’ her aunts and uncles or just told Hope about them. But Hayley must have shown her pictures, no?


  • Anw, first impression isn’t so good.
  • Klaus’s looking so hurt he doesn’t dare follow his little her into the garden. Aw.
  • Ooh, flashback and even better, it’s flashback of Vincent and Eva.
  • Maisie’s beautiful af.


  • Eva seems so nice and sweet I can hardly reconcile this Eva with the evil witch in the second season.
  • So Sophie Deveraux had a gift of telling that a woman’s pregnant. That’s how she was able to tell Hayley was pregnant in the first season. Makes sense.
  • Vincent’s gonna be a father. Considering we haven’t heard even one mention of his kid today we can safely assume it was either stillborn or got taken away. Anw, bad things happened.
  • Oh, Will… How I miss thee. Thought he was offed by some rascal vampires in the last season finale. His status has been officially promoted to the show’s human token. Is it too much to ask the scriptwriters to please not kill him off?


  • Seeing Eva and Will does give me hope that perhaps we can get to meet a few old faces (but not Caroline please), namely a certain crazy redhead and her equally crazy but devoting brother. Their fates were cliffhanging in the last episode and I’d prefer the writers tight up the loose ends. In other words, if they have to get rid of Tristan and Aurora then just kill them off and be done with it.
  • Back to the Mikaelsons.
  • Klaus’s bonding with Hope seems to go rather well, except that Hope’s drawing that creepy blue circle and later seeing it.


  • Hope’s doing magic!!! Without Freya’s teaching her any spells yet!!
  • The magic she uses to heal the butterfly is pretty much the same as Freya’s when she reunited with Finn in season 2.


  • Kind of feel sorry for Keelin until she accuses Hayley of betraying her kind for a bunch of vampires. What has Hayley done that can be considered betraying her own kind, girl?
  • But Freya sure is brutal when it comes to protecting her family. And she’s bit cranky as well. Very much like a pre-Hope Klaus.
  • And Keeling nonchalantly reveals that she’s queer.
  • I’m not the only one sensing Freya x Keelin vibes, right?
  • And why Freya’s unhurt after she’s hit by Keelin’s car?? Weird.
  • Meanwhile Kol and Rebekah are musing their life matters over a fresh corpse. Who’s gonna clean up after, I wonder.


  • Pretty a foreshadowing of their leaving, which happens near the end of the episode. But it’s alright, they’ll come back soon enough, especially when trouble is brewing at home.
  • I find it extremely refreshing that the enemy this time doesn’t seem to be the Mikaelsons’ result of centuries of mistreating others, or does it?
  • Vincent’s recollection of how the book landed in his possession is creepy enough. So, was he possessed and unknowingly wrote it or it just copied the handwriting of its ‘owner’ for the sake of messing their mind?
  • Why the serpents though? Is it some sort of ancient creatures/monsters?
  • Whatever it is, let’s hope when it’s brought into the light, it won’t be a gargantuan disappointment like Cade aka the (lame) Devil.
  • Aw, look at Klaus’s reaction when Hope surprises him with a gesture of affection. 1000-year-old Original hybrid, Big Bad Wolf, everyone’s nightmare, totally baffled. You’d better get used to them, man, ‘cuz you’ll be getting a lot of them from now.
  • The blue light again.
  • Nice to see the old Strix mansion. Less nice to see it become a sacrificial ground for some creepy-ass dude that may or may not make it through the episode.
  • Creepy-ass dude whose name we may never know knocks down Marcel. Creepy-ass dude: 1, Marcel: 0


  • Actually, make it 2 since Marcel’s a super vampire now.
  • Creepy-ass dude may be creepy af but he’s one strong witch.
  • Shouldn’t we be surprised that Hope’s among the kids targeted? No, we shouldn’t.
  • Which leads us right back to the Mikaelsons’ mansion, and Hope’s nose-bleeding. Never a not-worrying sign for a witch.
  • Can we just have a few seconds appreciating Hayley’s running out to her daughter in her underwear and Elijah’s shirt.
  • The vampire-hybrid sex earlier is hot af, and I’m not even a Haylijah Not to mention the “I love you” confessions from both of them. Hard to get a screenshot of the bedroom scene tho as they keep vamp-speeding like that.
  • Are they fighting for domination in bed?


  • “She needs me. I need both of you. We’re a family.” Kudos for Hayley.
  • So the family’s back to New Orleans. Freya’s probably staying home.
  • The exorcism of Eva looks creepy enough.


  • And then there’s Will, clearly possessed, slitting an officer’s throat and driving the children to God-know-where.
  • Last but not least, Kol and Rebekah’s on their road trip (after taking a nice car from some random victim). Hope to see them again soon; they still have some bonding with their little niece to do.

Looking forward to the next episode.

[Rant] No Quarter – The Originals 4×02

Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate comments

  • This is one hell of an episode – action-packed, thrilling and above all, sparkling with the familial love and solidarity of the Mikaelson clan. They’re truly the strongest when they fight for their family.
  • It once again reinforces my belief (not that it needs any reinforcing) that The Originals has a superior team of writers than The Vampire Diaries It’s unfair if The Originals only has 4 seasons (Ms. Plec ‘kindly’ mentioned something about there will be no fifth season in an interview) while The Vampire Diaries managed to sprout 8 while it should have ended after the train wreck that was the fifth.
  • Anw, back to this gem episode.
  • I kinda feel sorry (but not too sorry) for the guy Kol ate…
  • … or the entire bus they chowed down. “I’m so hungry I could eat a whole bus” taken very literally. Five years of no eating does takes it toll.


  • Did Hayley grab a few bites of her own?
  • Elijah’s shouting for Kol to eat less noisily like a big brother and Kol, actually hearing him or just coincidentally snapping his victim’s neck
  • I have a feeling that Kol does enjoy the scream a bit more than considered healthy.
  • Am I the only one to wonder why Elijah sort of cradles the dead body (presumably drained by him)?
  • Proper family squabbles. How I miss these?
  • Kol not so subtly reminds the producers not to kill him the friggin’ THIRD time.


  • Elijah’s shutting down the arguments by his vow: “We’ll free Niklaus today. Even if I have to burn that city to the ground.” Determined big-brother Elijah is the best Elijah.
  • See the brief proud look on Freya’s face?


  • “If we can’t free him, we’ll sure avenge him”. Sorry, wrong quote.
  • Anw, the vampire Avengers are advancing to New Orleans. Marcel’d better be beware.
  • Somewhere in Nola, Josh’s having a new, very human and undoubtedly clueless about the supernatural world boyfriend. It won’t bode well for him in the long run. I hope he fares better than Aiden. If he doesn’t, well…


  • Josh’s expression when seeing Elijah and Rebekah is similar to a person waking up to see two tigers lounging about in his home. His reaction is similar too – staying calm, no sudden movement so as not to provoke them while secretly trying to grab his phone and call 911…


  • … which is what Josh does, and fails, because one of the ‘tiger’ has a “murderous hunger” that can’t be appeased with pizzas. Duh.
  • And there’s Marbekah/Rebel argument in the graveyard. I’ve never doubted that Marcel genuinely loves Rebekah (even though he loathes her brothers to death) and Rebekah feels the same. I just love it even more that despite her love, Rebekah chooses her brothers over Marcel because that’s basically what the Mikaelsons and The Originals do, unlike The Vampire Diaries which tended to put way too much emphasis on romance. I cringe every time I read that Matt x Rebekah was cute and how big a waste to let that ship sink. To me it’s just a big, fat yuck that Rebekah had some affection and slept with the one that murdered her brother. And before someone kindly reminds me that Elijah was way too friendly with Elena, Kol’s murderer, I have to make myself clear that it grossed me as well.
  • Well, let what happened in The Vampire Diaries stay in The Vampire Diaries.
  • Sofya just has to interrupt Bex’s emotional speech, doesn’t she? Someone needs to remind her a certain Original absolutely hates backstabbing; she’ll pay back in one way or another.
  • The family’s casually discussing murder in Josh’s presence like he’s thin air
  • While the rest tries to find a way to break Klaus’s prison, Josh and Kol have a heart-to-heart conversation, or the closet thing to a heart-to-heart conversion, about losing someone they loved. It’d be quite a moment if it weren’t for Marcel’s text and Kol’s right back to threats of murders and destruction.
  • Josh was lucky Davina really liked him though.
  • Kol’s tearing through the vampire mooks like they are wet papers for Bex. Vampire mooks: 0, Originals: 1
  • Someone has anger management issues.
  • Hearing Elijah saying “brother” with both worry and relief lacing his tone is too much for my Klelijah
  • Hayley’s offering her power for Freya to channel to break the boundary spell while Elijah standing watch. Teamwork in its finest form.
  • Elijah’s facing Marcel alone to buy Freya some time despite Marcel’s hatred for him running the deepest
  • Hayley’s stepping in to protect Elijah, claiming once again to be a Mikaelson


  • … which of course enrages Marcel as the real reason for Marcel’s bitterness and wrath was because he felt he wasn’t treated as a Mikaelson.
  • Behold, Klaus’s incredible feat of pulling out Papa Tunde’s blade by himself (plus his subconscious Cami’s help). Almost as good as Mikael, who plucked it out not long after getting stabbed and with no imaginary soulmate’s encouragement. Klaus’ll get better next time for sure.
  • Klaus’s falling right into Elijah’s arms. Be still my Klelijah heart 
  • Kolbekah moment followed by Klebekah hug followed by…
  • The whole family standing united against Marcel. #squad_goals
  • “That’s what family does. We fight for each other.” Kudos for Hayley.
  • And “If you want to kill one of us, you’ll have to kill us all.” Kudos for Rebekah.


  • Just to rub some salt onto the wound is Kol’s sassy remark…


  • … definitely not a very wise move because, well, considering Marcel could kill them all, why feeds his wrath more?
  • Actually, I believe it’s Marcel who was gonna lose if he and the Mikaelsons engaged in a full-out battle. Just think this strategy: Elijah, Rebekah and Hayley would fight Marcel (more like stalling him) while Kol and Klaus would protect Freya and probably let her channel them to cast some spell. Remember the sigil she’d created to trap Lucien last season? And Marcel, unbacked by the Ancestors, wouldn’t be able to fight it. Maybe not something of that scale since Freya’s pretty drained after freeing Klaus but a lesser spell to hinder Marcel’s movement would suffice, no?
  • Anw, no fighting happens as Marcel decides to ‘show mercy’ because he isn’t like the Mikaelsons. Who’re you kiddin’ Marcel? Anyone surviving to this point of the show with them is just like them. He just needs a few situations to see that…
  • … which the mysterious blue light and threat to the city would happily provide. Vincent’s up to some serious shit this season. Just don’t die along the way, ‘kay?
  • Klaus’s watching Hope in her peaceful sleep instead of waking her


  • Last but not least (more like saving the best for last), it’s Cami friggin’ O’Connell. I don’t care if she remains dead, I don’t care if she’s a figment of Klaus’s imagination, what matters is she is with Klaus in his darkest, loneliest hours to give him the strength to break his bondage. Klaus has conjured her to be his sole companion during his days of suffering, and more importantly, Klaus, having known Cami so well, has created this version of Cami that is very much similar to the original Cami; she isn’t afraid of his temper, and she challenges Klaus to face and triumph over his demons. She has literally become a part of Klaus per his promise: “I will carry you with me.” She has gained immortality inside his mind, where nothing or no one could lay a finger on her again. I admit, what she and Klaus have isn’t love. It transcends love to become something much greater, much more lasting. Love fades over time but once you let somebody get a spot in your mind, they’ll stay for as long as you live, and in Klaus’s case, possibly eternity. I’ve always felt Klaus and Cami’s relationship to lean more on spiritual side and this just proves it.

Overally, an excellent episode. Looking forward to Klaus and Hope’s first proper reunion next episode.

The Bloody Crown – The Originals Season Finale


Warnings: no warnings whatsoever unless you by odd chance haven’t watched the season finale…

…which was aired three weeks ago. I watched the episode right after its airing but delayed writing the review. Half of the blame fell on my chronic slothfulness and half fell on my recent obsession with a certain young actor. Anyway, what must be done cannot be postponed forever so here it is, my final episodic review for the third season of The Originals.

There’s just so many things to talk about in this episode – the beauty of the love between the Mikaelsons, most visibly in Klaus’s ultimate sacrifice, how Hayley has finally become a Mikaelson, how Marcel has turned into the new Klaus, albeit without the family part to help redeem himself, etc. – that I end up not having much to say about it. I remember sitting in front of my laptop, silently watching the 45 minutes of bittersweetness and being overwhelmed with emotions: sad, hurt, angry, moved and hopeful; but to put all those emotions into incoherent words is too difficult a task and I had decided right back then that I wouldn’t; each of us has our way of expressing our feelings towards the episode; still, one thing in common is that most of us are touched by the combined effort of the production crew and the actors. It’s in episodes like that the core of the entire series shines: Always and forever – Family above all.

Let us give a long, resounding applause to the characters for getting through the episode alive (though on the verge of death). There were many rumors and speculations circulated around the fandom and the idea of one more major death in the season finale was juggling by the producers themselves, so most of us would probably watch the episode with growing anxiety or fear for our favorite characters’ lives. Kol was the most popular guess since 1. Nate Buzolic has remained a guest star so far and 2. Kol died not once but twice already; third time’s a charm and what could stop the producers from repeating history? Rebekah was the second-most popular guess because Claire Holt, like Buzolic, has been a (special) guest star, who could leave the show on a sad but otherwise expected note. And then there were rumors the third major death would be Freya as she is the only mortal in a family of immortals and more often than not has fallen into the “squishy mage” trope. The fear gains a lot more ground when only a couple minutes into the episode, Kol and Elijah have been bitten by Marcel and Freya is poisoned (again). It would be three deaths in total and undoubtedly a devastating blow to the series in general, but thank goodness, the crisis is brilliantly averted by Freya’s spell and Klaus’s sacrifice (the second thing to thank dear late Aunt Dahlia after the fertility spell). In short, none of our beloved characters, including Marcel, has to say farewell and although they all have “fallen”, by family, friend, foe or all three, the Mikaelsons will definitely rise again, stronger and more united, to fight and take back what they have lost.



The gem of this show is that in the direst situation, the Mikaelson siblings will swipe aside their differences and conflicts to stand together as one. We see Rebekah stopping Marcel so that her brothers could retreat. We see Rebekah reinforce a truth that really needs no reinforcement (but still touching to hear), that she will always and forever choose her family. We see Rebekah and Klaus working together to turn the odds to their favor and emerging ‘victorious’ in terms that their plan succeeds and the whole family live to see another day. We see Klaus coming to his brother Elijah with a heartfelt confession: “I can’t do this without you”, and the latter, looking worse for wear, giving his younger sibling courage in a firm embrace. Klelijah shipper or non-Klelijah shipper, each of us feels the love and trust brimming between the brothers. It’s even more touching as they began the season with a deep “ravine” (to quote Daniel Gilles) between them and have incessantly antagonized each other. In the previous episode Klaus was even mad at Elijah for eliminating Marcel. Nonetheless, in the face of threat, they immediately prove that they are true family, bound by blood, a millennium-old lasting vow and above all, a love that has been many a time tried, abused, shredded and yet is not lost, never lost. Their love is both their damnation, as they have accumulated countless enemies in its name, and their salvation – their shining hope in the darkest hours. Romance comes and goes, ships sail and sink but the love between the Mikaelson siblings remains strong as always.

Such love explains Kol’s revolving attitude with Freya, whom he severely chastised in their last encounter; he even proclaimed to leave his siblings behind to live or to die on their own. His words were harsh, yet in the end he didn’t. Some might think Kol’s characterization has serious issues, but I believe he isn’t OOC at all. Kol has three things that he regards as important in his life: his magic, Davina and his family; now that he has lost his magic and Davina, he only has his siblings. Kol knows that even though they have hurt him in a way that requires a long time to make amends, they are the only ones he has in this world. He has no friends, his love is dead and if he lost them, he would not be able to go on with his life. So it’s understandable that the moment he hears Klaus’s enemies are gathering, he joins them. He may not forgive Freya (and Elijah) yet; however, it is not the time to start a civil war while their enemies are rallying outside their door. I admit the scenes between Kol and Freya are not very well handled – it would have been better if they had had a few more words instead of postponing the matter to the next season. Maybe, just maybe we will get to see it in the deleted cuts.

I’d like to talk a little about Marcel, the Beast and true antagonist of this season. What he’s done to the Mikaelsons is neither right nor wrong, just understandable given what they have done to him. And yet, somehow he has a delusion that by driving the Mikaelsons out of New Orleans, he is doing the whole city a huge favor. He isn’t, as Marcel proves to not be any better than his family; he is exactly like them: ruthless, calculating, hypocritical and above all, having little to no regard to human lives, or collateral damage. I’m glad there is at least one Vincent to call him out on his actions (but honestly how the hell could Vincent think someone raised by the Mikaelsons be any different from them? Vincent wasn’t in Nola during Marcel’s reign?!). On the surface, Marcel appears on the triumphant side – he’s utterly strong, he rules again and there’s no stronger creature to threaten him – and the Mikaelsons, the defeated. Nevertheless, their defeat brings them together and tightens their bond; each of the Mikaelsons is fearsome on their own right but their true power lies in family. As for Marcel, he is undeniably alone now: family lost, subordinates (the Strix) killed by his own hands and allies turned opponents while the bunch of rascals he has summoned are by no means allies or friends. So on the bloody throne the king sits by himself, vulnerable to attacks. I bet it won’t be long before Marcel realizes the kind of stand-alone-powerful is not the kind that lasts.


Highlights of the episode:

  • Klaus’s apologizing to Hayley and placing his trust in her. Klaus, the megalomaniac, paranoid, control-freak Klaus apologizes and admits his mistakes. That’s one hell of character development.
  • Klaus’s sacrifice so that his family get to live
  • Klaus’s letter to Hope. Let’s hope he will be back with her before she learns to say “Papa”.
  • Klaus’s unapologetic “I’m your maker”
  • Hayley’s finally a Mikaelson. She’s made her choice and it’s with them.
  • Where’s the sneak little peak of Hope’s powers as teased????
  • Vincent’s “The King is dead. All hail the King.” Yusuf Gatewood delivers the sarcasm so well. His “Consequences be damned” also counts.


  • Klaus’s look of horror as he witnesses his two brothers being bitten. Joseph Morgan doesn’t only act it, he lives it and makes us feel it.
  • Freya’s utilizing the same spell that inhibited her to save her family
  • “Don’t fear the Reaper.”

  • Freya’s beautiful dream world


  • Rebekah’s returning to her family and staying with them
  • Elijah and Hayleys moments
  • Hayley’s chaste kiss to the slumbering Elijah


  • I’m not the only one to mourn the destruction of the Mikaelson house, aren’t I?
  • One word for Marcel’s gathered bunch: uncivil


Since it’s the season finale, which means I won’t get to see those endearing monsters until January (what the actual hell?!), I think I should do a sort-of summary of what I like and what I don’t about this season.

What I like:

  • Freya is accepted and loved by the family she always yearned for and in turn, she’s fought with the ferocity of a tigress to protect her younger siblings. Any doubt of her character and commitment to her family at the end of season 2 has been wiped clean during the course of season three.


  • How Hayley has finally been integrated into the Mikaelsons. It should have happened long ago as she was bearing a Mikaelson child and she’s proven to share a lot of similar traits with the Mikaelsons. It’s kind of annoying to see her swing back and forth between being ‘in’ and being ‘out’. She’s made her choice and that’s one of the greatest points of this season.
  • Kol’s resurrection. After so much pressure from fans, the producers finally decided to bring their favorite Original back, played by none other than the original actor. Daniel Sharman was wonderful in his portrayal of Kol but it was Nate Buzolic that left such a profound impression with the fans – it’s impossible to forget his boyish rascal look as he casually swung the baseball bat… on Damon’s face. If we had to make a choice between them, Nate would probably win by a hairbreadth.
  • Finn’s return, however brief it is. At least this time he dies in the arms of his siblings, surrounded by familial love as compared to his first, sudden and lonely death. This time, he makes peace with his family and has the chance to bid farewell before leaving. Bonus point: the touching funeral scene where Finn is mourned by all of them sans Rebekah.


  • Character development of the Mikaelsons. They are a vivid example that living beings change as they live (though technically speaking most of them aren’t “living beings”). Even for thousand-year-old creatures, they are capable of development – to act out of what is expected of them. The most notable examples are Klaus and Elijah. Elijah has grown far out of the “Knight in shining armor” image others wrongly cut for him. He can be monstrous, he can be hypocritical and he is capable of destroying to serve his purpose. And instead of hurting his siblings, Klaus now puts them before himself. Still, despite the changes, the core of their characters: their devotion to their family remains the same.
  • The general suspense hanging above the last episodes. The producers have played into our reassurance that main characters won’t die no matter what their predicament is, and then knocked the chair from under us. The grim prospect that anyone can perish heightens the anxiety and adds a more realistic touch to our already dark show (I’d find a show with a mature theme unrealistic if the heroes and heroines’ plot armor is too thick).
  • The introduction of intriguing characters – the Trinity and Aya. It wouldn’t be boasting to say they produce enough material to run a spinoff show.

What I don’t:

  • Though I appreciate the realistic sense that anyone can die, I’m still shaken by the loss of familiar faces. I guess once we’ve gotten used to seeing them in the show we will want them to stay whether we are their fans or not.


  • The underdevelopment of potential minor characters. Season 3 cast some new faces and so far, only the Trinity and to some extent, Aya, are note-worthy. Will, who could have had a thicker plot considering his rocky experiences with the supernatural, is written pretty flat; he is kind of be there to aid when other characters need something done and as a result, has no plot of his own. The same goes for Van Nguyen, who also exists to serve a few purposes and then dies an obscure death. Let’s not mention Cortez, Sofya and Adrianne, who are all one-episode wonders.
  • In contrast to characters whose plots are too thin, there are characters whose are too thick they end up being underdeveloped, such as Lucien, Aurora, Tristan and Aya. It would have been nice if we had been given a few glimpses of Lucien’s madness, how he and Klaus “painted the town red” back in the day, Tristan’s struggles with his sister’s problems and Aurora’s inner conflicts between her love for Tristan and her desire to be free from him. It would have been wonderful if we had gotten a peak of how the three young vampires survived Mikael or under what circumstance did Aya and Elijah meet. None of those happen and heck, we didn’t even get to see Tristan’s turning while the other two were shown! The producers and actors promised viewers a flashback-heavy season and it was a blatant lie: it has fewer flashback scenes than the previous seasons although the threading plot involves a lot of past affairs. Isn’t it a big sarcasm how the tag line is “Fight the past” while the past is obscure and generally crammed into dialogues instead of being focused?


  • The Strix, big disappointment, period. They were introduced as the world’s oldest vampire society, which has been around for several centuries. They gave an impression they would be great element to the plot and yet, and yet they, save Tristan and Aya, were mostly faceless. After Aya’s death, they were reduced to mere sidekicks running amok in the background, waiting to be killed by Marcel in the season finale. I mean, what the hell?? An ancient vampire society completely, irredeemably wasted. The writers of The Originals have a major issue in writing here: they are capable of creating amazing, intriguing materials and instead of using them to their full potential, they just dumped them down the drain.

Savior − The Originals 3×09

Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate comments and bad memes − the usual stuff

Santa's naughty list

I was lazy yet again. At this point, I have to confess that having new episode every week is my big push to finish a review − without it I seemingly get carried away by other projects (some ideas for Trislijah, for instance) and postpone it until it starts gnawing on me, which is why I’m here with my delayed weekly rant for .

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that the midseason finale has bored me or anything − on the contrary I’ve acquired so many feels for it − but my lazy bones sometimes get bigger than just about everything.

Like I said in my review for Out of The Easy, as I watch both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, I have a tendency to compare them (which is probably the reason why I received a one-star vote for that entry). Once again, while TO brought me on one hell of an emotion roller coaster, giving me thrills, giddiness and grief over the course of 45 minutes, I made it through TVD with a badly concealed yawn. The holiday spirit is present in both shows since Christmas is coming around the corner; however, while TVD has their characters put on some red hats, hang up some ornaments, gulp down some eggnogs and call it Christmas, TO is determined to indulge in the extravagance. Christmas is serious business after all and our TO cast are so committed to uphold the holiday spirit that they postpone just about everything else to throw a party and celebrate the event. Remember in The Other Girl in New Orleans, Klaus and Elijah proposed to give Tristan and Aurora something “delightfully gruesome” for their actions? No, that’s gonna have to wait until the new year as they’re busying saving their sisters and… decorating the house for THE event.

Because it’s Christmas, duh.

Christmas is the time to be spent with your family, whether celebrating in style, cooking some devious scheme with your sibling or saving your cursed and nutty sister. If it doesn’t fall in any of these three categories then it isn’t a priority, retaliation included.

Speaking of saving, this episode is all about saving and the title, Savior, can be easily applied to just about every character. First of all, we have Elijah coming to retrieve Rebekah from where Aurora left her in previous episodes and massacring the entire human team while he’s at it. Is it just my counting that is problematic or Elijah has officially bested Klaus in this human-killing sport? Since the start of this season, so far Klaus has killed… one (the unfortunate art critic in For the Next Millennium in case you’ve forgotten who) and Elijah has sent countless to the afterlife in very gruesome manner: Lucien’s entire hunting squad (though in an animal activist’s perspective they kind of deserved it for butchering wild animals and destroying natural habitats to build golf courses and condos) and now this navy team. Guess the guy is too lazy to go around and compel every man there to forget that they excavated a desiccated body from the bottom of the sea. Ruthless, true, but practical and exactly what vampires everywhere should do. Again, the Mystic Falls gang should be grateful they didn’t have to deal with this wicked side. He isn’t even bothered that he is covered from head to toe with blood and possibly human bits as long as he can satiate his sanguinary lust. No more of the Elijah who fussed about having clean clothes and clean hands − look at what you’ve unleashed to the world, Esther.


Nevertheless, Elijah is not Elijah if he doesn’t look proper − a thousand-year-old habit couldn’t be shaken off in a few episodes or two − and he remembers to bring new clothes (and accessories!) for himself and Rebekah to change. Speaking of clothes, wasn’t Rebekah wearing different clothes when she was daggered by Aya? Not to mention her hair was entirely different too? Did The Strix/ Aurora’s goons style her hair and change her outfit before they dumped her in the sea? Urgh. That’s creepy and disturbing to think about on so many different levels.

One rule always applies in this universe of TO is that you can have a moment of peace but that moment can’t last longer than a scene. Getting Rebekah back solves one problem and leads straight to the next: she is mystically cursed and will end up in Ripper mode faster than we could process what is going on with her. While this is the worst news to get on Christmas, it is not without a silver lining − at least we audience might get to witness what sort of catastrophe an Original Ripper could gift the world. Ripper-Stefan would adore this new aspect of his ex-girlfriend should they ever cross roads again.


You may loathe The Strix, but you have to admit that they are so very careful and thorough in carrying out their plan. I have a feeling that they have planned several steps ahead and if plan A fails, they always have plans B, C, D, etc. to back up (Crazy-prepared trope applied). If somehow Rebekah is rescued and undaggered then she’ll be cursed to go full Berserker mode. Here’s a question: How many Strix members does it take to restraint an Original Ripper? The answer is as many as it takes, considering how little care Tristan seems to invest in his subordinates’ well-being – every mission is guaranteed a few lives lost and yet strangely enough, those Strix are still blindly following him instead of revolting or just leaving this pseudo mafia club for good? That’s some serious charisma right there. It makes me all the more anticipating to see how this peculiar group was created and what caused Elijah to leave them behind. If he had stayed, would that legion be his to use at his own expense instead of against him and his family?

There’re two things that tell you Christmas is indeed coming around the French Quarter. One, it’s Klaus’s doing something good for a change, just genuinely good, no hidden agenda, if you ignore the tiny fact that he does save Kinney from the crappy heap Lucien had dropped him into to earn the smile of a certain brave bartender slash psychology student. Well, at least he makes no attempt to hide it. Although it may appear a small, insignificant act on Klaus’s side, it does save Kinney’s life and gives him the will to carry on, which is important especially since we are going to lose our precious token human around the end of this episode (oops spoilers).

Anyway, while Klaus’s being good for a change, somewhere in the Crescent City, Jackson is being less annoying and actually useful for a change. After an episode of off-screen brooding, chopping woods and brooding while chopping woods (wolves sure need a lot of wood), Jackson’s sort of fractured ego receives a boost thanks to Hayley’s sweet, assuring words that she’d choose him (over Elijah and the Mikaelsons) anytime(!). As he merrily drives his truck into town, he spots a certain pretty and female Mikaelson being stalked by creepy dudes in suits. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t give a damn if that were a male Mikaelson, seeing how much he hates their guts. Anyway, the pretty and female Mikaelson is unfortunately plagued with the damsel in distress syndrome today (what happens to the spell that breaks all vampires’ necks at once?), and so Jackson gets to be the big damned (wolf) hero he almost never has a chance to play. My guess is Jackson is on Santa’s nice list this year and his wish gets granted.


Nope. Totally not shipping them. I’m leaning to Freya x Lucien but I don’t hold much hope for them unless they have more interaction in the future.

However, the rest of the Mikaelsons are without a doubt at the bottom of Santa’s naughty list. The Strix’s plan A to assassinate Freya fails and their plan B kicks start – turns out our pretty witch is poisoned with some sort of toxic whose antidote can be easily retrieved… by Klaus’s breaking into Lucien’s pent house (convenient much?). Still, we are still subject to watch lovely Freya struggling with staying alive, dealing with her stubborn brother who refuses to help till the very end (bad Finn!) and saving her little sister. Meanwhile, Rebekah’s rabid curse is triggered by Hayley’s mention of Jackson and so, she mercilessly attacks Hayley. Now that’s something I love about this episode – Rebekah’s love for her brothers still prevails and she acts on it in her twisted way: to annihilate the likely source of their dispute. On the other hand, being possessed immediately turns you into a ruthless, unstoppable… truth machine. Everything coming out of Rebekah’s mouth is nothing sort of truth, especially the bits about Hayley and Jackson. I have nothing against Hayley but it seems to me she’s speaking whatever the guy wants to hear when she’s alone with them. I don’t know if it’s inconsistent writing or it’s just the way her mindset is – flickering; either way there’s something NOT okay with her dealing with both men, as though she’s stringing them the way Elena did with Damon and Stefan. I hope she takes Rebekah’s truthful words into consideration and changes how she behaves around Elijah and Jackson.


On a lighter note, Elijah doesn’t seem much bothered by this unwanted love triangle as he’s too busy trying to save his sisters and dealing with his legion of ‘exes’ to be pining over someone’s wife.

The rest of the episode is just so warm-hearted and beautiful that you just let your guard down and enjoy the love lacing in the atmosphere… until disasters strike down so hard that you don’t quite understand what the heck is going on and why you’re in tears. Clearly the magic from the cursed stake is too strong and persistent for Freya to completely eliminate it and again, Rebekah finds herself at the tip of a silver dagger, although this time it is entirely her will. Watching Elijah, tearful and very much reluctant, force the dagger in Rebekah’s heart reminds me of a scene in the last season, where Esther shouted for Elijah to put an end to her and Dahlia’s lives. The similarity lies in the way both Esther and Rebekah have much faith in Elijah that they entrust him with their lives. Beautiful as their trust is, it’s way too cruel for Elijah, who has basically devoted his existence for the family, to have to put down his own flesh and blood. Rebekah thinks for Klaus’s happiness and wants him to have his rare, precious happy moments with Cami but does she think about Elijah’s happiness at all? Does she realize how he will suffer under the weight of this secret, and how it will eat him from the inside out? I suppose the title Savior refers to Rebekah as she sacrifices her freedom to erase the worst part in the prophecy; nonetheless, I believe it’s Elijah who is the true savior here since he’s going to have to bear the emotional burden and fight for his family as the same time.

But at least Rebekah is only put to slumber; Cami, on the other hand…

Highlights of the episode:

  • Is it just me or The Originals is becoming more and more Game of Throne-esque? More brutal and everyone can die?


  • Not to mention the Cersei-Jaime vibes exuding from Tristan and Aurora


  • The Mikaelson siblings’ fighting “like hell to protect each other.” This is the best line Jackson has spoken in the span of three seasons.


  • Jackson’s being useful and helpful for once
  • Christmas with the Mikaelsons. Did I mention the setting is stunning?


  • The Freylijah moment where the brother and sister spends a moment of quiet and peace together. Freya and Elijah are getting much closer this season, which is nice.


  • The ‘mistletoe’ kiss between Klaus and Cami. Klamille fans have waited too awfully long for this.


  • Vincent’s showcasing his magic power. Finally we get to see Vincent in action. Judging from the scene in the trailer, it looks like he’s going to go all war with The Strix to avenge Cami’s death.
  • Marcel’s continuing episodes of playing undercover. How long it’ll take before Tristan and Aya starts having suspicions, I wonder.
  • Tristan’s looking very sharp in this episode, which is not enough to compensate for his and Aurora’s naughty deeds.


  • And, congratulations to Will Kinney for his promotion to be our new human token



What to anticipate in the new year’s new episodes:


  • Cami’s rising “like a phoenix”. If Alaric could come back from The Other Side in the most absurd manner possible, I don’t think why Cami should be left for dead.
  • “Our retribution must be swift, and it must be brutal!”
  • Tristan’s turning, the foundation of The Strix, Elijah’s relation with Tristan and Aya and why he left them
  • More flashbacks
  • Vincent’s doing magic again. It’s gonna be big.

[Trilijah] Untitled 07



Continuing after Offer

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5

Christmas in general wasn’t an event which Darren would get too excited about. Maybe years and years ago he had had a true Christmas, complete with a decorated tree, glittering ornaments hanging around the house, big meals and the anticipation of Santa Claus’s arrival churning in his little tummy, but it was such a once-upon-a-time that the vague memories seemed like someone’s fairytale, not even Darren’s. His less-opaque experiences of Christmas were comprised of his father’s lack of presence and his mother’s sore absence until it was well over. Off to celebrate with somebody else other than her only son, obviously. He hadn’t had even a proper dinner, let alone decorations and presents. His last Christmas as a human had been spectacularly dismal. Being the swimming team’s captain and the school’s golden boy, Zack had the responsibility to uphold his status by throwing the biggest party in town… right under Darren’s room for two days straight. God knew Darren had had to bar the door to prevent his room from being mistaken as some makeshift fuck-space. The voracious noise guaranteed that he wouldn’t have any decent sleep without the blaring music penetrating his dreams. And don’t even mention the glorious mess afterwards.

It was funny how his first Christmas as a non-human was truer in both sense and spirit than his many dulled and meaningless ones. The Mikaelsons were many things, Original vampires, founding fathers and mother of New Orleans, ancient monsters with a millennium’s worth of blood and more often than not harbingers of misfortune and disasters, but none could say they didn’t possess a merry spirit. That spirit particularly flared when it came to celebrations. Celebrating in proper manners and style was just as deadly serious as any other business to them, those ancient beings whom young ones would think as having gone through too many lifetimes to even care for the differences between Christmas and Thanksgiving. Darren had had the exact same expression and was then proven very wrong when he woke up one morning to witness the biggest Christmas tree of his life so far erected in the middle of the yard. The holiday spirit hung thick in the air with the influx of servants rushing in and out of the compound to meet their wealthy employers’ many elaborate demands. His legs moved on their own why his mind was so entranced by the atmosphere that it got a temporary shutdown, and he blended right in with the human servants and offered his vampiric hand to the job. None questioned his sudden appearance nor his preternatural abilities on blatant display, wordlessly accepting him as another helper. Conveniently compelled, all of them.

“My my, aren’t you a helpful one?”

He heard Rebekah’s footsteps on the stairs and her voice rang in his vampire ears like clear silver bells amongst the sea of indistinct noises. She looked a little less than her best, having just returned from a foreign trip and in the middle of adjusting to the time zone by burying herself under her blankets. In fact, these were her very first words to Darren since she laid eyes on him upon her return. He had noticed the sharp edge in her tired eyes at once, being too accustomed to that mildly-surprised and doubtful look people often gave him thanks to a certain ancient doppelgänger.

“You’re Darren, aren’t you? The kid Elijah picked up during his ‘fun’ time as a history teacher? God, my brother actually thought being a teacher was fun,” Rebekah said, leaning against the wooden rail.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Darren replied. He was thankful that Rebekah didn’t refer to him as his former history teacher’s pet. If only he got a dollar every time he heard such…

“Didn’t you have a home? Were your parents OK with their son’s turning into a vampire?”

“Well, my dad fled from my mom and my mom fled from me,” said Darren with a shrug. Bringing her up hurt less these days, and it was surprising even to him how he could mention her in such a nonchalant tone. “I think she’s better off without a child anyway. She remarried after all, and suddenly I had a hotter and undeniably wealthier dad than my biological one.”

“You sound bloody like Flowers in the Attic, don’t you know that? Tell me, have you any siblings?”

“No, not really,” Darren sounded uncertain, “I was the only child, unless you count my ex-stepbrother. What’s Flowers in the Attic anyway?”

Rebekah waved her hand. “Nevermind. I heard you recently became one of The Strix.”

Darren nodded while hanging golden and silver tinsel on a branch. “I still had no idea whatsoever why I was qualified as ‘passed’.”

One blink ago Rebekah was leaning against the rails and in the next, she was standing by Darren’s side with one hand on her jean-clad hip, startling him.

“Did you know Tristan had me staked and cursed and then Aurora bloody dumped me at the bottom of the ocean? Those two bloody loons,” Rebekah asked, her blue eyes squinting.

Of course Darren knew all about it. One of the first things Tristan had drilled into him on day one was the significant events with the Mikaelsons from past to present. It was like going through History 101 all over again, except that his ‘teacher’ was extra-homicidal and would prefer to send him home with a neck snapped than a bad grade. The number of surprise tests being taken up to eleven was yet another spice added into the hellish stew.

In sum, yes, Darren knew all about the nasty things Tristan and Aurora had done to the Original sister, and how she had retaliated afterwards. What he didn’t understand was why Rebekah brought it up to him merely after some minutes of idle conversations. It caused anxiety to rise in the pit of his stomach.

“I did,” he replied, glancing warily at Rebekah and expecting a blow. He would consider himself extremely lucky to get away with only a broken neck.

Rebekah’s unexpected slap on his taut back caused him to lose his balance and tumbled down, only to get caught by her arms.

“Don’t give me that eye as if I were about to bloody bash your skull,” she chided him, not harshly. “I’m mean, true, but not that mean. Plus, even if I wanted to, I would never hear the end of it if I so much as lay a finger on Elijah’s boy.”

Just when he thought not being referred as ‘pet’ was an improvement…

“You’re having your arms around me, not your finger.”

Smiling, Rebekah released him from her grip. “You’re witty, aren’t you? I like that. The thing is, kid, you’d do better to stay far away from that bloody lot, especially Aurora and that stuck-up twit who might be your distant ‘relative’. I would have stuck that bloody cursed stake right up his arse if my brother hadn’t already done so for as long as I could remember.”

Darren’s face put on an expression that could only be classified as ‘comically horrified’. “I’m pretty sure I don’t want details.”

“About the stake-up-arse part or the other?”

Her feigned innocence couldn’t fool a kid, let alone a straight A teenager.

“Neither,” he said, trying not to sound like a huff. “Moreover, why are many people assuming I’m related to Tristan? It’s been more than a thousand years and right now most high school students know the gene pool is not limitless.”

There was that elder’s half disappointed and half amused look like Aya often gave him again. Well, at least Rebekah didn’t overact like Aurora.

“Have you ever heard the name Tatia? It must have popped up somewhere in your Strix’s supernatural Wikipedia, huhm?”

Darren nodded. “She was the reason why we are here and not six feet under?”

“Not bad for a high school student,” said Rebekah with a smile. “Tatia was but one link of a long chain of related people magically looking like carbon copy of one another. Want to hear more about that bloodline?”

“Something tells me that involves racing through basically every shop in New Orleans in a late Christmas shopping.”

He had learnt that Rebekah was Aurora’s sire, and if Aurora was a terminal shopaholic, he didn’t see why Rebekah was any different.

“I’m liking you more and more, kiddo. Now you wait a few minutes while I freshen up and you’ll help me get my niece a nice present.”

“Alright,” Darren replied, sounding a little defeat.

Nice kids got presents from Santa Claus while naughty ones got none, that was common knowledge. For years and years Darren had been convinced that his name was forever on Santa’s naughty list, for rarely had he received a present that wasn’t from the online game developers. To be fair, Zack did give him a present in their first Christmas, which was nice if you overlooked the tiny fact that he had gotten it from one of his many admirers at school. There was even a Merry-Christmas card directed to him inside the box.

Fortunately Darren had made good use of that hand-knit scarf.

This year was different though. Darren supposed somehow he had miraculously gotten off the naughty list and even made it to the other one. He had started the day by helping with decorating the house and then escorted Rebekah on her shopping escapade as she raided the shops in Nola − not yet an expert but he had acquired excessive experience from countless times playing Aurora’s bag-carrying boy. He spent the other half of the day babysitting Hope so that Hayley could do a late Christmas shopping for her in-laws, who happened to be plenty, while being involuntary accomplice in Freya’s arson. Moral of the story: never allow a witch and a baby vamp in the kitchen. Period. Compulsion and money existed for the sole purpose of preventing these incidents. The only good thing to come out of it was their providing quite an entertainment for the little hybrid girl.

So, Darren had been a “good, extra-helpful kid” as per Rebekah’s words and thus was entitled to receive a number of presents on Christmas night, much more than all the gifts he had been given in his entire human life. Hayley brought him some homemade desserts from her in-laws in the bayou and, unlike Freya’s failed attempt, they were edible and actually delectable. Point taken: Wolves cooked much better than vampires and (ancient) witches because they had to do it on a daily basis instead of staring into a chef’s eyes for some seconds or having absurdly wealthy vampire siblings. For helping Freya, whether in burning down the kitchen or cleaning up the mess afterwards, the Mikaelson witch had made it so that his daylight ring was firmly attached to his finger, thus no more worry about dropping or having it stolen by some elder vampire bullies. Aya sent him a black envelope containing a sleek black card that granted him access to The Strix’s exclusive bar and a whole year of free-drinking. Not keen on another hour-long lecture about underage drinking from his former history teacher slash sire slash unofficial guardian, he tucked the card in the depth of his jeans pocket with the intention to pay it some visits in the near future. The most unexpected gift was from Klaus, who had ordered a complete set of flat-screened TV, surrounding stereo system plus gaming arcade installed in his room. “You entertained my sisters well and since it’s Christmas, I can be charitable,” he nonchalantly declared, stunning Darren. Somehow the set had occupied most of his living space but being the self-entitled hikkomori who could stay inside for days to play a new video game that Darren was, he couldn’t really complain.

“You’ve got quite a huge Christmas stocking, haven’t you?”

A large hand on his shoulders woke Darren from his trance of contemplating the massive wardrobe Tristan and Aurora had delivered to the Mikaelson compound when the clock struck twelve. The elegant card that accompanied this extravagance read: “Dress well when you’re back to school. PS: The ties are entirely Aurora’s contributions.”

Yes, Darren was coming back to school in spring because according to Tristan, “A Strix without at least two degrees is no Strix at all.” If Darren wasn’t a nerdy kid who had spent most his life devoted to studying and playing games, he felt that he would revolt and run away − one didn’t simply become an undead in order to come back toiling at school.

“Can I just wear the hoodies and jeans Rebekah bought me?” Darren asked Elijah, who had just entered his room with a tumbler of bourbon in his hand. “Not these suits and funny ties?”

He finally understood why Tristan, who wore mostly grim and solid colors would opt for ties that appeared so out-of-character. They all came from Aurora, no wonder. Somehow Darren was convinced even if Aurora gave him jester’s outfits, Tristan would wear them with his head held high because they were his sister’s gifts imbued with love.

“You wear whatever makes you feel comfortable,” replied Elijah with a smile. “Take that little weasel’s words for reference, not commandment.”

“Aren’t you and him wearing suits 24/7?”

As far as Darren could observe, that style was strictly instilled in every member of The Strix. As (reluctant) one himself, he thought he was no exception.

“Out of choice, Darren, which I think should apply to you also. “Speaking of Christmas gift…”

A carefully wrapped box was laid next to Darren, startling the newbie vampire. “…mine is a bit humble being put next to these grandiose displays, so I thought I’d wait until deep in the night to give it to you personally.”


“Come one, Darren, open it,” he urged.

Darren’s eyes widened with every layer of the bordeaux-colored wrapping being peeled off. He was rendered speechless with what he was holding in his hands.

“Judging from your expressions, I can safely say I’ve chosen a decent gift. Being newly introduced to vampirism can be such an overwhelming experience that you’ve neglected what you loved. This fourth installment of the series is to be released a week later, but as I have some acquaintances in the company…”

Since his wording procession had come to a block, Darren sought to express his heart-swelling attitude in a tight hug. “It’s… perfect… Thank you, Elijah,” he murmured in the front of his sire’s jacket.

“What do you say we put Niklaus’s present to good use right now? The night is still much young,” said Elijah with gentle pat on Darren’s back. “But before that, would you kindly surrender Aya’s black card? I believe we’ve already discussed extensively about underage drinking.”



One Tiny Problem – Extra 5

Disclaimer : Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom : The Originals

Rating : K+

Pairing : Kolijah – Elijah Mikaelson x Kol Mikaelson (sort of)

Genres : fanfiction, alternate universe, humor, fluff

Characters: Freya Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Hope Mikaelson and many others

Summary: An AU in which Kol is resurrected by Freya, in the form of… a baby.

Inspired by whatevenkol’s idea and given permission to write this story



“Hey, I was wondering if you’d like to be my date for the Homecoming?”

Nathan’s heart was tattooing against his rib cage with every word from those lips. Those perfect-shaped lips that belonged to the perfect beauty standing in front of him. Seriously? Did she just ask him to be her company? She who was the hottest girl in the school, the Princess of the Quarter as they called, Hope Mikaelson. Was his luck that good or fate was jesting with him?

“Ar—Are you serious about this?” he stammered, unable to steady his voice, excitement rushing through his bloodstream like drug.

“Is your name not Nathan Marlowe?”

“I—of course I’m Nathan Marlowe!”

“Then one hundred percent,” she replied with zero hesitance, just like everything else she did. Hope Mikaelson was not famous by her gorgeous looks alone; she inspired affection in the guys and envy in the girls with her famed absolute confidence. To be fair, she had every reason to be confident: beauty, brain and strength also – nature had truly blessed the Mikaelson princess from head to toe. The fact that she was the sole heiress of that notoriously wealthy and powerful family – the shadowed throne-less kings and queens of New Orleans – only boosted her celebrity status in the school.

“O—of course I will absolutely—”

Of course he would absolutely agree. This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance after all; how could he let it pass?

“Not,” a third voice cut in, perfectly in sync with a baseball bat that wedged its way in between Nathan and Hope Mikaelson.

Urg. Nathan knew that voice so well he could paint the speaker blindfolded. The baseball bat was only an unnecessary fortification to his belief.

Kol Mikaelson. The Prince of the Quarter to Hope’s Princess. The bad boy that other bad boys didn’t want to hang out with because of three major reasons: one, wherever he was, girls would flock to him and the existence of other male species within the immediate vicinity would be sorely forgotten. Two, see that baseball bat? That was Kol’s mate for life, together with a temper that was wild and unpredictable as the dark creatures lurking in the bayou – they said there were still wolves there, no, not huskies, wolves, big as bulls and twice as aggressive. Anyway, back to the topic. The number of times Kol’s guardian, his older brother, had been summoned in regard with his disagreeable behaviors had exceeded even the years of the heaviest life sentence possible. It was without a shadow of a doubt that Kol had not been expelled yet was entirely the Mikaelsons’ influence.

And the third reason, also the most loathed, was times like this, when he just barged in, his bat in hand, to pronounce his ‘seniorship’ and drive away any boy that came near Hope Mikaelson.

“I don’t approve,” Kol said baldly, punctuating his sentence with a tap of the bat and his trademark ‘bad boy’ smirk, “as Hope’s uncle.”

Uncle. Nathan snorted. Didn’t buy that one bit. Though everyone had been informed on day one that Kol Mikaelson and Hope Mikaelson were uncle and niece, Nathan only thought of Kol as Hope’s cousin, and a very annoying one at that.

On the other hand, if Kol’s parents had had him as such late age, no wonder he ended up this twisted bizarre creature.

“Get lost, Kol,” Hope hissed.

Kol cluck his tongue. “Such language to your uncle, darling. Mom and Dad would expect more from you.”

Wearing a feral grin, Kol stepped up and invaded Nathan’s personal space. Invaded his territory. Nathan clenched his fists and hardened his jaws, refusing to be intimidated. “It’s you who should get lost, mate.”

“Try me,” Nathan challenged, his audacity boosted by his not-so-subtle desire to impress the girl.

“Alright,” Kol said gleefully, “let me inform you that in order to be Hope’s date, you have to ask for her family’s permission first, and that doesn’t include mine, because I’ve make myself crystal-clear that you won’t have it.”

“Fine,” Nathan agreed, taking small victory in Kol’s admittance that he had less to say about Hope’s dating who then the rest of the family. “I’ll ask her parents.”

“No, you won’t,” Hope objected. She glared at Kol with her fiery hazel eyes, made all the more iridescent by her anger. “If you meet my family, there won’t be even a chance of us going to Café du Monde, let alone Homecoming.”

“Relax. I think I’ll do fine.”

“She’s right, mate. Do rethink before you’ll come to them.”

“If you’re trying to chicken me out dude, that’s not gonna happen.”

Kol shook his head with spurious ruefulness. “Look, mate, I’m not even trying. Let me tell you about the procedure. First, you’ll meet Hope’s brothers. One owns a corporation – the Kingmaker Corp in case you don’t know – so impress him with your CV and you might get a desk job. That’s the easy one. Then, there’s the other who just loves to see how you fare in the physical department.”

“You’re so not going to bring Lucien and Marcel against me!” Hope seethed, grabbing Nathan’s arm. “Go. Forget his blabbing.”

But Nathan wasn’t known to back down from a nuisance. Plus, Kol had dashed in front of them and efficiently blocked their way. How come he could move so fast, Nathan had to seriously wonder. They said Kol was the best in the tracking team but he never quite bought it.

“On the contrary, love, they told me they’d love to have a look at your dashing Romeo.”

“Oh, I hope they aren’t so insufferable as you,” Nathan sneered.

“So wrong, mate, I happen to be the most fun-loving and pleasant in the family. Wait until you meet my siblings.”

“No, he won’t,” Hope rebuked. “And I don’t have to ask for your permission for whom I’m going with on Homecoming.”

Ignoring Hope’s protest, Kol glided past her to put an arm around Nathan’s taut shoulder. “There’s her parents, Papa-wolf and Mama-bear in literal sense, supernaturally protective of their cub here. They’ll tear you to pieces if you so much as touch her hair. Then there’re my other siblings, together with their children. I’m sure they would be over the moon to hear of you…”

Kol lowered his voice as though to confide a lethal secret. “…especially about your doing the hockey-pokey thing with more than half the girls in this school, occasionally more than one at a time.”

Nathan’s face turned beet-red.

“Huhm? Am I wrong?”

He glanced at Hope to find her raising a sharp eyebrow. She didn’t seem too surprised as he was afraid she would be, yet that slight arch spoke volume of disdain.

“You were spying on me, you stalking asshole?” Nathan growled.

Kol grinned. “That means I’m not wrong, am I?”

That was it. That obnoxious baring of teeth like he took pride in nosing into others’ business just pushed the berserk button inside Nathan. He pushed Kol with the strength of his torso and an attempt to hurt the boy. Hope’s uncle or not, no one could embarrass him in front of his girl and leave bruise-less.

Kol didn’t move an inch and Nathan felt like he had just bumped right into a brick wall. He was taller than Kol and considerably more muscle-built, so he was shocked to learn that with his strength of a football player he couldn’t knock Kol down.

“No need for things to get ugly, mate,” Kol said, grabbing Nathan by his collar, lifting him up with unusual ease. “Now you will go and you will forget you ever wanted to date Hope Mikaelson, as well as this happening.”

Kol’s pupils seemed to be dilated and for some reason Nathan couldn’t look away. Heck, he couldn’t find the will to fight back despite knowing Kol’s command was just so wrong as this incident and Kol’s strength. Then in an instance all questions simply vanished, and Nathan felt compelled to do what Kol said as though his words became the Ten Commandments themselves.

Then Kol let him go. Without so much a glance at Hope Mikaelson, Nathan left.

Crossing her arms, Hope watched her potential date flee from her like she was a plague. When she turned her eyes to her uncle, she had to actually suppress the urge to rip him apart.

Calm down. Count to three. Do what Aunt Cami said and it’ll be fine.

Granted, everyone in their family had to quench their need to rip Kol apart at one point or another, and that included even Uncle Elijah, who was renowned for his teeth-rotten sweet love for Kol.

“Not funny at all, Kol.”

“On the contrary, love, I think it was extremely funny how quickly he reverted to his violent-prone self.” Tapping the bat on the concrete ground to create some sort of beat, Kol added, “Did you know he bullied the hell out of poor Jimmy in class F?”

Hope raised one eyebrow, one thing she duplicated to perfection after having watched Mommy do it a thousand times with Daddy whenever Daddy said or did something eyebrow-raising. And that happened a lot too. According to Autie Bex, Daddy had actually improved tremendously as compared to the last century.

“All paled in comparison to what your ‘training’ did to him afterwards, Kol.”

“It’s called ‘tough love’, darling.”

Hope shrugged with a smirk, not buying it one bit.

“Like what I just did, protecting my lovely and vulnerable niece from that despicable parasite.”

“That ‘vulnerable’ niece of yours can rip out a man’s heart faster than you can blink,” Hope rebuked. “Admit it, dearest uncle, you scared away my potential date to get even with my shooing yours away.”

Kol’s grin turned feral as he leaned in closer. From an outsider’s perspective, it looked as if he was about to pull her into a passionate kiss. “Now you said it. I did have a thing for Angela and you made her think as though I ruined her Christmas ball gown and her nails.”

“You started it first. You know she’s my nemesis and yet you want to date her!”

“Since elementary school, darling. Aren’t you a little too old for that childish rivalry? Secondly, I didn’t intend to date her. I wanted a bite of her.”

“And I the same with Nathan. Now thanks to you, I’ll have neither a date nor a treat.”

“Even steven, little niece. Second, steroid-filled blood isn’t tasty, trust me.”

“Fine,” Hope huffed  “game on, uncle. Let’s see which of us will get a suitable date and which will go without one.”

“So,” Rebekah drawled, “you two spent the whole day ruining each other’s potential dates for Homecoming?”

Beside her on the couch, Klaus couldn’t contain his laughter… for the last fifteen minutes.

They were binge-watching the whole series of Game of Thrones when their brother and niece/ daughter stormed in, looking as if a volcano was about to erupt right under the compound.

Well, no drama was better than teen drama. Deanerys and her dragons had to wait.

“She/ He started it first!”

Their unison in speech was simply astounding.

Klaus and Rebekah exchanged a knowing look. Teenagers.

“Who started it first doesn’t really matter,” Rebekah said, “What does is neither of you has a date. Why not focus on that?”

“You know, sweetheart, I can be your escort to the party.”

Hope wrinkled her nose. “Dad, eww. Seriously.”

Klaus insisted, “I may not wear a suit 24/7 like your uncle Elijah and his breathen but that doesn’t mean I don’t rock in one, just saying.”

“Still eww. Plus, you will definitely murder any guy that comes in one-meter perimeter.”

Klaus couldn’t disagree.

“I can be your date, Kol. I haven’t had a high school party for years and I’m feeling kind of reminiscent.”

“Your last time was in Mystic Falls, I reckon, when you epically blew Elijah’s trial for being human?”

Rebekah elbowed him hard enough to send him off the couch. “No thanks for reminding me.”

“Thanks but no thanks, Bekah,” Kol said.

“Well, Freya’s coming with Finn.”

Kol and Hope looked at each other as though they’d heard a UFO landing on their roof.

“I haven’t a chance to know what a Homecoming party is like,” Klaus added, air-quoting. “And your aunt was resolute in her belief that she could pass as a teenager.”

“I’m going with Marcel,” Hope decided.

Rebekah looked as if she was about to object but Klaus was one-step ahead of her.

“Marcel’s going to The Strix’s annual party on that night, dear. Compulsory. Full stop.”

“What about Lucien?”

“Going to gate-crash it like every other year. Unless you want Uncle Elijah to accompany you…”

Hope made a face at that.

“Oh wait, he’s attending The Strix’s party, too. So dear old Daddy’s your only available arm candy left.” Klaus concluded with his trademark crooked smile.

“No way. I’d rather go with Kol!”

“Yes.” Rebekah’s exclamation was loud enough to veer everyone’s attention to her. She was beaming with a proud smile at her ingenious idea. “Perhaps you two should pair up. What’s better than the Homecoming King and Queen going together?”

Kol and Hope traded a prolonged look at each other. A spark of sort. Perhaps a realization. After a while, they both resigned to the same acceptance.

“Well, since we can’t just compel a random person to be our date,” Kol admitted, scratching the back of his head, “I guess we just have to make do with each other.”

“Good, problem solved,” Rebekah said in gleeful tone, not-so-subtly pushing her brother and niece to the entrance. “Now go buy some matching outfits. Got to look stunning if you want the crown, right?”

Once Kol and Hope was out of the scene, Klaus asked Rebekah, “Are you certain they’ll win ?”

“I want to return to our show, all right?” Rebekah answered with a shrug. “Teen dramas are just good at the beginning. It gets boring after a few minutes. But they’re the most popular at their school, aren’t they not? If not them, then who?”

With Rebekah’s assurance, Klaus pushed the tiny matter aside to enjoy Daenerys and her dragons.

The party was pretty mundane until Lucien arrived uninvited with a flock of obnoxious drunken exotic dancers (this year he actually compelled genuine strippers) and stirred things up. Returning home in an upbeat mood, Elijah didn’t foresee finding his little brother and niece, gorgeous in their Homecoming outfits by the way, sulking in the kitchen. They had been quite excited about the event, so he expected them to go home radiating with the aftermath buzz, not being two cluster of heavily focused glum energy. Did they just hit the angsty teen phase? Elijah was no expert on the field but he had had plenty first-hand experience during his short time as a temp history teacher and thus knowing this was the worst stage before their transition to adulthood.

Okay, he decided, if the next minute they started crying or going emo, he was going to call for help, scratch it, shout for help, whether it was as far as the bayou or just on the upper floor and buried in thick blankets after three days of binge-watching a toxic number of TV series.

“What happened?”

The question was formed in his mouth, chewed a few times to make sure there was nothing wrong before making its way to his lips, when it was halted by Kol’s statement: “We didn’t get the crown.”

And then Hope seamlessly followed: “Aunt Freya and Uncle Finn became the King and Queen.”

“It doesn’t make sense,” Kol cried. “How could Finn beat me in the popular department? Come on, he hangs out mostly with geeks and have you ever heard they attend any party other than Comic Con?”

It would upset his little brother even more if he were to tell the truth, so Elijah kept silent about the tiny fact that their older brother, despite common belief, used to be very popular with the village girls back in their human days.

“Aunt Freya isn’t even a student. I mean, why did they vote for her when her name wasn’t on the list?”

Ah, that must have been Finn, Elijah thought. Also, he didn’t want to point out that had the two of them not spent the day committing their petty vengeance, perhaps they wouldn’t have lost their votes. Yes, he had been thoughtfully updated by Rebekah and Niklaus.

Salting the wound wasn’t Elijah’s habit so he gave his brother and niece a pat on the head. “Quite an eventful night, wasn’t it? Who wants ice cream and the juicy details of how Lucien wrecked Tristan’s party?”

End (Maybe?)

Beautiful Mistake – The Originals 3×06

Warnings: spoilers galore and inadequate to qualify as a review

Stefan appropriately summarizes the sixth episode…


…in which Freya and Elijah save a bunch, Marcel, Hayley and Rebekah are included in the bunch to be saved (though Bekah fights and kicks a lot of assess before her rescue), Cami saves a barely known person by selling the Mikaelson lot to Lucien, Lucien has a temporary play toy (that cooks and cleans for him!) while Klaus and Aurora go on a date (and get laid).


I have a feeling this season of The Originals may follow a pattern: odd-numbered episodes for flashbacks and even for present day. The second episode was a bomb with Hayley vs. witches fight and Hayley vs. Klaus, with a little Elijah and Jackson vs. Lucien sprinkled in between. The fourth might be all festive but it provided a very satisfying Marcel vs. a-Strix-member-whose-name-I-don’t-care-to-remember-because-he-only-lasts-one-episode (it’s tiring to type with little hyphens like this!). Like its predecessors, the sixth, titled Beautiful Mistake, once again gives us an impression that we’re indeed watching an action show, as it’s fast-paced and tight-packed with a lot of fighting.

Let’s have a look at those fights.

For an action-prone episode, Beautiful Mistake starts out peacefully enough. Klaus is in some room, holding a phone and looking positively constipated, I’m sorry, murderous, while Aurora is on the bed with only a blanket to cover herself. Nope, just a friendly, innocent chatting between exes. Nothing happens. The scene is rewinded 24 hours backward just so our viewers can understand what the hell has happened. Alone in her magic room, which I believe to be the tower where Finn and later Dahlia hosted, Freya is cooking some magic in her witch pot that involves a shot of tequila/whiskey/bourbon/etc., a world map, a spell and herself having a fun chat with her little sister Rebekah. Anyone ‘AWed’ at this scene please raise your hand. In last review, I borrowed Aurora’s line “Where’s the hell is Rebekah?” to voice our collective wish to see the Original sister again, either witch or vampire, and voila, Maisie Williams’ Rebekah is back, looking happy and hopeful that she’s finally found a resurrection spell for Kol. Too good to be true? Pretty much. Because the moment Freya leaves, Rebekah is attacked by The Strix. 1—2—3 and a throat is slit.


Hello, Maisie. Goodbye, Maisie. Good to see you again and sad to see you leave. You will be missed as Eva Sinclair and witch Rebekah dearly.

No sarcasm or Katherine-style laugh, please. Thank you.


Meanwhile, half the globe away, Freya, unaware of her sister’s peril, comes home to find their house devastated by the Klelijah hurricane. This is precisely where the previous episode’s cliffhanger ended. While most of us had to wait painfully for a whole week, holding onto the promise of an epic Klelijah fight, the producers had another idea in mind. By the time Freya arrives home, the fight has already ended and the two culprits of this mess of the century are sitting together and sharing a drink. Anyone feels cheated like I did? How about a little more super-punching, shredding each other’s clothes (Elijah’s precious suit couldn’t ruin itself, OK?) and tossing each other around? I guess that’s too much to ask.

How the hell is Elijah’s hair is still immaculate while the blood on his face and the state of his clothes are screaming rough sex fight??? Incomprehensible.


Being the “gentlemen” that they are, Klaus and Elijah call a truce and direct their rage at their first-sireds, who Elijah basically mind-raped and forced into living the miserable life of refugees so he and his siblings were enjoying themselves elsewhere. And you know what’s even more terrifically terrifying than all of these, it’s that Elijah had zero intention to release Tristan, Lucien and Aurora from their compulsion. If Elijah hadn’t been daggered by The Hunters in 1100s, would the Trinity’s compulsion have lasted until today?

Imagine the Mystic Falls gang would have had to deal with two sets of Originals, because Lucien, compelled to believe he was Klaus, would have tried to break the Sun and Moon Curse while Tristan would have helped him since he loved Lucien. Imagine the utter chaos.

Forget Klaus’s, Rebekah’s or Kol’s or any other vampires’ compulsion, Elijah is the king of this trick. Very cruel and selfish but oh-so brilliant. Bravo.

It turns out my brother is even more depraved than I am. He is the noble stag no longer, indeed an altogether different beast is creeping through the cracks.” — Klaus

“He’s your worst nightmare.” — Rose

Elena and co. should thank God that they didn’t have to truly deal with this dark, lethal side of Elijah.

On a side note, let’s congratulate Tristan, Lucien and Aurora on surviving The Destroyer Mikael.

In fact, I’m quite satisfied with this twist in Elijah’s plot. Ever since The Vampire Diaries, Elijah had been the one to clean up after whatever mess his siblings created—must have been the most tedious, boring job on Earth. Now, it’s Elijah’s own mess that they have to clean up, and a huge one at that. This reminds us viewers that Elijah had to play the ‘adult’ role in this family for a thousand years merely because the situation forced him to, and that he is not much mature than Klaus and Rebekah (his ‘manifestation’ in Esther’s magic-induced dream was but a teenage boy!). Stepping down from the self-proclaimed patriarch gives him more freedom and more ground to play.

Back to Rebekah, who body-jumped back to her Original body thanks to her witch one being murdered only to find herself surrounded by Aya and a bunch of Strix members. Like most cliché fights on TV and movies, before they get to the punching and kicking part (and maybe hair pulling too), the two have to exchange some words first. From their chit-chat, we learn a few things about Rebekah and Aya’s relationship: 1. They knew each other way long back and 2.  Aya seems to harbor some grudge against Rebekah, whether it’s entirely personal or something more complicated remains to be seen.


Cut to their cat fight which is very entertaining to watch, and then Freya’s come to the rescue. Did I say in the last review that I wished to see Freya kicking asses? Now watch and count how many vampire asses she kicks in a matter of seconds!


Aya isn’t the only Strix member that Rebekah knows. She knows their leader, “the stuck-up twit” Tristan, of course, she knows Aya, calling her “Elijah’s little protégé” and she also knows Shen Min, an 800-year-old vampire who was ordered by Tristan to remove Hayley from the playground (my heart is with you, those who ship Tristan and Hayley, or Trayley ship). It makes me wonder whether Rebekah herself was involved in the foundation of The Strix at some point in her life. Talking about Shen Min, this Asian vampire really has me intrigued because, for one, he is an Asian vampire, or Chinese vampire, if you base on his name. Note that Chinese folklore does include vampirism; however, their vampires are more rigid, pale corpses that have little use for their decaying brains than sharp-dressed, good-looking men. Another reason is his name—not only Chinese but also Han (referring to the major ethnicity in China) although, according to Marcel and Elijah, he was the torture consultant of Genghis Khan before he became a vampire. Since he was Khan’s subordinate, shouldn’t he have a more Mongolian-sounding name? From my experience of watching wuxia series and reading wuxia novels for years, I can safely say that it’s very rare for a Han man to be promoted to such a high-ranking position in Genghis Khan’s army.

Source: http://theoriginalsonline.com

Han or Mongolian, sane or lunatic, Shen Min, true to his nickname Red Sorrow, is a force to be reckoned with. Despite being infected with wolf venom and having lost a lot of blood, he manages to break his vervain-soaked restraint and turns the table on a vampire and a hybrid in full health. It is then up to Elijah to save the day as he defeats Shen Min with ease and compels him to spill Tristan’s plan—how careless Tristan was not to have his subordinates on vervain! When we are thinking it’s almost done, Shen Min surprises us one last time as he breaks free of Elijah’s hold and would rather burn in the sun than betray Tristan. Wow. How great a leader is Tristan to inspire such loyalty? Klaus and Elijah could learn a thing or two about leadership from this dude.

While Elijah’s side emerges triumphant, Freya’s side is not very fortunate. Freya is bested by the Moroccan witch’s spell trap, being thrown back to her flesh body and Rebekah is sadly daggered. Whether we want it or not, Claire Holt appears not yet ready to return as a regular of the show and thus, Rebekah is likely to be absent in a few next episodes, “perfectly safe” and tucked away some place only Aurora knows.


Speaking of Aurora, she may be the true winner of this episode. She spends time and plays with Klaus, successfully fending off any of Klaus’s attempt of interrogation, and as the same time, she steals all her brother’s hardworking fruit of labor. Some sister she is. Even better, she spills the Trinity’s true intention to Klaus in a heartbeat. Guess next time Tristan plans to do something, he has to take into account Aurora’s tendency to act on her whims and wrecks his plan.


Don’t tell me in the next episode, both Lucien and Aurora will sell Tristan to the Mikaelsons. Judging from 3×08 stills, it’s a likely possibility as the other two are free while Tristan is caught and subjected to some BDSM delicacy.

Source: http://theoriginalsonline.com

I definitely won’t complain about the BDSM!

On the other side of the city, Cami is engaged in a battle of her own with Lucien, who kidnaps her and uses Detective Kinney as hostage to force her to find a dark object. She fights hard and you have to give her credit for her spirit—she remains relatively calm until the end and even manages to order Lucien to save Detective Kinney first. Before chastising Cami for needing to be rescued now and then, my friends, do take into consideration that she’s merely a human who possesses no supernatural powers whatsoever. It’s harsh, yet true when Lucien says that against vampires, especially ancient ones, regular humans have no way to win.

Now I’ve read some complaints that Rebekah is acting stupidly since she doesn’t kill Aya and others when she has the perfect chance. Personally I don’t think it’s stupid at all. First of all, she’s in a hurry to her “witch rendezvous” and ripping that many vampires’ hearts is not only time-consuming but also dirty—she wouldn’t want more blood on her pretty hair and clothes. Secondly, more importantly, I believe Rebekah spares Aya’s life due to Aya’s connection with her brother, Elijah. Notice when Rebekah refers to her as Elijah’s protégé. Aya isn’t some random vampire; she was turned by Elijah, making her part of the first generation together with Tristan, and it isn’t hard to imagine at some time, she might be Elijah’s student like Gia. Rebekah probably doesn’t want to kill someone whom Elijah knew “intimately” in the past—she is no Klaus. That’s also the reason why the Originals subconsciously go the long way in dealing with their firstborns instead of just ripping their heads/hearts off and be done with it. They talk about killing Tristan, Lucien and Aurora all the time yet deep down, they harbor some bonds with their firstborns with prevent them from severing the Trinity’s mortal coils. Remember in season 1 they threatened to kill Marcel all the time and now, in the third season, Marcel is still kicking? It’s the same with the Trinity.

Highlights of the episodes:

  • Elijah’s smile when Freya asks him what he did to the Trinity. Admit it, you secretly want him to get less noble just so you can see that particular curve of lips.

  • Mikaelson’s bonds: Freya—Rebekah, Rebekah—Kol, Elijah—Klaus, Freya—Elijah, Elijah—Rebekah and Klaus—Rebekah. Witness how Klaus’s loving mood turns murderous when he receives the news that Rebekah got captured.


  • Elijah and Klaus’s explanation to Freya about their “civil discourse”
  • The sketches Elijah arranges. Are they Klaus’s? Did he draw Elijah at some point since one of those sketches looks a lot like Elijah’s portrait?


  • Aurora’s compelling a woman to give her an emerald necklace. If her sing-song tone and cuckoo attitude haven’t reminded me of Blood+’s Diva, this certain does, since Diva once kills a man so that she can have his cute snickers.
  • Aurora’s talking about how painful it felt when their compulsion worn off


  • Freya’s magic. Freya sure has some very unusual tricks. Now if Bonnie could learn these spells from Freya, I’m pretty sure regaining Mystic Falls from the Heretics would be a lot easier.
  • Hayley’s “I don’t care if he’s a Gemini who likes long walks on the beach.”
  • And Marcel’s “I’m fine. Thanks for asking.”
  • Aya vs. Rebekah
  • Freya’s snapping all vampires’ necks with a spell
  • Shen Min. I seriously wonder how an ancient Chinese/Mongolian man could be this tall and handsome.
  • Also Marcel & Hayley vs. Shen Min

  • Cami’s attempt to trick Lucien
  • Lucien’s hugging Will Kinney from behind

  • No Jackson =)))))). And no Tristan, either. I guess while everyone’s running busy all day, Tristan takes a happy, satisfying nap.

One Tiny Problem – Extra 4

Disclaimer : Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom : The Originals

Rating : K+

Pairing : Kolijah – Elijah Mikaelson x Kol Mikaelson (sort of)

Genres : fanfiction, alternate universe, humor, fluff

Characters: Freya Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Hope Mikaelson and many others

Summary: An AU in which Kol is resurrected by Freya, in the form of… a baby.

Inspired by whatevenkol’s idea and given permission to write this story



Sometimes Elijah could not help but wonder, with a wary sense of apprehension, how much Kol remembered of his past life. Or lives, if you counted his brief days possessing the young witch Kaleb.

Freya told them that Kol’s mind had been blissfully adjusted to his physical form, meaning he would think, behave and most importantly, remember as a child and not as an ancient vampire, but even she, the caster of the spell, couldn’t be doubtless.

There were moments they caught her gazing at their brother, her eyes filled with unvoiced worry. The older Kol got – from a baby to a toddler and then a playful child that ran around the compound with preternatural speed – the more frequent and longer Freya’s mute gaze became.

It would be best if his mind had a total reboot – a pristine blank page eager to absorb the events of his reincarnated life – and matured according to his age, free and unperverted by the bloody phantoms of centuries past, but it was just too bright a scenario. One thing they knew for sure was nature had a way to mess with unnatural existences, and what was Kol’s but an unnatural existence?

Klaus, being Klaus, was the first to propose a memory-swipe as a safe measure: who knew when the old memories could surface and what havoc they would wreck on Kol’s mind. They could drive him mad – madder than his lunatic old self – and they could destroy him. Although practical and arguably what they had all thought at one point or another, his proposal was met with fiery objections from Elijah and Rebekah, at times their arguments culminating in violent blows – flesh cut open, blood spilled and countless pieces of furniture trashed, and still their issue remained. It fell on Freya to put an end to their dispute, claiming that there was no spell for such a wide and thorough memory wipeout, as the mind was sacrosanct and any small, careless act could lead to catastrophic consequences.

“We wait and see,” she concluded and so, they held their breath as each day passed and their baby brother grew bigger and bigger.

It was proven that the young Kol had much to surprise his siblings.

“Rebekah, tell me how handsome I am!”

They were scattering in the living room, one of the few quiet and peaceful moments of their tumultuous existence, doing whatever they desired or just simply passing the time when Kol rushed down the stairs with his peculiar demand.

The familiarity of the words as well as the gleeful tone gave them all a jolt.

Unaware of the tidal wave he had just brought down his siblings, Kol grinned from ear to ear as he showed them a black-and-white photograph.

The Christmas in 1914, they were throwing a party to celebrate, when Klaus and Elijah once again put Kol in a magic-induced sleep that had lasted to present day.

Their shared thought was that memory fragment had returned to Kol, and it invoked a chilling talon hooking to their spines.

“Bekah?” Kol asked, waving his hand in front of his dazed-eyed sister. “Nik? ‘Lijah? What’s with the sudden silence?”

“Where did you find it?” Elijah asked, glancing sideway at Klaus. He thought they had hidden it well; now he regretted that they hadn’t incinerated it, along with a few trinkets left behind by the old Kol. It was just photographs of their brother were so rare that he couldn’t bear to destroy any of them, especially one that had captured their scarce, precious moment as a family.

Kol looked perplexed for a second. “I found it at the bottom of the drawer. Who hid it so carefully and come to think about it, why didn’t you show it to me before?”

“Do you,” asked Rebekah with badly concealed hesitance, “remember anything that happened after this photo was taken?”

Scratching his head, Kol replied, “Not really. Am I supposed to remember anything important? I know this was I the moment I laid eyes on this figure but… that’s as far as I know. Anything else’s a big fat zero to me.”

The siblings exchanged a look that spoke volume of their relief. Were Kol not within sight, they might let out a lengthy exhale.

“Of course you looked handsome,” Rebekah said, gazing at the black-and-white Kol. “If I had to rake my brain I still couldn’t find a moment you didn’t. The dashing rouge as many said.”

“Strange, I kind of expected you would say something like you couldn’t be compelled. Say, will I look like this photo in ten years’ time?”

“Only if you had your veggies, Kol,” Klaus quipped. “And go to bed early. Otherwise your height will be stunted and you’ll end up a dwarf.”

“No way!” Kol yelped. “I looked at least the same height as you, Nik, maybe even taller!”

His rebuke elicited a few chuckles from Rebekah. “That’s because Nik refused to go to bed early, isn’t that right, Elijah?”

“How could you know that this was you?”

Kol fiddled with the photograph in his hands as he clearly struggled to answer Elijah’s out-of-the-blue question.

“I… have no idea, honestly. When I looked at it, it was some sort of nostalgia dabbled at my brain… like I definitely saw this scene before, and was in it. It’s hard to describe. I just know. Plus, I saw you, Nik and Bekah in there.”

Klaus and Rebekah didn’t even realize they subconsciously holding their breath as Elijah voiced their collective anxiety, “You don’t question why you used to be all grown up but now you’re a ten-year-old?”

“‘Lijah, you’re playing Sherlock with me or something?” Kol laughed. “I don’t remember any of this, true, but I do recall it was my choice, well, the old-me’s choice to be more exact.”

“The old-you?” Rebekah echoed.

“The old-me was a lunatic so I really can’t complain.”

Turning to Elijah, he asked, “But I’m good, right, ‘Lijah?”

“When aren’t you?”

“Except when you turned all his suits into T-shirts and jeans.”

Feigning ignorance to Nik’s comment, Kol beamed brightly. “You said if I’m good, you’ll take me to movies, don’t forget that. Now I’m going to show Hope this awesome photo.”

He ran off once he finished his sentence, leaving behind his bewildered siblings.

“Who invented this spell was a bloody genius,” Rebekah commented. “We’ve been worrying over nothing.”

While Klaus found himself nodding in agreement, muttering “Crisis averted,” Elijah had yet to let go off his frown.

Was it really nothing?

He knew it wasn’t; nevertheless, he kept that burden of a secret to himself.

This was not the first time Kol had alarmed him with fragments of resurfaced memory.

“‘Lijah, why father keeps making me practice sword? I don’t like sword.”

On the wall the grandfather clock ticked 3 o’clock when Kol appeared at the door of Elijah’s room. With snots running from his nose, Kol’s tear-stained face dealt a sharp blow to Elijah’s heart. He rushed to Kol, kneeling in front of the boy. “Tell me what’s wrong, Kol.”

“Father makes me practice sword. I don’t want to, but father’s so angry. Father will hit me. Father beats Nik so hard,” Kol cried.

A whole different kind of pain was lodged into Elijah’s chest. A déjà vu, no, a memory that was so cold it chilled him from the inside out. On some night a thousand year ago, Kol came to him and clung to his neck, muttering these same words with the same frightened expression on his young face.

“Why’s your hand so cold, ‘Lijah?”

“Where did you see Mikael? Did he come to you?”

There was no way Mikael could come back, wasn’t it? Klaus had seen to it when he drove the White Oak stake through their father’s heart years ago. The second time.

“Father’s in my dream. He’s so angry, ‘Lijah. I’m so scared.”

“It’s alright,” Elijah hushed. “He can’t hurt you now. He isn’t here anymore. I am.”

He wiped Kol’s face clean with his handkerchief and hugged him tight.

“But if I close my eyes, I’ll see him again. Can I stay with you, ‘Lijah?”

Another bout of shock hit Elijah, for this was the exact sentence the Kol of the past had said to him. Just how much memory Kol had regained, or he merely spoke them out, unaware that the structure, the words had been long imprinted in his mind which was not young as he thought.

And, like the fifteen-year-old human Elijah of the past, Elijah of today could not refuse his crying and afraid little brother. The words came out of his mouth were, he was acutely aware, the same words he had spoken millions nights past.

“Of course you can stay with me,” he assured Kol, picking the four-year-old boy up with ease. “Father will not come to you now that I’m here. I won’t allow to him to lay a hand on you.”

Tucked in and safe in his brother’s embrace, Kol was soon lulled into a peaceful sleep while Elijah wasn’t granted the same favor. He laid awake all night, listening to the rhythm of Kol’s heartbeats gradually coming to a serene pattern.

Those were music to his ears.

Since that night, Kol had made it a habit to sneak to Elijah’s room whenever to he felt the need to be enveloped in his brother’s warmth. Mikael rarely visited his dreams again, which was blissful news not only to Elijah but also to the rest of them, and taking his place was Boogeyman, Big Foot and a litany of monsters lurking under the bed that the young, imaginative minds of children were able to conjure to keep them from their sleeps. Klaus had laughed his ass off, Freya sniggered and Rebekah teased him mercilessly, yet still Kol held onto his childish fears, believing with a fervor that those monsters were far scarier than his hybrid, vampire and witch siblings. Elijah, being the big brother that cosseted Kol, said nothing of the matter as he allowed Kol to his room whenever the boy wanted.

Still, if only it was imaginative monsters that Kol feared.

There was yet another incident that Elijah didn’t dare to tell Niklaus and Rebekah.

It was a night unlike any other nights, when Kol, not bothering that his thundering footsteps might wake the entire household, ran to Elijah’s room. His eyes were red and puffy, and his face crumpled in a grimace that immediately jammed a stake in Elijah’s heart.

“Why was I on fire, ‘Lijah?” Kol sobbed. “Why did my chest hurt so?”

Later, Elijah would begrudge himself for not being able to grasp what Kol was trying to tell him that instance. He hadn’t been there the day the old Kol died. Hadn’t even been remotely near. And if he tried to pinpoint where exactly he had been, the answer came out a grievous shame. He, the supposed big brother, indulged in the carnal pleasures with the serpentine beauty Katerina for his own selfish desires while Kol had been gruesomely murdered. An alone, painful and meaningless death that could have been averted had he been there for his little brother.

He hugged the young Kol, squeezing the small body as if trying to apologize without words. “A scary dream, Kol, a nightmare,” he whispered, “don’t be afraid.”

“It’s not a dream, ‘Lijah! It felt so real.”

“But it wasn’t,” he said, picking Kol up and carrying him to the bed. “It is no more. Stay with me. You’ll be alright. You’ll be safe. I promise.”

Next he was singing, humming to be exact, a wordless lullaby their mother used to hum when a young one was awaken by nightmare. The magic was in the tune itself, not the singer, she said, and never before Elijah so wished it would work.

Some day I’ll tell you all, he promised the sleeping Kol. Everything that happened, every right and every wrong. Provided that you haven’t remembered them first.

The next morning Kol woke up without a sliver of memory of his nightmare.

(To be continued. Maybe.)



You Hung the Moon – The Originals 3×02

Warnings: incessantly failed attempt to write a serious episodic review and spoilers, sprinkled with self-made memes. You have been warned.


“The overture is over. The curtain starts to rise.

You’re suddenly in clover. You can’t believe your eyes.”

There’s Nothing Like a Show on Broadway THE PRODUCERS (2005)

After a somewhat slow premiere, The Originals has started to picking up its pace, which results in a generally intense episode in terms of actions and emotions. For those who complained that The Originals was boring and not on par with its parent show, The Vampire Diaries, it’s now safe to take back your words.

The title of the second episode is You Hung the Moon, which alludes to the werewolves in general, as their existence depends on the lunar cycle, and Hayley’s pack, The Crescent, in specific. It continues right after the previous episode, where Elijah’s littered the bayou with hunters’ corpses – it’s never wise to mess up the date of an angry vampire, especially when such date happens only once a month. As Elijah wanders around looking for Hayley, he comes across a naked and wounded Jackson, who some anti-Jackson fans, me included, hoped against hope was amongst the dead wolves Elijah found in the hunters’ trunks. Being the creator’s pet, Jackson of course didn’t die such an unannounced death – he’s back on two legs and extra-worried that his wife doesn’t show up like she should have. So, after having Elijah tended to his bullet wound, he and the Original vampire team up to seek Hayley.

It’s hilarious to imagine that Elijah, holding baby Hope in his arm, walks with a fully naked Jackson to the cabin, where the wolf can have something decent to wear. Did Elijah have to cover Hope’s eyes the entire time?

Somewhere else in the city, Hayley, the ultimate target of Elijah and Jackson’s searching quest, and later, Klaus’s, is making a shady deal with Davina to free herself and her pack. Heeding Marcel’s advice, Davina decides to teach the witch that hurt her earlier a tough lesson, using no other than the frustrated, furious and desperate hybrid. Needlessly to say, the result is messy. Aside from being a misinterpretation of Marcel’s advice, Davina’s plan is, let’s say, complete idiotic. Many witches present at the meeting witnessed Kara going against Davina and a few short days later, Kara ended up a charred body, amongst some others from her coven. A mere coincidence? Hardly. Bet Davina didn’t think it through when she planned her opponent’s downfall.

Killing off (innocent) witches allows Hayley to blow off some steam, yet it’s enough. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn, the old saying applies strongly to the queen of the wolves, who carries in her heightened emotions stemming from vampire blood. As she comes to the compound all tousled-haired and bloodied-faced, she attacks Freya with no mercy (and completely unnecessary) and immediately goes after the conductor of her miseries, Klaus. Seems to me beating the crap out of Klaus is more important than freeing her husband from chains to Hayley. Oh wait, he can free himself. Then someone kindly tell me, what’s the point for those chains in the first place if Jackson can easily break them???

21st-century supernatural custody battle

I’m not going to dig deeper in this scene, since it has already been analyzed over and over on Tumblr. It’s intense, it’s raw, it’s emotional and it helps cement my belief that Klaus and Hayley, with all their horrible temper, their blood thirst and their tendencies for violence, deserve each other. Keep in mind that I’m by no means a Klayley shipper, nor am I a Klamille or Haylijah. One thing I get from watching The Vampire Diaries (apart from some serious fuck-logics) is that every ship is possible and every ship has the potential to sink. At the beginning of season 1, I sort of shipped Elijah and Hayley; however, my shipping heart sank when Hayley decided that she should marry Jackson (that and her too-swift change of heart – one episode she claimed she didn’t love Jackson and a few episodes later she said she loved him). Then my heart was subject to another harsh blow when Elijah’s darling Gia was killed off. From then, I stopped shipping any canonical couples, merely going with whatever ships the show sail. Klaus and Hayley are connected by their giant love for their baby girl and if they manage to push aside all the terrible treatments they’ve inflicted on each other, they will make a powerful, invincible couple. Meanwhile, Elijah and the sweet Camille deserve each other – they’ve been getting along pretty well since season 1 and Cami’s strong point is that she isn’t judgmental, which goes well with Elijah’s mental baggage. Let’s face it, it’s getting frustrating to watch Hayley being in love with her husband while holding some lingering feelings for the man next door, sorry, across the street, and Elijah being tormented in a one-sided affection.

I noticed a trend to ship Freya and Jackson after this episode, which caused me to seriously roll my eyes. They exchange a few words, Freya touches Jackson to check the curse and later saves him from being a collateral damage in the hybrid fight, and that’s it. I saw none of the ‘sexual tension’ some shippers claimed (were we watching the same episode?). I also noticed a tendency to ship Freya with Jackson because if this ship thrives (and I hope it will never), it’ll serve either Haylijah or Klayley, which seems extremely unfair for Freya. Freya has been my favorite since she made her debut and it disturbs me if she’s paired with a man for the sake of other ships. And that’s not just any man, it’s Jackson!

Speaking of Jackson… Oh Jackson, how do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.

Understand that I bear no grudge against the actor, it’s Jackson and his characterization that I hate. Despite being a former Haylijah shipper, I dislike Jackson not because he’s contributed to this unnecessary triangle love. I loathe Jackson for being such an ungrateful man, especially to Elijah. Up until now, Elijah has repeatedly saved not only Jackson’s wolf ass but also his pack. Besides rescuing Jackson from the burning house and the explosion, Elijah helped with the injured wolves when Francesca orchestrated a bomb attack. He then helped free the wolf kids from Esther and Finn and most recently, he eliminated squads of wolf hunters. Although he’s done all of these for Hayley’s sake, the fact that The Crescent pack in general and Jackson in specific owe him a great deal remains. Yet Jackson’s attitude hasn’t been very exemplary of a thankful person. As we recall, near the end of season 2, Jackson was very rude to Elijah, attacking him while Elijah only wanted a few words with Hayley. Sure he hates Klaus, yet had Elijah been anything but kind to him to deserve the blows and taunts? After half a year, Jackson’s attitude remains unsurprisingly unchanged. When insulted by Klaus, he instantly rebukes, “Because everyone here is so damn civilized?”


This werewolf boy need be reminded that “everyone here” includes Freya, who has been nice to him, and Elijah, who has been tolerant and helpful (heck, Elijah bought Jackson and Hayley a house and preserved their wedding rings). Because this very attitude justifies Klaus’s calling them “savages”.

What do American Horror story: Hotel, Penny Dreadful and The Originals have in common? Aside from the romps with the supernatural world, all three shows have a white, smart-ass detective who unknowingly gets himself involved into cases that are bigger than his perception. In AHS we have Detective John Lowe (who other characters just can’t shut up about how handsome he is – he is indeed), in Penny Dreadful we have Detective Bartholomew Rusk (whose life we fear for since he’s on the ship with the werewolf Ethan), and finally, in The Originals we have Detective Will Kinney, who demonstrates his superior investigating skill by noticing the oddities in Cami’s family history, stalking her and… stealing her laptop. Seriously, this proves Cami is an angel for not getting furious. We all admire these characters’ determination and sense of justice; still, if there’s one thing we know about smart-ass detectives in supernatural shows where they aren’t the protagonists, it is their generally crappy fate. Having no idea how huge a shitpool they just get themselves into, they walk blindly into dangers, messing with wicked creatures that they, the human tokens, should run far, far away from. John Lowe’s fate is sealed when he walks into the Hotel Cortez, Rusk’s life is put in jeopardy and we should hope the actor’s popularity is big enough to protect Will Kinney in this crazy city where two gruesome massacres happen in a single night and a 1000-year-old vampire serial killer on the loose.

Finally, I want to talk a little bit about the prophecy. Not trusting the source, Elijah asks Freya to perform a ritual to test its authenticity. It’s true, and Freya delivers a more shocking news: the three remaining Originals will fall, one by friend, one by foe and one by family. Despite this new piece of information, the prophecy still remains vague: the Mikaelsons have a number of friends, countless foes and if we define “family” as “people related by blood,” that’s just about a few millions. However, there’s something we notice: it is Elijah who will be affected most by this impending peril. When he touches Freya to make her stop, the visions surge forth and we see his portrait splashed with blood. Some said this threat was not very threatening at all, since in the parent show, The Vampire Diaries, three years later, the Mystic Falls vampire gang (Klaus’s sire line) are still alive and kicking. However, it’s not Klaus that I’m worried for; it’s Elijah and Rebekah, especially Elijah.


Speaking of Rebekah, I would gladly trade Jackson’s screentime for hers. Why the hell nobody talks about where she currently is?

Highlights of the episode:

  • Marcel and Freya’s being buddies. So Marcel’s problem with the daylight ring is solved.

  • Cami’s flattering Klaus’s ego to get his help. Smart girl!
  • Klaus’s messing with Freya’s chance of a one night stand. Nice move, Klaus, that dude so not deserves Freya.

  • Klaus’s complaint that Freya cannot comprehend the use of a cell phone. She used it just fine, when the caller was Elijah, who didn’t try to cockblock her.


  • Elijah’s telling Freya that he trusts her. That speaks a lot, since in the last season he didn’t trust her. And Elijah shouts for her to stop when the spell is clearly hurting her. My Freylijah heart!!
  • Any Mikaelson brother-sister moments
  • And we have characters of Vietnamese root!! Kara Nguyen, who got killed by Hayley per Davina’s request and her son, Van Nguyen, who’s going to play a major role this season.
  • Lucien continues to be as entertaining as ever.

  • Elijah’s stabbing Lucien in the neck and calling him “My darling Lucien” right after. Plus, Elijah has better aim than Klaus. Remember how Klaus threw a bunch of stakes at the Salvatores and MISSED every single one.

  • Elijah’s deliberate mispronunciation of Lucien’s name. It should be LEW-SHEN instead of LU-SEE-EN. According to Michael Narducci, it’s his way of saying “fuck you.”
  • Tristan and Aurora in modern day. They’re both fine as hell.

  • Also Tristan and Aurora’s strong incest vibes


For the Next Millennium – The Originals 3×01

To me, there are two kinds of movies/TV series: the former includes movies/TV series that I watch for convenience, meaning it’s available for grasp while I’m bored and have no motivation to do anything else except being a couch potato so I watch it. With a movie/TV series of this kind, I keep my mind critical and my radar on for any illogicalities that pop out. And once I lose my interest in it, I immediately drop it and go for another. The Sleepy Hollow TV series is the most recent example.

The latter kind includes movies/TV series that are absolute trash to me: rarely are they the best on TV or critically acclaimed, sometimes even mediocre to many people’s standards; however, I’m seriously obsessed with them. I could watch them again and again, I could remember most of the lines, I become part of the fandom and contribute my share of fanworks, and last but not least, I’m devoted enough to drag my lazy ass up and start typing review for the new season premiere. (Note that I’m super lazy and a professional procrastinator.)

…Which is everything that happens to The Originals.

The Originals, as I’ve said in some of my previous posts, are by no means mediocre. The plot is intricate and going at break-neck pace, the cast is a perfect match between physical attractiveness and talent, and the emotions each episode inflicts on the audience is plain gut-wrenching. However, to actually write a review for each episode, as I did with Penny Dreadful – another brilliant show, highly recommended – presents quite a challenge to me (again, lazy). However, since my friend did encourage me to write and if I don’t, I feel like missing out a huge part of the fandom, here’s my weekly rant about the season premiere: For the Next Millennium.

Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate language and zero attempt to make a serious review

For the Next Millennium (very thankful because we audience didn’t have to wait an actual millennium to watch) begins with a flashback, just as the producers promised, when our Original vampires weren’t the well-known versions of present time. We have the Mikaelson we love to love, Elijah, the Mikaelson we love and hate with equal measure, Niklaus, the girl-power Mikaelson (that we adore), Rebekah, all-time favorite Mikaelson, Kol, and finally, the Mikaelson that we hardly know, Finn. To see them all together is a dream come true for most fans; to see them all together and doing “proper family squabbles” like five-year-old kids (minus homicidal tendency) is a wet dream come true. Bonus: actual Caspar Zafer playing actual brooding and snarky Finn.

I’m inclined to believe that I’m not the only one who is happy to see Finn back. I was quite taken by his and Sage’s love in The Vampire Diaries and have been hoping to see more of him (and hopefully, Sage). So far, we have Rebekah’s occasional visits and Kol’s portion in flashback and a web mini-series, but the original Finn (pun very much intended) is nowhere inside the plot. Finncent is fine as hell (all thanks to Yusuf Gatewood’s terrific performance) but let’s admit it, we want Finn and Vincent separately. The more the better.

So the flashback introduces to us a very different aspect of the Originals: before they are the posh, cultured and sophisticated vampires in designer fashion and having great hair we’ve come to love, they used to be runaways in God-knows-how-old clothes and with very bad hair (these wigs aren’t the most charming I’ve seen on TV), who knew next to nothing about fashion and social etiquette. I guess it is to be understandable considering how they’d spent their mortal lives amongst neighbors who went naked and howling on a monthly basis. Aside from their unusual dieting habits, their lack of manners would render them incapable of joining the higher society to enjoy the finer things life, which is what they’ve yearned for after a long period of running from their ax-crazy vampire father. But not to worry, Lucien has come to the rescue!

… Introducing Lucien Castle, a man with a handsome face, a sharp mind, a quick tongue and another bad wig (What’s wrong with all the wigs here?). Let’s not forget the funny last name. Seriously, this guy looks down on humans so much that he didn’t even bother to invent a proper last name to tell the real estate agent.

From a human captive (and dessert, according to Kol) to a helper of vampires, this is how Lucien’s complicated relationship with the Mikaelsons starts, which would later result in his becoming Klaus’s very-firstborn.

Still, Lucien isn’t the only F1 generation we get to meet in this episode. We also have a glimpse of Tristan and Aurora, the other two of the Trinity and let’s say they are a sight for sore eyes (thanks to seeing too many bad wigs): Tristan, as expected in a series full of pretty people, is handsome and mercifully short-haired – how he’s the only one to be spared from the wig disaster is an enigma, while his sister Aurora is “exquisite”, to quote a smitten Klaus.

Hopefully we’ll get to know more about them in the coming episode.

Before writing this review rant, I’ve seen many complaints about this episode being tedious and yawning. Maybe it’s just me but I’m perfectly fine with this episode’s pace. Surely it’s somewhat slow-paced but I’ve seen slower episodes in Penny Dreadful (the entire series being slow-paced, actually) but I still enjoyed them immensely as I did For the Next Millennium. It’s a necessary warm-up after a one-year hibernation and it sets the plot into motion. Certainly not the best but promising for better things to come. Plus, it’s nice to see the familiar faces again and getting to know what they’ve been doing in the six-month time skip.

It’s a fascinating coincidence for American Horror Story: Hotel and The Originals to start in the same month and in the same week, with only one day in between. As I follow both shows, I find some interesting similarities between them: They both have gorgeous and overall good cast who know their characters and what they’re doing; they both start with intriguing murder mysteries; they both include bloodsuckers, though in AHS case, it’s claimed to be an ancient blood disease rather than vampirism; and lastly, blood flows freely in the very first episode of both shows.

Speaking of blood flowing…

I’ve seen a comment that said people kept complaining about the amount of blood spilled in Game of Thrones while The Originals was not any less brutal. I guess it’s true in a way; however, while GoT is graphically violent and doesn’t hesitate to push characters to the guillotine, The Originals is a little more subtle about violence – scarcely are violence and gore portrayed onscreen as they more often than not happen off-screen and are more implied than straightforward. While it’s very clear that Elijah massacres the human hunters who hunted Hayley’s pack, audience don’t really see much of him doing the deed, only the corpses that are strewn on the ground. Similarly, Klaus’s tearing apart the unnamed art critic (a bone-chilling lesson for any art critic before they start criticizing someone’s works) is known to audience by the classic means of shadow. In addition, The Originals’s tried its best to preserve the lives of its main cast. And even if they are killed off, the premise of this series makes it possible to bring them back, meaning we aren’t too despair to hope for an official return of Kol and even Finn (Mikael can stay dead or in flashback, merci).

Although it’s still too soon to state any theory about the prophecy and the “beast that is to come”, I have a hunch that the beast will very likely be Elijah. Last season revealed his “Red Door”, a mental spot where he’s been hiding his monstrosities, and the idea that Elijah has the capacity to go extremely dark has been entertained. It’s only fit that the “Red Door” is exploited in this season, on the setting of a war between sire lines. Perhaps somewhere in the series, Elijah finally snaps and turns off his humanity, introducing to the world the beast that has been caged in him for a millennium! How appalling and thrilling it would be. We all remember well how devastating it was when Stefan went into non-humanity mode and thus Ripper mode; imagine a non-humanity Elijah. It would be apocalyptic to the supernatural world and human world in general.

Highlights of the episode:

  • The Originals’ being an adorable family
  • Kol and Finn’s constant bickerings
  • Elijah’s agreeing with Kol: Am I the only who thinks flashback Elijah acts much like present-day Klaus?

  • Klelijah moment, however brief
  • Rebekah’s cleavage =))))))). Even most powerful vampires aren’t above using honey trap.
  • Elijah’s swooping ass: Kudos for the humans for being able to exterminate a dozen of supernatural, vampire-killing wolves – less kudos for the humans for destroying wild animals in order to build golf courses and condos. I imagine the animal activists would cheer loudly when Elijah snaps that hunter’s neck.

  • Elijah’s doing boxing: poor Marcel and the young vampires become punching bags for one angry Original. He and Klaus aren’t so different after all with their anger issues.

  • Freya’s partying: Nice to see her enjoying herself and blending in just fine with modern life.

  • Elijah and Freya’s bonding: I need to see them get closer in this season. My Freylijah shipping radar is tinkling.
  • Klaus’s being genuinely upset about Cami’s words but doesn’t take it out on her but slaughters an art critic instead.
  • Klaus and Lucien’s being touchy: Nope, this season is totally not gay.

  • Lucien’s very failed audition for the Joker

  • Random naked wolf girl who isn’t shy about showing her wolf assets to a certain Original

  • No Jackson =))))))))