[Rant] The Tale of Two Wolves – The Originals 5×12

The Tale of Two Wolves

Warnings: spoilers alert, salty comments. The gifs and memes aren’t mine.

  • The title feels like a ripoff of A Tale of Two Sisters (a Korean horror movie later getting an American remake). Coincidence?


  • So we’re only one episode away from the ‘Always and Forever’ end, and yet somehow they use it to introduce the setting of Legacies – the town of Mystic Fall and the Salvatore school. I’m not the only who doesn’t care about all the little TVD references (that make absolutely no sense to TO-only audience) that keep popping up in the episode, am I?



  • Been really a while since Marcel and Elijah share a drink. Guess that means they’ve put all the grudges behind their backs.
  • I know Klaus loves and cares deeply about his daughter but watching her in her sleep is kind of creepy in my humble opinion. If I were Hope, I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep if someone sat by my bed and watched me.
  • Obviously a problem that can’t be solved by a thousand-year-old seasoned witch equipped with an equally old grimoire can be solved by a pair of preadolescent witches. Makes a lot of sense really.
  • Don’t know whether I should laugh or feel sorry for Stefan Salvatore whose diary containing his deepest, darkest secrets are being put on display WITHOUT his consent. I wonder how Stefan would have felt about his dearest wife’s liberty.
Just realized I’ve been using this gif of him crying way too much. Poor Stefan 😦
  • It’s amazing how easy Caroline agrees to let her daughters perform the ritual. Does she not know how perilous it is to let them come in contact with ancient evil power that is known to consume or control witches? Did she forget just a few years ago the Sirens and Cade wanted to take the twins and use their siphoning power?
  • … And the ‘Mother of the Year’ award goes to Caroline Forbes Salvatore.
  • Oh hi, Alaric, (not) nice to see you. Still the old and kinda boring Alaric I remember back in TVD.

i-only-want-to-be-a-history-teacher-the-originals-s5e12 (1)

  • But he definitely has a lot more sense in him than his co-parenting partner.
  • The twins Lisie and Josie (excuse me for being able to tell which is which), well, what should I say about them? True to Hope’s words, they give off mean-girl vibes, and not in the cute way. It may be a cultural difference but their attitude would be considered disrespectful to adults, especially this is their mother they’re talking to.
  • And how is shortening their uniform feminist?


  • Since we’re talking about the twins, if my memory serves well, Siphoners have to come into physical contact with the source of power in order to siphon it – Kai, Valerie and the pair of Siphoner vampires (my sincerest apology for being unable to recall their names) all have to did it. Even young Josie and Lisie were not exception. And now you’re gonna tell me they can tele-siphon power? Wow. That’s some improvement *insert sarcastic voice*.


  • That’s to be expected of Julie Plec, who clearly didn’t remember the rules in her universe. Seriously you cannot just fling in new exceptions or bend old rules to serve the plot. That’s lazy writing.
  • All of Hope and Elijah moments are the gem in this episode. Sadly they have to wait until the second to last episode to have their uncle-niece bonding.
  • Like younger brother, like older brother. Elijah tips so generously that he’s probably the dream customer of every waiter and waitress.


  • A glimpse of the afterlife. Huhm. Since Jackson is up there, I wonder who else is. Mikael and Cami are confirmed to appear on the series finale, so they’re certainly there. Is every supernatural creature who ever walked the earth there as well? What a crowded place, so not peaceful.
  • “Not the villain in my story”. Seriously Caroline?! If she truly believes that, well, she has no story at all, because this blonde vampire is neither Elena and Bonnie’s best friend nor Tyler’s ex-girlfriend. I’m so done with this rewriting the whole character just to propel a ship.


  • There’s a rumor going that both Klaus and Elijah will die in the season finale (and that they stake each other). While it sounds like bad news to some fan, I’m actually OK with such an ending – though I’d prefer they both survive and live on so that Hope has her father to dote on her and her uncle to share some secrets with (Elijah would be the type to be more chill with Hope dating a town than Klaus). To me, if either Klaus or Elijah died, the other brother would be devastated. It’s been proven again and again during the series that they complete each other and cannot live without the other. So if Julie really had to kill one (or more) Original(s) (we know she doesn’t have to, she just loves to), the least she could do is for them to walk side by side to the afterlife.
  • Most favorite thing of the episode: Hope’s ranting about the conception of the Miracle Baby and Elijah’s ‘suffering’ through it.

[Rant] Till the Day I Die – The Originals 5×11


Warnings: spoilers alert. Maybe some inappropriate jokes. The gifs aren’t mine.

  • It’s been a while since there was an episode that I have few complaints to make, meaning it’ll be relatively short.
  • First of all, congratulations to Freya on being the second Mikaelson to get married (not to mention to get a wife).
  • On the other hand, it really is not the best time for a wedding but since there’s only two episodes left so…
  • Freya sure looks stunning in that white wedding dress.
  • Hello Davina, long time no see. It appears she and Kol are very much enjoying their married life.
  • It’s kinda funny she still looks like that eighteen-year-old girl back in season 3. Witchcraft or what? I wonder why the makeup team doesn’t bother to make her a bit older. She’s supposed to be in her 30s, isn’t she?
  • Last time Kol did mention that she was working. I’m a little curious about her job. Is it involved supernatural stuff or not because if I remember correctly New Orleans witches can’t do magic outside New Orleans as their powers are bound to the land and the Ancestors.
  • There’s so much to explore and so little time left before we say goodbye.
  • Hope’s werewolf faction, for instance. Since hybrids can turn into wolves at will and free from the full moon’s compulsory turning, I thought a tribid wouldn’t be much different. Why’s Hope subjected to the full moon curse?


  • Maybe this is the first time I’ve felt something for the Freelin Never been much of a shipper.


  • Kudos to both Riley and the actress who plays Keelin.


  • On the other hand, Hope’s actress still gives me some frowns as her acting needs some serious improvements – she seems to move her head a bit too much. Personally I prefer Summer Fontana’s portrayal of young Hope.


  • The Declan’s subplot seems unnecessary and draggy. Not sure where it’s leading to.

Here’s a couple things I like about the episode:

  • Kol’s officiating the wedding. I kinda doubted Freya’s choice of Kol at the beginning (why not Elijah?) but it turns out spectacular. Kol could begin a career in this.

tenor (1)

  • Klaus, as usual, using threats of murder to secure the avenue
  • Rebekah and Freya choosing the wedding dress and having (long-overdue) sister talk
  • Klaus and Elijah, looking damn fine in their immaculate suits, walking their sister down the aisle
  • The Klelijah’s hug at the end. Once again it proves that Klaus turns to his brother whether he’s helpless and confused.
  • All the remaining Mikaelsons together in one place. That’s some sort of a miracle.

[Rant] We Have Not Long to Love – The Originals 5×09

the originals header pic [www.imagesplitter.net]-1

Warnings: spoilers alert. The gifs aren’t mine.

  • After praising the last episode for its plot and pacing, once again I feel that this episode is giving some filler vibes. Sure there are not one but TWO deaths in the span of 45 minutes, but let’s be honest, both perished characters haven’t stayed in the show long enough to make audience truly, deeply for them, so the audience is likely to remember them as much as they do poor Henry (who’s Henry, you ask?), whom nobody in the show talks about any more because everyone’s busy preparing for Mardi Gras.
  • It sounds cruel but true.
  • Poor Vincent can’t catch a breath in this damned city. Really, he can join Elijah on the suffering train. Why can’t Vincent allowed happiness and love?


  • Speaking of Elijah, first it’s Hope who blames him for Hayley’s death (which she herself also played a not-so-small part in if we are being honest), and then its Declan who blames him to have broken Hayley’s heart. I have to roll my eyes pretty hard here. Dude, you hardly knows him at all, and I don’t imagine Hayley sat down and poured her heart to Declan about her and Elijah’s past. This whole guilt tripping is NOT funny in the least.


  • Hey, I’m watching this show for family love and bonds, not domestic violence. No matter the reason, Hope’s beating her uncle (who loves her and sacrificed a lot for her) is NOT OK at all.
  • Something about Hope just screams off in this episode, and it’s not because she’s battling the Hollow. It’s Danielle’s acting. While her acting is hardly phenomenal (based on her performance as Hope so far), in this episode she seems to be trying too hard to act and ends up unnatural. Her scene with Klaus where Hope says she’s not ready to forgive Elijah is the hardest to stomach. Hope has never gotten on my nerves before but now she does.

giphy (2)

  • Nope, not looking forward to Hope’s show at all. I’d rather watch Charmed.
  • I am not the only one who thinks the purist vampire plotline is thin and unnecessarily dragging, am I? No, they are not as powerful and that big of a threat to our characters. Elijah, Klaus or Marcel could have just wiped them out and be done with it. None of them wants to avenge Hayley?!
  • So Marcel’s threat “No head garden, just your heads” is as empty as the Hollow’s heart. I thought he wanted to be the king of New Orleans. Kings don’t just threaten, they act.
  • The purist vampires have a witch to do astral projection but said witch doesn’t make daylight rings? PLOT HOLES!

giphy (3)

  • How many episodes has Freya not kicked any butts or simply done some magic?
  • Though I’m no Freelin shipper and genuinely unexcited about their engagement, it appears to be the only spot of light in this episode.
  • Most favorite thing of the episode: the song played when Ivy gets poisoned.

[Rant] The Kindness of Strangers – The Originals 5×08


Warnings: spoilers alert. No inappropriate jokes or salty comments.

This is perhaps the first episode of this season which I have nothing to complain about. The storyline is plot-hole-free (at least to me) and the acting is superb. Congratulations to the production team.

Let’s hope against hope that the remaining episodes retain the same quality since we have not long to watch, although it’s kinda unlikely (because of Plec, you know).

Here’s some thoughts on The Kindness of Strangers aka ‘Being Elijah Mikaelson is suffering’ (parodied from Fate franchise’s famous quote ‘Being Lancer is suffering’)

  • The ‘Chambre de Chasse’ plot is pretty use-worn at this point; however its development makes up for that, resulting in an emotion-choked episode that is a great (though painful) watch.
  • My prep involving spending two hours watching the third installment in the Hostel franchise (a torture porn franchise, in case you aren’t familiar with the name) isn’t enough to numb the pricking I feel while watching Elijah suffering (oh-so-beautifully) onscreen.
  • I guess his suffering is essential to the progression of the plot (because who doesn’t feel agony when their thousand-year-memory comes rushing in like a tsunami); still, my emotional, more irrational side can’t have questioning why the hell my favorite character has to endure so much pain and why he can’t enjoy a sliver of happiness *turning on Flaurie’s Hurts Like Hell in the background*. Honestly, this song should be Elijah’s theme song.
  • Still getting lots of and lots of Stefan’s vibes here. Since we all know how it ends for Stefan, Elijah-stans should prepare themselves in advance for what is to come, stocking in tissues and lots of comfort foods/drinks/films for example.
  • However, there’s still hope yet (no pun intended) and that is Klaus. We can safely bet on Klaus never letting his brother die on him.
  • Speaking of Hope, I wonder who (was in the right mind) to tell her Elijah stood and watched Hayley die. Klaus wouldn’t do something like that, Marcel and Freya weren’t there and if Roman had had the guts to show his face in front her, Hope would have shown him how much of a Mikaelson she is. Then who?
  • If my memory serves, when Hayley first arrived at the compound, her tummy wasn’t that visible.
  • Bekah and Marcel and their on-and-off tango.
  • All of Davina’s mentions make me miss the little but deadly witch. Wonder if Danielle comes back for the series finale (Come one we have Mikael and Cami, why not Davina?).
  • Normally I’d pick my most favorite thing of the episode but since this episode has so many things I like, I’m going to make an exception. So here’s a list of what I like about this episode:
  • Rebekah and Kol! It takes so damn long to see their faces again. (Too bad we won’t be seeing them in the next episode.)
  • Rebekah and Klaus having a reunion when Kol falls down on the sofa stark-naked. Just a normal Mikaelson family reunion. Besides, that reminds me of the little sitcom Significant Mother. Anyone watched it?


  • The snort Klaus makes when Hayley suggests the name “Katherine”. It’s a shame non-TVD viewers probably don’t get this joke.
  • Hope Andrea Mikaelson.
  • Klaus and Hayley having videophone.
  • Kol and Elijah having a proper talk with each other. This conversation is waaaaay overdue!
  • Elijah helping Kol get up. I guess that counts as the kindness of stranger.
  • Rebekah stepping up for Elijah. Guess even though amnesiac, he is still her favorite brother.


  • Klaus staying behind and helping Elijah burst through the Red Door. Now that’s the first step towards forgiveness because when it comes to his family, especially Elijah, Klaus always forgives.


  • The tears all the siblings shed watching Elijah cry out in pain. Yeah, even Kol.
  • And the tears Klaus shed for Hayley. I never doubt that he loved Hayley, perhaps not romantically, but he did love her as he loves his siblings and daughter.


  • The suit is back again. (And so do all the pains and burdens!)



[Rant] God’s Gonna Trouble the Water – The Originals 5×07

The Good, The Bad and The Vamp

Warnings: spoilers alert, inappropriate jokes, salty comments, just the usual stuff. The gifs aren’t mine.

  • How many episodes do we actually have this season? First of all, I find the lack of Kol and Rebekah very jarring. The actor and actress may have been engaged with other projects but come on, it’s the final season; at least allow the audience to see more of them. We still don’t know what the hell Rebekah’s been doing since she refused Marcel’s proposal (and called Caroline to check on her brother, pfff). Second, the story seems to be lacking focus and the Nazi vampires don’t pose as big a threat as they’re built to be so and they certainly lack organization, unlike the season three’s Stryx (even that was underdeveloped storyline) – they’re more like a bunch of ragtag bloodsuckers than anything. Easily squashed by either Marcel or Klaus or both once they stop their plague of overestimating the enemies and get their asses into real action. Come on. Marcel didn’t die and came back a super unkillable vampire and Klaus isn’t an Original Hybrid just so they have to tiptoe around dealing with that bunch of mortal vampires. Have. their. heads. already. Period. What happens to the “Not a head garden, just your head” badass boast? Don’t they want to avenge Hayley’s death? Guess they only have enough budget for epic mob fights for the first season.


  • Plec’s talent of bringing a wrecking ball to her own shows is in full swing. Sigh. This season’s getting a lot of vibes from TVD’s season five, which marks where the series was going downhill. Really down and never up again.


  • Caroline’s letter is a nice gesture and also further cements my belief (not that it needs to) that she’s as relevant to the current storyline as Lucien and Tristan (both dead, in case you forget). Cut out or replace all her scenes and everything remains unchanged. Take this letter for an example. Cut it out and we’d have had about 2 minutes to do whatever else, like Rebekah calls and asks after Hayley and Hope.
  • That reminds me neither Rebekah nor Elijah has had a scene with Hope since last season.
  • This is just so wrong since one of them advocated for Hope’s existence and the other acted as her surrogate parent for nine months.


  • It’s the Crescent’s Alpha’s second line and nobody (or wolves) from the Crescent shows up. What the heck? Why do the writers have their characters saying how Hayley was loved and respected by everyone in town and yet none shows up except terrorist-wannabes?
  • What’s wrong with Freya in this scene?! She’s one of the most powerful witches in town and when the terrorist-wannabes strike, all she does is get pushed aside by Hope and shout for Josh’s help?! What happens to the witch who snaps vampires’ necks and melts their brains with her fingers? Her powers are taking a rain check? This is a perfect opportunity to show (and remind) the audience how powerful and badass the firstborn witch of the Mikaelsons is because frankly Freya hasn’t gotten any action as of late. Even Ivy is getting more action than her.


  • Shout out to writers who created their characters to be canonically powerful only to have them act entirely powerless when it matters.


  • It’s either me bitchin’ or the season is really falling apart much like the Other Side.


  • But the silver lining is I got my Klelijah dose, which is fine.


  • I don’t recall Klaus creating any hybrids since TVD’s season four. Those hybrids were sired by Hope, why are they running to Klaus’s beck and call? That is so weird.
  • What’s with all the hate directed towards Antoinette? In-show, it’s justifiable since Marcel and Klaus hate her mommy and bro’s guts but out-show?? So far Antoinette has been a fairly decent character. Not only does she have the look, she has the style and a classic, elegant air that is pretty hard to find in modern-day vampire shows – again I’m gonna bring up Anne Rice’s vampires. She even shows dignity when remaining calm in the face of death. And up to this point, she stays clean of her parents’ doctrine and plans and she isn’t an enemy of the Mikaelsons. So what is it about her that makes fans detest her and even wish for her (agonizing) death by Klaus’s venom? Is it just because she comes as an ‘obstacle’ for the Haylijah ship?


  • Most favorite thing of the episode: Again, the songs.


[Rant] What, Will, I, Have, Left – The Originals 5×06

Warnings: spoilers alert, subjective comments. The gifs aren’t mine.

Before watching this episode I thought I’d be mad at how Plec and co. wrote it thanks to all the spoilers (and hate posts) floating around on Tumblr (I even intended to start this rant with “Dear Diary. Plec fucked it again). I even delayed watching it till yesterday, kinda afraid it might trigger my conditions. But I did watch it in the end and it turns out I’m not as mad as I thought I would.

I’m not mad at the fact it should be a Hayley’s episode but they still have the nerves to jam in redundant and irrelevant Klaroline moments. They aren’t that long anyway and pretty much tolerable.

the originals header pic [www.imagesplitter.net]

I’m not mad at Hayley’s death nor am I interested in the rumored drama behind the scenes regarding Phoebe Tonkin’s leave. Sometimes actors and actresses have other engagements and they’re unable to stay with the show any longer; or they don’t have as much enthusiasm and love for their roles as they used to; or something happens which the audience can only make wild guesses. Whichever the reason, it’s something that’s been already done and thus cannot be changed despite all the tear and anger. No use crying over spilled milk, as the saying goes. Plus, out of all the female leads’ death, Hayley’s the most badass and iconic – she stays true as a wolf till the end, fighting and taking her enemy with her; she’s already avenged her own death.

I’m not mad as how Elijah acts in this episode and do not think they’ve destroyed his character. Even though amnesiac, Elijah is still Elijah, an Original who fights and protects his family, and yes, Roman counts as his family now because he’s his fiancée’s brother, and possibly his future brother-in-law. If it’s not Roman whom he tries to save from Klaus, whom would it be since he has no memories of his previous life, and no memories equals no feelings? I doubt he even knows how Hope and Hayley look like: he’s heard about them but that doesn’t mean he knows them by their faces as he didn’t seem to recognize Klaus and Rebekah in the first episode. Now his feelings lie with Antoinette so naturally he’d want to protect those she loves. Back in seasons 1 and 3, when he had feelings for Hayley, he even protected the wolves at the bayou although I doubt he’d ever considered them his family. In season 2, Marcel tried to get Elijah to take care of the vampires through Gia. So yeah, I don’t think his protecting Roman while ignoring Hayley and Hope is out-of-character and he doesn’t deserve all the spits and stones people are throwing at him.

However, I am mad as…

… Marcel’s sore absence in this episode. Where is big brother when little sis is in peril? At home and bandaging Josh and maybe cooking some chicken soup for him?


… Declan’s noticing something weird is going because nobody seems to care that Hayley has gone missing, but he says nothing about the out-of-the-blue disappearance of Poppy, his colleague.

… Elijah’s not burning when he’s out bathing in the sun. Hasn’t he thrown away his ring a couple episodes last?

… the entire farce known as the binding spell. Didn’t Esther need a human doppelgänger’s blood as the key of the ritual. I assume they’ve found Elena somewhere in Mystic Falls and she and Damon get to reunite with their loved ones a few decades sooner. Or, Hope’s blood could act as the key element in stead of Elena’s, a fact so conveniently established in the last episode. Strangely enough, I don’t see them taking her blood.

Hayley’s binding comes off easily enough when nameless witch undoes it (no need to use magic!), yet Hope, with her tribid strength could not rip it apart.

… Klaus and Caroline’s reminiscence of the ‘good ol’ days’. You know, the time when Klaus tried to sacrifice her and ended up sacrificing her bff’s aunt, when Klaus terrorized the little town known as Mystic Falls with hybrid lackeys, when Klaus killed her boyfriend’s mom while the Christmas carols were playing in the background, etc. Has Plec forgotten all of these or her level of self-compulsion is just that mighty? Stop force-feeding TO-only viewers the wrong idea that the two of them were good buddies in the past! That’s just cheap.


Caroline’s expression speaks it all here

I assume they’re referring to Damon.


And this line! Really, who wrote it? It makes Caroline sound like a vengeful spirit haunting Klaus or a bad cosmetic product.


… that Elijah’s giving off Stefan’s vibes. Hurt as I will be, I won’t be surprised if at the end of the series, Plec has him died, I’m sorry, ‘sacrifice’ although there’s always another choice that doesn’t involved suicide. Because suicide is the best and only redemption, right.


Most favorite thing of the episode: Elijah’s snapping Caroline’s neck soundlessly. That’s just too hilarious not mention. Caroline should be thankful it’s only a neck snap instead of a heart rip.

[Rant] Ne Me Quitte Pas – The Originals 5×03


Warnings: spoilers galore, inappropriate jokes and comments, you know, the usual stuff. Some images and gifs aren’t mine.

Due to some personal issues I postponed writing this rant, but the new episode is about to come out and my principle is always finishing my rant before a new episode’s release, so here are my disjointed thoughts on the third episode of The Originals:

  • First of all, congratulations to JoMo for another successful episode, and it’s all the more special since it’s an Elijah-centric one (Did JoMo pick it himself?). He truly has a bright future as a director. Maybe one day we’ll get to watch a movie directed by him.


  • Second, damn Marcel and his compulsion. I seriously suspect he couldn’t help taking his revenge on Elijah in his compulsion: Erasing his memory and ‘Always and Forever’ should serve the purpose; why did he have to wipe out Elijah’s knowledge that vampires (and witches and werewolves) exist in this world and that he’s one? That’s way overkill, man. Did he not master his compulsion skill even after 300 plus years of practice??
  • And what’s with the taking away his credit card and money and pushing him onto a bus? That’s pretty petty, Marcel.
  • Disappointed in you I am, Marcel.


  • So amnesiac Elijah just went from riches to rags, from a 5000-dollar-suit gentleman to a hobo.


  • Maybe this is the first time I’ve seen a vampire economically struggle onscreen. Have always held on a firm belief that they’re all filthy-rich bastards.

giphy (1)

  • Antoinette, shall I compare thee to a… Anne Rice’s vampire? With her accent, elegance, and artistic soul to her way of life and method of feeding, she’s like a vampire walking straight out of the Vampire Chronicles. Pandora maybe?


  • It’s a shame Elijah didn’t meet her earlier. If he had, Antoinette would have helped him embrace his nature and appreciate his immortal gifts (she even uses the word “gift” to refer to vampiric abilities, just like Anne Rice’s vampires).
  • And they even share a prey. Boy, has feeding ever been this erotic on TO?


  • I don’t mind watching an entire slice-of-life series revolving around Elijah, Antoinette and their peaceful life together.
  • That’s to say I’m totally for this relationship. Though it’s still early to say anything but I hope this ship is something that floats (unlike some other ships that have hit an iceberg).


  • Also, Antoinette doesn’t deserve all the nasty comments from certain shippers.
  • Some comments berate her for being selfish and lying to amnesiac Elijah about his identity but I don’t think she’s being selfish (not sure if she has hidden agenda though). She already says it’s a path he has to walk alone when they part in New York so it’s not her business to tell him who he is; he has a clue and it’s up to him to pursue it and finds his answer. Moreover, even though Antoinette knows he’s the Original vampire Elijah Mikaelson, she probably figures that his amnesia isn’t a result of hitting his head somewhere but it’s not without purpose and reason. Elijah Mikaelson’s purpose and reason. So, again it is neither her place nor her business to ruin it by downright telling him his history.
  • A side note: amnesiac Elijah still shares normal Elijah’s type: beautiful, tall, brunette and supernatural.
  • And hey, she plays a musical instrument, like a certain late lover of his.
  • I’m torn between wanting Elijah to be happy and carefree and wishing him to regain his memory and these seem to be unsynonymous. Sigh. Elijah is defined by his love and devotion to his family. Without them he’s different character, one I’m not sure I will like as much as the old Elijah despite how sweet and tender his love for Antoinette is.
  • Speaking of it, will his feelings for Antoinette change once his compulsion is undone? That’s a question whose answer I’m looking forward to in later episodes.
  • Klelijah fangirls are no stranger to the bitterness and tears and angst, and this episode delivers all of them, with an emphasis on the angst. That’s why this episode definitely has a place in my top favorite episodes of this season. Broken down to pieces and then put back together stronger than before, that’s how the Klelijah ship is.


  • My rant is getting shorter it seems.
  • Most favorite thing of the episode: I’m torn with so many options (Elijah and Antoinette playing the piano together, their feeding, Elijah’s proposal etc.) but in the end, my inner fangirl wins, so here it is:



[Rant] Where You’d Left Your Heart – The Originals 5×01

Warning: spoilers galore, inappropriate jokes, salty comments on certain characters. The gifs and some memes aren’t mine.

I’ve been fighting with myself whether I should write something for the season premiere of TO because I’m kinda deeply involved with a game right now and thus have had less time for writing (unless it’s fanfic), but finally the side of me that wants to say something about the new season wins, so here’s a few thoughts about the episode:

  • “Man, maybe because it’s the final season they’re going bold and bringing the violence and obscenity a bit over top” was my thought when I first saw the gif of Klaus eating a raw heart. Uhm… is that considered cannibalism? Not sure how I should feel about. Yeah, it’s cool but sort of barbaric and not to mention, unhygienic. At least cook it into some haute cuisine first. It is not cannibalism (thankfully) since he only bites into it and then spits it out.
  • Klaus le Fou  has a nice ring to it. When I heard it, I immediately thought of the character le Fou in Beauty and the Beast and was surprised why anyone would ever call Klaus ‘the fool’ while he is anything but. Then I remembered ‘le fou’ actually means ‘the mad/crazy’. Blame that folly character in Beauty and the Beast for acting like a silly minion for comic relief.
  • Sorry, no speak French.
  • The Salvatore school for the Gifted looks like some sort of pretentious private school where rich parents send their spoiled brats to and the kids are here to be involved in a lot of drama instead of studying. Damon would probably shake his head and say this in his trademark mocking tone if he were to see it, wouldn’t he? I know he would. By the way, he’s still alive and married to Elena at this time right?
  • I wonder about the tuition free since obviously werewolves aren’t rich.
  • Anyone else thinks the Henry kid looks like Evan Peters (of American Horror Story), especially when Peters is Tate or Kyle (because of his curly blond hair)?
  • School bullying. Talk about drama and drama will come. What are Caroline and Alaric doing in times like this??
  • Here I thought a school for the supernatural would be different than a typical high school.
  • Henry’s likeliness to Evan Peters makes his dumbness more forgivable. But really, there’s affordable ways of killing a wolf other than jumping out of the window and making a scene, like poisoning with wolfsbane, hanging or drowning. Someone should have consulted a suicide guide before killing himself.


  • Seems like Hope’s gonna have a dumb hybrid lackey that may or may not be killed in a few episodes. We’ll see.
  • Please, no love triangle between Roman-Hope-Henry.


  • At least Hope seems genre-savvy, which is a good thing.
  • Sending Hope back to the Quarter is big no-no. What is Mr. Saltzman thinking? Has senility finally gotten to him? Could they just have her grounded in her room and put some magic object outside so she couldn’t use magic to get out?
  • This begs the question how much Alaric and Caroline knows about Hope and the Mikaelsons’ conditions.
  • Speaking of Caroline, I still see her presence in this episode pretty irrelevant to the plot other than to boost ratings. Why should Rebekah call her, and why does she have her number after all these years (Caroline’s still using the same number as she did 14 years ago?)? And all of sudden they’re old friends?!
  • Guess some non-TVD viewers are arching their eyebrows and asking who this blonde is and why she suddenly feels compelled to lecture Klaus? (Keep in mind this is the first time Caroline’s been on TO)


  • Nobody (namely Caroline, who brings up the fact that she was married and widowed on the same day) bothers to mention Stefan, who sacrificed his life so that everyone else lives their merry life. Poor dude. If Caroline had mentioned him then at least non-TVD viewers could have gotten the link between this Caroline character and Klaus. But asking Julie Plec to treat Stefan a bit fairly seems like mission impossible.


  • My mildly negative opinion of Caroline remains unchanged since TVD. Just can’t get myself to warm up to her character. And this has nothing to do with the fact that I am against the Klaroline ship and think it should never happen on TO.
  • Anyway, moving on.
  • Aw, Marcel. His proposal is just one step from perfection: timing. Nobody proposes at the season premiere; on the other hand, if they do at the season finale, the success rate is 100%. Take Kol as an example. He had a ring made last season and now he’s happily married. With Davina Mikaelson. As the Japanese say, “Naisu!”


  • Maybe Rebekah just wants to save Hope from raking her pretty brain to determine if she should call Marcel ‘brother’ or ‘uncle’.
  • Marry not your family, a wise one once said.
  • But seriously speaking, Marcel should have known Rebekah and the Mikaelsons in general long enough to figure out that none of them will be able to enjoy complete happiness once the family is still in danger. Even Kol implies he will be ready to come back should something happen.
  • I imagine Hope and Kol (and maybe Davina) have a lot of Facetime.
  • … while Freya and Keelin have little, and that’s why they’ve resorted to using magic. What if someone walked in?
  • Freya and Vincent have gotten over their conflict over the course of seven years, it seems.
  • Does the Klelijah ship need any more push since they’ve already sailed to the galaxy? What a happy time to be a Klelijah fangirl.


  • We know it hurts, Klaus, we really do.
  • Rebekah immediately softens when she hears Elijah over the phone. Relijah is going strong too.
  • Can they just be united already and Elijah becomes his old self again?
  • Elijah playing the piano is a huge YES!!!
  • Seven years has really turned Hayley into a mature woman. No more hotheaded Hayley of the past.
  • That Declan guy seems decent and as per the tradition of this show, nice human guys who are oblivious to the supernatural world around them tend to end up pretty bad. And since Declan’s involved with Hayley, his death rate has gone up by 50%. Let’s hope he lives until the midseason.
  • Overall, it’s pretty decent opening for the final season, despise some small glitches. Can’t promise whether I will continue to rant about the new episodes but I will definitely try.
  • Most favorite thing of the episode: Vincent’s voiceover at the end

[Rant] The Feast of All Sinners – The Originals 4×13


Warnings: spoilers (but I guess by this time most viewers have already watched the season finale), inappropriate jokes, careless language, messing up the order of events

  • Let me begin by saying that I’m not OK with the season finale, much less with the fact that it was intended to be the series finale. It’s emotional, yes. It’s heart-wrenching, yes. It concludes the story in some way but still leaves the door open for future possibilities, yes. Putting them aside, there’re several things that I’m not OK with.


  • I’m not OK with the way things are crammed into a 40-something-min episode while it should have been two-hour long. As a result, it seems rather rushed and even some crucial scenes are cut off (I’m talking about the Marcel-Vincent and Marcel-Josh scenes that are in the stills but ain’t in the episode.)
  • I’m not OK with the way the Hollow is subdued so easily as if she was a mere joke (what? Pixie dust in the face?!). I expected a more epic and an extensive show of her powers combined with Hope’s. Should have been something massive right? But she just… what? Resurrected Dominic (only to be killed some screen time later – Hello Dominic. Goodbye Dominic.), a few light bulbs, sent a few sparks and… that’s it.
  • I’m not OK with way the Hollow’s followers are destroyed so quickly and effortlessly. They’re all witches for God’s sake; they’re not even putting a little fight, all lambs waiting to be baked. Geez.


  • I’m not OK with the siblings not having proper farewell to one another (except Klelijah and Freybekah – sort of). Should have given them more screen time since they’re supposed to be separate always and forever.
  • I’m not OK with Klaus having been away from his daughter for five fucking years, only to be with her for a few short weeks before having to stay away from her for another decade.


  • I’m not OK with Hope and Klaus not having a proper goodbye. Damn it, if the man’s not going to see his daughter for ten years at least let him hold her and kiss her.
  • I’m not OK with this being the series finale. They cannot start a series with “Family is power” and end it with the family disintegrated. It’s disrespectful to fans who’ve fallen in love with “Always and forever” and stayed with this series even though at times it ripped our hearts in two. They’d better fix it in the next season. How about a grown up Hope find and smash the Hollow piece inside each sibling so the family can be together again.
  • Ten years is a long time. I’m gonna miss Vincent.
  • I’m not OK with the episode spending a significant portion of screen time angsting over Freya’s turning and then not actually doing it. I guess it’s necessary to cement Freya and Keelin’s relationship but can they shorten it a little so there’s more for whichever I’ve mentioned above.
  • I’m not OK with Hayley sending Hope to the Salvatore school. Firstly, as I’ve mentioned in my earlier rants, there’s currently no legitimate witch at that school and we shall not pretend that Alaric and Caroline have sufficient knowledge regarding magic. Secondly, sending Hope there for safety is a marvelous idea because Mystic Falls is the safest place on earth, where just happened to have Hell’s gate, cannibalistic sirens, not to mention the ‘Devil’ himself. And let’s not forget for the span of eight seasons Mystic Falls has been a beacon for supernatural mayhems. Yup, utterly, totally safe.


  • I still don’t care about Alaric and Caroline.
  • I’m not OK with Elijah’s forgetting his memories of his family. That’s like erasing the very core of his existence – a way of killing him without killing him. Seriously, do the writers hate Elijah so much not only did they kill him and wipe out his entire sire line now they have to erase his memories?! I’m all for Elijah to be happy and free from burdens and to find peace but imho, true peace has to be realized by the individual themself, like they’ve either vanquished or made peace with their demons and come to terms with their condition, not by magical memory wiping. It’s picking the easy and lazy way, which is a method that shouldn’t be employed by any dignified writers.
  • I’m not OK with how in the end, Klaus’s worst fear is realized. He’s utterly alone, without his family or his soulmate. And this is how the writers intended to end the series. Why must they torment Klaus so? What has he done to invoke their wrath?
  • I’m not OK… actually I’m OK with Haylijah They were doomed the moment Plec made that ‘feminist’ statement. Now that Elijah has pretty much forgotten about Hayley, let’s hope he finds a (or a few) new love interest(s) and maybe create a new sire line.
  • I’m low-key not OK with Marcel nor learning that his adopted daughter has come back to life and nobody bothers to fill him on it. Not even Davina. At least give him a call, will you?

Now, onto the things that I find OK about this season finale:

  • At least the unnecessary love triangle between Rebekah-Marcel-Sofya officially ends. I was low-key hoping for a threesome but am actually glad Marcel chooses to be with Bex.


  • Kol and Davina have their happy ending with neither of them getting killed again. Now if Kol’s engaged to Davina, things can get a bit awkward since Bex is with Marcel (engaged, likely?), since y’know, Kol and Bex are siblings while Marcel and Davina are father and adopted daughter. Nope, totally not weird.
  • Elijah’s thriving in his new career as a musician playing in a bar for tips. Although it’s not genuine peace he’s enjoying, seeing him indulging his hobby gives me a smile.


  • Looks like I’m contradicting myself here. Can’t help it. I’m contradictory by nature.
  • The sheer amount of Klelijah in this season finale makes my Klelijah heart nearly burst out of my chest. Every line, every gesture between them is beautifully heart-wrenching. It hurts, but in the fantastic way, to see your ship both doomed and propelled by the writers. Doomed in a sense that they’re not allowed to be in the same room again and Elijah’s taken drastic measures so he will not instinctively run to Klaus. Doomed in a sense that he does not even recognize his little brother to whom he’s basically dedicated his whole life. Propelled in a sense that despite Vincent’s warning, it’s Klaus that runs to Elijah just to see if his beloved brother is doing OK. Propelled in a sense that this episode was meant to be the conclusion of the whole series and of all the various relationships in this show, they chose to end it with a beautifully crafted Klelijah Not Klamille, not Klayley or Haylijah or any other romantic ships, it’s this ship that is endgame. It comes a full circle that in the pilot, Elijah came to look for Klaus and in the finale, Klaus finds Elijah. And that smile. My words will not do that smile justice.

Since this is the last rant for this season (don’t know if I’m gonna do a weekly rant for season 5), let’s go over a few plus and minus things:

Plus (+):

  • “I will carry you with me” promise realized
  • Mentions of Cami throughout the season and Klaus’s reaction
  • Hayley’s full wolf form
  • Freya getting a love interest
  • Hope as a little girl who is “7, not stupid”
  • Hope’s interactions with Hayley, Klaus, Marcel, Freya
  • Hope doing magic
  • Davina’s resurrection. Funny that both she and Kol have died and been brought back to life twice.
  • Origin story of the Werewolf curse
  • A decent villain who poses a constant threat to our ‘heroes’ (and manages to kill one of them), whose defeat requires the heroes to brush aside their differences and unite to fight against her


Minus (-):

  • The season only has 13 episodes.
  • Klaus still not showing his full wolf form. Come on, how long do we have to wait?
  • Freya’s love plot is bordering on Stockholm Syndrome and seems a bit rushed (like they thought it was the last season and had only 13 episodes so they had to speed things up).
  • Lack of interaction between Hope and Elijah as well as between Hope and Rebekah while the former was the first one to fight for her life and the latter took care of her during her eight first months
  • Decent as she may be, the Hollow lacks the charisma to be a great and memorable villain. True to her name, she’s rather ‘hollow’ in terms of personality – or let’s say she has no personality whatsoever. She also has no clear motive aside from wanting more powers (for what purpose?). Moreover, she seems to be a bit overrated by Vincent’s constant warnings that she’ll destroy New Orleans (and the world for that matter) when resurrected but when it does happen, she just goes around wrecking some (minor) havoc like killing a bunch of witches and then dying.
  • The untied plot thread involving Eva and Vincent’s unborn child. It is introduced in third episode as a potentially important plot thread and never mentioned again after that.
  • Unnecessary ties to The Vampire Diaries
  • Elijah’s death and the eradication of his entire sire line
  • Elijah’s magic-induced amnesia. Elena Gilbert anyone?
  • Elijah’s treatment in overall, which is steadily becoming Stefan-esque
  • The end of “Always and Forever”
  • Hope and Hayley moving to Mystic Falls
  • Haylijah We all know what the real reason is.
  • Where’s Aurora? What happened to her? At least give us some conclusion about her fate.

[Trilijah Drabble] The Devil Inside


Every single one of us, the Devil inside

The Devil Inside

Elijah’s eyes were gluing on Hayley’s form as it faded and faded until in front of him was a glaring empty white space. A part of him, a huge part, had wanted to cross a few inches separating them, catch her hand, pull her into an embrace and whisper apology after apology to her, begging for her forgiveness until she gave it. Another part, a bigger, more rational part, a part that made up Elijah Mikaelson had screamed no at him. Give her space. Give her time. She needed it all to recover from the horror he had inflicted on her today. That Hayley and him were separated by a firm line dividing the living and the dead, Elijah thought it would help. Then another part, a smaller but profound part where all his guilt and self-loathing resided, had chuckled at him. It had mocked him with a truth he himself had already been aware: that even if Hayley might eventually forgive him, she would never look at him the same as she had done prior this incident. There was just no fixing for something that had been shattered, something like trust. So, as a deep, sharp sense of resignation planted in his heart, he had planted his feet firmly on the pristine white marble floor, watching the woman he loved vanish from his mental world.

A creaking of a door shook Elijah out of his train of thought. Alarmed, he whipped his head to where it had come from, one of the doors perfectly distanced from each other along the endless corridor. It sounded old, like the sound you expected a heavy oaken door in an old castle, ravaged by years and rotten by the mites making their nest inside, would make. Light, even footsteps came next, which simultaneously piqued his curiosity and flooded him with wariness. Had his memories overflown, burst the doors and were now roaming the corridor of his mind unrestrained? Had him, after centuries of postponement, finally gone mad?

“It seems the little mutt isn’t able to handle your ‘naughtier’ side,” mocked a voice. “Look how she was scared witless, scurrying back with her tail between her legs.”

The languid footsteps halted. Elijah stared at the figure in front of him with narrow eyes, his expression a blend of suspicion and disbelief.

The newcomer was clad in the same attire as his own, every little detail down to the pattern on the dark-colored tie identical. But the visage was not his; it belonged to someone Elijah hadn’t seen for five years long. Someone he had tried to erase from his mind but had always managed to sneak back in. Someone who should have been dead by now because he himself had died for a while.

“What are you?” he asked, straight to the point, no need to beat around the bush now there were just the two of them in this closed-off world.

However, the man had different idea. He chuckled dryly, leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets whereas Elijah stood with his back straight as a pole, his hands by his sides and curling into fists. “I’m quite certain you know the answer better than anyone else. After all, it was you who made me what I am. Or was.”

“It’s precisely because I know what you were that I have to ask. By now you should have been–”

“Dead,” the man cut him, “and buried a thousand feet beneath the cold blue tides, courtesy of your hand. I’m no more alive than you are in this chambre de chaise. Such pristine white! I have to say it is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, although not quite a match to your soul, isn’t it?”

“Tristan,” Elijah said, stalking closer until they were close enough that Elijah could smell the cologne on him. Same as he remembered. Same as his.

“Yes and no,” Tristan replied, a ghost of a smirk playing on his lips. “The real Tristan died with you – his five-year torment came to an end at last. I am the Tristan on your mind, the one you cannot sink to the bottom of the ocean and seek to forget.”


We made each other, didn’t we? Your mind created me, same as it had created the Beast you tried to hide behind the Red Door. You cannot delete me, no more than you could stop the Beast from going after your mutt.”

“You came out to taunt me,” said Elijah with a sneer. He crossed the few last steps, his shadow looming over the ghost of his first sired. Crimson dyed the whites of his eyes and dark veins were slithering underneath his skin. He heard the Beast’s low growls behind the Red Door.

“No,” Tristan answered, startling him by placing a hand over his breast pocket, “I came out to appease your Beast…” His hand moved and tugged at Elijah’s tie. “… as I have done so for the the last millennium, with or without your knowledge.”

The Beast’s growls became louder. They sent a rumble through the bleach-white corridor.

“Is that so?” Elijah asked. His hand grabbed the back of Tristan’s neck, pausing or a while to savor the warmth seeping into his skin. Without so much as a sign, he pulled Tristan in, and crashed their lips together.