Posted under the pen name Joel7th on, these are my very own Blood+ fanfiction written in English for the sake of expressing my love to Blood+ anime and its characters (especially Saya and Haji). The characters belong to their respected owners.





Anata ni aitai (I want to see you) -Complete-

“After thirty years, Saya’s hibernation came to an end. But when she woke up, the one who welcomed and greeted her was not him, her ever-faithful Chevalier. What if he hadn’t survived that day at MET ? What if he had chosen not to see his queen ever again ? How would Saya deal with the loss of her most important person of her life ?”

01    02    03    04    05    06

07    08    09    10    11


Pet Shop -Incomplete

Chapter 1 : A kind of pet

Chapter 2 : A lost pet – Part 1


If that is what you wish


This is the end. For me and for you

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