Intro: This series, Eden, never means to be a series. A few months ago, I came up with an idea for my favorite McFassy/Fassavoy pairing – Wesley Gibson (Wanted) x Caz Miller (Murphy’s Law SS3), which was elaborated and became the first installment of what would be ‘Eden’ later (Beyond Flesh & Skin). Then came Getting Even, the second, which was mostly fluff; ‘Eden’ hadn’t taken shape, not until the third, Resemblance, arrived. I had just finished watching Hex and was intrigued by Malachi and his relationship and interaction with Azazeal (Sharky Mike’s character). So I sort of found a way for Malachi’s path and Wesley and Caz’s to cross. The idea of Lucifer as Master of Eden was entirely accidental – I’d had another earlier story featuring a demonic entity who addressed himself as ‘Charles Xavier’. Well, now his true name is revealed – the almighty Creator and Master of Eden (in fact a McFassy/Fassavoy heaven), Lucifer.

Disclaimer : Characters belong to their respectful owners, but Lucifer is mine.

Fandoms : Multi-fandoms

Rating : from K to M, depending on each story

Pairing(s) : Multi-pairings, mostly McFassy/Fassvoy – Wesley x Caz; Erik x Charles; Archie x Robbie; Lucifer x Charles Allen/ Richard Wirth/ Azazeal (one-sided); there’s a little Malachi x Azazeal (one-sided, probably); Malachi x Brandon/David 8 (dubious consent due to the former being under spell and the latter being an android); and some Malachi x Jo Watkins

Genres : Fanfiction, slash, crossover, AU

Characters : Lucifer (OC), Azazeal, James McAvoy’s fictional characters (Wesley Gibson, Charles Xavier, Martin Vosper, Robbie Turner…), Michael Fassbender’s fictional characters (Caz Miller, Erik Lehnsherr, Charles Allen, Richard Wirth, Archie Hicox, Brandon Sullivan, David 8…), Malachi, Jo Watkins…

Lucifer1 Lucifer2



McFassy/Fassavoy’s Side

Beyond Flesh & Skin

In Love with Your Carnage

Getting Even


(Caz Miller x Wesley Gibson)


Malachi’s Side

Shame/Hex Xover – Granted

Shame/Prometheus – Toy

Shame/Hex – One for Another


Lucifer’s Side

Fair Trade

(Richard Wirth x ‘Charles Xavier’)


After the Nightfall

Part 1 – Charles Xavier

Part 2 – Erik Lehnsherr

(Erik Lehnsherr x Charles Xavier)

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