[Rant] Till the Day I Die – The Originals 5×11


Warnings: spoilers alert. Maybe some inappropriate jokes. The gifs aren’t mine.

  • It’s been a while since there was an episode that I have few complaints to make, meaning it’ll be relatively short.
  • First of all, congratulations to Freya on being the second Mikaelson to get married (not to mention to get a wife).
  • On the other hand, it really is not the best time for a wedding but since there’s only two episodes left so…
  • Freya sure looks stunning in that white wedding dress.
  • Hello Davina, long time no see. It appears she and Kol are very much enjoying their married life.
  • It’s kinda funny she still looks like that eighteen-year-old girl back in season 3. Witchcraft or what? I wonder why the makeup team doesn’t bother to make her a bit older. She’s supposed to be in her 30s, isn’t she?
  • Last time Kol did mention that she was working. I’m a little curious about her job. Is it involved supernatural stuff or not because if I remember correctly New Orleans witches can’t do magic outside New Orleans as their powers are bound to the land and the Ancestors.
  • There’s so much to explore and so little time left before we say goodbye.
  • Hope’s werewolf faction, for instance. Since hybrids can turn into wolves at will and free from the full moon’s compulsory turning, I thought a tribid wouldn’t be much different. Why’s Hope subjected to the full moon curse?


  • Maybe this is the first time I’ve felt something for the Freelin Never been much of a shipper.


  • Kudos to both Riley and the actress who plays Keelin.


  • On the other hand, Hope’s actress still gives me some frowns as her acting needs some serious improvements – she seems to move her head a bit too much. Personally I prefer Summer Fontana’s portrayal of young Hope.


  • The Declan’s subplot seems unnecessary and draggy. Not sure where it’s leading to.

Here’s a couple things I like about the episode:

  • Kol’s officiating the wedding. I kinda doubted Freya’s choice of Kol at the beginning (why not Elijah?) but it turns out spectacular. Kol could begin a career in this.

tenor (1)

  • Klaus, as usual, using threats of murder to secure the avenue
  • Rebekah and Freya choosing the wedding dress and having (long-overdue) sister talk
  • Klaus and Elijah, looking damn fine in their immaculate suits, walking their sister down the aisle
  • The Klelijah’s hug at the end. Once again it proves that Klaus turns to his brother whether he’s helpless and confused.
  • All the remaining Mikaelsons together in one place. That’s some sort of a miracle.

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