[Rant] There in the Disappearing Light – The Originals 5×10


Warnings: spoilers alert. The gifs aren’t mine.

Two weeks without The Originals and I almost forgot the idea of ranting about the new episode. Almost.

Let’s talk about what I like and don’t like about episode for a change.

What I like:

  • Klaus offering to be a punching bag for Hope to vent her anger. Truly a father’s love knows no bound. And my Klelijah heart lets me believes he does it for Elijah’s sake, too, so that Hope won’t go beating her uncle up.
  • Elijah’s back with his suit and his ‘Always and Forever’ on his shoulders. Then we get to see his cunningness and brutality in dealing with those he deems his enemies.
  • Antoinette and Elijah’s teaming is brief but badass – they look like the definition of a power couple standing on the altar and looking down on those Nazi vampires they just offered to Klaus and Hope on a silver platter. I’m a little surprised Antoinette has no qualms selling those vampires to save her little brother. Guess beside her elegance and calmness she does have a ruthless side when it comes to her family’s safety, which matches Elijah’s quite well.
  • Their kiss and goodbye near the end. Like Antoinette, I sincerely hope they’ll meet again. After all, Elijah does know where to find her and they’re only an ocean away.
  • Josh (finally) having a chance to prove he’s more than a vampire bar owner; he’s capable of fighting and even killing when the need arises.
  • Klaus, Hope and Marcel’s dramatic entrance into the church. Somehow I imagine a lion taking his growing cub to the field and (proudly) watching her very first kill.


  • Hope frying all the purist/Nazi vampires with her psychic power. This should have been done eons ago. Had they not stalled it, many, including Josh, would still be alive. My only complaint with this scene is that Hope gives them a death that is too quick and clean. How about summoning the fire to burn them alive? That would have been more karmic considering how Hayley died.
  • Now, even Hope has killed someone. Innocence is an ephemeral thing in this family.
  • Josh reuniting with Aiden in the afterlife. I wonder if they’ll meet and interact with Hayley and Cami.
  • Since the afterlife is likely where Mikael, Dahlia and Esther are, I bet it’s not a quiet and peaceful place.


  • Klaus saving Declan. He does it to prevent Hope’s werewolf curse from being triggered but still.

What I don’t like:

  • Freya’s absence. Marcel says he’s gonna call for the cure, implying she hasn’t left the town, yet where is she? Busy preparing for her wedding?


  • Moreover, I don’t like how little she’s involved in Hope’s crisis considering that she raised Hope like her own child.
  • Worse still, Freya and Elijah haven’t any interaction since Elijah regained his memory.
  • I’m extremely vexed how the writers depower Marcel in this episode just to serve their thin plot. Hello, he’s The Beast, who is supposed to be even stronger than an Original, even Klaus, yet a couple nameless vampires and some witch are enough to subdue him. It’s as if aside from the venom, he was just an ordinary vampire with a few centuries under his arms. Things get even more vexing in the second battle, where there’s no witch to give him splitting headache, just weaker vampires. It should have been a curb-storm battle if the writers had decided to be consistent with the laws in their universe. Instead what we get is just another vampire brawl that lasts long enough for Josh to get stabbed.

giphy (1)

  • Speaking of Josh’s death, it greatly baffles me because it serves no real purpose other than to add to the (avoidable) casualties. Is it essential to the plot to demonstrate how the purist vampires will use Marcel’s venom on the Originals and Hope? No. Does it prove that the afterlife exists and imply that one (or a few) of our main characters will go there in the series finale? They can just do it with Ivy’s death. So, Josh’s death is completely unnecessary and it does not further or add to the overall story.
  • How easy Vincent gets the witch community to agree to destroy the Ancestral Well. In a time where purist vampires go rampant and kill witches so casually, I find it unbelievable that no witch protests against the idea of cutting off their power source.


  • Speaking of the Ancestral Well, all the times we’ve gotten to see them, the Ancestors have been quite lively (chasing and beating up Kol, destroying Davina, etc.). Even Davina looked damn fine when she was there in season 4. And they didn’t “languish” like what is shown in this episode. Another inconsistent fault in writing.



What I’m confused about:

  • Are they going with the Roman x Hope route because it seems she’s well on her way to forgive him (if she hasn’t’ already, seeing how she accepts to be comforted by him in the church). I’m curious whether the writers will kill off make Roman sacrifice himself for Hope to atone for his sin.
  • Is Aiden not gonna ask how Josh, a vampire with the ability to go on forever, ends up here so soon? He’s not even surprised?!

Most favorite thing of the episode: Josh’s kissing Marcel’s cheek before he passes away


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