[Rant] Ne Me Quitte Pas – The Originals 5×03


Warnings: spoilers galore, inappropriate jokes and comments, you know, the usual stuff. Some images and gifs aren’t mine.

Due to some personal issues I postponed writing this rant, but the new episode is about to come out and my principle is always finishing my rant before a new episode’s release, so here are my disjointed thoughts on the third episode of The Originals:

  • First of all, congratulations to JoMo for another successful episode, and it’s all the more special since it’s an Elijah-centric one (Did JoMo pick it himself?). He truly has a bright future as a director. Maybe one day we’ll get to watch a movie directed by him.


  • Second, damn Marcel and his compulsion. I seriously suspect he couldn’t help taking his revenge on Elijah in his compulsion: Erasing his memory and ‘Always and Forever’ should serve the purpose; why did he have to wipe out Elijah’s knowledge that vampires (and witches and werewolves) exist in this world and that he’s one? That’s way overkill, man. Did he not master his compulsion skill even after 300 plus years of practice??
  • And what’s with the taking away his credit card and money and pushing him onto a bus? That’s pretty petty, Marcel.
  • Disappointed in you I am, Marcel.


  • So amnesiac Elijah just went from riches to rags, from a 5000-dollar-suit gentleman to a hobo.


  • Maybe this is the first time I’ve seen a vampire economically struggle onscreen. Have always held on a firm belief that they’re all filthy-rich bastards.

giphy (1)

  • Antoinette, shall I compare thee to a… Anne Rice’s vampire? With her accent, elegance, and artistic soul to her way of life and method of feeding, she’s like a vampire walking straight out of the Vampire Chronicles. Pandora maybe?


  • It’s a shame Elijah didn’t meet her earlier. If he had, Antoinette would have helped him embrace his nature and appreciate his immortal gifts (she even uses the word “gift” to refer to vampiric abilities, just like Anne Rice’s vampires).
  • And they even share a prey. Boy, has feeding ever been this erotic on TO?


  • I don’t mind watching an entire slice-of-life series revolving around Elijah, Antoinette and their peaceful life together.
  • That’s to say I’m totally for this relationship. Though it’s still early to say anything but I hope this ship is something that floats (unlike some other ships that have hit an iceberg).


  • Also, Antoinette doesn’t deserve all the nasty comments from certain shippers.
  • Some comments berate her for being selfish and lying to amnesiac Elijah about his identity but I don’t think she’s being selfish (not sure if she has hidden agenda though). She already says it’s a path he has to walk alone when they part in New York so it’s not her business to tell him who he is; he has a clue and it’s up to him to pursue it and finds his answer. Moreover, even though Antoinette knows he’s the Original vampire Elijah Mikaelson, she probably figures that his amnesia isn’t a result of hitting his head somewhere but it’s not without purpose and reason. Elijah Mikaelson’s purpose and reason. So, again it is neither her place nor her business to ruin it by downright telling him his history.
  • A side note: amnesiac Elijah still shares normal Elijah’s type: beautiful, tall, brunette and supernatural.
  • And hey, she plays a musical instrument, like a certain late lover of his.
  • I’m torn between wanting Elijah to be happy and carefree and wishing him to regain his memory and these seem to be unsynonymous. Sigh. Elijah is defined by his love and devotion to his family. Without them he’s different character, one I’m not sure I will like as much as the old Elijah despite how sweet and tender his love for Antoinette is.
  • Speaking of it, will his feelings for Antoinette change once his compulsion is undone? That’s a question whose answer I’m looking forward to in later episodes.
  • Klelijah fangirls are no stranger to the bitterness and tears and angst, and this episode delivers all of them, with an emphasis on the angst. That’s why this episode definitely has a place in my top favorite episodes of this season. Broken down to pieces and then put back together stronger than before, that’s how the Klelijah ship is.


  • My rant is getting shorter it seems.
  • Most favorite thing of the episode: I’m torn with so many options (Elijah and Antoinette playing the piano together, their feeding, Elijah’s proposal etc.) but in the end, my inner fangirl wins, so here it is:



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