[Siegfried x Karna] Tale of a Dragon (1)

Disclaimer: Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom: Fate/Grand Order

Rating: T

Pairing(s): Siegfried x Karna

Genres: fanfiction, fluff, humor, AU

Characters: Siegfried, Karna


He was a dragon that wasn’t a dragon. A freak in the form of another species mixed with dragon traits. An abomination. A subject of shame and loathing. A total outcast. Naturally, there would come a day when his own mother would banish him from her den for eternity.

Entirely on his own, the young dragon hybrid met one of the humans who had been hunting his kind for gold and treasure since forever. However, this human seemed too small, too fragile that it probably posed no threat to him. It was a child.

An odd child.

Part 1

Siegfried was, by his kin’s description, a total failure of a dragon.

From the moment he broke his eggshell to arrive in this world, Siegfried had been an oddball, pun somewhat intended, considering how he had looked a bit like a scaly ball. His mother had laid nine eggs at that time, and while the other eggs had turned out perfectly fine – beautiful baby dragons with colors varying from grey and dark green to crimson, Siegfried’s egg had been an exception. Not only had his egg hatched several days later than schedule, the infant dragon had come out in a form that wasn’t exactly draconic: while he’d had the standard traits of his kind – curved horns, wings and a long tail covered in scales – the rest had belonged to another species. How such a bizarre thing could have happened had been beyond everyone; still, to all of them it could have been nothing more than a bad omen. Siegfried’s skin had been pink and smooth, with only a couple scaly patches littering his shoulders, back and thighs. And while the majority of dragons were hairless, Siegfried had been born with a head of long silver mane. The moment the eggshell cracked and he emerged from within, his wide turquoise eyes eagerly drinking the scene around and his infant brain absorbing the overwhelming information like a sponge, his dragon kin gathering in anticipation to welcome their newest member had panicked and shrieked. His eyes had distinguished his own mother from the rest easily enough as it was every baby dragon’s instinct, and when his gaze landed on her, keen to imprint on her image, he had only found disappointment and wrath vivid on her features. It had scared him so badly all he had wanted was crawl back into his broken egg and never face the world – mostly his mother – again. Hell hath no fury like a dragon’s scorn, his young brain had understood that much. The fear that his own mother would devour him had been palpable.

In the end, his mother hadn’t chewed him up, much to Siegfried’s relief. Yet she had not paid him a morsel of her attention either. While she had always made sure his older siblings would go to sleep with a full belly, Siegfried had been left to pick up the scraps, hunger constantly gnawing the inside of his stomach. She had turned a blind eye to his siblings bullying him on a daily basis while Siegfried, thin and malnourished and only part-dragon, had had no way to defend himself. Growing up, he had gradually learned that the reason for his abnormal appearance had been the curse of some human sorcerer. Humans were a weak and nasty species and amongst them, sorcerers were the nastiest. The fool had traveled far and wide to his mother’s lair to slay her because apparently slaying a fearsome dragon was the quickest and surest way to gain fame and fortune. Before being barbecued and never spoken of again, the sorcerer had laid a curse on her, which his mother had not paid any mind to until the birth of a half-dragon, half-human hybrid from one of her eggs. Such a weak, obscure curse yet one so sinister; she had made a fatal mistake by underestimating the wicked nature of the human species.

However, Siegfried’s appearance had not been the only reason for his kin to look at him and snarl. Not only had he looked very human, he had been acting very much like one, his draconic characters suppressed to maximum. In the beginning, a couple of his relatives had pitied the youngling neglected by his own mother, and they had taken it upon themselves to teach him some basic skills, like how to magnify his flame and roast the enemies – and food – the quickest or how to build his own lair, how to sniff out the gold in the earth, accumulate his treasure and guard it against the prying humans. To their dismay, he had failed almost every aspect, with the only exception being his green flame, which barely passed the average standard – another shame as compared to his mother’s, surpassing even hell fire. Even worse, he had even failed to see how essential these skills were to his long life ahead, his line of thinking crooked and foreign to a dragon. For instance, he had failed to see the purpose to hoard up gold in his lair; unlike humans, dragons had no need for precious metals, and guarding a great treasure only guaranteed the attention of those greedy crawlers. Hadn’t his great-grandfather been decimated by a so-called hero, who had then bathed in his blood to steal his powers? Hadn’t his mother been close to death a dozen times trying to protect both the treasure and her children against humans? Why did they have to make life so hard for themselves, Siegfried had wondered, and made a grave mistake of voicing his thought. Unable to straighten his thinking after a while, his few sympathizers had given up on him, going back to giving him icy glares.

Dragons in general were cold-blooded creatures, which was a fascinating paradox considering they could breathe fire from their throats and slumber on a bed of lava. Familial love and such seemed transient and pale in comparison to strength and territory. Tales of dragons devouring their younglings or young dragons feeding on the flesh of their parents were not unheard of. During his first years, Siegfried had been living under constant fear that one day his mother would be fed up with an anomaly like him and get rid of the eyesore in one swift bite. He could only thank God when it finally happened, his mother had only cast him out of her lair instead of making a quick meal out of her son.

Siegfried had woken up one humid morning to a steel-grey sky, which was already bad omen to dragons in general. Looking up to shapeless patches of clouds, he felt a sense of dread filling his heart. Dragons were considered magical beasts, and one of their innate abilities was being very in tune with the flow of nature, one a hybrid like Siegfried was lucky to not have lost. It had been later confirmed when his mother just wordlessly grabbed him with her claws. In fear of invoking her wrath he had not dare to ask. He gritted his teeth, feeling his little heart jumping to his throat. To north she had flown, over vast forests and winding rivers and rocky mountain ranges, until she had reached a faraway alien land. She had dropped him in a woods with a few crisp words that he would be on his own from then on. It wasn’t until her gigantic figure had become a small dot in the sky had the bitter realization sunk in his brain: his mother had severed their slim blood tie and banished him from her lair, and should he ever step into her territory, he would undoubtedly face her flame.

A normal flame would never harm a dragon. A dragon’s flame, however, was another story.

Looking at the strange nubiferous sky and then at the unfamiliar surroundings, Siegfried had had suppressed both tears and a sigh of relief.

To be continued

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