[Siegfried x Karna] It’s Not Impossible If the Grail Is Involved (2)

Disclaimer: Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom: Fate/Grand Order

Rating: T

Pairing(s): Siegfried x Karna

Genres: fanfiction, fluff, humor, genderbent

Characters: Siegfried, Karna, Arjuna, Jing Ke, original characters


“Key words: ‘you think’, Archer. Nausea isn’t equivalence of morning sickness.”

Sequel to Sharing Warmth, A Drunken Mishap and All the Valentine’s Chocolate Combined. Sort of.

Part 2

A couple weeks ago

It happened all too fast.

“Balmung!” Siegfried bellowed, unleashing the fury of his Noble Phantasm straight at his target. Light from the sword of twilight engulfed the giant fleshy blob with more bulging eyes and slimy tentacles than he could count. To fuel the nightmare, on its bluish flesh were numerous breathing pores, which caused a trypophobic person – their Master – to go pale at the sight; even the stoic Karna appeared to be gritting his teeth to not grimace in disgust. Such an absolutely repulsing life form, Siegfried thought, yet its recovery prowess was rather formidable: no matter how deep his slashes were, it only took the creature a couple seconds to close the wounds. At this rate, the battle would drag out unnecessarily, and they definitely didn’t have a whole day. So Siegfried decided it was worth using Balmung to wipe it out in a single, powerful strike. The creature made wheezing noises from its pores as it writhed violently in agony, but perhaps even its bean-sized brain could comprehend that its fate of being cleansed from the earth was sealed, and there was nothing it could do but struggle in vain for a short while.

Blinding light swallowed everything in sight for a while, and when it dimmed, the scene was clear, with the sky cerulean and the clouds puffy and white. The air was cloyed with the pungent odor of charred flesh but even that was soon dispersed by the freshly smelled breezes. The perfect complement to a well-earned victory against the wicked and evil, Siegfried mused as he allowed himself a brief moment to bathe in it. Time seemed to stand still as if time itself had fallen in love with the sweet serenity and wished to preserve its fragile beauty as long as possible.

“Karna, look out!”

… Or until their Master’s shout shattered the short-lived peaceful atmosphere. Hyper-alarmed, Siegfried swept his entire body around just in time to see the slug-like parasites were plunging themselves towards Karna with incredible speed; the orifices that acted as their mouths were wide open, revealing countless tiny hooks for teeth. With their host eradicated, their survival instincts had prompted them to seek the nearest new source of energy to leech and what were Servants if not undiluted mana put into human shape, making them the perfect host.

The Lancer glared coldly at those parasites, his features set and calm. Gracefully he leapt into the air to dodge the few fastest parasites and simultaneously set them ablaze with a snap of his hand, reducing them to ash to scatter in the air. Perhaps having decided these scums weren’t worth consuming their Master’s mana for his mana burst, he spun his spear, utilizing the speed and strength of his predominant arm to pressurize the air into razor-sharp blades that pulled the unburnt creatures in and rendered them into minced meat. It was a nasty but efficient move – the thought flashed through Siegfried’s mind as he was transfixed by the momentum of Karna’s golden spear – which possessed a ruthless elegance unique to a master of arms. This was Karna, beautiful and gorgeous and godly in his mercilessness towards those he deemed unworthy of his mighty father’s light.

Still, all the elegance and beauty of Karna’s exquisite technique seemed ephemeral and insignificant once his D-rank luck played its evil hand; in this world, sometimes luck was the only thing that mattered. As he was taking his landing after cleansing each and every filthy parasite off the earth, a stroke of absent-mindlessness plagued him just for a second, yet that fleeting moment was all what needed for his bad luck to slip into the picture: temporarily forgetting that the ground was scattered with the slimy remains of the creature slain by Siegfried and thus extremely slippery, he stepped on a squishy, writhing bit which might have been the creature’s tentacle, and as a tragic result, he stumbled and fell down… into a pool conveniently situated just behind him, shattering the glass-still surface with a big splash.

Between a top-notch Servant cursed with deviantly bad luck and an insidious pool, which would win? Clearly it was the pool.


Because being Lancer was suffering, even when falling a small body of water was hardly a threat.

Was it?

“Karna!” shouted Siegfried and their Master in unison, both watching the accident happen and being helpless in doing anything to stop it.

Siegfried’s mind processed the turn of events with the speed of light and arrived at a valiant resolution. Still, when he was half a second away from launching himself into the water to fish Karna out, a loud gasp cut through the tension in the air like a hot knife and a figure emerged from the water.


The word died on Siegfried’s tongue as his eyes behold the sight before him. His mind experiencing a short circuit, he stared, wide-eyes, at the water-dripping figure that was supposed to be Karna. There was that key word: supposed. Surely this Servant looked exactly like the Lancer Siegfried had come to love and adore (it’d be serious trouble if they didn’t); and yet, there were some particular features that just screamed…off, to put it mildly. A more accurate description should be inexplicable, impossible, bizarre and most of all, terrifying. No, Karna hadn’t grown an extra head or arm, or sprout a few tentacles like the monster they’d just defeated; nonetheless, his, let’s say, additional attributes weren’t any less worrying. Most notable was his chest, which had acquired considerable swellness, and, considering his usual skin-fitting attire, his supple, snow-pale flesh had been exposed in a manner bordering on the kind of obscenity that made men vulnerable to sin. And before being a Dragon Slayer, a Heroic Spirit and a Servant, Siegfried was a man in every sense, so he could be justifyingly excused for having his eyes magnetized to the cleavage (plus the cherry blossom nubs peeking out from his outfit, dear Gott) and momentarily forgetting how wrong it was on Karna’s male body.

A high-pitched scream equipped with the power of a minor Noble Phantasm (except that it wasn’t) pierced through the cerulean sky and quaked the earth. The intuition of a seasoned warrior had alerted Siegfried and Karna just in time to cover their ears but even when they were doing so, their eardrums were still vibrating with the force of the scream thanks to their close distance with the source – their young Master.

If only such power could be transformed into monster-killing energy, the two Servants ubiquitously thought.

“Wh-What the hell is happening?” the young Master stammered, his voice still not recovering from the scream. “Why a-are you-you like this, Karna?”

The Master was pointing a finger at Karna’s chest, and then realizing that his gesture was extremely rude, he put his hand down, awkwardly jamming it into his pants pocket. He was shaking pretty hard but the cause – be it shock or appall – was unclear. Probably both. Clearly they hadn’t covered the steps of action when your Servant was magically turned into the opposite sex in Master 101.

Karna’s eyes widened as though he had registered neither what the ruckus was about nor what had happened to him. His gaze traveled down his body and for a second, he thought his eyes might have bulged out of his head. Throughout his life, there had been few things which could startle him, and one could safely said Heroic Spirit Karna had ascended to the highest state of Zen. But for better or worse, life was always full of surprises and all the knowledge he had acquired in his two lives wasn’t enough to allow him a feeblest grasp of comprehension. And thus he was standing here, in the pool, with the water reaching his elbows, speechless and examining the drastic physical alterations to his body with a sense of confusion mixed with helpless awe.

Had he unknowingly offended a god and thus punished? What kind of god would pass such a peculiar divine punishment?

Being a gentleman first and foremost, Siegfried managed to overcome his state of shock to unclasp his cloak of invisibility and drape it over Karna’s shoulders and preserve his partner’s modesty. The contact snapped Karna out of his trance and he quickly got out of the pool.

Once he was out, Siegfried and the Master had the chance to examine the changes more thoroughly, and boy didn’t they hit them hard. There were the big changes such as his chest, once flat and manly but now had acquired the size of an average female; or the slimness of his waist accentuated by the curves of his hips, visible to the naked eyes thanks to his garment. And then there were the nuances that could only be spotted out with more attention. His feline eyes had gotten a tad bigger, his lips fuller and his jaw line softer. His spiky hair had gotten wet and was sticking to his rounder face, giving him an even more feminine look. Kiyohime had once jokingly remarked that Karna would make a woman as fine as a man and seeing him like this, she wasn’t wrong.

Uhm, if his features all screamed feminine, what about his body, under his garment to be specific?

“Siegfried, your nose is bleeding,” said Karna in worrying tone – his voice, too, had gotten higher despite his conscious attempt to keep it low. “You too, Master.”

That was very Karna – to express concern over others’ wellbeing even when the one in the direst situation was himself.

Siegfried and the Master exchanged a brief look and both turned to the side and discreetly wiped the blood off.

“What happened to Karna?”

“What happened to me?”

Siegfried and Karna both said in unison.

“You two stay calm,” their Master replied, wiping the sweats off his forehead with the same handkerchief he had used for his nose. “Stay very calm. There’s gotta be some way to-to fix it. I just have to contact Davinci and-and report the situation first and in the meantime, be calm and-and don’t freak out. I’m sure this condition is only temporary and you’ll turn back to normal in no time.”

Did their Master sound calm? Siegfried and Karna seriously doubted so.

To be continued

As you may have already noticed, this is inspired by ½ Ranma.

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