[Siegfried x Karna] It’s Not Impossible If the Grail Is Involved (1)

Disclaimer: Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom: Fate/Grand Order

Rating: T

Pairing(s): Siegfried x Karna

Genres: fanfiction, fluff, humor, genderbent

Characters: Siegfried, Karna, Arjuna, Jing Ke, original characters


“Key words: ‘you think’, Archer. Nausea isn’t equivalence of morning sickness.”

Sequel to Sharing Warmth, A Drunken Mishap and All the Valentine’s Chocolate Combined. Sort of.

Part 1

“Please, Arjuna,” Miria pled, her tone giving a teary hint as she had both of her arms around the Archer’s torso and was practically clinging to him like a koala to her dearest tree. “I know how you feel but please, please control your thunderous temper.”

“Let go off me, Miria,” Arjuna seethed but he didn’t make any move to shake her off, clearly having forgotten how to dematerialize. Were this clingy redhead someone else, they would have been already pulverized by his arrows. But this was Miria, his own Master, and he couldn’t be harsh to her no matter how wrathful he was; as a matter of fact, he had never raised his voice at her, who bore an uncanny resemblance to his late mother, until now. “You don’t know how I feel and neither can you read my mind so stop staying such nonsense.”

“Of course I do,” Miria retorted stubbornly. “You’re furious and you want to destroy something, or someone. I felt the same when I found out Dorian knocked up my Freya.”

“Who is Freya?”

“My beautiful Persian cat, and Dorian wasn’t even a pedigree cat.”


A miniature eruption.

“Let go off me or I swear—”

“You will what?”

At her accusing tone, Arjuna went speechless. He made a mistake of looking into her eyes and was dealt a blow so fatal for a second he thought he might be delivered straight to the Throne of Heroes. Watery puppy eyes were a deadly combo, especially when they were on the face that reminded him so much of Kunti. The moment he materialized in the Chaldean summoning circle and saw how his Master looked like, he immediately knew that Fate had pulled a prank on him. It was pretty obvious that Miria was aware of the effect she had on the Archer, and had grown accustomed to using it to have him wrapped around her little finger. For the most part, Arjuna had no problem with it; he was even indulging her. After all, Miria, despite her vices, was a decent human being and never once had she crossed the line.

Now that she sensed her usual trick had worked on her Servant, Miria shifted to a placating tone. “You’re angry and you want to destroy Rhys’s Saber just like last time because you care about your brother—“

“I do not!!!”

“Despite how many times you swear you do not, “ Miria continued without missing a beat. “That’s so typical of a tsundere.”

“I have no idea what the hell that means but I repeat: I. do. not. care.”

“Whatever you said. But please remind yourself the number one rule here is under no circumstance is a Servant allowed to kill another Servant. Now before you say you couldn’t care less about rules and such, I have to tell you that there’s small printing under that rule saying Masters are obliged to use a Command Spell, or a whole batch, to stop their Servants. And even if that proves to be useless, the upper folks will go to the extreme and send the Servants back to the Throne of Heroes.”

She took a short pause to regain her breath before continuing, “And we had a deal, didn’t we? That I would never use a Command Spell on you except to boost your fighting prowess in combat.”

“This time and that time are different,” Arjuna protested, although he sounded a little cooled down. “Much as I hate to admit it, that time was a misunderstanding.”

Miria’s eyebrows arched. “But this time could be an understanding, too, right Jing Ke?”

At the mention of her name, the Assassin reluctantly made her presence known from the corner she had been standing since she fetched Miria, observing (or judging, depends on your perspective) her Master and her ‘colleague’ Servant with the silence unique to her class. “Why asking me, Master?” she asked, her expressionless countenance showing a rare helplessness. Perhaps what she truly wanted to ask was “Why pulling me into this? My duty was to fetch you when Archer started babbling murder and it was done.”

“Why?” Miria echoed. “Because you’re included in the elite circle known as Chaldea Info Center, along with Foxy, Kiyohime and a couple others. And if they aren’t the Servants who know everything about Siegfried and Karna, nobody else is.”

Feeling the gravity of Arjuna’s gaze on her, Jing Ke heaved a mental sigh. “Like I said a dozen times before in this morning, those are merely rumors. Not even Berserker or Caster can be one hundred percent certain, and she’s a Caster. Surely she knows more about this matter than you and me combined.”

“I saw it with my own eyes,” said Arjuna, grinding his teeth. “Those rumors turn out to be true as far as I’m concerned.”

As he was speaking, the Archer subconsciously averted his gaze from Jing Ke. This gesture wasn’t lost on Miria’s keen eyes.

“Wait a minute, I don’t follow. What sort of rumors did I miss?”

It was Jing Ke’s turn to avoid making eye contact with her Master. “What you saw were symptoms, not the definite diagnosis. Davinci still has to do some tests.”

“I think I’ve lived long enough to be able to tell what those symptoms are, Assassin.”

“Key words: ‘you think’, Archer. Nausea isn’t equivalence of morning sickness.”

Miria almost bit her tongue.


With the data input, her mind ran a lightning-quick deduction and came to a conclusion. “It’s impossible. Karna’s male, not to mention a male Servant.”

Arjuna ground his teeth.

“That’s precisely the point, Master,” Jing Ke said, crossing her arms. “We’re Servants and we’re able to physically stand here thanks to the Grail. It’s not an exaggeration to say the Grail has absolute control over our existence. It’s not impossible if the Grail is involved.”

Miria sent the renowned Chinese Assassin a reprimanding look that said “Not helping”.

“Thanks for a brief review of Master 101, Jing Ke, but what does it have anything to do with Karna and these rumors?”

“Have you forgotten the incident a couple weeks ago?” Arjuna suddenly asked.

“What incident are you—Oh, you mean that incident?”

Jing Ke and Arjuna nodded in unison.

Miria signed, her eyebrows knitted. “Now that you mention it…”

To be continued


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