[Rant] Voodoo Child – The Originals 4×12

Warnings: spoilers, careless language, messing up the order of events

  • “Voodoo Child”, what an uningenious title. We’ve already had “Voodoo in My Blood”, haven’t we?
  • How about “Body Snatcher”, because it’s basically what happens in this episode.
  • Dirty and coward as it is, this move of the Hollow is actually very smart. Not only does it prevent the Mikaelsons from trying to kill her again, it gives her the youthful body of a tribid that has the potential to become an extremely powerful immortal witch. Killing one bird with two stones, eh?
  • Hayley’s been giving Elijah the cold shoulder since he came back. Now that’s becoming a bit toxic – on Hayley’s side. When encountering a huge issue, it’s healthy that the romantic partners talk about it instead of keeping their silent and avoiding each other. Even if they do end up cutting their romantic relationship short, the first thing they do should always be talking.
  • “She’ll come around.” No she won’t, Klaus. Hate to tell you that you’re wrong but you’re wrong because Julie Plec and co. are always right.
  • So it’s pretty confirmed that Haylijah is the relationship that Plec implied to be abusive. It’s so ridiculous that I laugh so hard. Seriously. Can’t stop LOL-ing.
  • Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not overly enthusiastic about shipping Elijah and Hayley – kind of gave up after Hayley and Jackson’s marriage. Hayley can’t break up with Elijah for all I care because it is not like hasn’t already happened before; it just bugs me to no end that Elijah’s not-so-subtly implied to be the abusive one in this relationship.
  • In moments like this I start missing Gia. We could have had it all but Klaus just had to kill Gia.
  • On the other hand, it’s heartwarming to see Klelijah and Relijah rise. True that familial ships are the ships that never sink.
  • Still not having any feels about the Freelin But I’m happy to see Freya happy.
  • The girl-on-girl action is hot tho.
  • Since we’re on the topic of abusiveness in couples, shouldn’t we include Freelin? I mean Freya and Keelin started as captor and hostage, they literally beat each other up and their relationship had shades of Stockholm Syndrome? And even now, Freya consciously makes Keelin unconscious and leaves her in the room in the name of protecting her? After all, Damon forced his blood down Elena’s throat because he wanted to protect her and didn’t want her to die, didn’t he? Since Freya and Keelin are a same-sex couple all of these are okay?!


  • Sure, Plec, sure.
  • Ah, Vincent’s here to explain things to us. I’d gladly trade Jackson’s screen time for Vincent to talk about how some juju works.


  • When Vincent’s in, Josh’s out.
  • I don’t know why but Josh suddenly pops in my mind even though he’s not in this episode. We haven’t seen his very human, very vulnerable boyfriend since the second episode. It’s likely we won’t see him in the season finale. Let’s just hope he hasn’t gotten caught in the Hollow’s grand scheme and become collateral damage.
  • Watching Rebekah and Marcel dancing around their romance is getting a bit boring, especially now Sofya is thrown into this love triangle. Never a fan of love triangles.


  • Does this mean Marbekah/Rebel ship has also sunk alongside Haylijah? Shippers of these two ships could console one another.
  • Hollow-Hope sure has that ‘hollow’ look, which Idahu doesn’t have. Kudos for Summer Fontana’s acting.


  • Also, that smirk at the end of the episode.


  • … which means I’m absolutely not thrilled about the spoilers regarding the fifth season: the massive time jump, the casting of teenage Hope and the possibility of Hope’s love interest. Summer’s one fine child actress and it makes no sense to replace her. Moreover, the last thing The Originals needs is to become The Vampire Diaries 2.0, which I suspect is the idea that gives Plec a serious hard-on.
  • And while I’m at it, I’d say the idea of sending Hope to the Salvatore school (emphasis on the ‘Salvatore’ part) is pretty absurd. First of all, it’s a boarding school so Hope has to be away from her parents and I can’t imagine either Klaus or Hayley wants to be away from her. Unless they all move to Mystic Falls, which is, again, a terrible idea because New Orleans’s charms come from its rich history, multicultural aspects and its longstanding love affair with the supernatural, which a fictional town like Mystic Falls can’t compare with and 2. We won’t be seeing characters like Marcel and Vincent because these two aren’t leaving New Orleans. Secondly, last time I checked, there’s not a certified witch at that school (because Bonnie was shipped to Africa and Valerie was never mentioned and let’s not forget Mystic Falls has a shortage of witches) and we can’t trust a school that has no witch teachers to do anything good to hone Hope’s magic talents. All Alaric’s books can’t replace a witch with experiences and plenty of practices.
  • I have to question whether Hayley truly knows what Hope wants when she says Hope wants a normal life. As far as I’m concerned, a normal life is a life without magic and Hope appears to enjoy her magic. Besides, what Hayley deems ‘normal’ seems a little far-fetched for a child that is part-wolf, part-witch and part-vampire, and who has hybrid parents and vampire relatives, and perhaps forcing a ‘normal’ lifestyle on Hope is a bit unhealthy?


  • Correct me if I’m wrong but the origin of the book with the serpent engraved on its cover is quite muddy. Has it ever really been explained? Whose was it originally? Why is it written in Vincent’s handwriting?
  • Why is Idahu’s mother amongst the Ancestors? I thought the Ancestors were about 300–400 years old? And if there was already an ancient witch (or several ancient witches) amongst them, why were the Ancestors following Esther’s orders in the first season?!
  • Am I right to be afraid that the writers are fucking up logics just like the writers of TVD did?
  • More Klelijah, please.
  • It’s good to see those powerful supernatural creatures banded together to defeat a common enemy.
  • OK, that “Don’t touch me!” is harsh. Now it’s definitely toxic.


  • Why is Hayley acting as if it was Elijah’s fault that all the shit with the Hollow happens?!
  • “I am on your side.”


  • Doesn’t Hayley just have the ‘perfect’ response to that: “I should never have brought her back here.”?
  • But we’ve seen that the Hollow reach Hope even when she wasn’t in New Orleans.
  • By trying to sink the Haylijah ship, they’re damaging Hayley’s character development too. From the Hayley who considers the Mikaelsons her family and said that she needed both Klaus and Elijah, she’s suddenly reverted back to the Hayley who tried (not very wisely I might add) to separate Hope from the rest of her family in season 2.
  • Klaus and Hope’s moment is gold!


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