[Desus] (The World Was on Fire) and No One Could Save Me But You (1)

Disclaimer: Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandoms: The Walking Dead

Rating: K+

Pairing: Desus – Daryl Dixon x Paul “Jesus” Rovia

Genres: fanfiction, alternate universe, vampire AU

Characters: Paul “Jesus” Rovia, Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes


For all the short time Paul had been acquainted with Rick Grimes, he had never heard the tough police officer’s voice break like when he informed Paul, “Daryl was shot.”

Alternate universe. Established relationship.

I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you

And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you

Wicked Game

The long hall seemed endless as Paul hurried – taking longest strides permissible with his legs – along it. The whole place was white, sterilely, blindingly white thanks to the many fluorescent tubes on the ceiling, and was enveloped in a simmering bubble of noises: low, worried chatters mingled with rushed footsteps just like his own and occasional shouts to make way. He flinched at pain jabbing his eardrums caused by the sound of a gurney’s wheels skidding across the tile floor – again, spotlessly white. All of these were indescribable torture on his heightened senses, like rubbing his already flayed nerves down on a cheese grater. It was not merely uncomfortable, it was agonizing, and Paul felt an undisputed urge swelling in his tight chest to just lash out. At anything, at anyone, at all. For a second he couldn’t care less if things got broken or people got hurt; he just needed to purge this toxin out of his system. The biggest con of having heightened senses was that once in a while the world would become too much for him. In times like this normally Paul would slow down to a halt, inhale a deep breath then exhale, repeat if necessary and that should be enough to calm himself. He often took pride in his excellent self-control; the guy who was called Jesus had earned his nickname and reputation as such. That trick proved to be rather useless at the moment as he had neither the time to stop and take a deep breath nor the mind to do so. Still, Paul wouldn’t be Jesus if he let his big bad side take over. With his last tattered thread of self-restraint, he grunted audibly and sped up his steps, but only as fast as this facility allowed and not as he would like. He couldn’t risk exposing his… unconventional attributes in the company of so many.

Since early this morning there had been a thick knot inside him for which Paul couldn’t quite figure out a reason. He assured himself that it was just an irrational apprehension, the terminal anxiety that came as a bonus to his heightened senses rearing its ugly head once in a while. Thus he had spent the morning alternating between quenching and soothing it instead of looking for its root. On hindsight he had been utterly stupid. All those years of living should have taught him better than to ignore his gut instinct, especially with a creature so in tune with every subtle ebb and flow in his surroundings. Around noon his fear had been proven not so irrational by an odd phone call from Rick Grimes. Odd because although Rick was Daryl’s best friend and colleague, sort of like a surrogate brother after Daryl’s own had passed away, Paul himself had only known the man for a couple months and they weren’t yet close enough to call each other for a casual chat, unless it was something involving Daryl. Indeed it had involved Daryl. For all the short time Paul had been acquainted with Rick Grimes, he had never heard the tough police officer’s voice break like when he informed Paul, “Daryl was shot.”

Something broke at those three simple words and as Paul looked down to his hand, he saw his phone, or what remained of it, and pieces of plastic sticking out from his palm. He felt nothing but a whooshing void in his left chest.

He had his second phone out and dialed Rick. In record time he had crossed half the town to reach a small hospital in the southern part of the city.

The door had closed right at his face when Paul reached the elevator. Cursing verbally, something he rarely ever did, he ran to the stairs, almost bumping a nurse on his way. He counted himself slightly lucky that the stairs were empty so he could leap ten at a time.

He spotted Rick’s hunching form on one of the benches along the hall. The man was having his head in his hands so he didn’t see Paul coming. He was wearing his uniform with his gun put in his holster. There was a large patch of maroon on his shoulder that caused Paul’s senses to flare and his heart to sink.

Blood. There was no doubt about it. Paul dreaded the thought of whose.

A door opened and a middle-aged doctor stepped out, his expression forlorn. Rick lifted his head, glancing briefly at Paul and the doctor. Colors drained from his tired face at the doctor’s words.

“I am very sorry,” the doctor had said, and Paul had heard each word twice – once for its meaning to register to his brain and once for its truth to stab him in the heart.

Without a word he followed Rick and the doctor into the room.

If it wasn’t for the heavy scent of blood cloying the atmosphere, Paul would just think Daryl was merely taking a much needed nap. He had been pretty busy recently and barely had time for sleep. The room was bleached white, just like the hall, the light was glaring and the sheet that covered Daryl was also white. Almost as white as his face. Paul traced the pulse on his neck. His fingertip only found a dead silence.

He heard Rick sniff beside him. His voice trembled as he croaked, “Jesus… your hand… your hand… it should be treated…”

At first Paul had no idea what the cop meant. He opened his palm and saw the blood clotted on his skin. In his haste he had forgotten to wash it off, as he had forgotten everything else that wasn’t Daryl-related.

His voice came out steady than he had thought. “I’m alright…” His eyes boring into Daryl’s face, he whispered, “He’s gonna be alright.”

To be continued

The vampire mythology used in this fic is one borrowed from CW’s The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Vampires in these shows can walk freely in sunlight if they have magical protection in the form of an enchanted lapis lazuli ring called ‘the daylight ring’. Acquirement of such a ring is fairly easy so most vampires have at least one. This fanfiction, however, has nothing to do with those two shows.

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