Epsiode 250217

A day of mixed feelings…


I promised myself to not whine anymore, so I won’t and I will put on a smiley face, like the one used in Facebook because I’m an adult and I will act like an adult.


And I did. Kudos for me for having good human skill.

Got meself new nails. Bloody red. Just like my good friend Robin said thought I loved. I do love red. Years ago I like blue – I still do – but I detested red; now I love it. It is the color of fire which I’ve dreamt a number of times. Fire is my lucky element. Probably.

When I feel down, I look at my favorite human beings and my mood is lifted. My current favorite human being is Norman Reedus, and you may know him as Daryl in The Walking Dead, Murphy in The Boondock Saints, Scud from Blade or The Young Man in Dark Harbor, which I definitely want to watch (will talk about it later). So I went on Google and got meself a bunch of his photos. He looks good whether he’s 28 or 48. Oh, just learned that he’s cuddly and generous in sharing his kisses. And he got bitten by a fan but didn’t press charge against her. And he shares similarities with Murph aside from smoking, his Irish heritage, for example.

He loves cats and acts like one

Since I’m currently quite into him, I checked out his filmography and see what I could pick. So far I’ve watched The Boondock Saints and Cigarette Burns. Been a bit afraid to watch The Walking Dead because it’s goddamn 7 seasons already! Want to check out Dark Harbor and Gossip.

But the friggin’ torrents tho!!!

Gif not mine

If you’re reading, I have to ask you why. Surely you have better things to do than reading me rant.

Please don’t correct me; I’m perfectly aware that ‘myself’ is the correct form. I’m merely trying to imitate the Irish accent, which I need for my unfinished Boondock Saints fanfic. Fanfic authors in this fandom fancy writing Connor and Murph’s dialogues in Irish accent, which can look quite odd: myself to meself – basically everything ‘my’ is converted to ‘me’ (me ass, for example); dropping the ‘t’ like jus’ (just); your or you’re to yer, to name a few.

The slow speed of torrent is killing me!


Srsly, what are you doing here anyway? Shoo, shoo. Go away. Let me rant to my heart content.

Gif not mine

The Young Man in Dark Harbor looks like temptation on legs


… and he’d able to pull it off with a bruised face.


Honestly I find him so amusing in these Japanese fanarts.

Can the torrents get a wee bit faster?? I guess not. That’s what you get for downloading old and not so popular movies.

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