Highlights from The Originals’ trailer (Season 4)

After a long long wait with only a couple of sporadic pics and tidbits of info to feed the fans (and almost nothing on the new faces), CW has finally released their first official trailer for the fourth season of The Originals. We original groupies seem to be the most patient fandom in the world. Anyway, here’s some highlights from the trailer:

  • “This week marks five years…” Wait wait wait! Are they having an anniversary for the day the Mikaelsons fell?!
  • Klaus’s exactly where he was left last season – in Marcel’s hand. Imprisoned and chained, he seems to have lost most of his former bravado and is quite broken, bordering on insanity.


  • Papa Tunde’s blade appears to have been removed from his body. If it were still lodged inside him, he wouldn’t be able to sit, speak, scream, etc. as shown in the trailer.
  • Or five years has tremendously steeled his tolerance of its pain?! That remains to be seen.
  • Marcel seems to be in charge of Nola again. Old news.


  • But where’re his followers (read: bitches)? Don’t see them in the trailer.
  • Does that mean the king is alone on the throne??
  • The downside of power.
  • Vincent’s built up a community just like he said the last time we saw him. He’s also rebuilt Marcel’s gym into a church again. Like he said it last time. Man of his words he is.
  • The Treme witch isn’t especially chummy with Marcel but he tolerates him.
  • Nola’s in great danger, according to Vincent’s voice over, from unknown force. What is it, I wonder, because we can count on Marcel to defend the city from whatever supernatural threats and he’s hella strong now and mostly unkillable.


  • Or, maybe Cade’s paying Nola a visit. You know Cade? The supposed-badass-Devil-that-comes-out-lame in the mother show, The Vampire Diaries.
  • I’m doubtful whether Vincent’s quote “We managed to keep our monsters buried. Now we’ve got to make sure they stay buried” refers to the Mikaelsons at all although it’s sort of leading us to believe so. He could be talking about the new threat(s).
  • Hayley’s full f*ucking wolf form. Like we’ve never seen her before. Up until now all we’ve got to see are her eyes turning gold (lots of time), her hand in mid-transformation into a paw and her wolf footprints.


  • How could she turn so fast? In a blink of an eye and whoof, two legs into four. Doesn’t the transformation take a lot of bone-arranging and pain and screaming?!
  • That reminds me: we’ve never seen Klaus’s full wolf form either. F*cking demand it in this season *banging pots and pans together*.
  • Btw, whatever opponents she’s facing must be quite tough because she unhesitatingly wolfs out while she’s encountered pretty hardcore enemies in the past (Shen Min, Aya, upgraded Lucien, etc.) and not once has she turned completely and immediately.
  • There’s Elijah in the box just like last time we saw him. His clothes seem different though. Maybe I’m wrong. It’s hard to see.


  • Looks like Hayley’s visiting him. Kind of romantic. But morbid. But still romantic. And morbid. I could go on and on like this.
  • All the siblings are stored in a dusty, cowebbed very The Originals-style attic(?!). Kind of reminds me of Davina’s attic.


  • It’s hard to count the number of the coffins. I wonder if Aurora’s in there too. Anyone remembers Aurora de Martel? Redhead, funny laugh, pretty but not quite right in the head. Last time she was under Freya’s Sleeping Beauty spell. Did Hayley bring her with her when leaving Nola?
  • Speaking of which, ain’t Elijah like the Sleeping Beauty now, patiently waiting for Wolf Princess Hayley’s magic kiss?
  • Stop me before I turn it into a fanfic!!
  • At this point, it’s not ‘highlights’ anymore; it’s rant!
  • Freya, Kol, Rebekah and Hope aren’t in the trailer. C’mon, why not showing a few glimpses of the littlest wolf?
  • Marcel’s upgraded face. Who’ll receive the ends of his teeth I wonder.


  • Ooh, new faces.
  • Marcel’s telling Klaus like the 36289th time that Nola is his. This shit is getting old. See the bored look on Klaus’s face?


  • And no, Marcellus, Nola doesn’t belong to you or anyone.
  • And the king that keeps saying that he’s a king is really not a king at all.
  • Klaus’s screaming “CAMILLE!!!”. Anyone feels their insides they torn up just a little?
  • Humpty f*cking Dumpty! Cami’s right beside him.


  • “I’m here.”
  • Don’t get your hopes up. She’s most likely Klaus’s hallucination/dream.
  • Maybe she’s a ghost. Doesn’t matter.
  • Does it look like he can’t see or hear her because he’s not looking at her as he screams?
  • I’m having Evanescence’s My Immortal feels right now.
  • It actually makes sense that Klaus screams out Camille’s name in the time of despair. His mental refuge. His last thread of sanity. His lighthouse in the ocean of pain.
  • Klaus keeps his vow of carrying her with him.
  • Yet that won’t stop some mean shippers from flinging rude comments at Cami’s appearance while at the same time demanding you-know-who to be brought to Nola, which is utterly irrelevant to The Originals’ plot.
  • Maybe Valentine’s coming and they’re trying to sprinkle in a dash of romance (Haylijah & Klamille). Yet considering the back-stabbing, heart-ripping, pain-inducing, blood-splattering, tear-jerking, overall macabre nature of this show, their attempt at romance comes out pretty morbid.
  • Well, they tried.
  • “I’m trying to save my family.” MY family. Hayley’s officially a Mikaelson.
  • Seriously, Hayley deserves a f*cking medal for carrying the family in the span of five years while protecting and taking care of Hope.

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