Episode 120716

Yesterday’s health status update: Darling, are you leaking brain through your nose?

Today’s health status update: Darling, any brain left to leak through your nose?

Current health status update: wet hair, stuffy nose, half-headed migraine (the kind of pain that resides in half of your brain)…

… And a feverish intention to write.

I’m not writing in order to whine about my health though my half of my head is constantly in pain; I’m writhing to record an experience that might amuse and entertain you who spend your precious time to read my rants.

I’m writing about my last dream because it’s been a while since I last did (a real while).

Last night, despite doing to bed with the persistent headache, I had a somewhat pleasant dream. I was back to my schooldays, wearing the school uniform and sitting in the class again with friends whose faces were kind of a blur to me. Never mind them; they were probably imaginary characters my brain created to fill the class, otherwise an empty class would have been weirdly eerie—my brain was assuring me it wasn’t leading me into a slasher-dream. Nice brain. Although I still unsurprisingly sucked at maths as always, school was tolerable because behind me in the class was sitting a very cute boy. Dreaming of pretty boys, typical me. This 可愛い classmate, unlike my other classmates who were there to play their role as background, was a face I know so well I’d would recognize it anywhere, dream or reality. It was Zhu’s face and since Zhu’s been my obsession for the last weeks, it came as no surprise for me that he appeared in my dream; in fact, I had been reading some fanfiction involving his characters before I went to bed. (In case you’re curious, they were R-rated fanfiction.)

So my high school dream self was having a crush on Zhu, who possessed not his current look but the look of Lin Feng, his character in a movie about youths and their passion with traditional music (I don’t think I will ever be able to find and watch that movie). Lin Feng wasn’t as gorgeous or cool as his other, more famous roles; he was a normal-looking, somewhat plain, lanky and awkward teenager, the type of classmate most of us encountered at least one during our high school years (and probably forgot about if not reminded). Still, Lin Feng fitted in perfectly with the setting of my dream so my subconsciousness had particularly picked him.

I think I’m going a bit off the main path.

Anyway, my dream self was crushing hard on dream Zhu just as my real person is obsessed with the real him. Somehow I was half-aware that he was my present favorite actor in spite of my brain’s effort to cloak him as my classmate. Taking advantage of the fact that we were in the same class and he was sitting right behind me, I tried to get close to him in hope for a teenage romance to blossom. I was opting for the subtle way as I’m opposed to being too aggressive, like talking to him about schoolwork and hobbies and such, or helping him with the assignments and homework. He was a little reserved but was opening up to me little by little. Things were going a bit slow yet on the right track and promising. I was waiting for a chance to ask him to be my boyfriend (you know, not a friend who is a boy), and then…

… along came Yan Kuan, who is my other, milder obsession beside my bigger crush that is Zhu. As a matter of fact, I’ve been shipping their characters (萧十一郎 or Wolf, played by Yan and 连城壁 or Rabbit, portrayed by Zhu) so hard I’ve been writing fanfics, making fan pics and subbing fanvids of this couple. Keep in mind that I do NOT ship the actors themselves, just their fictional characters.

And that’s how I know I’m a hopeless fangirl slash shipper. My shipping blood runs too deep it penetrates my dream and transforms my dream self as well as my original plan to make Zhu my boyfriend: to put it short, instead of shipping Zhu with myself, I was now shipping Zhu with this newly arrived Yan Kuan by trying various ways of setting them up.

Like every fangirl slash shipper’s dream, those handsome boys hooked up real quick and soon (Zhu was surprisingly much less reserved with Yan than with me), I was merrily looking at them with a soft blush on my cheeks and gleam in my eyes (without drooling, ‘kay).

… And that was when I had to wake up because time for dreaming was over and it was back with the reality with migraine, stuffy nose, constant sneezing and eight hours of work.

To mark this remarkably funny dream, I’ve created a fan pic, using Zhu’s newly released photos. It’s a modern day AU of Wolf (萧十一郎) and Rabbit (连城壁), where Wolf is a CEO of some sort and Rabbit is a freelance artist. And no, I’m not having any intention to put this prompt into a story; I’m having my hands full with two long series and several oneshots already.


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