[ToB] In Exchange


source: alux.com

She always wishes for better skin – tiny-pored, smooth and not so oily as her current skin is; there are days when the pouches of acnes on her face make her feel like a hideous monster crouching on the streets.

She is offered a deal: five years of her life in exchange for the skin of her dream. Needless to say she has taken it; it is never her wish to reach the age when wrinkles are what she only sees in her mirror.

She’s gotten what she yearns and she loves it so much she puts on her vibrant makeup and her loveliest dress and wears her favorite stilettos and takes a stroll in the neighborhood. She immediately notices eyes on her. Many, many eyes. How she loves the attention.

So full of herself is she that she does not notice a van coming at her at full speed.

End (?)

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