Alone with Everybody  ̶  The Originals 3×16


Warnings: spoilers alert

The sixteenth episode of the third season features……

  • Klaus’s version of On the Road, depicting his (maybe-not-so) merry trip with his daughter and his not-wife as they run from New Orleans to somewhere the reviewer might not have paid enough attention to pick out that piece of detail
  • The remaining Mikaelson siblings (mainly brothers) taking the term ‘Sibling Rivalry’ to a whole new Mikaelson-ish horizon, which results in a lot of shouting, furniture smashing, bodies being thrown around and finally, a hex ̶  ‘tis another peaceful day at the Mikaelson household
  • The vampires demonstrating their tech-savvy, modern side, thus proving further that they are not just a bunch of ancient bloodsucking, witchcraft fanatics

The episode’s title, Alone with Everybody, once I’ve finished watching, I can’t help but wonder whether it refers to Kol and his negligence syndrome  ̶   for a lack of better word to describe his condition within the Mikaelsons. Kol’s fans believe he is the one who has always received the least attention from his family and their opinion is quite justified. Not much was shown about his human life but my guess is that he wasn’t Mikael’s favorite; as a matter of fact, he might have been detested by his father, who placed emphasis on strength and fighting skills, those of which Kol probably didn’t fare so well because he was more interested in witchcraft. During his long years as a vampire, he didn’t receive much care and attention from his siblings either, perhaps just a little more than Finn, but then Finn was daggered for most of his life. Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah sort of formed a tight circle concerning the three of them, and more often than not, Kol was left out to hang around with witches, who might not feel entirely comfortable with his presence due to his vampirism and bloodthirsty reputation. Always the odd one out. It still much surprises me how Elijah went through seasons 3 & 4 of The Vampire Diaries without speaking a word to Kol, as though he didn’t acknowledge this little brother’s existence, as though Kol was more or less a burden to him. He pretty much repeated the whole no-talking-directly-to-Kol when the latter lived in Kaleb’s body, only a few short words near Kol’s death. Elijah’s detachment to Kol remains a big enigma of this series that needs elaborating on. I’d consider it great progress that Elijah actually spoke to Kol, not only referred to him, once Kol was resurrected and returned to the family. Klaus needs help from his siblings, always and forever, but so does Kol. More than a thousand years and still he struggles with his bloodlust; that’s some real issue demanding proper treatment and aid from none other than his vampire siblings, but sadly there hasn’t any so far: Kol has returned and appears fine while they have their hands full with the big White-Oak issue.


On the other hand, Kol doesn’t really open up to them. Sure he expresses his fear that he may hurt the girl he loves (who’s also literally his savior so haters, please stop saying Kol should waste her), but he evades the direct, tangible cause of his fear  ̶  his untamed thirst. Perhaps he doesn’t want to add to the already worry-heap his siblings are shouldering; perhaps he’s still burdened by their past rejection to completely opens to them: telling them about his condition may be heavily judged or even shunned (as it has happened before), so why not keep it to himself? If Bex were here, would she be his trusted confidant, or would he coil even from her in fear of being sold again? “We hurt those we love whether we want it or not”  ̶  the Mikaelson syndrome.

If there is one person who will take his side no matter what (and has proven it from time to time), it’s Davina, but even with her Kol isn’t comfortable about sharing his tight-held secret. She’s a witch, not a vampire and she cannot truly comprehend what it feels like to crave for blood like heroine, however much she’s heard about it, or seen it. It would be a true test for their budding romance the moment she witnesses for herself what atrocities Kol could commit and I guess that day isn’t far, seeing how this show loves to squash romantic relationships…

… which is demonstrated in another shipwreck in this episode. Lucien’s turning out to have shady agenda isn’t a surprise to me  ̶  all the time I’ve been anticipating this act of betrayal while hoping he wouldn’t. Villains don’t fare so well in this show and Lucien is the last active member of the Trinity. Although the door is open for Tristan and Aurora’s return (maybe in the next season), if Lucien goes down the path we think he’s going  ̶  becoming the season’s big bad, the chance that he survives is quite slim. Please keep in mind that I never wish for his eradication since I’m fascinated by all three of them and their dynamics, and The Trinity wouldn’t be The Trinity without one of them. And yet, besides their tendency to wreck ships and tear apart fans’ hearts, the writers seem to determined to wipe out most of the new characters in a season. The Vampire Diaries poses a dire example: so far Valerie and Rayna are the only new characters to still walk the earth while the rest have been killed, the most recent life losses being Mary-Louise and Nora. Even so, Rayna doesn’t have much chance in surviving, considering how she’s built to be the ‘villain’ and no-one, save the filmmaking staff, can guarantee Valerie’s life. It’s a truly gloomy aspect to think that The Originals may not be any more merciful with their characters.


On a lighter note, Frucien shippers shouldn’t give up their hope yet. The stills of the eighteenth episode show Lucien and Freya speaking, or arguing for that matter, with one another. We’ll soon find out what happens in the seventeenth, but if they’re still on speaking terms instead of trying to rip one another’s heart, that’s a hopeful sign.

If Lucien succeeds in becoming an Original, there’s a chance the last White Oak bullet will be used to send him to the other side.

Finn’s return causes less ruckus than I imagined  ̶  merely a fight with Kol, which by any means is still less intense and destructive than Klaus and Elijah’s when the truth regarding Aurora was revealed. I honestly expected a hot clash between Elijah and Finn, considering the last time Elijah did literally blow Finn up. But raging is Klaus’s expertise, not Elijah’s, so that maybe postponed till the Hybrid’s return (has Elijah informed him about Finn’s resurrection?). Speaking of the oldest Original, I’m intrigued as to what they have in store for Finn’s character. Other active Mikaelsons have quite a clear motive: Freya  ̶  protect her younger siblings; Klaus  ̶  survive his hoard of enemies and protect his family; Elijah  ̶  survive and protect his family; Kol  ̶  protect his family and not to hurt Davina. Finn’s motive is, however, vague as best. On the outside, he appears not to want to mess with the other brothers, saying “Things have changed,” but exactly how is unclear. Has he really let go off his resentment of having been daggered? Also, he proposes to possess a witch body and goes somewhere far with Freya (his Tristan-sister-obsession is showing), yet for all the time he’s spent in the pendant, he should know it’s almost impossible to pry his sister away from the rest of the family  ̶  they’ve gone through so many life-and-death situations, which no doubt beats Finn and Freya’s short childhood memory. I wonder how he is going to convince her, or if he still plans on leaving now that he’s stuck with being a vampire. It’d be interesting to see Finn’s struggles with his vampirism, his at-odd relationship with the others, and his character development. Hopefully all of these would redeem Finn and shed a better light on him.

Lastly, what I’ve seen the most these days on Tumblr is how stupid Elijah’s decision is. Jumping on the bandwagon is very tempting (and with good reason); still, if you inspect Elijah’s facial expressions closely, his seemingly unwise act is understandable. Finn’s words move him because he sees the truth in it: anyone of them could grow tired with their immortality and that bullet may be their salvation. In that instance he does not think only about Finn, who loathes his vampirism and his vampiric siblings, but also Rebekah, who once begged him for the Cure and chose to live in her witch body, and of course, himself. Though Elijah’s immortal burden is rarely shown, it exists, running beneath his impeccable manners and eloquence like undercurrents. It is suppressed partly by his love and devotion to his family and partly by the ceaseless troubles they get into on a daily basis, but who knows what sort of consequence it would have on his psyche once it surfaces. Being unable to die is a tragedy Elijah would not wish on his siblings and himself, so he goes against his rationality and keeps the bullet. I’ve read some arguments that the bullet can be used to kill only one Originals and I don’t share that idea: even a splinter in the heart can cause death (remember Damon’s mother, Lilian, was killed by only a splinter), so that one small bullet can be split to give all of them the mercy of death should they want to. Elijah’s mistake is that he gives it to Freya instead of guarding it himself, like he’s been hiding Rebekah so well. By making Freya the guardian, he has undeliberately made her the target, which happens only hours later.


Highlights of the episode:

  • Elijah’s playing the piano. He and Tristan should play a duet.


  • The “Mother Trucker” cap Hayley gives Klaus


  • Lucien’s tactics in lowering the Mikaelsons’ guard. You can see how they work.
  • Finn’s still looking fine. Why nobody asks him how he came back? He couldn’t just materialize out of thin air, could he?
  • Kol and Finn’s fight. And Finn’s physically stronger than Kol?
  • Well, Kol hasn’t fared well in the physical department.
  • The Strix members’ playing Elijah’s guards


  • Sofya’s being a Rebekah-lookalike


  • And hey, she fares better than Cortez!
  • Josh’s shining in this episode, or rather, his IT skills.
  • Who allows Davina to wander freely in the compound and freely rips a page from Esther’s grimoire?


  • Vincent’s turning on them – maybe the true big bad is not Lucien but actually the ancestors?

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