[ToB] Yours Only


Source: 8tracks.com

There is always someone behind you, someone who is yours and yours only. Unique, just like you. Just because you are not aware of his/er existence doesn’t mean s/he isn’t there. Following you. Watching you. Waiting and waiting with the patience of the Earth. Even if you turn around, you won’t see him/er for s/he is always standing behind you and never before. Such is your each designated position in this life.

Here’s an advice:

In a mirror you may be able to see him/er, yours only, who will not leave you even if all other people in the world have. If you find him/er horrifying, NEVER ever show your fear. S/he can see it, smell it and, use it.

And remember always to keep your guard high. Trust me, s/he will not turn down even the smallest chance to switch place with you.

As mine did to me.

End (?)

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