Episode 280216

Were it another year, this would be the last day of February, which… does not make it any more special than other days.

Overall I had a good Sunday. Woke up kind of early due to my body not accustomed to sleeping past 7:45, had breakfast, a shower, dressed up a bit (to take some selfies), and rewatched this week’s episode of The Originals (to emotionally torture myself, what’s else?) while waiting for a friend. Then we would venture to the tattoo shop, where I had my tattoo re-inked and she acquired a brand new. I had to roll up my shirt and bare my midrift to not one but two guys for them to have a close inspection. It should have been embarrassing but funny enough I wasn’t embarrassed. Neither were they. Then I got to meet the pleasant-smelling artist who had done my tattoo the last time and lied on the, for the sake of convenience, let’s call it a couch, and relaxed (or tried to) while she was doing her job. True to what another friend warned, re-inking was a little more painful than inking, but it was otherwise quick and bearable. It was finished before I even knew it and so, I got to watch my friend’s tattooing process. It was a bit messy and might not be for the faint of heart since she chose red and the half-done product looked positively like a grisly, badly colored frame from a horror movie. Anyway, it’s always oddly fascinating to me how the artist runs the needle on the skin and an image, character or phrase gradually appears.

We spent the afternoon watching Wasted on the Young, 5 minutes of Blood Creek, an OVA of Akatsuki no Yona and finally, 4 episodes of  Galavant. Below are the comments regarding each item:

  • Wasted on the Young—She remarked Ollie was a bit old to play the teenage Darren while so far I’d heard only the opposite. Also, introverts are super dangerous when crossed. 
  • Blood Creek— This movie reminds me once upon a time there was a rabid Magneto (Michael Fassbender btw) chasing a helpless Superman (Henry Cavill) around! Also, there’s a scene where Cavill’s character, half-naked, is strung up and cut just so Fassbender’s character can lick his wounds for blood. For the well-being of fangirls everywhere, Fassbender’s character, Richard Wirth, has to be grotesque, like grossly grotesque, otherwise there would have been many reported deaths whose major cause was blood loss and heart failure.
  • Akatsuki no Yona—Jae-ha’s antics and his abundant fanservice with Kija made her laugh.
  • Galavant—=))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

That’s the magic of this underrated show; it makes you laugh with its brilliant silliness and forget whatever’s troubling you, which is what I really need right now to recover from the emotional train wreck that is The Originals. I’m too aware that investing emotions into shows and fictional characters is unhealthy and lame—have heard many yell “Get a life already!”—but when it comes to The Originals, I simply can’t help myself. The Originals is one detrimental show; whatever you do, don’t watch it. Ever. Last night, Tristan and Aurora gave me a gut punch whose pain would no doubt last for days to come (I suspect whether I could write a review). Many would say the de Martel siblings had it coming for them; they’re after all the (minor) villains of this season and have tried to harm the mains in varied ways. What they’ve done is not of my concern, as nearly everyone in this show is a murderer; my gut genuinely ached for them when they held each other in despair as the mental world around them crumbled and shattered and their souls were sent back to their corporeal bodies: Tristan’s to be drowned at the bottom of the ocean and Aurora’s to be buried The Cask of Amontillado-style. Strangely enough, their scene exudes much bitter romance than many while their story rates highly amongst the few heart-wrenching star-crossed lovers ones I’ve seen on TV (and they’re canonically siblings, not lovers!). Oliver Ackland and Rebecca Breeds truly outdid themselves here. If it isn’t too much, may I see them again in the six episodes left?


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