Dead Angels – The Originals 3×12


Warnings: ranting tendency, spoilers and more sarcastic remarks than usual

Let’s begin a bit differently, with a little speculation…

Freya wasn’t in the 12th episode nor the 11th, which is plain strange considering the big fat revelation of the lethal secret weapon that could send her remaining siblings to Lucifer (oh wait, Lucifer isn’t there; he’s gone to L.A.), to hell and beyond. And Elijah’s mention of her aid in finding Marcel isn’t really valid; they could have had a prior agreement on the location and thus, don’t require Freya’s aid.


Oh, thanks for reminding me this… But she could perform the spell while lounging on a pool bar or something. The point is, Freya is nowhere to be seen (or heard for that matter).

Lucien has been absent in FOUR consecutive episodes for whatever reason we viewers may never get to know. Seriously, after showing up to comfort Aurora in The Other Girl in New Orleans, he just booked a ticket to Hawaii, ignoring all the bloody events (that very likely concern his own existence) happening in Nola?

So, all these lead to my conclusion that Lucien took an untimely vacation (maybe tickets are discounted this time of the year) and he phoned Freya later to ask her to join him because why not? She sure needed a vacation after the constant drama at home.


Other than this, I have no idea how his inexplicable absence could be explained.

Normally I’d praise the brilliance of each episode’s plot, how it’s twists and turns keep us viewers at the edge of our seat; still, I find it a tad more difficult to write a few compliments on Dead Angels, and if I am to be honest, it is ridiculous how the plot unfolds and how the characters act and react in the turns of event. First of all, there’s the continuation of the tug-of-war between Cami and Klaus. It was amusing at first to see Cami do a payback to Klaus (because all the Original Hybrid needs at the moment is more trouble); however, when it drags to halfway through another episode, involving a third party (Vincent) and ultimately culminating in the weapon’s falling into the enemy’s hand, it has become rather absurd. Childishly absurd. Okay, I get that Cami’s less-than-appraising behaviors are due to her new vampire blood − Tyler, Elena, Hayley and every other character of significance in both shows have undergone this annoying transition (Gia and Josh didn’t because frankly speaking, they’re minor characters and since I didn’t watch season 1 of The Vampire Diaries I have nothing to say about Caroline’s case). Yet the absurdity is that Klaus should know it as well and instead of acting a little wiser and giving her the damn toy box so that he would have more hand to deal with more pressing matters (and those are many), he opts to lower himself to the same level of newbie vamp’s nonsense, even though a thousand years of living experience should have taught him a thing or two about what the current priority is. Guess it’s either his big, fat Hybrid ego is celebrating its Ego Day or Klaus is suffering from the dreadful trend of “Heroes of the show make stupid mistakes so that villains can have the upper hand and further the plot twist.”

Speaking of stupid mistakes, the villains sometimes fall into this trend too, and this week’s victim is the witch working for Aurora (Madison?). It’s safe to assume it could be her rather than Lucien who rescued Aurora (which further begged the question: Where the hell has Lucien been?). For all the clever tricks she has pulled to wring the knowledge of the weapon from Davina’s head and even outsmart Vincent and Cami, she’s rather dumb to trust Aurora to release her from her lifetime servitude to The Strix. She has enough trust for Aurora to do all the dirty works for her and yet she doesn’t know Aurora’s personality? Moreover, as a member of The Strix, shouldn’t she have leant that Tristan is no longer the leader and what could a not-leader’s sister (who isn’t a member by the way) do to free her? I’d say her naivety and horrible judge of character are her deserved undoing.

Following the absurdity of having Marcel sit at the Strix’s VIP table in the last episode, this week he’s having a seat at the Strix’s Leader Competition sparring match, and a very convenient one from which he can easily snatch the Charter, deliver a speech about leadership and whatnots and flee while a number of (nameless) Strix members are playing their designed roles of sitting ducks. Really? Of all the ancient vampires present, there is not one who could have retrieved the Charter from Marcel’s grabby hand? None at all? Shen Min would be crying bloody tears in the afterlife if he saw this.

I feel you, Shen Min
Marcel’s first-class performance as Elijah praises deserves an Oscar nomination and all; nevertheless, the critical thinking ability of The Strix members in general and Aya in specific is seriously doubted if even after all that have happened, they still haven’t a slightest doubt of Marcel’s loyalty. I mean, there have plenty ominous signs of his playing double agent that someone smart like Aya should have noticed waaayy back: his failure to stake Elijah and loss of said stake, his claim that the Mikaelsons were after his head but visibly they weren’t, Davina’s timely shunning, the timely abortion of Van Nguyen’s ascension to regency (right after Tristan told Marcel about him) and his perfect timing to get the thing that determines who should lead, etc. Perhaps Aya isn’t as sharp as the character she’s built to be.


Speaking of Aya, in this episode we learn that she and Elijah used to be a thing ways back in days of old (took this phrase from Galavant) and then Elijah left her as well as Tristan and the rest of The Strix, which is no surprising news considering the not-so-subtle hints scattering in previous episodes. What intrigues me instead is her history with Tristan. Tristan saved her (how he did it is frustratingly not elaborated on); that’s a fact. Elijah says it. Later Aya confirms it. Yet for all the good words she uses to describe Tristan, she abandoned him when he needed her most. If her act wasn’t an act of utmost betrayal (Tristan’s facial expression and tone implied he never expected it coming from her of all people) then someone please explain to me what it is because I can’t comprehend it at all.

Anyone interested in how Tristan managed to save them?
Since we’re talking about Aya and Tristan, let’s talk a bit more about The Trinity. I feel that they are severely underrated and underdeveloped while they have so much room for complexity and character development, or rather character revelation. They have lived almost as long as and are as problematic as the Mikaelsons and surely they deserve a bit more screen time (flashbacks perhaps) and so far they’re little more than the psycho bitch, the psycho bitch’s psycho brother and Klaus wannabe/ Mr. Gone-too-long-on-vacation. I’m saying it not because I’m fond of all three of them, Tristan in particular, but as an amateur writer, I would say The Originals writers are wasting the greatly potential characters they’ve created, which seem sadly to be their habits judging from all the deaths of interesting characters since The Vampire Diaries. Remember how Silas and Quetsiyah could have become magnificent big bads but were killed off and replaced by bland Marko (who was also killed off far too quick)? Although there’s a chance that Tristan may be freed, Aurora may survive the next episode and Lucien will come back from wherever he is, my hope that The Trinity survive this season is getting slimmer and slimmer, especially after watching the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries in which Julian dies swiftly and sort of unexpectedly (I did expect him to wreak some more chaos). I just can’t shake the feeling it’s foreshadowing that The Trinity may be subject to the same treatment in the near future.

Highlights of the episodes:

  • Vincent’s annoyance at getting caught between Klamille bickering


  • Hayley’s unnecessary presence other than to show her displeasure (disgust?) at Elijah and Aya’s past romance and Klaus’s making noise in the house


She’s a baby for crying out loud
  • Tristan in the flashbacks. Why can’t we have a little more of past Tristan?


Anyone is reminded of this?


  • Aurora’s looking hot and villainy


  • Marcel’s amazing ability to read the Charter which was written in what, old Latin? Old French? Runes? Either Elijah used the Charter as reading material to teach young Marcel or he told Marcel about the Charter’s contents beforehand.
  • Klelijah moment at the end of the episode


  • Another test of Marcel’s loyalty to the Mikaelsons


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