Wild at Hearts – The Originals 3×11

Warnings: maybe shorter and having fewer lame-ass memes than usual


First of all, the highlight of the episode:

Cami has a toy box. Lucien stole her toy box and she wants it back, so she ‘nicely asks’ Will to break in and steal it back for her. Klaus appears and claims the toy box belongs to him, sorry, his family, and because he’s stronger, Cami can’t win. Cami pays back by stealing Klaus’s toy to blackmail him into returning her toys.

…And that’s where the episode leaves us hanging at, which is kind of hilarious if you think about it.

The episode begins with a somewhat cozy, exclusive dinner between the crucial Strix members, in which the host feels entirely justified to place a Tarot card on your plate instead of their sumptuous homemade cuisines. Bet it’s kinda chewy, isn’t it? There are two things that bug me about this private meeting: firstly, why is Marcel here? He’s just joined recently and is very young as compared to other vampires in the organization and not to mention, a member of a different sire line. Has The Strix run out of capable ancient vampires who should be sitting in Marcel’s place? What happens to the boast of “we’re all ancient vampires”?

But that’s only a minor annoyance in comparison to Aya’s cocky attitude as she places herself in the leader position. Really? Shouldn’t they have some sort of a vote to choose Tristan’s successor instead of being sitting ducks and leaving the stage to her? It baffles me how the hierarchy system works in this ancient vampire organization – the second in command quickly rises to power and delivers a speech to ‘honor’ the leader which is basically translated “F*ck Tristan, we’ll move on with our plan” while the leader is not yet dead and there’s a chance that he’ll come back. Loyalty is pretty cheap after all.


Guy whose name we don’t know (nor care to know) speaks the truth and soon gets his head punched off his neck for it. Aya’s accusation of his treachery is hypocrisy in its finest form since she herself can be described as someone who takes advantage of the crisis to seize power. As I wrote in my previous preview, I held some hope that Aya was pretending to abandon Tristan to preserve their members and she would seek a way to save him; however, in this episode it’s all crushed. Hello, she has coven of witches whom she boasts to be practitioners of powerful dark magic and she doesn’t think for once to have them to do research on how to break the Serratura’s power? Why bothers when she’s been waiting for this chance for too long, I guess.

Well, Aya has just succeeded Jackson in my how-do-I-loathe-thee-let-me-count-the-way department. And while Jackson has some redeeming qualities here and there, Aya has none.

Greatly anticipated for the moment Rebekah returns and makes good of her vow.


Now let’s move onto another subject that I’m less overreacting about: Klamille drama and newborn vampire Cami. Obviously vampirism changes not only your fashion sense (as she now sports a trendy leather jacket we’ve never seen the human Cami wear – let’s not forget both Rebekah and Hayley had a laugh about Cami’s outfit choice) but also your personality. She retains her Cami-trademark traits though, like standing up against guys who are assholes to girls or not taking Klaus’s shit; nonetheless, her words as she retorts are now a hundred times more stinging because she has shrugged off a huge portion of restraints she had as a human. Doing what she wants to do and taking what she wants to take, that’s how Cami is now. I adore the human Cami, that’s not gonna change, but I don’t detest the new Cami either. Some say she’s starting to resemble Katherine Pierce; still, personally I think she’s much like Aurora, from her seductive manner, her biting (and bitchy) remarks to her vindictive streak (read the above summary). But hey, kudos for her to solve the witch’s riddle which has both Klaus and Elijah running amok for a few minutes of screen time. At this point, I do hope she may team up with Aurora and wreak some havoc just because we need more chaos to spice up this mad stew.

With this smirk, don’t you say she looks like Aurora?
If there’s a heterosexual couple I’m still low-key shipping, it’s Kolvina. After three episodes of absence, Davina is back again, still looking smokin’ good and sadly shunned by the Nola witches. Let’s ignore a few trivialities of how she’s managed to have money for her expenses (in case you’ve forgotten, she’s a jobless, school-less teeny witch) to rejoice her union with another character who’s also been missing a couple of episodes – Josh. Unlike us viewers, Aya doesn’t particularly care about this tiny little union and cuts it short by offering Davina an offer we all know she will hardly refuse: a spell to resurrect Kol in exchange for her lifetime servitude. Sounds ominously like slavery to me. Yet, before Davina signs away her freedom to a group of vampires who are notorious for various shady stuff, she has to check with the only witch she trusts, and she sure doesn’t trust another powerful witch in town who’s also interested in bringing back her brother. But who cares about it when we can have a reunion with Nathaniel Bulzolic’s Kol, this time, blissfully not in flashback?

Probably the only teeny romance I don’t mind watching…

…until it turns to survival horror in a matter of minutes.


We can never have nice things, can’t we?   

Now, one more question before moving to the highlights of the episode: why is Kol’s soul a vampire’s soul while Finn’s a witch’s? Weren’t they both possessing witch bodies in season 2? Kol was even accepted to stay in this purgatory world (Nola witches’ version of The Other Side to counter Quetsiyah’s) after they consecrated not-his witch body – the Ancestors were truly generous to allow a vampire, not to mention a Mikaelson, to be in their sanctuary. Something is clearly not right here that I feel is attributed the writers’ weak grasp of their own universe, which has happened all over the place in The Vampire Diaries.


And hey, are these dead witches here bullying Kol for pastime? What’s with the bruise on his face?

Highlights of the episode:

  • Davina and Josh’s being besties again


  • Elijah’s soaking wet. We could have porn based solely on this.


  • Cami’s using compulsion to teach a douche a lesson about his attitude with bartenders. Douches everywhere should be wary with the new feminist vampire in town.
  • Klaus’s getting his neck snapped by a baby vamp. The Mystic Falls gang could laugh their asses off about this.
  • The witch Arianne. She’s powerful and pretty; too bad she’s a one-episode guest star.


  • Her death at the hand of Elijah. Hello, Arianne. Goodbye Arianne *insert Katherine’s laugh*


  • Elijah’s solidating his unbreakable status as the ‘Ladykiller’ of this show. But, uhm, could he have killed her a bit earlier instead of allowing her to go around for hours and possibly spilling all his secrets to Aya?


  • Elijah and Hayley’s sharing a grieving scene in the kitchen and the music that accompanies


  • Cami’s giving Klaus a major headache. Any supernatural aspirin for the Original Hybrid?
  • The secret weapon’s turning to be Klaus’s toy. At least they still stick to the old familiar myth that only the White Oak can kill an Original instead of inventing something new and crazy.

Klaus I-bloody-gave-a-weapon-that-could-kill-us-all-to-my-daughter-to-play Mikaelson. Father of the year.

Me waiting for Tristan’s flashbackyv2ma

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