A Ghost Along the Mississippi – The Originals 3×10

Warnings: usual ranting tendency, improper jokes and spoilers the size of swelling Jupiter. Also, massive sympathy for a character you may wish to die a horrible death and little concern for a character you very much want to sympathize (but may or may not fail to).

“People want laughter when they see a show

The last thing they’re after is a litany of woes”

Keep It Gay  – THE PRODUCERS (2005)

Mel Brooks spoke the universal truth of shows and entertainment via a uniquely gay musical number in The Producers, one of his most successful works (which I strongly recommend you to store in your laptop − we’re gonna need a lot of comedy for future episodes, that’s for sure). Entertainment isn’t synonymous to tears, heartbreaks and major headaches, and yet somehow a number of show makers find it entirely justified to engineer plots and scenarios solely for the purpose of gorging their audience’s heart out (pun very much intended). And we, the viewers, despite our desire for pleasure, comfort and fun when we turn our TV on after a hard day’s work, cannot help but willingly subjecting ourselves to the emotional torments − the masochistic paradox of human nature. This is exactly what The Originals’ show makers aim to do with the show’s tenth episode, right after their torture of having us waiting for nearly two months with a humongous cliffhanger.

Perhaps with a tiny fraction of remorse for their loyal viewers’ wait, the show makers sought to resolve the issue of a blood-drenched, breathless Cami on Klaus’ bed quite early, and if I’m honest, a bit too early for my liking. But first, let’s enjoy about five minutes of peaceful philosophical discussion of death and life between Klaus and Cami, which is paralleled with a furious and wounded Klaus screaming like a madman and heavily trashing the room while his psychiatrist slash new, hard-earned Christmas girlfriend lies dead. Classic Klaus-ic grief and rage. But hey, people in his neighborhood need to sleep, too and they’ll sue if they are deprived of their resting time, Klaus probably reminds himself (what is he but a good-mannered hybrid?), and so all the noises stop as Klaus holds Cami in his arms (sobbing inside – him, not me!).

And then, Cami gasps back into life in a kind of anticlimactic manner. They could have delayed her revival a little longer, but I suppose they need her for the episode’s plot. Much as I do not want to link this to The Vampire Diaries, I have to admit Cami’s situation resembles Elena’s a great deal: from sudden death by the hand of an ancient vampire, much tears and some furniture destroyed to the swift revelation that they died with vampire blood in their system. What’s next? The scenario of ‘will she or won’t she’, of course. Again, similar to Elena, Cami struggles with the knowledge that she is mostly dead (but still slightly alive – I’ve gotten this phrase from Galavant), and is torn between wanting to live (who doesn’t?) and keeping her humanity. It doesn’t help that Klaus reacts like Damon did, trying to force her to consume blood. More shouting and argument ensue.

Well, I guess the similarities in their cases are inevitable as they’re both good-hearted human girls who got romantically tangled with bad supernatural beings, in shows that are sisters, no less.


Klamille seems to be a large focal point of this episode (and later episodes probably) as much screentime is devoted to them. Now I won’t say much about this couple partly because they’ve been discussed over and over on Tumblr and the likes and partly because I don’t ship them. True I’m fine with their romance and unlike some other viewers, I’m not annoyed when it takes up a hefty portion of the episode; that also means I won’t be so affected if it goes totally kaput, as Michael Narducci kind of implied in his interview. You know, in shows like The Originals, the villains have a tendency to do right while the heroes tend to do the exact opposite. Turning Cami may be Aurora’s wisest move yet, as she foresaw that a vampire Cami, with her altered personality and newfound powers, would inflict damage upon the fairytale beauty-and-the-beast relationship between human Cami and Klaus. Perhaps Aurora saw that human Cami resembled her former self: mostly sweet but always with a streak of darkness, and that Klaus would love the vampire a little less than he did the human. Personally I don’t think Cami will go entirely, helplessly dark (like Aurora, who no doubt went through centuries of shit) or become a Ripper but she will be darker than her human self for sure. Vampires are creatures of impulses and it’s in their nature as predators to kill – even those who try to be good and vegetarian vampires like Caroline and Stefan couldn’t help killing once in a while.

Well, whether Klaus will be taken aback by this new Cami or their romance will endure remains to be seen; for now I’m more worried about Will Kinney’s fate once our good cop slash human token returns to town after the holidays. Remember him? The tall, fairly fair cop who stalked and stole Cami’s laptop, got compelled the shit out of him by Lucien and almost snuffed his own life but for Klaus and Cami’s intervention? Cami and Vincent are the only two in New Orleans to give a damn about Will’s wellbeing and now, with Vincent’s being too busy with his new responsibilities and Cami’s concern for humans becoming a wee skewed, let’s again hope the actor’s popularity is good enough to last him until the season finale. We still need a human to represent us in this supernatural show, don’t we?

Speaking of couples, a great number of Haylijah shippers have a reason to cheer loudly when Tristan does you-know-what to you-know-who. Finally the unnecessary element in the unnecessary love triangle no-one is too enthusiastic about (this is an adult show, people, not a teeny one) is gone and this time, for good. Although I once wished that dear old annoying Jack would be destroyed, hopefully be one of the Trinity – Jack’s behavior wasn’t exactly likable since the wedding onwards, but when it really happens, I didn’t rejoice like I had thought I would; I was kind of upset even.  Don’t get me wrong − I don’t give a damn whether the wolf boy is breathing or not. What upsets me is that it’s Tristan who does the deed and thus, has earned a great amount of hate from fans (I was tremendously ignorant to the sheer number of Jack’s fans – where were they before?), which I feel isn’t very justified. Of course I won’t unreasonably deny Tristan’s act is not brutal and horrible because he’s my fave (swiftly took Elijah’s place in my list), yet is it fair to shower him with hate and calling him ‘beast’ or ‘monster’? He does what? Kills a werewolf who is his enemy (who killed a number of his subordinates in earlier episodes) in order to hurt a hybrid who is also his enemy. So, may I ask what is utterly wrong in torturing and terminating your foes? All is fair in love and war, and this is definitely war; given the chance, both Jackson and Hayley would do the same to him in a heartbeat. If you think his act of making Hayley watch is what earns him the prestigious title of ‘evil’ and thus should be heavily punished, please allow me to raise a little reminder that almost everyone in this show is more than qualified to be ‘evil’ – this is a villains’ show after all. Let’s list a few of their deeds:

  • Marcel killed Jane-Anne Deveraux in front of Sophie and then denied her plea to get her sister buried.
  • Klaus burned Gia alive in front of Elijah (one of the hardest scene to watch).
  • Klaus broke Tyler’s neck in front of his friends. That’s Klaus for you.
  • Elijah ripped Thierry’s heart out right in front of Marcel’s eyes.
  • Rebekah got Genevieve infected with tuberculosis although they were friends.
  • Davina hired a hybrid to kill a witch who threatened her, which results in a massacre.
  • Hayley led 12 hybrids to their brutal slaughters and tore apart a dozen Versailles witches even though they never, ever crossed her.

from Galavant S02E01
So, may I ask why Tristan is condemned while basically everyone else in the show, maybe except Hope and human Cami, is no less devious? What makes it even more unfair is Hayley’s speech as she closes the door on Tristan. I see the writers intended for it to be epic and whatever, as they’ve been trying to boost Hayley to be a badass heroine; nevertheless, it turns out incredibly hypocritic: Hayley, of all the examples above, is the one who gets out of her crimes relatively clean – no-one has tried to get revenge on her, she hasn’t suffered any consequences and heck, she has never been called out for her acts. Favoritism much. Anyway, I’d say losing someone she loves may just be karma coming back to bite her.


Now, onto Jackson’s death. His death may have garnered a lot of sympathy from viewers and may even rescue him from the crappy heap of boring, tedious characters. Nonetheless, if the writers truly wished to redeem his characterization, they should have kept him in the show and given his personality more layers, more development instead of writing him off. I guess that would be impossible since the actor is leaving for another show.

Back to the Haylijah shipping business. Jack’s death may prove to be an even bigger obstacle for their romance than his life and frankly I’ve given up on this ship since mid-season 2, no big thanks to Jackson’s nuisance and Hayley’s inconsistency in her character. How many people are  writing her actually? She keeps flickering between declaring to be a member of the Mikaelsons in one episode and then claiming she has “never met anyone who was always just there for me [beside Jack]in the next. Elijah and Rebekah just left her to live or die on their own and were never there for her, never showed her love? And even Klaus, who helped her during her transition to a hybrid. Klaus, of all people. Seriously, I wanted to laugh so hard hearing her say that. So, Haylijah is a no-no for me now and I believe it won’t happen very soon, as Hayley is busy grieving over Jackson’s death, blaming herself and maybe blaming the Mikaelsons, too. (What? She does have that tendency, doesn’t she?).


To Haylijah shippers, Jackson’s lingering presence may be summarized like this:

And if you have to leave

I We wish that you would just leave

‘Cause your presence still lingers here

And it won’t leave me us alone

My Immortal – Evernescence


If there is one occasion where I find it so difficult to appreciate and enjoy Cami’s, Freya’s and Vincent’s badassery, that is when Tristan is at the receiving end of it. Heartbreaking as this twist of event to his fans is, let’s hope this won’t be the last time we’ve seen Ollie’s face as Tristan. It’s only the tenth episode and there’s still a long way to go before his fate is sealed. Aurora, unlike Aya and The Strix, will never abandon Tristan; she will absolutely try to save him and Lucien may help her since he’s still in love with her after all these years (he did save her from the Mikaelsons, didn’t he?) – that guy’s love is truly, preciously admirable. Beside, locking a character in a box and maybe drowning them is not a very effective strategy/punishment. It’s been done too many times on The Vampire Diaries and it didn’t work. At all. They locked Katherine in the tomb – she got out after a few episodes. Bonnie fossilized Silas and then Stefan went to dump him in the lake – he got out after half an episode and put Stefan in his place. Stefan was drowning for months and none of his friends knew but Quetsiyah fished him out. Bonnie left Kai in the prison world and he found his way out, even bringing back some Heretics as souvenirs. Now, both Stefan and Damon were trapped in the Phoenix stone and Stefan was out already while Damon was on his way. So, yeah, locking/trapping/whatever is merely a means for suspense; Tristan will be out and up for vengeance (bonus: Michael Narducci did spoil that not killing Tristan “maybe a mistake”). Plus, since every magic spell has a loophole, there’s a chance that the Serratura has one, too. Something that is neither dead or alive can pass through, right? So Aurora  needs to find a witch who could put Tristan in that mostly-dead-but-slightly-alive state and she would pull him out via a rope (objects can pass through the barrier). Bonnie succeeded in putting Jeremy and Matt in that state and perhaps something similar could be devised for the sake of twist, too.

On a side, the Trinity and the Serratura might just be decoy antagonists; the real dangers lie in the mysterious weapon that can kill the Originals and the new faces coming to town (i.e. Cortez, Sofya and a blonde witch whose name I can’t remember). And if we are lucky, we’ll get to see the Trinity ally themselves with the Originals to fight the danger of extinction.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Jackson’s arguably anticipated death. He’s been on the show far too long while we’ve lost Oliver, Aiden, Gia…
  • The ultimate sinking of Jackson x Hayley ship, Jackson x Freya ship and Hayley x Tristan ship (it exists and some ship it). Should we nickname Tristan Ship-Wrecker?
  • But he did waste his Daddy’s love rival, didn’t he?


  • What happens to Tristan


  • Sexy vampire Cami. This new vampire persona appears to be more attuned to Elijah than Klaus. Is it too early to hope for something between them two?
  • Vincent’s showcasing his power. How many cars per season is the budget allowed to trash?


  • Tristan’s obfuscatingly low IQ in this episode. Honestly who put such a dangerous thing in his pants pocket? I guess Aurora’s wellbeing has played a major part in Tristan’s intelligence. If she’s fine, he’s all calm, cool and smart; if she’s endangered, his IQ goes downhill.


  • Elijah’s inspirational speech to his spawns


  • Aya and The Strix’s betrayal. Oh my, it’s something I didn’t see coming. I thought she was loyal to him and they were sort of buddies/ partners in crime, but she discards him way too fast. Part of me hopes it’s just her pretending to preserve their members so that she can find a way to free him later; if not, well, let’s hope she earns the full wrath of Rebekah once the Original sister is out.

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