Episode 070116

A week ago I started writing a short piece that is a crossover between The Originals and The Mystery of the Hansom Cab with an intent to make it the seventh or eighth installment of my Trilijah Collection. Still haven’t finished it as I’m typing this entry. Inspiration and motivation are trickling like filtered coffee. One of the reasons it is. The other being I got quite sick. Haven’t been this sick for a while so I didn’t see it coming. Thought it was just another migraine or another disturbance of the stomach that would go away after a night like most other times. This time it didn’t. I think I’d never forget the exquisite experience of taking a two-hour nap in the emergency room at 3 in the morning. The bed was hard, the temperature unstable (or was it me having a fever?) and the doctors weren’t exactly attentive. A thing to remember. Anyway, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, or so it says. Hopefully.

Remember when all continents in planet Earth were one big happy land? That was also how our connection used to be. Then cracks happened, small as first, then widened and widened until they divided the land. The big, happy and united land was no more. The tectonic plates started moving further and further away from one another. Drifting in the ocean. And they became isolated continents, separated by a body of water. Only an ocean away, such as it is now. We are now the lonely continents, and our link has been reduced to mere zero. Each to their own world, us. Conversations become tedious and most haven’t any attempt to try and fix things up between us. Or is it just foolish me who sees our current statemale an issue? Making a storm in a teacup they may think me. Probable truth. But “Dear God I’ve tried,” to quote Princess Isabella in Galavant’s season premiere 一 a ray of light in these dull days without The Originals.

Still, a part of me has given up.

Should I?


I’ve heard rumors that The Originals might be cancelled, which would devastating to me if it happened. Nevertheless, if it indeed happened, I do hope that all characters died, the Mikaelsons, the Trinity, all the vampires in the world, including the Mystic Falls gang 一 but not Hayley though; Hayley should live and raise Hope amongst her kins, the wolves, like she once wished. Being together in dead would be a far better ending than a cliffhanger that we all bitterly know would never, ever get off the cliff. Don’t worry. Fans are tough. They’d find comfort in one another and in the forgiving and loving embrace of fanfiction. They’d get over such loss.

But, no matter how much time has passed, I’ll remember those two dorks above. Always and forever. 

I’m failing to make my episodic entry coherent. No new news.


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