Episode 010116

I suppose I should say something like ‘Hello 2016’ but that’s so unlike me. I don’t give awfully a lot of damn about New Year stuff other the (saddening) truth that I’m one year closer to death. I suppose I shouldn’t talk about such morbid subject so early in the year, either, so I’ll try to keep it out of this blog for a while.

Here’s a few random bits that inspired me to post this entry.


  • My inability to engage in small talks in ‘family gathering’ and to give a damn about my ‘relatives’ in general earns me some complaints again. Nothing new. It’s pretty obvious that we don’t really like each other’s company so I was more than happy to be left alone to digest my food (which has become a somewhat challenging task these days). Let’s keep it that way, shall we?
  • It’s been a long time since I was last into a video game, let alone two at the same time. Wonder how long my interest will last. 
  • Even though sport movies aren’t my cup of tea, I’m going to watch Blinder tonight, right after I finish this entry. I was bored so I tried googling some of Oliver Ackland’s movies and Blinder was released recently. I downloaded it and thought about giving it a try since Oli is super cute in it. Hope it won’t turn out to be a waste of time.

  • Speaking about Oliver Ackland… This Australian actor is my current obsession - dark hair and blue eyes are so gonna be the death of me. The last time I was heavily obsessed with an actor (Michael Fassbender by the way), I watched many of his movies, including some of my unfavorite genres. This time, it’s no different with Oliver Ackland.
  • If it’s a decent movie like Wasted on the Young or The Mystery of the Hansom Cab, I might have a few words of review.
  • I’m torrenting another show with Oli starring in it. It’s called Party Tricks and Oli plays a political journalist who is gay. OK. I won’t deny that a screencap showing him and his bf sharing a kiss (and a bed!) is what lured me to this series. Low, I know. Anyway, there’s a wee prob before I can enjoy what I originally came to Party Tricks for: I have to have its six episodes, which is a Stygian task considering how few people seed it. Two days and 1.3% so far. It seems I’m naturally drawn to films or shows that aren’t well known. No, don’t call me a hipster. I don’t even know what that means.
  • Waiting for The Originals to return is a literal pain. Good thing Galavant is just around the corner to give redemption to my damned soul.

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