Savior − The Originals 3×09

Warnings: spoilers, inappropriate comments and bad memes − the usual stuff

Santa's naughty list

I was lazy yet again. At this point, I have to confess that having new episode every week is my big push to finish a review − without it I seemingly get carried away by other projects (some ideas for Trislijah, for instance) and postpone it until it starts gnawing on me, which is why I’m here with my delayed weekly rant for .

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that the midseason finale has bored me or anything − on the contrary I’ve acquired so many feels for it − but my lazy bones sometimes get bigger than just about everything.

Like I said in my review for Out of The Easy, as I watch both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, I have a tendency to compare them (which is probably the reason why I received a one-star vote for that entry). Once again, while TO brought me on one hell of an emotion roller coaster, giving me thrills, giddiness and grief over the course of 45 minutes, I made it through TVD with a badly concealed yawn. The holiday spirit is present in both shows since Christmas is coming around the corner; however, while TVD has their characters put on some red hats, hang up some ornaments, gulp down some eggnogs and call it Christmas, TO is determined to indulge in the extravagance. Christmas is serious business after all and our TO cast are so committed to uphold the holiday spirit that they postpone just about everything else to throw a party and celebrate the event. Remember in The Other Girl in New Orleans, Klaus and Elijah proposed to give Tristan and Aurora something “delightfully gruesome” for their actions? No, that’s gonna have to wait until the new year as they’re busying saving their sisters and… decorating the house for THE event.

Because it’s Christmas, duh.

Christmas is the time to be spent with your family, whether celebrating in style, cooking some devious scheme with your sibling or saving your cursed and nutty sister. If it doesn’t fall in any of these three categories then it isn’t a priority, retaliation included.

Speaking of saving, this episode is all about saving and the title, Savior, can be easily applied to just about every character. First of all, we have Elijah coming to retrieve Rebekah from where Aurora left her in previous episodes and massacring the entire human team while he’s at it. Is it just my counting that is problematic or Elijah has officially bested Klaus in this human-killing sport? Since the start of this season, so far Klaus has killed… one (the unfortunate art critic in For the Next Millennium in case you’ve forgotten who) and Elijah has sent countless to the afterlife in very gruesome manner: Lucien’s entire hunting squad (though in an animal activist’s perspective they kind of deserved it for butchering wild animals and destroying natural habitats to build golf courses and condos) and now this navy team. Guess the guy is too lazy to go around and compel every man there to forget that they excavated a desiccated body from the bottom of the sea. Ruthless, true, but practical and exactly what vampires everywhere should do. Again, the Mystic Falls gang should be grateful they didn’t have to deal with this wicked side. He isn’t even bothered that he is covered from head to toe with blood and possibly human bits as long as he can satiate his sanguinary lust. No more of the Elijah who fussed about having clean clothes and clean hands − look at what you’ve unleashed to the world, Esther.


Nevertheless, Elijah is not Elijah if he doesn’t look proper − a thousand-year-old habit couldn’t be shaken off in a few episodes or two − and he remembers to bring new clothes (and accessories!) for himself and Rebekah to change. Speaking of clothes, wasn’t Rebekah wearing different clothes when she was daggered by Aya? Not to mention her hair was entirely different too? Did The Strix/ Aurora’s goons style her hair and change her outfit before they dumped her in the sea? Urgh. That’s creepy and disturbing to think about on so many different levels.

One rule always applies in this universe of TO is that you can have a moment of peace but that moment can’t last longer than a scene. Getting Rebekah back solves one problem and leads straight to the next: she is mystically cursed and will end up in Ripper mode faster than we could process what is going on with her. While this is the worst news to get on Christmas, it is not without a silver lining − at least we audience might get to witness what sort of catastrophe an Original Ripper could gift the world. Ripper-Stefan would adore this new aspect of his ex-girlfriend should they ever cross roads again.


You may loathe The Strix, but you have to admit that they are so very careful and thorough in carrying out their plan. I have a feeling that they have planned several steps ahead and if plan A fails, they always have plans B, C, D, etc. to back up (Crazy-prepared trope applied). If somehow Rebekah is rescued and undaggered then she’ll be cursed to go full Berserker mode. Here’s a question: How many Strix members does it take to restraint an Original Ripper? The answer is as many as it takes, considering how little care Tristan seems to invest in his subordinates’ well-being – every mission is guaranteed a few lives lost and yet strangely enough, those Strix are still blindly following him instead of revolting or just leaving this pseudo mafia club for good? That’s some serious charisma right there. It makes me all the more anticipating to see how this peculiar group was created and what caused Elijah to leave them behind. If he had stayed, would that legion be his to use at his own expense instead of against him and his family?

There’re two things that tell you Christmas is indeed coming around the French Quarter. One, it’s Klaus’s doing something good for a change, just genuinely good, no hidden agenda, if you ignore the tiny fact that he does save Kinney from the crappy heap Lucien had dropped him into to earn the smile of a certain brave bartender slash psychology student. Well, at least he makes no attempt to hide it. Although it may appear a small, insignificant act on Klaus’s side, it does save Kinney’s life and gives him the will to carry on, which is important especially since we are going to lose our precious token human around the end of this episode (oops spoilers).

Anyway, while Klaus’s being good for a change, somewhere in the Crescent City, Jackson is being less annoying and actually useful for a change. After an episode of off-screen brooding, chopping woods and brooding while chopping woods (wolves sure need a lot of wood), Jackson’s sort of fractured ego receives a boost thanks to Hayley’s sweet, assuring words that she’d choose him (over Elijah and the Mikaelsons) anytime(!). As he merrily drives his truck into town, he spots a certain pretty and female Mikaelson being stalked by creepy dudes in suits. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t give a damn if that were a male Mikaelson, seeing how much he hates their guts. Anyway, the pretty and female Mikaelson is unfortunately plagued with the damsel in distress syndrome today (what happens to the spell that breaks all vampires’ necks at once?), and so Jackson gets to be the big damned (wolf) hero he almost never has a chance to play. My guess is Jackson is on Santa’s nice list this year and his wish gets granted.


Nope. Totally not shipping them. I’m leaning to Freya x Lucien but I don’t hold much hope for them unless they have more interaction in the future.

However, the rest of the Mikaelsons are without a doubt at the bottom of Santa’s naughty list. The Strix’s plan A to assassinate Freya fails and their plan B kicks start – turns out our pretty witch is poisoned with some sort of toxic whose antidote can be easily retrieved… by Klaus’s breaking into Lucien’s pent house (convenient much?). Still, we are still subject to watch lovely Freya struggling with staying alive, dealing with her stubborn brother who refuses to help till the very end (bad Finn!) and saving her little sister. Meanwhile, Rebekah’s rabid curse is triggered by Hayley’s mention of Jackson and so, she mercilessly attacks Hayley. Now that’s something I love about this episode – Rebekah’s love for her brothers still prevails and she acts on it in her twisted way: to annihilate the likely source of their dispute. On the other hand, being possessed immediately turns you into a ruthless, unstoppable… truth machine. Everything coming out of Rebekah’s mouth is nothing sort of truth, especially the bits about Hayley and Jackson. I have nothing against Hayley but it seems to me she’s speaking whatever the guy wants to hear when she’s alone with them. I don’t know if it’s inconsistent writing or it’s just the way her mindset is – flickering; either way there’s something NOT okay with her dealing with both men, as though she’s stringing them the way Elena did with Damon and Stefan. I hope she takes Rebekah’s truthful words into consideration and changes how she behaves around Elijah and Jackson.


On a lighter note, Elijah doesn’t seem much bothered by this unwanted love triangle as he’s too busy trying to save his sisters and dealing with his legion of ‘exes’ to be pining over someone’s wife.

The rest of the episode is just so warm-hearted and beautiful that you just let your guard down and enjoy the love lacing in the atmosphere… until disasters strike down so hard that you don’t quite understand what the heck is going on and why you’re in tears. Clearly the magic from the cursed stake is too strong and persistent for Freya to completely eliminate it and again, Rebekah finds herself at the tip of a silver dagger, although this time it is entirely her will. Watching Elijah, tearful and very much reluctant, force the dagger in Rebekah’s heart reminds me of a scene in the last season, where Esther shouted for Elijah to put an end to her and Dahlia’s lives. The similarity lies in the way both Esther and Rebekah have much faith in Elijah that they entrust him with their lives. Beautiful as their trust is, it’s way too cruel for Elijah, who has basically devoted his existence for the family, to have to put down his own flesh and blood. Rebekah thinks for Klaus’s happiness and wants him to have his rare, precious happy moments with Cami but does she think about Elijah’s happiness at all? Does she realize how he will suffer under the weight of this secret, and how it will eat him from the inside out? I suppose the title Savior refers to Rebekah as she sacrifices her freedom to erase the worst part in the prophecy; nonetheless, I believe it’s Elijah who is the true savior here since he’s going to have to bear the emotional burden and fight for his family as the same time.

But at least Rebekah is only put to slumber; Cami, on the other hand…

Highlights of the episode:

  • Is it just me or The Originals is becoming more and more Game of Throne-esque? More brutal and everyone can die?


  • Not to mention the Cersei-Jaime vibes exuding from Tristan and Aurora


  • The Mikaelson siblings’ fighting “like hell to protect each other.” This is the best line Jackson has spoken in the span of three seasons.


  • Jackson’s being useful and helpful for once
  • Christmas with the Mikaelsons. Did I mention the setting is stunning?


  • The Freylijah moment where the brother and sister spends a moment of quiet and peace together. Freya and Elijah are getting much closer this season, which is nice.


  • The ‘mistletoe’ kiss between Klaus and Cami. Klamille fans have waited too awfully long for this.


  • Vincent’s showcasing his magic power. Finally we get to see Vincent in action. Judging from the scene in the trailer, it looks like he’s going to go all war with The Strix to avenge Cami’s death.
  • Marcel’s continuing episodes of playing undercover. How long it’ll take before Tristan and Aya starts having suspicions, I wonder.
  • Tristan’s looking very sharp in this episode, which is not enough to compensate for his and Aurora’s naughty deeds.


  • And, congratulations to Will Kinney for his promotion to be our new human token



What to anticipate in the new year’s new episodes:


  • Cami’s rising “like a phoenix”. If Alaric could come back from The Other Side in the most absurd manner possible, I don’t think why Cami should be left for dead.
  • “Our retribution must be swift, and it must be brutal!”
  • Tristan’s turning, the foundation of The Strix, Elijah’s relation with Tristan and Aya and why he left them
  • More flashbacks
  • Vincent’s doing magic again. It’s gonna be big.

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