Episode 271215

4 days to New Year and 33 days to the new episode of The Orignals

Hopeless me. I know.

How heavy are words?

Two small event that happened today prompt to ask this question.

One. I texted a friend whether she would come and watch The Originals with me – last week we managed to almost finish season 2. Something in my gut told me she would decline. Funny that my intuition often turns out to be true, especially unpleasant things. So, unsurprisingly, she said she wouldn’t come because, well, she had a plan to go on a date with her boyfriend. It goes without saying that I felt disappointed to the point that I wanted to tell her that next week I wouldn’t be available. A half-made up excuse, true. I actually spent hours using my unoccupied brain capacity to debate with myself if I should text her exactly that. In the end I chose to remain silent and gave some time for my disappointment to go away, like every other times, and went here to write a few words.

I thought about it then and I’m thinking about it, that I might not have so been disappointed if last week she hadn’t told me that she would come. Her words had made all the differences.

Words are winds then. None could blame her that she forgot. The thing that is to blame is my memory really, easily forgetting what I should remember − like where I put my notes for example − and remembering with startling clarity things that should be cast away. Things like… words.

Two. Brother said he’d be home in half an hour. It was ten past six. When he (finally) returned it was eight thirty-three. Again with the matter of words. Then he also said he’d terminate the TV cable service we are using because it got rid of all my favorite American shows without saying a word (word issue once more), so the termination of its service is fair and all. It was still on the TV as I wrote this entry.

You may thing I get upset too easily and that I’ve fussed over trivial things while there are far more significant matter. True, I won’t deny a word. It’s both my strengths and weaknesses to pay excessive attention to small details − makes me fitting of my current job I assume. Perhaps it’s because I work intimately with words on a daily basis that I take them very seriously and the breaking of words seem a terrible offense.

I don’t know whether it’s for the better or worse that most people around don’t share my point of view.

I promised myself that I’d finish the episodic review for TO 3×09 last night and here I was, ranting about something entirely irrelevant to that due review and will not likely to keep that promise. Oh, the irony.


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