The Other Girl in New Orleans – The Originals 3×08

Warnings: spoilers and memes galore. This episode just inspired the meme-maker in me so much that I created a bunch.

Stefan needs to create a few more homemade bombs so I can have screencaps to comment on the oncoming episodes. This season is getting better and better each episode – I’m glad that JoMo’s tweet turns out to be truth rather than some empty promotion for the show.

Just a quick look-back of the last episode Out of The Easy: Thanksgiving party – some beatings – some necks snapped and at the end, Tristan got captive, a furious Aurora kidnapped an escaped Cami and Klaus was out to find her. Now I have to seriously wonder if The Other Girl in New Orleans picks up right after where we were left since the first scene begins in the morning while Out of The Easy ended at night. So… Cami got caught by Aurora, who is vindictive, extremely dangerous and likely to rips Cami’s throat any moment and Klaus waited until the morning to start the actual search? In those hours what was he doing? Having his beauty sleep, changing his clothes and maybe having his breakfast? It just doesn’t make sense to me. In fact, the time in this episode (and every other episode for that matter) is incredibly skewed. Let’s look at another example of this timely mess. Tristan got his neck snapped sometime in the night and the next time we see him, stripped of his tie, suit jacket (who undressed him by the way?) and bound to a chair, he is still unconscious. Just how long does it truly take for a vampire to regain consciousness after being knocked out? Aurora needed a few minutes to get up while Tristan must take a whole night? Or is it Tristan’s petty trick of pretending to be asleep in order to buy time?

Anyway, trick or not trick, Elijah has grown impatient with Sleeping (Beauty) Tristan and summons the Knight with Shining Fangs Hayley to give him a wake-up kiss to scream for…


Anyone remembers this quote?

Another instance of how the time is very messed up occurs with Klaus, Aurora and Cami. When Klaus gets Aurora’s little invitation to the church, we see the sun’s still out, meaning it’s probably around the afternoon. Nevertheless, it’s already in the evening when he comes to Cami’s rescue. Does it really take hours to get from Jackson Square to the church (St. Anne church?), even by walking, or did Klaus dally somewhere while his ‘special friend’ may be subjected to various horrible, unimaginable tortures?

Still, in terms of glorious nonsense, the above examples pale in comparison with this one. It’s daytime when Marcel comes and asks to discuss Tristan’s matter with Elijah (again, sun’s still out), and then, the scene skips to evening time, which means… Elijah and Marcel spend hours going around and around the compound and arguing but not reaching any conclusion? The Strix’s suicide rescue squad must have great patience to stay dormant while their boss is dying and Marcel is just wasting time.

However, those chips in time and logic don’t prevent me from me from enjoying this exciting and entertaining episode.

One thing I adore about The Other Girl in New Orleans is how the two relationships – Klaus and Cami and Hayley and Elijah – are highlighted. Bear in mind I’m neither Haylijah nor Klamille shipper (if you follow my blog you’ll definitely know I’m a Trilijah/Trislijah shipper and to a certain degree, a Klelijah shipper), but as I’ve said before, I have nothing against these two ships; in fact I rather enjoy the interactions between the characters. It seems the writers of the shows have had enough with all the antifans’ bashing and this is how they counteract all the hates. If it wasn’t clear in the last two seasons that Cami meant so much to Klaus (as if), it’s once again proven that Cami has a big and very special place in his Hybrid heart and she possibly ranks as high as his family in terms of significance. What makes this relationship so beautiful is its honesty and acceptance of each other’s light and dark sides: Klaus has never tried to appear as a nice guy in front of Cami and Cami’s has seen his many unspeakable acts; yet she chooses to put her trust in him, even when all seemed to go against him (season 2, when everyone but Cami believed Klaus murdered Aiden). How Cami accepts Klaus’s person makes an interesting parallel with Elijah’s compulsion of Aurora – to see Klaus as the monster that he is. And this is what Cami has done so far: seeing Klaus as the monster that he is, ruthless, wicked and willing to kill whenever it suits him. She accepts that monster nonetheless, and even better, she brings out the good in him, however feeble it is. I believe it’s really thanks to her that Klaus chose to fight with his brother instead of daggering him.

On the other hand, Klaus has no issue with Cami’s newly exposed dark side, either. Coincidentally, this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel also explores the dark impulses of one of its major characters, beautifully portrayed in Detective John Lowe’s (the Detective Kinney of AHS) gradual descent into darkness. Similar to John, Cami experienced pleasure in the violence she inflicted on another, and thus it costs her great shame. Cami’s enjoyment of violence is not her problem alone, as I believe each and every one of us feels that impulse at least once or twice in our lifetime. Every now and then there’s someone whom we very much wish to hurt badly because they’ve done us, or our friends, family etc., wrong and we feel entirely justified in their suffering by our hands. However, many of us just don’t often act on such urge: self-control, moral, law and occasionally lack of necessary means are what keep our more beastly self at bay. Having lived more than a thousand years and being visited by that particular thirst on a daily basis, Klaus probably understands it better than most humans. So, when confronted by the probable fact that Cami’s light is eclipsed by her darkness, what does he do? He shrugs it off and half-jokes about having the guy killed. This act if acceptance, though simple, is undeniably sweet and it brings Cami the assurance that she needs to put her anxiety to rest.


Now, to the other couple that gets in the limelight this week: Haylijah. I’ve always had a mixed feeling about this pairing; sure, in season 1 I did ship them quite a bit. Things were all good and progressing until along came Jackson and his idea of a (useless, if I am to be honest) unification ritual. After Hayley and Jackson’s wedding, I sort of lost much of my hope for this ship – didn’t get excited with the scattered hints of romantic feelings between Elijah and Hayley since I’m not a big fan of the trope “marrying one and secretly in love with another”. That may lead to adultery real quick and adultery is my enormous YUCK! which I never want to see my noble stag fall into. But adultery may be the most unlikely scenario in The Originals; as stated many times by the show’s writers, Hayley’s loyal to Jackson and their marital vow and unless Jackson dies… oops, did I just say ‘die’… or decides that it’s time to abort this marriage then Haylijah still has a longggg way to go.


Despite what I just wrote above, there seem to be clues that Hayley’s gradually leaning to the Mikaelsons and personally, I think she’s better off with the Original family than with Jackson and the wolves. When she was most alone (the start of season 1), the Mikaelsons provided her with not only shelter, comfort but also protection, friendship, and love. Now that she’s a hybrid, with the Mikaelson’s blood flowing in her veins, it’s about time to pick a side. Vampires and werewolves don’t get along and probably never will and hybrids, being half-vampire, don’t mix in with the wolves either. Vampires and hybrids can sympathize with one another as they share the unique price of being dead once: heightened emotions and the regular need to snuff a living being’s life. Werewolves don’t have these and though Jackson let Hayley feed on him once or twice, he’ll never understand how she truly feels – to look around and see not wolves but moving blood bags. How long before Jackson begins to think that one day he may have to choose between Hayley and his pack? How long before he realizes that Hayley isn’t cut out for the domestic peaceful life he is building for them, and that Hayley, though she never says it out loud, craves the excitement and adrenaline rush that go hand in hand with the Mikaelsons’ lifestyle? Moreover, how long before he admits that he wants a child of his own instead of one that is his across-the-street neighbor’s? Hope’s birth, as Mikael said, is a very rare occurrence, a nature’s loophole, and it’s not a concrete proof that hybrids can procreate, and Hayley is much likely to be sterile like every other vampire.


Before I conclude this weekly rant, let’s talk a little more about Tristan’s torture, which is the most hilarious thing of this episode. Last week we had the failed interrogation of the year and this week we are treated to the failed torture of the year. Seriously, when I read or hear the word “torture”, I expect something “deliciously medieval”, like Game-of-Thrones medieval and “delightfully gruesome”, and Tristan’s torture is disappointedly neither. The level of violence in this sequence amounts to that of a rough foreplay, which I suspect Elijah and Tristan enjoy whenever they could spare some time from their hectic schedule. Sure wolf bites hurt a hell lot more than their usual vampire nibbles but Hayley bits him like, what, four times – believe me I did count the wounds on Tristan, unless she bites him in areas that cannot be shown without raising the rating. Freya’s spell sure looks a bit painful, yet exactly how much pain only Tristan knows: from an audience’s perspective, that spell weakens him but doesn’t leave a lot of damage. Speaking as someone who has (unfortunately) watched Gurotesuku (a Japanese torture porn in case you want to Google), enjoyed all seven installations of Saw and not missed a single episode of Game of Thrones, I can safely say the writers could have gotten more creative in making Tristan suffer and making it look more like torture and less like foreplay. Tristan is my babe and I don’t like seeing him hurt (maybe not so much) but at the same time I also want to see Elijah uphold his ‘promise’ of bloodshed.


Highlights of the episode:

  • Klaus and Cami’s working in perfect tandem to lower Aurora’s guard so that Klaus can attack her when the timing is right. They didn’t have a word beforehand, merely working on their mutual and unwavering trust.
  • Klaus and Cami’s lingering hug


  • Despite not contributing much to the plot, Lucien still proves to be a valuable asset to the show. Looking at the various faces he makes in annoyance as well as hearing his “incessant chatter” is very much entertaining.


  • Lucien and Aurora’s tiny scene near the end – like two little lost puppies
  • Hayley and Tristan’s banter. Does Tristan threaten to pluck Hayley’s eyes to get even on Elijah because last episode Elijah threatened to pluck his? Those two should really stop with their lovers’ empty threats already.
  • Elijah’s being very amused by his old ex and new ex’s ‘battle’. He seems to enjoy himself a little too much to be appropriate.


  • Elijah’s lack of any immediate punishment for Tristan, who very casually claims that he wants to harm Hayley. Remember when Lucien talked shit about Hayley (calling her a “tramp”) and got deep-throated in the next instance? Your favoritism is showing, Elijah.


  • Elijah’s threat to fetch the chainsaw. Really? He stores a chainsaw in the compound? For what?? Occasions like this?


  • The entire ‘torture’ sequence. Is it just my twisted fangirl mind or Elijah really asks Freya and Hayley to help him loosen up Tristan to make it smooth and easy for the actual penetration done by Elijah later? I see what you did there, writers.


  • Marcel deserves an Oscar nomination for his outstanding performance. Lucky for him, Elijah poses a large enough threat for Aya and Tristan that they don’t dare to go downstairs and check.


  • Hayley’s not bothering to explain herself, merely jumping out of the window once she hears something wrong in the Mikaelsons’ house.
  • Aya’s coming to Tristan’s rescue and Hayley’s helping Elijah. Don’t I just love it when the ladies save the men? Also, the parallel.
  • Hayley’s subtle claim to be a member of the Mikaelson clan
  • Elijah VS. The Strix’s suicide squad


  • Original FINNNNNN!! Finally we can have Finn and Vincent separately. Christmas is really coming, isn’t it?


  • No Jackson but we get Jackson’s Gram, which is not an improvement. Not to be disrespectful to elders but I see where Jackson gets that ungrateful streak. Since when the Mikaelsons have been reduced to only Klaus? What have Elijah, Rebekah and Freya taken from Hayley anyway? Do enlighten me, please.



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