Beautiful Mistake – The Originals 3×06

Warnings: spoilers galore and inadequate to qualify as a review

Stefan appropriately summarizes the sixth episode…


…in which Freya and Elijah save a bunch, Marcel, Hayley and Rebekah are included in the bunch to be saved (though Bekah fights and kicks a lot of assess before her rescue), Cami saves a barely known person by selling the Mikaelson lot to Lucien, Lucien has a temporary play toy (that cooks and cleans for him!) while Klaus and Aurora go on a date (and get laid).


I have a feeling this season of The Originals may follow a pattern: odd-numbered episodes for flashbacks and even for present day. The second episode was a bomb with Hayley vs. witches fight and Hayley vs. Klaus, with a little Elijah and Jackson vs. Lucien sprinkled in between. The fourth might be all festive but it provided a very satisfying Marcel vs. a-Strix-member-whose-name-I-don’t-care-to-remember-because-he-only-lasts-one-episode (it’s tiring to type with little hyphens like this!). Like its predecessors, the sixth, titled Beautiful Mistake, once again gives us an impression that we’re indeed watching an action show, as it’s fast-paced and tight-packed with a lot of fighting.

Let’s have a look at those fights.

For an action-prone episode, Beautiful Mistake starts out peacefully enough. Klaus is in some room, holding a phone and looking positively constipated, I’m sorry, murderous, while Aurora is on the bed with only a blanket to cover herself. Nope, just a friendly, innocent chatting between exes. Nothing happens. The scene is rewinded 24 hours backward just so our viewers can understand what the hell has happened. Alone in her magic room, which I believe to be the tower where Finn and later Dahlia hosted, Freya is cooking some magic in her witch pot that involves a shot of tequila/whiskey/bourbon/etc., a world map, a spell and herself having a fun chat with her little sister Rebekah. Anyone ‘AWed’ at this scene please raise your hand. In last review, I borrowed Aurora’s line “Where’s the hell is Rebekah?” to voice our collective wish to see the Original sister again, either witch or vampire, and voila, Maisie Williams’ Rebekah is back, looking happy and hopeful that she’s finally found a resurrection spell for Kol. Too good to be true? Pretty much. Because the moment Freya leaves, Rebekah is attacked by The Strix. 1—2—3 and a throat is slit.


Hello, Maisie. Goodbye, Maisie. Good to see you again and sad to see you leave. You will be missed as Eva Sinclair and witch Rebekah dearly.

No sarcasm or Katherine-style laugh, please. Thank you.


Meanwhile, half the globe away, Freya, unaware of her sister’s peril, comes home to find their house devastated by the Klelijah hurricane. This is precisely where the previous episode’s cliffhanger ended. While most of us had to wait painfully for a whole week, holding onto the promise of an epic Klelijah fight, the producers had another idea in mind. By the time Freya arrives home, the fight has already ended and the two culprits of this mess of the century are sitting together and sharing a drink. Anyone feels cheated like I did? How about a little more super-punching, shredding each other’s clothes (Elijah’s precious suit couldn’t ruin itself, OK?) and tossing each other around? I guess that’s too much to ask.

How the hell is Elijah’s hair is still immaculate while the blood on his face and the state of his clothes are screaming rough sex fight??? Incomprehensible.


Being the “gentlemen” that they are, Klaus and Elijah call a truce and direct their rage at their first-sireds, who Elijah basically mind-raped and forced into living the miserable life of refugees so he and his siblings were enjoying themselves elsewhere. And you know what’s even more terrifically terrifying than all of these, it’s that Elijah had zero intention to release Tristan, Lucien and Aurora from their compulsion. If Elijah hadn’t been daggered by The Hunters in 1100s, would the Trinity’s compulsion have lasted until today?

Imagine the Mystic Falls gang would have had to deal with two sets of Originals, because Lucien, compelled to believe he was Klaus, would have tried to break the Sun and Moon Curse while Tristan would have helped him since he loved Lucien. Imagine the utter chaos.

Forget Klaus’s, Rebekah’s or Kol’s or any other vampires’ compulsion, Elijah is the king of this trick. Very cruel and selfish but oh-so brilliant. Bravo.

It turns out my brother is even more depraved than I am. He is the noble stag no longer, indeed an altogether different beast is creeping through the cracks.” — Klaus

“He’s your worst nightmare.” — Rose

Elena and co. should thank God that they didn’t have to truly deal with this dark, lethal side of Elijah.

On a side note, let’s congratulate Tristan, Lucien and Aurora on surviving The Destroyer Mikael.

In fact, I’m quite satisfied with this twist in Elijah’s plot. Ever since The Vampire Diaries, Elijah had been the one to clean up after whatever mess his siblings created—must have been the most tedious, boring job on Earth. Now, it’s Elijah’s own mess that they have to clean up, and a huge one at that. This reminds us viewers that Elijah had to play the ‘adult’ role in this family for a thousand years merely because the situation forced him to, and that he is not much mature than Klaus and Rebekah (his ‘manifestation’ in Esther’s magic-induced dream was but a teenage boy!). Stepping down from the self-proclaimed patriarch gives him more freedom and more ground to play.

Back to Rebekah, who body-jumped back to her Original body thanks to her witch one being murdered only to find herself surrounded by Aya and a bunch of Strix members. Like most cliché fights on TV and movies, before they get to the punching and kicking part (and maybe hair pulling too), the two have to exchange some words first. From their chit-chat, we learn a few things about Rebekah and Aya’s relationship: 1. They knew each other way long back and 2.  Aya seems to harbor some grudge against Rebekah, whether it’s entirely personal or something more complicated remains to be seen.


Cut to their cat fight which is very entertaining to watch, and then Freya’s come to the rescue. Did I say in the last review that I wished to see Freya kicking asses? Now watch and count how many vampire asses she kicks in a matter of seconds!


Aya isn’t the only Strix member that Rebekah knows. She knows their leader, “the stuck-up twit” Tristan, of course, she knows Aya, calling her “Elijah’s little protégé” and she also knows Shen Min, an 800-year-old vampire who was ordered by Tristan to remove Hayley from the playground (my heart is with you, those who ship Tristan and Hayley, or Trayley ship). It makes me wonder whether Rebekah herself was involved in the foundation of The Strix at some point in her life. Talking about Shen Min, this Asian vampire really has me intrigued because, for one, he is an Asian vampire, or Chinese vampire, if you base on his name. Note that Chinese folklore does include vampirism; however, their vampires are more rigid, pale corpses that have little use for their decaying brains than sharp-dressed, good-looking men. Another reason is his name—not only Chinese but also Han (referring to the major ethnicity in China) although, according to Marcel and Elijah, he was the torture consultant of Genghis Khan before he became a vampire. Since he was Khan’s subordinate, shouldn’t he have a more Mongolian-sounding name? From my experience of watching wuxia series and reading wuxia novels for years, I can safely say that it’s very rare for a Han man to be promoted to such a high-ranking position in Genghis Khan’s army.


Han or Mongolian, sane or lunatic, Shen Min, true to his nickname Red Sorrow, is a force to be reckoned with. Despite being infected with wolf venom and having lost a lot of blood, he manages to break his vervain-soaked restraint and turns the table on a vampire and a hybrid in full health. It is then up to Elijah to save the day as he defeats Shen Min with ease and compels him to spill Tristan’s plan—how careless Tristan was not to have his subordinates on vervain! When we are thinking it’s almost done, Shen Min surprises us one last time as he breaks free of Elijah’s hold and would rather burn in the sun than betray Tristan. Wow. How great a leader is Tristan to inspire such loyalty? Klaus and Elijah could learn a thing or two about leadership from this dude.

While Elijah’s side emerges triumphant, Freya’s side is not very fortunate. Freya is bested by the Moroccan witch’s spell trap, being thrown back to her flesh body and Rebekah is sadly daggered. Whether we want it or not, Claire Holt appears not yet ready to return as a regular of the show and thus, Rebekah is likely to be absent in a few next episodes, “perfectly safe” and tucked away some place only Aurora knows.


Speaking of Aurora, she may be the true winner of this episode. She spends time and plays with Klaus, successfully fending off any of Klaus’s attempt of interrogation, and as the same time, she steals all her brother’s hardworking fruit of labor. Some sister she is. Even better, she spills the Trinity’s true intention to Klaus in a heartbeat. Guess next time Tristan plans to do something, he has to take into account Aurora’s tendency to act on her whims and wrecks his plan.


Don’t tell me in the next episode, both Lucien and Aurora will sell Tristan to the Mikaelsons. Judging from 3×08 stills, it’s a likely possibility as the other two are free while Tristan is caught and subjected to some BDSM delicacy.


I definitely won’t complain about the BDSM!

On the other side of the city, Cami is engaged in a battle of her own with Lucien, who kidnaps her and uses Detective Kinney as hostage to force her to find a dark object. She fights hard and you have to give her credit for her spirit—she remains relatively calm until the end and even manages to order Lucien to save Detective Kinney first. Before chastising Cami for needing to be rescued now and then, my friends, do take into consideration that she’s merely a human who possesses no supernatural powers whatsoever. It’s harsh, yet true when Lucien says that against vampires, especially ancient ones, regular humans have no way to win.

Now I’ve read some complaints that Rebekah is acting stupidly since she doesn’t kill Aya and others when she has the perfect chance. Personally I don’t think it’s stupid at all. First of all, she’s in a hurry to her “witch rendezvous” and ripping that many vampires’ hearts is not only time-consuming but also dirty—she wouldn’t want more blood on her pretty hair and clothes. Secondly, more importantly, I believe Rebekah spares Aya’s life due to Aya’s connection with her brother, Elijah. Notice when Rebekah refers to her as Elijah’s protégé. Aya isn’t some random vampire; she was turned by Elijah, making her part of the first generation together with Tristan, and it isn’t hard to imagine at some time, she might be Elijah’s student like Gia. Rebekah probably doesn’t want to kill someone whom Elijah knew “intimately” in the past—she is no Klaus. That’s also the reason why the Originals subconsciously go the long way in dealing with their firstborns instead of just ripping their heads/hearts off and be done with it. They talk about killing Tristan, Lucien and Aurora all the time yet deep down, they harbor some bonds with their firstborns with prevent them from severing the Trinity’s mortal coils. Remember in season 1 they threatened to kill Marcel all the time and now, in the third season, Marcel is still kicking? It’s the same with the Trinity.

Highlights of the episodes:

  • Elijah’s smile when Freya asks him what he did to the Trinity. Admit it, you secretly want him to get less noble just so you can see that particular smirk.



  • Mikaelson’s bonds: Freya—Rebekah, Rebekah—Kol, Elijah—Klaus, Freya—Elijah, Elijah—Rebekah and Klaus—Rebekah. Witness how Klaus’s loving mood turns murderous when he receives the news that Rebekah got captured.


  • Elijah and Klaus’s explanation to Freya about their “civil discourse”
  • The sketches Elijah arranges. Are they Klaus’s? Did he draw Elijah at some point since one of those sketches looks a lot like Elijah’s portrait?


  • Aurora’s compelling a woman to give her an emerald necklace. If her sing-song tone and cuckoo attitude haven’t reminded me of Blood+’s Diva, this certain does, since Diva once kills a man so that she can have his cute snickers.
  • Aurora’s talking about how painful it felt when their compulsion worn off


  • Freya’s magic. Freya sure has some very unusual tricks. Now if Bonnie could learn these spells from Freya, I’m pretty sure regaining Mystic Falls from the Heretics would be a lot easier.
  • Hayley’s “I don’t care if he’s a Gemini who likes long walks on the beach.”
  • And Marcel’s “I’m fine. Thanks for asking.”
  • Aya vs. Rebekah
  • Freya’s snapping all vampires’ necks with a spell
  • Shen Min. I seriously wonder how an ancient Chinese/Mongolian man could be this tall and handsome.
  • Also Marcel & Hayley vs. Shen Min



  • Cami’s attempt to trick Lucien
  • Lucien’s hugging Will Kinney from behind



  • No Jackson =)))))). And no Tristan, either. I guess while everyone’s running busy all day, Tristan takes a happy, satisfying nap.



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