The Axeman’s Letter – The Originals 3×05

Warnings: heavy spoilers and fangirling

“Your current dilemma will get worse before it gets better.” – Quote by Aya (The Originals 3×03 – I See You in Hell or New Orleans)

I believe this quote by Aya splendidly summarizes the whole episode. When I See You in Hell or New Orleans was released, we Klelijah (trash) fangirls were overwhelmed with feels and hopes: our beloved brothers had finally sat down for a proper conversation after months of estrangement and although forgiveness wasn’t yet earned and reconcilement miles away, there was a glimmer of hope. Even better, we got to hear Klaus’s heartfelt promise that [no matter what happens] Elijah would never fall by his hand. So far, so good. We actually have to praise Lucien and Tristan for doing an excellent job of dividing Klaus and Elijah but reuniting them instead. Still, as some wise man once said, “Nothing good lasts too long,” the brothers’ very fragile and sensitive peace is once again shattered into a thousand pieces, all thanks to the arrival of one woman.

…Enters Aurora de Martel, aka the ex-girlfriend from Hell.

I hate to say that the majority of Elijah and Klaus’s conflicts stem from one woman or another: Tatia, Katerina, Celeste, Hayley, Gia…, though, to be fair, most of the time they fought, it wasn’t because they were in love with the same woman like a certain pair of brothers in The Vampire Diaries (that doesn’t stop Klaus from accusing Aurora with sleeping with Elijah though). Rather, it’s through these women that the two of them have done terrible things to each other over a thousand years, either out of love or out of loath, or both. Aurora isn’t an exception to this recurrent cycle of betrayal.

Speaking of Aurora, she’s probably the most multifaceted amongst the new characters introduced this season. The first time we saw her, it was when the Mikaelsons entered the gala hosted by the count de Martel. Not much could be said about Aurora from that brief scene where she had no line, except that she was “exquisite.” In that same episode, we got a glimpse of her unstable psyche as she effortlessly cut a monk’s throat in a fit of emotion (the reason later revealed to be Tristan’s letter saying he couldn’t come visit her) and then, with blood still flowing on the floor, she sat back and meditated. The following episodes continue to portray her as a very complex character: in the flashbacks, she appeared a sweet, clinging sister to Tristan but at the same time was going against her brother’s will to date Klaus and in the present, a sweet-voiced vampire who is so problematic that her brother had her holed up in a monastery and sedated with daily injection of vervain. Yet, that didn’t keep her too long – wherever Tristan goes, Aurora follows. In A Walk on the Wild Side, Aurora showed that she killed not only spontaneously but also purposely and that she could very well be the big boss lurking in the shadow. Then, in this episode we got to see her backstory and to be honest, it surprises me how cunning and clever of Aurora to steal Rebekah’s blood. That makes her the second to make herself a vampire, doesn’t it, after Katherine Pierce?

The whole blood thief and purposeful suicide reminds me of the sorely missed doppelgänger yet unlike Katherine, who was in nothing but right mind, Aurora has a dark side that dictates her nature as a very wild card in this mind game: even as a human, she had shown signs of mental disorder. “My own mind is a demon that haunts me,” she told Rebekah as she considered herself cursed and broken while Rebekah and her family strong and free from any human plagues. Sadly, although vampire blood heals any wounds and diseases, it cannot cure cancer and mental illnesses; in fact, since vampirism heightens emotions, it may just worsen the situation, which seems to be Aurora’s case.

While her loyalty remains vague, Aurora’s unforeseen arrival digs up a buried secret between Klaus and Elijah and true to the nature of this show, every time an old secret is unearthed, expect a lot of rage and angst and considerable amount of good furniture trashed. Wasted on the vampires, of course. After The Axeman’s Letter was aired, I noticed a number of viewers bashing Elijah and this, in my opinion, is unfair to his character. In spite of being on team Elijah 24/7, I will not try to justify his past action: it was cruel to both Aurora, who was robbed of her first love, and Klaus, who had yet to become the man he is today and was seeking love in a “cruel, cruel world.” It might probably be as Klaus’s blame, that Elijah’s sin was the deep-rooted cause of his later “despicable acts.” However terrible, Elijah’s action was understandable given that he had just learned his most loved brother (I don’t doubt that he loved Klaus many times more than he ever did Finn and Kol) had murdered their mother and more or less caused their state of refugee. Worse, while Klaus planned on hiding his unspeakable crime from his family, he shared it with a woman not of their blood, whom he barely knew for some months. The rage and pain of betrayal Elijah felt back then was no lesser than Klaus’s at the moment and they could blind even the man who always wished to be noble, hence his accidental compulsion of Aurora and his decision not to undo it afterwards. Yet, despite everything, he chose to stay with his brother, even if it meant he had to bear the combined weight of both sins. I doubt if guilt alone was strong enough to motivate all of Elijah’s devotion and sacrifice for Klaus.

And, though the incident with Aurora furthers the wedge between the brothers, I’m glad it happens sooner than later. Secrets are poisonous to any relationship, especially a problematic one as Klaus and Elijah’s, and once all the rage has gone, this is where forgiveness can begin, just as Klaus and Rebekah did in season 1. Call me a hopeless fool but I’m holding a firm belief that Klaus and Elijah’s reconcilement doesn’t have to wait until the end of the season now that they are all threatened by an impending doom and the prophetic “Beast.” Nothing brings brothers closer than danger.

(Fake) Hashtags for this episode: #THIS_IS_WAR, #stop_being_dicks_to_cami, #daddy_brings_me_a_gift_in_a_jar, #bro_before_hoe!!



Highlights of the episode:

  • No more bad medieval hair! It seemed the Mikaelsons had found themselves a medieval hairstylist.


  • And Aurora’s hair was gorgeous in the flashback.


  • The song played at the beginning of the episode – Make It Holy by The Staves

  • Claire Holt’s Rebekah! It’s nice to see Auntie Bex having a girl friend and being happy even for a while.


  • Caspar Zafer’s Finn! Even better, Caspar Zafer’s Finn with great hair. Nevertheless, his judgy attitude hasn’t changed though.
  • Elijah’s suit is marvelous in this episode. Dark shirts look even better on him than light ones. Too bad it’s going to be destroyed in next episode.
  • Hayley and Davina’s bonding – good to see the girls being friendly instead of hostile


  • Dahlia’s Crescent curse lifted
  • The scene where Aurora killed her human self – poetically shot!
  • Vincent and Cami as investigative duo, albeit failed. Since Lucien was able to string Cami and Vincent, could it be the same case with Marcel’s guys and Tristan? He could be leading them all into thinking that he is joining hands with Lucien.
  • Also Elijah and Marcel’s bonding – these two are getting much closer than the last seasons
  • I’ve never realized how pretty Lucien’s eyes are until now.


  • Van Nguyen is back and seeking for justice, not meaningless vengeance. What sort of language is he using when he chants?? Though I’m Vietnamese, I haven’t grabbed a single word!
  • Elijah’s ruining Tristan’s appetite with a heart in a jar! Tristan’s assistant learned it the hardest way to NEVER refuse Elijah – if the patriarch wants to see your employer, your employer he shall see.



  • Elijah’s calling Tristan “naughty little liar.” Is it just me or the ways Elijah refers to Tristan (“the Lord Tristan de Martel” – 3×02, “sociopath” – 3×04, “naughty little liar,” “little weasel, and “lunatic” – 3×05) always sound a bit… endearing?


  • Tristan’s small smile when Elijah says he hears Tristan’s heartbeat. Now nothing or no one can convince me they weren’t in love.


  • OK, we get it, Tristan is Elijah’s “boy.” Thank you, Marcel.


  • The epic music and the Klelijah fight at the end of this episode.
  • Jason’s not being annoying for once

Still waiting for:

  • Rebekah’s return in present day, not only flashbacks
  • Tristan’s episode – why did Elijah give a “lunatic” powers and eternal life, when and how?
  • How The Strix was founded
  • How Aya was turned and under what circumstance
  • Freya’s kicking more ass, even if that ass happens to be Tristan’s
  • The Originals to stop playing game with their babies and just string them up, drain them of vervained-blood and compel the truth out of them. You have the privileges of being Original vampires, how about using them NOW??
  • Finn and Kol’s resurrection