I See You in Hell or New Orleans – The Originals 3×03

Warnings: heavy on spoilers and fangirling and light on just about everything else. Also, beware of inappropriate language.

It seems to me that each episode of The Originals is aiming to have something to satisfy hardcore fans. The first episode gives us the original Originals, the second offers some delicious Klayley (I’m gonna pretend Jackson never exists) and the third, all hail Klelijah with some delectable Trilijah and Klucien as side dishes. Now before I delve into the queer factors that have just burst through the roof in this episode, let’s talk a little bit about the content first.

After a non-flashback week to focus on the present issues (namely Hayley’s massacre of witches and the supernatural custody battle between two hybrid parents over one hybrid child), this episode, I See You in Hell or New Orleans, compensates flashback-suckers with a heavy dose of medieval time. In Klaus’s fairytale-telling narrative, the happy life of the baby vamp Mikaelsons at the de Martels’ castle is told, which includes…

…Elijah’s engaging in medieval sport with Tristan aka the Original and his intended sired’s quality bonding time. Am I supposed to interpret this was how Elijah practiced his perfect aim?

…Klaus’s sitting alone and doing some artistic carving, which, as far as I know, wasn’t a very manly pastime back then. I wonder if that was the same knife he stole from Mikael, which was used to kill Dahlia and Esther in season 2’s finale?

…Tristan’s exuding heavy Jaime-Cersei vibes. Just watch the way he looks at Aurora.

…and Lucien’s asking Klaus to deliver his love letter to Aurora. Now I see why he had been pining for her for years – must wait for a certain Original to aid him. Seriously, grow some balls man. Tristan wasn’t the king of the castle.

Oh wait, he was. The next thing we see is some smooching between Aurora and none other than Klaus the letter-delivery vampire, which is conveniently caught by Lucien. Guess the ‘bro or ho’ dilemma wasn’t a dilemma to Klaus at all. At Aurora’s urge, he escaped through the window, leaving behind an angry, confused Lucien, who was conveniently caught with Aurora by Tristan. Being the unofficial king of the castle, Tristan coolly ordered Lucien’s captivity.

Note that I find this scene quite hilarious because 1. Couldn’t Klaus just grab Lucien and jump through the window? 2. It’s nice to see that Klaus isn’t always obsessed with pretty blond girls who resemble Rebekah in one way or another, and 3. Did Tristan seriously have his guards watching his sister 24/7?

That’s some serious messed-up shit, dude.


Back to present day, Klelijah fans everywhere rejoice when the brothers finally have a proper conversation after months of estrangement. Hearing Elijah refer to them as “we” surely makes our Klelijah hearts race, if they haven’t been melted by the smile and the spark of hope in Klaus’s eyes when Elijah says he will consider forgiving his bastard brother’s enormous offence last season. It seems quite obvious that Klaus only opens up and shows just how badly he wants his brother’s forgiveness when the two are alone – no Hope, no Hayley, even no Freya or Rebekah. Just the two of them, together. When they are in the presence of others, Klaus’s giant of a pride prevents him from displaying even the smallest sign of remorse, prompting him to feign indifference, which Freya recorded in her letter to Rebekah. Deep down inside, Klaus is fully aware how much he needs and wants Elijah by his side, the brother that had stood against Mikael for him; now that doom is looming over them all and anyone could be enemy, he’s desperate for Elijah more than ever.

Image from fanpop.com
Image from vampirediaries.wikia.com

No matter how our fangirl hearts want them to just kiss and make up, Elijah reminds us that forgiveness is not easily bought. “I will consider it… when Hayley forgives you, Gia rises from the dead, and hell freezes over,” he delivers to Klaus his conditions to forgive Klaus’s crimes. Though I’m undoubted one of the many who would scream at the top of our lungs for the Mikaelson brothers to reconcile, I do have a satisfying grin when Elijah says the line. Nice try, Klaus, but that isn’t enough to atone for his gruesome murder of innocent, darling and badass Gia, whose name I’m just over the moon to hear it said by Elijah.


Fans can ship Elijah with any women they want, Tatia, Katherine, Celeste or Hayley, but Gilijah shippers can always smile, knowing that so far Gia has been the only one to literally touch his heart because he lets her.

Speaking of badass colored women, this episode introduces Aya, who sweeps the floor with Marcel’s smackdown mini-squad in a few minutes and then the self-proclaimed king of the French Quarter himself. It turns out she is the mysterious figure from Elijah’s past, as promoted in the episode’s synopsis, and the two have known each other “intimately.” Just how intimately is “intimately” most of us wonder. If it turns out that Aya was indeed his “paramour” in the past then I think it’s safe to assume that Elijah has a type: brunette, sometimes colored, sometimes white, independent and fierce women who kick ass more often than some men do.

Elsewhere in the city, Hayley’s stressed up with domestic life – let’s face it, her life was much more thrilling when she was with the Mikaelsons – and Jackson, being the good husband he’s trying to be, offers to take her out to blow off steam, and… calls Freya to babysit. I seriously roll my eyes and mutter “WTF” at this. Also, I’m pretty sure Marcel makes the fight club for vampires exclusively and he doesn’t welcome wolves to waltz into his place and make it their mating ground. The sex is hot, I admit it, but otherwise irrelevant and boring as compared to other plotlines.



Watching an unnecessarily-but-pleasantly shirtless Lucien get arrested by Detective Kinney is far more interesting. Sometime between the scene, Lucien manages to put on proper attire so when he’s waving his hand at Cami, he’s in full CEO mode. Although he doesn’t get to do much in this episode as his plotline is tied with the heavy chunk of flashback, Lucien continues to prove he’s an entertaining element to add to the story. Andrew Lees’s acting style has gradually rubbed on me, as has his cute face – I find myself visiting his tag on tumblr more and more often.


On a side note, just because another Glasglow-smile victim is found when Lucien’s in custody doesn’t mean he is not the culprit. He is currently the lead of his sire line, right? He could just order an acolyte to execute a victim and voila, perfect alibi. Hardly.

Aya is definitely not the only new face to be introduced in this episode, we get to know Tristan de Martel and his ancient, vampire society called The Strix, which is in Elijah’s words a “flock of sycophants” responsible for countless wars, plagues and assassinations. To fans, they are just a big Elijah fanclub whose members are mostly vampire versions of Mean Girls’ Plastic – rich, influential and visibly mean, from the leader Tristan, as seen in the flashback, to his right-hand girl Aya and possibly every qualified member. There is much to be learned about this vampire society in later episodes, who created it (my money’s on Elijah), for what purpose and most importantly, what sort of scheme Tristan’s cooking when he brings them all to New Orleans.

Now that Aurora is on her way to New Orleans, expect more bloodshed and chaos.

I see you in Hell or New Orleans indeed.

Lastly, the queer factors that make the fangirl in me giddy. Hayley and Jackson’s fun time seems out of place since this episode is brimmed with slash hints. So far we have Klelijah interacting, Klelijah sharing a snack – notice how Klaus gives his brother the better part, the neck, while he bites the wrist. Kindly remind yourself that sharing a meal is widely considered an erotic act, even more so when the vampires are not too short of food that they are forced to share. This episode continues to sail the Klucien ship, whose hints haven’t been scarce from the beginning. My favorite bits are when Klaus embraces Lucien in hope of providing some comfort for his friend, his teary eyes when he’s about to incinerate Lucien’s supposed corpse and his relief to see him come back to life. “We bring out the worst in each other” – Klaus’s conclusion promises there’s a lot more we’ll get to see about this relationship.

Then, to the other pairing that also gets much focus in this episode, Trilijah – Elijah and his first ‘child’, Tristan. His character description and brief appearances in For the Next Millennium and You Hung the Moon suggest that Tristan is much like his sire. It is proven when Tristan walks out to stop Elijah from murdering Aya, all suit-up and polite manners. It would be very intriguing if later in the season, we’ll learn that it was Tristan that instilled this style into Elijah and not the other way around. If Elijah is a monster in a suit, carrying in himself the burden of his Red Door, will Tristan be the same? Lucien’s words about him have been true, as shown in the flashback when Tristan went all Ramsay Bolton on a servant because said servant was caught in his sister’s room; I wonder what Elijah was having in his mind when he gave such a wicked individual his blood. Lucien’s turning was purely accidental, from which the Originals learnt how to sire more creatures like themselves, so I assume any turning after Lucien’s, namely Tristan’s and Aurora’s, was anything but a coincidence.


What’re you waiting for? Pick up your pens, fanfiction writers!

Highlights of the episode:

  • Aya’s kicking a lot of asses. Just saying, Marcel, next time a woman walks into your place, be more polite to her – bring her some tea and cake, for instance, because there’s absolutely no ordinary woman who would walk into a vampire lair without backup. In Aya’s case, she doesn’t even need backup; being thrice Marcel’s age, who’s the oldest, strongest vampire in the lot, she kicks their asses without breaking a sweat.
  • Josh’s scrubbing blood stains from Marcel’s carpet. Can’t Marcel just compel some folks from the cleaning company to do the job??
  • Marcel’s major sulking because he was dismissed by Elijah “like some kid.” Someone’s still bitter about being given a cold shoulder some hundred years ago. Marlijah or Elicel anyone?
  • Also, Marcel’s proposal to fight alongside Elijah: “You go left? I go right?” Did he think Elijah showed up to help him?
  • Flashbacks. Enough said.
  • Everyone enjoys a good Lucien beating. Remember? Ep. 1 – thrown to the wall by Klaus; Ep. 2 staked by Elijah and bitten by Jackson; Ep. 3 – beaten the crap out of him by Tristan. What’s next in Ep. 4?


  • Cami and Vincent’s being partners in crime- urg, crime-solving
  • Tristan’s casually giving his daddy his handkerchief because Daddy left his own with Josh


  • Elijah’s fixing Tristan’s tie and the way Tristan eyes him


  • Also Elijah’s endearing “And… there he is. Tristan.”
  • The Originals and their firstborns’ no-personal-space policy
Image from vampirediaries.wikia.com
  • “You will never fall by my hand.” Keep trying Klaus! May the force be with you.


  • Aurora’s “I Believe I Can Fly”


Next episode, A Walk on the Wild Side, features the Mikaelson family gym day and a fancy ball.

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