One Tiny Problem – Extra 3

Disclaimer : Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom : The Originals

Rating : K+

Pairing : Kolijah – Elijah Mikaelson x Kol Mikaelson (sort of)

Genres : fanfiction, alternate universe, humor, fluff

Characters: Freya Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Hope Mikaelson and many others

Summary: An AU in which Kol is resurrected by Freya, in the form of… a baby.

Inspired by whatevenkol’s idea and given permission to write this story



“Hello,” Freya greeted the tall figure standing some feet away from her. “Long time no see, little brother.”

The thin veil of fog surrounding the two of them hindered her from truly seeing his face, but from her memory of their brief encounter, Freya knew it inch by inch. A boyishly handsome visage, adorned by dark eyes gleaming with much more than a hint of harmless mischief, and a devil-may-care smirk. How many young witches’ hearts had grown fonder with that particular curve of his lips, she wondered.

“Still handsome as I remember.”

He closed the distance between them until he was within her arm’s reach and she could touch him if she so desired.

“And you, still gorgeous as my memory of you,” he said, winking. “Freya, isn’t it? I saw the way you put Nik in his place. His hybrid arse needs a good kicking from time to time. If I weren’t dead nor were you my eldest sister, I would date you already.”

She laughed a gleeful laughter that rang like silver bell, and pinched his nose. He felt like water and silk to her fingertips, ethereal and unreal. “We almost dated back in 1914, remember?”

“Oh, what a shame,” he groaned. “You were the loveliest among the young witches and the one girl that gave me the coldest shoulder I had ever met. That made me want you all the more.”

“One, your wooing skills need honing and two, that’s because I knew you were my little brother.”

“Our family, though horrible, sure possess some excellent genes, is that how they say it in this era?”

“Ready to be returned to those sharing your ‘excellent genes’, little brother?”

Dying for it, big sis. You have no idea how boring it is here,” he quipped. “Where’s Bekah in all of this? Didn’t she promise to bring me back?”

“You have to excuse our sister, Kol,” said Freya. “She’s basically a baby witch while magic is much complicated. Now, take my hands. Think about the form you want to have.”

“Oh, wait, do I have a choice?”

“A teenage boy, a young man, a middle-aged, even a baby. Nevertheless, if you chose to be a child, I must warn you that your mentality might undergo a few… adjustments.”

“A baby with a thousand-year-old mind,” he laughed, “imagine the chaos. I think I have made up my mind, Freya, but first I beg you a favor.”

“I’m listening.”

“Whatever choice I’ll make, please keep it a secret from our siblings.”

She stared at him, then blinked. Cupping his face in her hands, she said, “Why do I have a hunch that I won’t be seeing this cute face for a while?”

His larger hands easily enveloped hers. The water-silk feeling again. “That shall be our clandestine affair. Pinky swear?”

“I promise you, but do keep in mind that once the spell’s done, it is absolutely irreversible,” she whispered, though there was a tiny knot forming in her left chest. She tried to shake it off, focusing instead on Kol’s fingers on her, and mumbled the final verse of the spell, reserved only for this phrase.

“Thank you, big sis.”

His lips on her cheek felt like the touch of a feather. Kol’s face disintegrated…

… and formed the beaming face of a child.

The sudden weight on her laps broke Freya out of her reverie. A small hand hovered before her eyes.

“Freya, are you snoozing?”

She caught the hand and gave the boy her best glare, which was endearingly nicknamed ‘the old witch glare’ by none other than the little devil. “I am not snoozing. I’m reminiscing.”

“That’s what Nik says when he’s snoozing,” the boy rebuked.

Freya pinched his nose. “Don’t talk back to your big sis, Kol, or this old witch will punish you.”

She took notice of huge blotches of mud on his tank tops, his reversed cap and the smudges across his cheeks. “What have you done all morning?”

Kol gestured to the baseball bat he had placed on the bench beside Freya. “Elijah and I played baseball. I won and he’s gone to me buy ice cream.”

Freya arched an eyebrow. “He must have gone easy on you, again?”

“Unfortunately, this time the little devil truly beat me.”

Elijah flashed to the bench where Freya and Kol were sitting, balancing three big ice cream cones in his hands. His signature dark suit was absent in favor of a loose T-shirt (blissfully much cleaner than Kol’s), washed jeans and a brightly colored baseball cap identical to Kol’s.

“Ice cream!” Kol cried and leapt out of Freya’s laps, attacking the chocolate chipped ice cream.

“Mint or strawberry?”

“Mint, please,” Freya answered and received her choice treat. “You bought one for me, too?”

Elijah sat next to his sister, while their little brother snuggled in between them. “Because I knew Kol would run to you first thing and brag about his triumph.”

“So this is tribute to the victor?”

“Elijah also promised me the Spiderman figure, too,” Kol reminded his brother, dripping ice cream from his mouth onto the front of his tank top.

“I haven’t forgotten.” Elijah ruffed his hair through the cap. “Mind your manners, Kol,” he chided. “Don’t talk with your mouth full. Where’re the others, Freya?”

“Hayley went to the bayou to check on her wolves, Finn, to Vincent’s river cottage and I, the barber’s,” a voice chimed in. They did not have to guess whose it was.

Klaus appeared next to a nearby tree, arms crossing and his hair significantly shorter than they remembered, which was mere few hours ago. “No ice cream for me?” he asked teasingly.

Seeing both Elijah and Kol giving Klaus’s new hairstyle a funny look, Freya breathed a laugh. “Hope gave him a hair makeover. With magic, a lot of tiny braids and beads. Nik didn’t like his daughter’s styling.”

Elijah and Kol both sniggered, earning an exasperated huff from Klaus. “That’s why she went to give Rebekah one instead.”

“We express sincerest condolences for your lost, Niklaus,” Kol said in his most Elijah-like tone, using Elijah-like vocabulary and holding out his half-finished ice cream cone.

“Now Kol here only needs a few dark suits to complete his transformation into a mini-Elijah.” Casting a swift glance to his older brother, Klaus added, “Or Elijah to discard his trademark suits, which I see he has already done.”

“Courtesy of the one and only Kol Mikaelson,” Elijah mock-sighed.

“I heard you defeated Elijah.”

Kol nodded while finishing the last bit of his cone.

“Well, you may have bested Elijah with his old, brittle bones, but do you dare to take the big bad wolf’s challenge? Win and I’ll buy you all the ice cream you want in New Orleans.”

Elijah was about to protest, saying something about too much ice cream being detrimental to their little brother’s teeth (hybrid’s or not) when said little brother had sprung to his feet with his bat in hand. “Game on,” he enthusiastically announced.

“Let’s race to the yard, shall we?”

And then, faster than a blink, the two had disappeared out of sight.

“Sometimes I have a feeling that we are spoiling Kol,” he sighed, half-heartedly disguising it as a complain in hope that his eldest sister was sharing his concern.

She wasn’t.

“I see both you and Niklaus are trying to make amends for the tumultuous time you had with the old Kol. Still, I believe it’s a designated part of an older sibling’s nature to spoil their younger ones. Had I grown up with you, I would have been the same.”

“I seriously doubt it was in Finn; still, I do remember mother telling me again and again how excited you were to have more brothers and sisters.”

“Were you the same?”

“I was afraid, to be honest,” Elijah chuckled. “I was still too young when Niklaus was born so I didn’t feel, or have to do much, but when Kol came, I was old enough to help around the house. I panicked every time mother told me to pick him up. So scared by the thought that I might drop him that I strained every muscle to keep him in my arms. He must have been uncomfortable.”

“Yet Niklaus said you were the only one that could pacify Kol when he was disturbed?”

Elijah smiled a sheepish smile. “Kol was a… difficult child, who could cry for hours for no definite reason; however, I got a lot of practice as father had to work while mother took care of the various chores and Finn helped her…”

“… and Kol bit Niklaus every time he touched him,” she finished the sentence for him.

“Or wailed loudly, invoking father’s wrath. So looking after the baby brother became my exclusive duty. By the time of Rebekah’s and Henrik’s arrivals, I had gotten better; nevertheless, it was with Kol that I learned to be a big brother. Now I get to relive that experience, thanks to that peculiar turn of event. Expandable diapers and formula helped a great deal.”

“They both look up to you, the old and the new Kol. Not Finn, not Niklaus but you.”

Elijah shook his head ruefully. “Many a time I had failed him, I’m afraid.”

“You have not failed this new Kol,” Freya said, putting her hand on his, “While all of us were confused about baby Kol, you were resolute to raise him.”

“It was either kill him or go with the situation, and the former was never an option. Perhaps it was also because of my selfish desire to have a child. My envy at Niklaus for having Hope.”

“Be it envy or desire, it makes you more than just Kol’s brother. Trust me, you have not failed Kol, and you will not.”

“Aside from reducing him to a hybrid baby?”

Freya could not help a laugh. “It wasn’t something he didn’t want.”

Elijah squinted his eyes.

“Is there something you have kept from us?”

“Don’t let Niklaus’s paranoia infect you,” Freya laughed. “I knew Kol back in 1914, remember? Kol sure loved having late-night rendezvous with witches and not knowing who I was, he chose me to be his confidant.”

“For a long time I believed Kol hated us all, those siblings that betrayed him again and again.”

“He was angry, at times furious, yet he never hated you. The only thing he kept complaining about was your ‘stuffy’ manners and your choice of attire.”

“That certainly explained why he turned my entire wardrobe into T-shirts, tank tops and washed jeans–”

“You don’t look so bad in them.”

“Your kind words are much appreciated, sister,” he said. “I still have a strong need to ravage the shops in New Orleans however. Do you care to join me?”

“To help you choose which shade of dark suits you should buy a dozen? That’s Gia’s profession. I would rather help Hope with Rebekah’s hair.”

“Promise me you will not let our sister’s hair suffer the same fate as Niklaus’s.”

Elijah spoke in his most solemn tone, using his most solemn express, which caused Freya to burst into laughter.

“All right,” she promised. “Perhaps when you return, our niece would love to give you a hair makeover also.”

When Freya left her cozy spot on the bench, having enough of her idle time with the warm sun, she stood and made her way to the yard. Klaus and Kol were still playing, the level of their attention rivaling that of professionals in a heated match. Both had made it their cause not to lose to their brother.

There were many a time when Freya questioned Kol’s decision and her promise made to him in that limbo state; nevertheless, every time she saw that big grin and those shining eyes, all her doubts were vanquished.

She winked at Kol when his gaze accidentally directed to her before continuing her way into the house. She had a sister to rescue from her niece.

(To be continued. Maybe.)



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