One Tiny Problem – Extra 2

Disclaimer : Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom : The Originals

Rating : K+

Pairing : Kolijah – Elijah Mikaelson x Kol Mikaelson (sort of)

Genres : fanfiction, alternate universe, humor, fluff

Characters: Freya Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Hope Mikaelson and many others

Summary: An AU in which Kol is resurrected by Freya, in the form of… a baby.

Inspired by whatevenkol’s idea and given permission to write this story


Family Business

“Do you bloody know what bloody time it is in Kyoto?”

Punching the ‘Accept’ button with all her mortal might, Rebekah all but roared into the speaker. Fifth time. This was the fifth bloody time her phone had cried in the middle of the night. She had declined the first four, pressing the ‘Silence’ button and burying her head under the thick futon. Still, the caller had proven to be persistent far beyond her imagination, and finally, she had given up ignoring. It was either picking it up or flinging it into the pond outside the window and she happened to adore the new Iphone case she had recently purchased in Akihabara district.

Someone really needed to remind the sleep-addled Original slash witch there existed another, more tactical alternative: turning it off.

“My apologies, sister,” the caller said after silently enduring her soaring, very justified rage, “for disrupting your sweet, sweet dream. I’ve forgotten to check the time zone. By the way, you sound exactly the same as the five-year-old you, who threw a wild tantrum at whichever of us unfortunate enough to disturb your beauty slumber.”

“Your purpose, Nik, for calling me at this bloody hour. Five bloody times!”

“This is an extreme emergency.”

Rebekah was unimpressed with the dramatic stress in her brother’s voice. “Next you’re going to say, ‘We have a situation’.”

“Well, not to disappoint you, sister, but we have more than one situation. Several actually. Which of them do you care to hear first?”

Placing her hand on her slender hip, Rebekah huffed in exasperation. “List the options.”

“Some good, some bad, some falling in between.”

“Good news first, to balance the terrible mood you’ve just inflicted on me.”

There was a whooshing sound that suggested Klaus had just done a vampire move. That the background had grown significantly less quiet was the proof.

“Listen carefully, love, it’s good news speaking, or shouting insults at me, depending on your decipherment. Oops!”

The noise of something hitting the wall and shattering entered her ears, and then, Nik’s shouting: “Could we have a bloody time-out? I’m trying to speak to Rebekah here!”

“Is that… Hayley’s voice?” Rebekah asked incredulously.

Her brother scoffed on the other line, “Yes, that is Hayley’s giving me a piece of her mind, along with my favorite antique lamp. The Crescent curse was mercifully lifted; as such, the wolf queen and her loyal followers don’t have to walk on all fours or bark at the trees anymore. Still, the manner in which she expresses her gratitude is most peculiar.”

“Nothing you don’t deserve, Nik.”

“My favorite antique lamp doesn’t deserve this cruel fate.”

“Collateral damage, sweetheart, as you so love to put it,” said Rebekah with a widening grin. “So, how did you get those witches who hate our guts to help?”

“A few pages from dearest mommy’s grimoire, one portion of Elijah’s eloquence and Freya’s magic, plus a humongous contribution from our baby brother and the witches were bought, well, their Regent, to be more exact. Good thing our brother fraternized with her when he was in that borrowed flesh.”

“Wait, Davina… what?”

“She is, after all, a teenage girl, and teenage girls, by and large, are easily swayed by pretty words and prettier faces.”

“Need I remind you that teenage girl has kicked our arses several bloody times?” she scowled “Anyways, that’s the good news. How about the bad one?”

“Freya wants to bring Finn back,” he uttered every word as though doing a pronunciation exercise.

A moment of silence, then a mini-sized explosion on Rebekah’s side. “What?!”

“In case you haven’t heard it clear, love, Freya wants to resurrect Finn, like we did with Kol.”

“I heard it perfectly fine the first time, Nik. But didn’t Finn hate vampires and even hybrids, which will likely be what he’ll become?”

“Freya said she had been conversing with him, and somehow the determined Finn was ‘convinced’. Obviously his love and desire to be reunited with our big sister have triumphed his aversion for these ‘abominations’. And to quote Freya, what is home without our siblings?”

“You’re missing the point, Nik! What if he ended up a baby, like Kol? I don’t think we have the capability to handle another ‘baby brother’ drama. That’s Finn! I-don’t-bloody-ever-smile-Finn.”

“I’m not, Rebekah, yet our sister assured us that Kol’s state was a tiny mishap. It would be different with Finn. She had it under control.”

Rebekah’s face sported a frown as she ran her hand through her dark, curly hair. “How could she be so confident? It’s magic, and magic has a nasty tendency to go horribly wrong anytime.”

“I have no idea. Our eldest sister’s abilities are unfathomable as her sanity. One thing for sure is that she’s adamant.”

There was a bang loud enough to quake her over the phone. She guessed it was Hayley’s calling off the ‘time-out’. Or Freya’s reaction to Nik’s questioning her mental capacity. Could be both.

“What did Elijah say?” she asked, once she could hear Nik again, proving that he hadn’t had his neck snapped.

“Elijah was a lost cause to us, as he agreed that Finn should have another chance, since we siblings had deviously wronged him in his previous life. I did tell him perhaps he wouldn’t mind babysitting yet another brother. That’s why I need you home now, to help me talk some decent sense into our older siblings.”

“I hate to say it, Nik, but Elijah’s point isn’t invalid. As far as I know, we owed Finn much more than we could hope to amend.”

“Oh, how quickly you’ve changed your mind. Need I remind you that he once tried to harm my daughter?” He growled in a deep, low voice. She could imagine his eyes were flashing golden and dark veins creeping up his face.

“I feel it justified to blame demented Aunt Dahlia and dearest mommy,” she said, hoping to divert his budding rage. “All right, while I’m taking time to think this matter through, why don’t you tell me that something-in-between news?”

Rebekah heard him let out a long sigh. Probably practicing some anger-control therapy Cami had taught him.

“It’s clear that our bloodline runs strong in both Hope and Kol,” he spoke at last. “Not only can they do magic on their own, as we have witnessed plenty of times, they have just figured out how to channel each other… while playing Barbie. That’s where the ‘something-in-between’ comes in.”

“You gave them Barbie to play?”

“And Spiderman is going to be her boyfriend instead of Ken. Elijah’s idea, not mine, to let them choose whatever they wanted for their toys. Kol was happy with his choice, as he is pleased with anything that aids him in his monopoly of Elijah.”

“Finally realized that you cannot always have our elder brother for yourself?” Rebekah laughed.

Klaus chose to ignore her taunt.

“Our ‘children’ have been quite enthusiastic with their newfound ability and decided to experiment with it. Freya’s room fell victimized first, followed by Elijah’s and mine is going through a ‘renovation’ as we speak.”

“What kind of renovation?”

“One involves various shades of pink and floral patterns. Now I have to admit that I am powerless to stop it–”

Horror flashed her countenance as she nearly yelled into the speaker, “Hey! Can the three you at least do something to keep them from channeling each other?”

“That is why, Rebekah, you’d better kiss Kyoto goodbye and get your witchy self back to New Orleans. Have a safe journey, dear sister,” he said and hung up, leaving behind the weight of implication that all Rebekah’s prized collection of stilettos, boots and dresses, not to mention her beloved room, would be foregone if she didn’t return in time.

“Bloody hell,” muttered Rebekah as she dialed her traveling agent.

There were times when she felt that family was nothing but a pain in the behind, and this was one such time.

(To be continued. Maybe.)



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