One Tiny Problem Pt.4

Disclaimer : Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom : The Originals

Rating : K+

Pairing : Kolijah – Elijah Mikaelson x Kol Mikaelson (sort of)

Genres : fanfiction, alternate universe, humor, fluff

Characters: Freya Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Hope Mikaelson and many others

Summary: An AU in which Kol is resurrected by Freya, in the form of… a baby.

Inspired by whatevenkol’s idea and given permission to write this story


One Final Decision

“I’m quite pissed that you didn’t let me have a part in this awesome mission. Hello, I’m a witch. At least I could be of some help!” Rebekah complained.

Upon hearing the earth-shattering news from Nik, she had raced against the moon to get back to New Orleans, only to find the compound in a glorious mess and her siblings all plagued with a unified exhausted look.

“Because I only learned of the blood moon occurrence the other day, at which time it had already been too late to call you back to New Orleans.”

“Let me remind you, sister, there is an invention known as the Internet.”

“Which you didn’t muster enough care to set up a connection in this compound.”

“Duly noted, Freya,” Klaus said, miming writing a note, “next on my to-do list: get our big sister a laptop. Full stop.”

“Please,” Elijah hushed, “your quibbles are disturbing him.”

“So… that’s how you found… him? On Elijah’s bed?” asked Rebekah, gesturing to the snoozing bundle in Elijah’s arms.

Freya, Klaus and Elijah all nodded in perfect union. “Not after hours of happy chasing game,” Klaus added.

“Well, Kol loved chasing when he was little.”

Klaus shrugged. “He also loved it when he could have us running after his little tail for hours on end.”

“Wait, how can we be certain this… baby is our brother?”

“He really is Kol,” Elijah confirmed.

“I’d be overjoyed if he weren’t,” Klaus sighed. “Unfortunately, this noisy little demon is the Kol we’ve known for a thousand years. Big sister, if you please.”

“I ran a test. This baby is Kol, body and soul. There’s no mistake.”

“If Freya’s magic didn’t hold enough credit, here’s another,” said Klaus, taking the baby from his brother’s arms. “Have a look, love, this tiny one has a spot on his left buttock, just like Kol had.”

Rebekah’s face sported a comical look. “I’m quite sure seeing my older brother’s bare bottom ranks first in my list of strangest things in this decade. Let me hold him, Nik.”

“Be careful, love, this one– Ouch!”

Klaus cried, out of surprise rather than pain, when the baby bit his thumb that was caressing his cheek. To add insult to the injury, Kol started wailing.

Freya, Rebekah and Elijah instantly covered their ears.

“Here it comes again, the diabolical noise. He’s all yours, brother.”

As if holding a time bomb, Klaus quickly handed baby Kol to Elijah, who took him into his lap and started… singing softly. The crying, miraculously, quieted and ceased.

“Just like the old days,” said Klaus, “only the noble Elijah could subdue the little banshee.”

“Just like the old days,” replied Elijah, “once Kol grew teeth, he would bite Niklaus whenever he tried to touch him.”

“Is there a way to fix this… mishap? So that the grownup Kol could be returned to us.”

“There’s nothing to fix, Rebekah,” Freya said. “The spell worked. Kol lives and his soul is firmly bound to this flesh. Unless he’s killed and everything will be back at square one.”

Klaus’s gaze landed on the baby, who was gleefully playing with the tip of Elijah’s necktie.

“Don’t even think about it, Niklaus!”

Holding up his hands, Klaus mock-squirmed under Elijah’s vampire glare. “Don’t get me wrong Elijah,” he said. “I’m merely considering the bright prospect of my little brother growing up alongside my daughter and being her bestie.”

“As a matter of fact, I don’t think it is outside the realm of possibility.”

Then all his siblings’ eyes were on him.

“There’s no way we would allow Kol to fall into the hands of death again, so the only choice left is to… roll with it, as they say.”

“Wait, is there something, a spell, or a ritual… Freya?”

“The spell is irreversible, Rebekah.”

A moment of silence that seemed to stretch out for eternity, until Klaus, always Klaus, broke it with his laughter, but even that sounded weak. “Another Mikaelson quirk.”

“Make it plural,” said Freya.

“What do you mean, Freya?” Rebekah asked.

“When I ran the blood test, I came across an unexpected discovery. This new flesh of Kol is not of a human baby.”

“Well, I expected him to be a vampire, as his ash was; that would perfectly explain those sharp canines. Still, a vampire baby, or baby vampire – whichever he is – is indeed freakish. Gives me an awful reminder of those Anne Rice’s novels.” A few seconds passed, and then Klaus almost jumped out of his seat. “Don’t tell me he is going to remain a baby for all of eternity!”

Elijah and Rebekah’s eyes were wide as a goose egg, as if only now did they realize the dark side of this whole resurrection spell. Fortunate for them, Freya was here to save the day.

“He is not, rest assured. He will grow up, but the combination of vampire ash, witch slash vampire soul, vampire, witch and hybrid blood will make him very… different…”

Freya took a brief pause, glancing at her siblings, before she continued, “In short he’s going to be much like Hope.”

“Bloody hell!” Rebekah exclaimed, her expression closely resembling someone who tried to suppress their tear and their laughter at the same time.

“Another magical baby! I can almost see the heading taking half the front page of the witches’ daily.”

Klaus sought to hide his inner turmoil at the shocking news with a sarcastic comment. Turning his attention to his little brother, Klaus reached out to fiddle with the turf of hair on Kol’s head, earning himself another bite from the hybrid baby. An undignified yelp followed.

Elijah remained silent, contemplating the baby in his arms. Little Kol burped and giggled at him. He saw himself in the baby’s dark eyes, smiling back.

Perhaps this wasn’t the worst of situation.

(The end. Maybe.)

This is the end of this short fic. Thank you for all your supportive comments.

There will be some extras about baby Kol growing up. The exact number hasn’t been decided, but I’m sure there’ll be more than one.



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