One Tiny Problem Pt.2

Disclaimer : Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom : The Originals

Rating : K+

Pairing : Kolijah – Elijah Mikaelson x Kol Mikaelson (sort of)

Genres : fanfiction, alternate universe, humor, fluff

Characters: Freya Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Hope Mikaelson and many others

Summary: An AU in which Kol is resurrected by Freya, in the form of… a baby.

Inspired by whatevenkol’s idea and given permission to write this story


One Ancient Spell


Less than a day earlier…

“Tell me again your genius idea, big sister,” Niklaus demanded, a slight mocking in his tone.

The remaining Mikaelsons was gathering around their large table in the compound.

“My genius idea, little brother,” Freya replied in a similar tone, “is to bring our brother back to life. With magic, in case I was too fast and you weren’t able to follow.”

“I can assure you that Niklaus follows just fine, but he and his information-processing center do not always work in tandem.”

“Your sense of humour isn’t appreciated, Elijah,” he said, turning to Freya. “Do enlighten me: how.”

Freya and Elijah exchanged an amused look, a habit they had picked up recently whenever their paranoid brother said something they both found hilarious, much to said brother’s annoyance.

“There’s an old spell said to have been the one to bring the god Baldur back to the living land after Ragnarok–”

“Do away the fairy tale bits and jump to the core, if you please, sister.”

“We have the spell, we cast the spell at midnight and bring Kol back. Is that simple enough for you?”

“Ah,” Klaus exclaimed, “but you forget to mention the essentials. Firstly, not even you, the caster, have any idea whether this older-than-the-earth spell would work, and secondly, what would be the consequence if it failed.”

“Every spell has the potential to fail, Niklaus,” Elijah intervened, “even when performed by the most powerful witch. But I choose to take this risk if it means we can have our little brother back.”

“That is why I need you to bring our sister’s body out of the coffin – we need her blood, and Esther’s, too. Don’t give me that look; I knew you would have had a backup plan if the first plan to destroy Dahlia had failed. I was in your mind, remember?”

For a moment Klaus looked hurt, the sort of hurt when a young one was bullied by his older siblings, which he happened to experience with appalling frequency these past few months. Freya and Elijah’s quality bonding time had resulted in their mutual agreement to make fun of him wherever and whenever they saw fit. He missed the days when he wasn’t so outnumbered.

And that didn’t include Rebekah. He imagined she would very likely to join them when she returned. She wouldn’t be Rebekah if she found no joy in ricocheting him with her sarcastic remarks.

“Fine,” he muttered.

“In order to increase the odds, I need to ask you two some favors.”

“Whatever in our capabilities,” Elijah replied.

“I will need to channel Rebekah’s vampire body, borrowing her power to perform such a great spell–”

Before Elijah had anything to say, Klaus growled, “I object!”

“No harm will come to her body or her soul, I swear.”

“Then use me instead!”

“I will need you and Elijah’s memories of Kol as I have none.”

“What about the others?” asked Elijah. “You said ‘favors’ so there should be two, three…”

“I ask you for a little of Hope’s blood,” Freya said, holding up a hand to stop any objections from her brothers. “We need to gather every living family member’s blood, including Hope’s as she’s Kol’s niece. Aside from that, she will not take part in the spell.”

“If something happens to my daughter–”

Elijah’s firm hand on his shoulder prevented Klaus from finishing his characteristic threat. With a silent nod and a gentle squeeze on his shoulder, Elijah sent Klaus, huffing exasperatedly, to retrieve the necessary ‘ingredients’.

About ten minutes later, Rebekah’s, their mother’s and Hope’s blood had filled one third of the ceramic bowl which had been scavenged from their unused kitchen.

“Your hand, Niklaus.”

Klaus gave his eldest sister a doubtful look before slowly held out his hand.

“Niklaus is being a little sensitive with the knife,” commented Elijah, looking immaculate as always in his dark suit even when he was cutting open his hand. Out of habit, the Original vampire wiped the excessive blood from his already healed wound with a pristine handkerchief. “The last time he had his palm sliced, it left him crippled for months.”

Klaus snorted indignantly.

“I’ll be gentle,” promised Freya as she cut a horizontal line on her brother’s flesh, swiftly and neatly as if she was born to do so, and then carved an identical one on her own. Blood oozed from their wounds and was caught in the bowl.

With her hands hovering the bowl, Freya began chanting, causing ripples to break the still surface.

“All done,” she smiled at her brothers. “Now we only have to wait till the blood moon rises.”

(To be continued. Maybe.)



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