The Original Theories


So I’ve just finished three seasons (2-4) of The Vampire Diaries in hope of learning more about the Original (always capitalized) family. The plots are pretty good and gripping, except I had to fast-forward now and then to stop myself from yawning at the Salvatore boys’ occasionally bickering about who-should-be-with-Elena (where’s the brotherly love I was supposed to see?). And don’t make me mention the every-episode Elena’s wondering which-Salvatore-boy-should-I-be-with (they managed to drag it through 4 seasons, which was quite a feat). Connecting dots and dots between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, I’ve come up with a few questions/ possibilities which I am about to write down in this entry. I can’t really concentrate on my fics when they keep hovering in my head so for the sake of my (over)procrastinated stories, here are the ideas:

(Beware of potential spoilers if you haven’t finished season 1 and season 2)

  • Freya’s immortality

Freya’s immortality was granted to her by a spell Dahlia cast on themselves at the cost of being put in a coma every a hundred years. Now that Dahlia’s death, is the spell still in effect? Is Freya still indestructible or has she become a mortal witch? If the spell on her is permanent, does she have to go in a hundred-year sleep now? More importantly, if she is still an immortal witch, which is unnatural, would nature try to counter that irregularity by creating her doppelgängers??

Oh wait, she’s already has a doppelgänger who goes by the name Fiona Goode. Just watch American Horror Story: Coven and see!

  • Freya’s power

Just how powerful is Freya’s magic? We have seen her demonstrate a wide range of powers, including extracting souls with ease, resurrecting Finn in Vincent’s body and breaking free of the magic-restraint shackles but we haven’t seen her limits (beside the obvious fact that she’s much weaker than Dahlia). How powerful is Freya compared to the witch ancestors of the French Quarter in specific and New Orleans in general remains a big question. Besides, would the witches (led by Davina now) tolerate such a threatening presence especially when Freya’s siding with her brothers, who are at great odds with the witch community?

  • Linking

Since Dahlia was capable of linking her existence to Klaus, attaining immortality without the magic-induced sleep, would Freya be able to do the same? If yes, I would very much prefer her to link with Elijah as Rebekah’s body is inactive and Freya and Klaus aren’t exactly on good terms. On the other hand, Elijah has been very willing to trust her so linking to him would probably be Freya’s decision. And that’s entirely not because I yearn for some Freylijah quality bonding. 

  • Channeling

Thanks to Eva Sinclair’s body and Freya’s training, Rebekah is now a decent, if not quite powerful, witch. I wonder if she could channel the energy from her Orginal body via sacrificial ritual – the same magic Papa Tunde and Finn used to gain more power. Nonetheless, while Rebekah’s role in season 3 remains unclear in the present storyline, Freya’s is pretty definite and should any problems arise (which they will, undoubtedly), is there any possibilities that Freya could use her sister as a source?

  • Finn and the pendant

The Originals season 2 gives the other Mikaelsons (namely Finn and Kol) more character development and screen time more than two seasons of The Vampire Diaries. Ever the least favorite Mikaelson, Finn is made a minor boss this time and his arc is cut when his soul is extracted from Vincent’s body and put into Freya’s pendant. So what is his state in there? Is he unconscious as he was daggered or is he able to see and know everything that happens outside his sapphire ‘coffin’?

  • Resurrecting Kol

From the least favorite and arguably sanest Mikaelson to the least sane and very popular one. Seeing that the writers of both series have a penchant to push Kol onto a death train and then grab him back because obviously his fan base is big enough to resurrect him. Supposed that the Mikaelson siblings hadn’t intervened and Davina had successfully brought Kol back to life, would he have come back as Original vampire Kol (since his ash is that of a vampire) or as human Kol, prior vampirism (since Esther said something about purifying his soul)?

  • Sire bond

Sire bond is everything in The Vampire Diaries season 3 and season 4. It’s particular stronger when it’s with hybrids. And the last thing we learn from The Originals season 1 is that Hayley is now a hybrid, sired by her own daughter, Hope. So, beside motherly love, Hayley’s devotion may stem from her being sired by Hope, which explains better her seemingly absurd plan to escape Dahlia, earning Klaus’s wrath in the process. Hope’s a baby and she acts on instinct when she feels threatened, so somehow she subconsciously influences her mother (and maybe Jackson and their pack who are connected to Hayley).

  • Finally…

The last and perhaps least significant question: because Klaus is a hybrid he is capable to making babies, which he did and that was where Hope came into existence, is the same rule applied to other hybrids like Tyler and Hayley, provided they had a suitable mate that is not a vampire? Or is there any chance we’re going to see another miracle baby with the last name Mikaelson?

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