Episode 060515

Just to ring a little bell that I am not dead yet.

The backpain and the heat are joining hands to kill me, really. I’m irritated and sensitive to most sounds and smells around. Hormone is a nasty bitch, I tell you. I can’t concentrate on a single question to ask Dorian. As a result his answers are vague and confusing. Guess I have to part with him for a few days. Until I’m in improved mood and improved condition.

My inspiration is faring better than my health. I have, like, four or five plots running at the same time. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Why Won’t You Die? 

I build this D&D ship (Dracula x Dorian) by myself and I am sailing it by myself. Not sure where it’s heading but I’m on Chapter 3 – Drakie and Dori (nicknamed by my friend Robin) have their first civil interaction which may or may not end in a civil way. Either way I get to make fun of Drakie (like I always do), which is fine.

2. Another installation of Tales of Bizarrity. I’ve been looking for a chance to bring Colebourne and Cerney back and here it is. I get the inspiration from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

3. Like It Rough

D&D ship again. This is a one-shot. The title and inspiration are from the song Flesh by Simon Curtis. This song is perfect for Dori and Drakie’s kinky and violent romance I’m hoping to achieve with Why Won’t You Die. Set in a sort of modern AU – Dori and Drakie remain who and what they are – an immortal and a vampire respectively.

Wanna wrestle with me baby
Here’s a sneak, little peek
You can dominate the game cause I’m tough
I don’t play around that often
When I do, I’m a freak
So you’d better believe I like it rough

I can almost imagine Dori singing these lines to Drakie, provoking his vampire lover until said lover gets really mad and does the things mentioned in this song. Doesn’t Dori love it when his 300+-year-old boyfriend plays rough? Yes, yes he does. Like when they first met:

*Drakie walks in*

Dori: Ooh, handsome. Does he like girls, guys or both?

*Drakie eats his poor victim*

Dori: Now that’s hot. I’m definitely turned on.

*Drakie bites off his victim’s neck, blood all over his lower jaw*

Dori: Ooooooh, which devil should I sell my soul to so I can have him? I think I’m in love. *heart-shaped eyes*

Not the healthies romance but that’s basically how a bloodsucker renowned for his bloodsucking even when he was human and an immortal who could not careless about the damages on his body express their love.


Dori is bored when Drakie’s acting civil

4. Threaten Me with Life

What if The Creature does not want just any woman to be his bride but a particular one who, to Victor’s horror, is not woman? This is a Penny Dreadful fanfic in which Caliban demands Victor to make Dorian his mate.

5. Kiss Me Goodnight

I’m currently putting the charismatic Death and his Child on a long holiday trip. But they’ll come back, I can assure you.

One thought on “Episode 060515

  1. Good to know that there’s still a chance, slim as it is though, that I will see Death again. I’m curious about how the story might wrap up. And please cut back a little on your creativity proliferation, there’s a staunch stalker here trying to catch up *winded* One new entry every other day seems appropriate.

    Liked by 1 person

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