Because I’m bored, OK

So, instead of trying to finish my fic (since dearest brother’s taking the TV and I can’t watch Penny Dreadful), I spent the last hour making fun of the King of Vampire with this memey picture.


Alexander Grayson aka Vlad Tepes/Dracula

Lady Jane Weatherby

R.M. Renfield

Mina Murray and Jonathan Harker

Dr. Van Helsing

Daniel Ravenport

Screencaps taken from Dracula (2013) by NBC.

How to describe Dracula

12 thoughts on “Because I’m bored, OK

      1. I was bored and I had a terrible need to make fun of this series. There’s a serious biological error in this series. You care for spoiler? It’s a laughable error.


      2. Ok, here it goes. It’s a plot point that Dracula’s heart doesn’t beat and he doesn’t have blood flow. That means he can’t get an erection, right? The funny thing is he’s been banging Lady Jane since episode 1, sometimes quite violently. I have to seriously wonder how the hell he does it.


      3. It’s complicated :v. Dracula’s the main guy and Mina just happens to look a lot like his deceased wife. She may be her reincarnation too. Everyone loves Mina here, Dracula, Jonathan and… Lucy.

        In The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Mina outlives Jonathan since she’s a vampire. She has a little affair with Dorian Gray, of all people.


  1. It doesn’t last very long though. You should see their fight, it’s hilarious. They stab and hit each other and instantly they heal. Gray even says that they could go on fighting all day and neither would win.


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