Episode 280315


I’ve been obsessed with writing lately. Whenever I’m free I have to either pick up the pen and scribble on the pages or stare at my phone screen and type each word down (and hope the auto correct won’t screw up my writing). It’s funny to think back on the afternoon I nearly got everyone late because I was too absorbed in my story. Nap was brief – didn’t get much these days – and so as I laid awake, the urge to write hit me. Well, you can guess the rest.

Sometimes I wonder if this obsession with writing has stemmed from my lack of interest in everything else.


The day started well for me. Got up in time to watch a short clip about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (I may go to the movie theater just to watch that cute pair of twins). Work went smoothly, got myself a cute bag – love to spend my own money on stuff; it makes me incredibly happy. In the afternoon I got to watch two decent movies. So far, so good. As some wise human said, good things do not last long, it came and let me in a mess of mixed emotions. The Tarot cards foretold that I would be ‘tricked’; it’s just that I never expect to be ‘tricked’ by a person I trust. Didn’t see it coming, so to say. But maybe it’s just me exaggerating things. Don’t know, really. Will it drive a wedge in our relationship I wonder. Have no idea. Let time answer it. For now, I’ll pour myself a Coke-mixed-Cognag.

Life goes on. A little less trust will not affect it. I don’t have much trust in people to begin with.

By the way, I’m in love with the crow in Maleficient…

…and the poem of Mary Shaw

 Beware the stare of Mary Shaw
She had no children, only dolls
and if you see her in your dreams
Make sure you never ever scream…

Or she’ll rip your tongue out at the seam.

And if you see her remember this,
The only thing that can stop her is…Shhhh

5 thoughts on “Episode 280315

  1. I saw “Maleficent” on Star Movies the other day. Stunning visuals and good casting, at least Angelina Jolie’s star power secures a box office success. The direction and acting are both mediocre. I remember the crow, the actor is cute and I’m quite fond of his loyalty to Maleficent. It has always been a dream of mine in which I was a secluded yet powerful witch living in a desolate valley, somewhere in the Middle Earth a la The Lord of the Rings, accompanied by no one but wolves, owls, crows and perhaps other animals. I would do “mad” researches and perform forbidden witchcraft, cursed spells. One day a hideous dragon invaded my beautiful lair and after a long battle, I turned him (or her) into my private vehicle, a nice alternative besides my wretched broom. Should I ever step out of the front door, I always wore a red cape, as red as the thickest type of blood. There would be a music room in the house where I played the piano and wielded magic to control other instruments to recreate a symphony. Each day went by in solitude and ecstasy until someone appeared and turned everything upside down.

    My imagination runs out already, so allow me to wake up from this daydreaming state.

    I hate myself for this but I really envy your aptitude for words. A part of it might be natural but certainly you’ve worked hard to improve it day by day. Sometimes I wish I could just vent anger and frustration using a pen and a piece of paper but most of the time I end up staring at the blank space like an idiot, then rush toward the piano instead, only to be further disappointed by horrible sounds I produce. It seems I’m better off just being an observer rather than actually take part in the game. Can’t wait for your next output.

    Btw, who is Mary Shaw? I’m too sleepy to google her now *yawn*


    1. Maleficient is a so-so movie to me: would be cruel to call it ‘bad’ but it’s too far from good. But it’s entertaining though and Diaval is a charmer. I watched Cinderella this morning for the sole reason that Prince Charming used to be The King in the North :v. Cinderella… How to describe her? I think part of her brain is consumed by a zombie and she doesn’t use it a lot. I also watched The Seventh Son, another so-so movie with a very rush climax. A bit frustrated.

      I’m feeling down a bit (and lazy) so I decide to devote the Sunday to movies. There’re times that I feel completely stuck. Can’t write anything decent. Once I spent the morning writing four pages and ended up threw them all away. Once I tore the page from the notebook since I couldn’t bear looking at such mediocrity. It’s fair to say my mood and my writing influence each other in an annoying way: smooth writing (no tearing pages from draftbook) lifts my mood and my good mood smooths my writing. When both are bad, well, I play Coma White, Sweet Dreams and sing along.

      Your imagination is beautiful and illustrious. Mine is to soar in the sky, feeling absolute freedom and control. The scene where Maleficent regains her wings is stunning. So is the last scene, with Maleficent and Diaval flying together. Sometimes I wish I were a vampire, roaming the city and feeding to as I please. I feel little remorse in such thought. But sometimes I just wish I lived in Lucifer’s Eden, spending my day writing to eternity.


  2. (This is not fit to be discussed on fb) I’ve had a rough day at work, everything seemed ready to explode at any time. I think I have stomachache symptoms, which is horrible because I dread going to the hospital. Next month will be even rougher. I keep telling myself to deal with it and be grateful, be optimistic but it’s really hard to stay strong when being put under huge pressure.


    1. Ah, it’s understandable. Please feel free to vent your frustration here. I’m not sure if I can be any help, or offer any advice, but I will read. So, let it all out, don’t keep it in. Your symptoms are likely to be caused by stress. No one likes to go to the hospital, dear, but the fear of getting sick is even worse than getting sick. Going to the hospital usually cures it.

      My previous days were a bit difficult too, as I mentioned in this entry. Sometimes i wish I have a friend like Death who understands completely without me having to say a word. Just wishful thinking though. I have a bit of trust issue so I don’t often express my feelings and thoughts.


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