The Vampire Chronicles Fancast

… By me. For a bit of fun.

Lestat de Lioncourt    Finn Jones

“I can’t help being a gorgeous fiend. It’s just the card I drew.” 






Louis de Pointe du Lac    Kit Harington

“What if all I have is my suffering, my regret?”


Armand    James McAvoy

If I am an angel, paint me with black wings.”

Armand1 James McAvoy James McAvoy

Daniel Molloy    Michael Fassbender

You want a companion You want a link to the outside world. Why that’s me, I mean, take me. That’s what I want, I want what you have, I refuse to let it end like this.”

Daniel1 Daniel4 Daniel3 Daniel2

David Talbot (human)    Sir Ian McKellen

 “That’s a slightly different use of the word ‘love’.”David2 David5

David Talbot (vampire)/Lestat de Lioncourt/Raglan James

Joseph Beattie

Raglan James

Marius de Romanus    Lee Pace

“For the love of Hell, stop blaming me for everything.”

Marius2 Marius1 Marius3

Nicolas de Lenfent – Nicki    Stuart Townsend

“It was to hurt others, don’t you see, the violin playing, to anger them, to secure for me an island where they could not rule. They would watch my ruin, unable to do anything about it.”

Nicki1 Nicki3 Nicki2

Antoine – The ‘Musician’    Eugene Simon

“The world seemed empty of monsters like himself.”


Gabrielle de Lioncourt    Natalie Dormer

“To use the vernacular, let’s waste this bitch.”

Gabrielle1 Gabrielle3 Gabrielle4 Gabrielle2

Pandora    Lena Headey

“Forgive me, I forgot your childish temper.”

Pandora1 Pandora2

Eleni    Rose McGowan

Eleni1 Eleni3 Eleni2

Magnus    Marilyn Manson

Magnus1 Magnus2

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