Episode 070914

So, it’s kind of a routine that every Sunday I’ll pick a movie to watch – just to satisfy my cinematic thirst. But today I broke the routine by…watching TWO movies: Filth and Trance, both starring James fucking McAvoy.

1. Filth

Song pick: Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson



“If Shame portrays tragedy with tragedy, Filth portrays tragedy with comedy.”

Perhaps it was a hunch, but before watching Filth, I had a feeling that this movie, despite the comedy genre, was going to be a sad one. Watching it confirms the hunch. Shame made me feel unsettling, mostly because I could relate to, could feel Brandon’s despair and loneliness. So I didn’t enjoy it and I don’t think anyone can enjoy a movie like Shame; it isn’t meant to be enjoyed. Filth is different. With Filth, I can laugh – good laugh, and then the laugh dies out as Bruce gradually descends the path of insanity and degradation. Can’t say I relate to Bruce as I did Brandon, but I can see how mental disorders, coupled with abandonment and loneliness, can completely wreck a human being.

2. Trance

Song pick: Behind Blue Eyes Limpbizkit ver.


is the word to sum up Trance without really giving anything away.”

It’s interesting that both movies I picked today have a few things in common (beside James’s starring in both):

1. They deal with mental problems – both Bruce and Simon are seriously wrong in the head.

2. Both men have issue – losing the women they love, though the way they deal with it are vastly different: Bruce’s is passive while Simon’s more aggressive.

3. And… NSFW – lots of sex and nudity. So make sure you don’t watch them with your parents.

On a side note, Sharky Mike was supposed to play the role of Franck – the mob boss. He turned it down due to schedule conflict, which was a shame for Cherik/Mcfassy fangirls. Despite that, I was a little happy he didn’t play Franck. Compared to James’s Simon, Franck is lacking depth. I’d love a movie where James and Sharky Mike are given equal chance to shine – like First Class and DOFP.

4 thoughts on “Episode 070914

  1. the way you wrote about the 2 movies makes them kind of interesting, so I clicked on the trailers… and decided to watch neither :))
    yeah you’re right about not recommending these to me ;))


  2. on second thought, perhaps you should wait for the official DVD release, which is when… I dont know :|. I only have the unofficial DVD rip, with no subtitle :v


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