Episode 310814

It never ceases to amaze me how something so small and simple as a little cut can bring me much relief.

So I did again. And I have to admit (if grudgingly) that I’m just a little addicted to it, like I’m a little addicted to alcohol. Normally I wouldn’t enjoy it one bit, but then under certain circumstances it feels like just the right thing to do, otherwise I’ll go crazy and do something far more terrible.

Well, I’m shitting you! I pride myself on my self-control and the worst thing (by others’ standard, not mine) I’ve done is adding a few marks on the skin of my forearm. And probably the worse than ‘worst thing’ (again, others’ standard) is that it brings me (if temporary) relief. I’m not an emo I swear, though I used to think I was one in my crazy-yet-boring high school years. How I got by those years is still a wondrous mystery to me up until today. Yet I’m pretty sure I was saner in those years than I am at the present. Gotta blame it on the college years – both enlightening and, dare I say, depraving. The best (and worst) college taught me is self-control, and the need to keep it, by all means possible.

If thinking about murder is a crime than everyone is a criminal, and a writer, a psychopath.

The question is, am I yet a psychopath?

Like I said, I’m shitting you, so just forget whatever nonsense you’ve read (if you really have).

Next is a more sane part.

Rewatched Inglourious Basterds today. Great fun, though most characters end up in more than one pieces. Quentin has a crazy and surprisingly enjoyable way of story-telling, added with a grain of twisted humor. I found myself giggling with almost every scenes, especially the Mexican-standoff in the basement. Seriously, ‘say Auf Wiedersehen to your Nazi balls’ (and British as well), is there ever a more ridiculous way to die? But wait, there is. Remember that alien scene in Grind House, also Quentin’s, no surprise.

And Sharky Mike’s Archie Hicox… only 10 minutes onscreen and still make it to the top of my favorite Mike’s characters list (yeah, he tops Erik). In only 10 minutes he manages to show his shark grin twice and I swear the moment he lets his inner shark out, his cover is blown. No Gestapo officers has that shark smile, and if there was one, surely Dieter would know him. So, adieu Captain Piz Palu _φ( ̄ー ̄ )



I’m-more-fabulous-than-the-director pose


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