All the Cherik Love Around – Intro [Updated]

Basically, it’s an idea for a multi-chapter Cherik AU crossover which is unlikely to be translated into proper fanfiction since the author has neither the time nor the effort to do so. So anyone who’s interested in the idea and wants to write a fanfic based on this universe and characters, please feel free to take it. All you need to do is giving me a word and a little credit once the fic comes out. I’d appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.


Disclaimer : Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom(s) : multiple fandoms – X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), Children of the Dune, 300 (2006), Prometheus (2012), Inglorious Basterds (2009), Hex etc.

Rating : K+

Pairing(s) : Cherik/Mcfassy  – Erik Lehnsherr x Charles Xavier, Stelios x Leto Atredeis II, David 8 x David 9 (Nine). And other minor pairings

Genres : Fanfiction, slash, humor, angst (mostly teen-angst), high school


Shaw’s Highs – a school for the privileged and not-so-privileged students from all over the globe who have successfully passed the ‘privileged’ series of exams orchestrated by the Principal himself. The series of exams change annually and nobody on Earth could have the slightest idea of what the eccentric, wicked Principal and his equally eccentric and wicked staff have up their sleeves.


  • Major Characters:

Charles Francis Xavier: a straight-A nerd whose only hobbies are studying, solving algebras and reading books. In order to escape from his neglecting mother and his abusive stepfather and stepbrother, he tries so hard to pass the series of entrance exams to get into Shaw’s Highs because the school has a dormitory which allows its students to stay over the weekends and holidays (or life) should they want to. Beneath the sweet, gentle and polite face lies the bruises he’s received from his childhood to teenage.

Charles Francis Xavier

Erik Magnus Lehnsherr: A problematic German-Jewish student who gets himself into fights too often that he got expelled at least thrice before (dude has a lot of issues). Erik didn’t pass the entrance exams; in fact, on the day of the exams he got himself into fights with some thugs and didn’t show up. He was accepted into the school because the Principal, who had seen him fighting, took a weird liking to him.

The smoking creates the 'bad boy' image, which I intend for Erik in this fic
Erik Magnus Lehnsherr – the smoking creates the ‘bad boy’ image, which I intend for Erik in this fic

Stelios Atromitos: A Greek-rooted student who is a formidable player of the school’s football team ‘Sparta’. Boisterous and fun-loving, Stelios is very popular among the female students. He’s best buddies with Leonidas “Leo” and Astinos “Astie”. Stelios and his buddies got into the school because the Vice-Principal thought these energetic boys could save the school’s football team which hadn’t won a single match in the national sports game for… decades. Heck, the boys were even given a scholarship!

Stelios Atromitos

Leto Atredeis II:  Leto is a transferred student who comes from a god-know-where country; his country can’t be located on Google Maps and many students doubt if such country even exists on Earth or Leto is just a liar who wants to make himself appear exotic and special. In fact, the country is real and Leto is the Crown Prince. Tired of the life of royalty, Leto ran away to America and applied to the school as a normal student. He passed the wicked exams with such flying colors that the Principal and his staff had to roll their eyes and wondered if the boy was an alien. Leto has literally shining blue eyes.

Leto Atredeis II

David “Eighth” Vickers:  Before the arrival of Leto the Alien, there’s David the Alien- a true genius with an IQ almost doubling an average student’s. Calm and overly polite, David always wears a faint smile on his face no matter what people say to him; even if you insult him, he’ll just reply with a smile. Other students kind of avoid interacting with David since they think he’s creepy, robot-like. The truth is, despite his genius, David suffers from severe inferior complex, largely due to he’s only adopted by Mr. Weylands and thus, often bullied by his foster sister Meredith Vickers. David also has dual personalities – one being overly mature, an old head on young shoulders and the other being unbelievably childish, a trickster who pulls all sorts of pranks on his foster sister to get even with her (no one suspects him though).

David “Eighth” Vickers

Nine D. Turner: Nine is a cheeky, lovable boy who comes from a very large family. His parents have nine children and he’s the youngest, hence the name. Hardworking and with a bit of luck, Nine managed to get accepted to Shaw’s Highs. From the very first day at school, Nine’s admired David’s talent; he tries to make friends with David despite other students’ telling him how weird David is. Nine also notices David’s flawless smiles are genuinely fake and he wants to get beyond David’s façade. Eventually, he discovers David’s secret.

Nine D. Turner

Azazeal: Thousands years ago, Azazeal was an angel, the All-Father’s most favorite. But that was before he broke the law by falling in love with a mortal. Enraged, the All-Father sent both him and his mortal lover into the furnace, burning them to ash. Their ash scattered the Earth, giving birth to their myriad reincarnations (their ‘fragments’). Azazeal’s twin Ashtela (original character) was only able to gather parts and parts of Azazeal to revive him. Now an Alterum (The Other who is no angel, human or demon) Azazeal wandered the Earth aimlessly; if he encountered his or his deceased lover’s fragments, he’d stay and watch until their mortal life ended. One day, he comes to Shaw’s Highs and finds 3 fragments of himself (Erik, Stelios and David) and 3 fragments of his lover (Charles, Leto and Nine). He stays and watches them fall in love and be happy together, something he and his lover failed to do.

  • Minor Characters:

School Staff:

Sebastian Shaw: the Almighty Principal of Shaw’s Highs. World’s most eccentric, wicked miser, Sebastian attacks the idea of spending money with the ferocity of a great white shark sensing blood. Unfortunately, Shaw has a Vice-Principal and an assistance/ school counselor who just love to test the limit of his blood pressure by spending (his) money.

Mr. (Evil) Principal
Mr. (Evil) Principal who hates to spend money. This is the tux he’s worn every events since 19xx (it’s Everlasting btw)

Nathaniel Essex (aka Mr. Sinister): Vice-Principal and a narcissistic nihilist. Mr. Sinister’s absolutely in love with the finer things in life; everything has to be ‘perfect’, and ‘perfect’ in his dictionary means stylish, exquisite and extremely expensive. Despite his blatant eccentricity, Mr. Sinister’s dutiful to the school and students; he wants only the best for them, which means he won’t bat an eye when spending the school’s budget, much to Shaw’s dismay.

The Vice Principal who loves to spend money
The Vice Principal who loves to spend money

Emma Frost: Shaw’s assistance and the school’s counselor who, most of the time, messes with her students rather than actually helps them. Her ‘favorites’ are Erik and David (poor boys). She loves to enrage Shaw by siding with Mr. Sinister and she enjoys their (Shaw and Nathaniel’s) passionate’ and ‘romantic’ love quarrels.

Emma Frost

Azazel: The silent school guard who’s often rumored to be a former Russian mobster. He upholds the school’s morality and discipline by scaring the craps out of any students who have the slightest intention of making troubles. The only student who isn’t afraid of Azazel is Erik Lehnsherr.

Janos Quested: The silent school janitor who oddly always wears a suit while working (looks good on him though). Outsiders sometimes mistake him for the Principal, who often wears (much) less fancy outfit.

Frank: The enigmatic music teacher at Shaw’s Highs. Aside from his enormous music talent and the large papier-mâché head that hides away his true face, everything about Frank is a mystery. Some said he’s the Principal’s disfigured son. Some believed the Vice-Principal picked him off the street like a stray cat/dog. Some thought he was an escaped guinea pig from a secret governmental lab. Frank doesn’t make any comment on any of those rumors. Frank seems to be aware of Azazeal’s existence as he often looks up to the tree where the Alterum resides. But even if he knows something, Frank says not a word about it.

Frank - the eccentric music teacher
Frank – the eccentric music teacher


Ghanima Altreideis: Leto’s twin sister who comes to America to find her brother. She finds him at Shaw’s Highs and once she sees the school, she immediately decides to study with him, much to their father’s dismay. Ghanima says she wants to take care of her dearest brother; however, despite her words, Leto suspects she has eyes for someone at the school. For some unknown reason, she’s only one in the entire school who can see Azazeal and speak with him.

Ghanima – Leto’s twin

Raven Darkholme: Charles’s girl-next-door and childhood friend who comes to Shaw’s Highs simply because Charles is there and she will be with him (to make sure her friend’s NOT bullied by anyone). She’s leader of the cheerleading squad.

Raven - girl next door
Raven – girl next door

Henry “Hank” McCoy: Charles’s first friend at the school. Like Charles, Hank’s a nerd and he’s already infatuated with Raven the first time he sees her. To get her attention, Hank joins the football team. He plays surprisingly well and other students start calling him by the nickname ‘Beast’.

Hank - the 'Beast'
Hank – the ‘Beast’

Meredith Vickers: David’s foster sister who’s always jealous of her foster brother because their father, Peter Weyland favors David more than her. Her jealousy turns to anger and hatred and she directs them toward David, bullying him. Meredith is never aware of David’s pranks although she’s usually victimized to them.

Meredith Vickers – the mean sister

Charles Allen Hicox & Charles Allen Hicox’s brother: A pair of identical twins: the older one, Charles Allen Hicox, is calm, collected, polite and mature well beyond his age; the younger one, only referred as Charles’s brother or Little Charles because the two refuse to disclose his true name, is impulsive and childish well beyond his age. In spite of the blatant differences, the brothers are splitting image of each other, not only identical in face and body build but also in hairstyle, hair color and sometimes, clothes. The twins love to masquerade as each other and well they do, completely fooling everyone around. The true reason for them to be able to study at Shaw’s Highs remains a mystery; however there are several speculations: their parents having ‘personal relationship’ with the Principal is one and the list goes on. The twins enter Shaw’s Highs one year later than Charles, Erik, Leto etc; by which time other students have already gotten used to seeing people with the same faces parading around the school.

Despite being juniors, the twins rival (and may even triumph over) David in terms of creepiness.

Charles Allen Hicox
Charles Allen Hicox
'Little Charles'
‘Little Charles’


Archibald Hicox (Archie Hicox): The father of Charles Allen Hicox and Little Charles. His wife dies giving birth to the twins and he’s been a single father since then. In the past, he tried to see a few women in hope of finding the twins a kind stepmother; however, as most were disturbed by Charles and Little Charles’s (strange) behaviors, Archie eventually gave up. A former movie star, Archie now has long retired from his acting career and works as a freelance movie critic; his skill with words is no less impressive than his acting skill and he’s earned a status among his peers. He’s spent a lot of time and effort homeschooling the boys and will probably continue to do so till they fully grow up if not for Sebastian Shaw’s offer. It turns out Archie Hicox and the Principal do have a past relationship (whatever it is!).

The days when he was in acting career - that explains his Nazi uniform
The days when he was in acting career – that explains his Nazi uniform

*Archie and both his sons are Azazeal’s ‘fragments’, which explains their nearly identical look.

Though Archie remains a single father, he isn’t strictly ‘single’; he has a partner: Hugo Stiglitz.

Hugo Stiglitz: Archie’s flatmate and… bedmate, Hugo is currently running a convenience store. His silence, his cold demeanor and his scars on exposed skin speak of his dark past before meeting Archie: an ex-gang member convicted of murder who spent a few years in prison. “Tenderness” is the last word people would use to describe Hugo Stiglitz, yet, the callous man is very gentle to Archie’s twin sons, especially Little Charles, resulting in the boys being generally more attached to him than to their own father.

If you arent' Archie or his sons, don't mess with Hugo (and expect to come home in one piece)
If you arent’ Archie or his sons, don’t mess with Hugo (and expect to come home in one piece)

Elizabeth Turner: Elizabeth is Nine’s mother and she’s a psychiatrist who often does voluntary works at the orphanages, helping the children. It turns out she knew David from the time at the orphanage, before he was adopted by Mr. Peter Weyland. She adored him and David saw her as a mother figure. Elizabeth would have adopted David if she and her husband haven’t had too many children already. This has upset David tremendously until the day he meets her again. Beside Nine, Elizabeth is probably the only one who’s aware that David has dual personalities.

Elizabeth Turner

Sharon Xavier: Charles Xavier’s mother who has become an alcoholic after her husband’s death. Though she’s aware of the conflict between her new husband and her son, Sharon doesn’t seem to care. That Charles has chosen to leave the house is more a relief than a loss to her.

Kurt Marko: Sharon’s new husband and Charles’s stepfather. For some reasons, Kurt despises Charles and thus, turns a blind eye every time Cain Marko, his own son, bullies his stepson.

And several other characters.

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