All the Cherik Love Around – Scenarios [1]

All the Cherik Love Around

*You may want to read the Intro first.


Disclaimer : Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom : multiple fandoms: X-Men – First Class (2011), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), Children of the Dune, 300 (2006), Prometheus (2012), Hex etc.

Rating : K+

Pairings : Cherik- Erik Lehnsherr x Charles Xavier, Stelios x Leto Atredeis II, David 8 x David 9 (Nine). And other minor pairings

Genres : Fanfiction, slash, humor, angst (mostly teen-angst), high school

Characters: Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Stelios Atromitos, Leto Atredeis II, David “Eighth” Vickers, Nine D. Turner, Azazeal, Sebastian Shaw, Nathaniel Essex, Emma Frost, Ghanima Atredeis, Raven Darkholme, Henry “Hank” McCoy, Azazel, Janos Quested etc.

Scenerio 1Charles, Nine & Leto

The first day of the Fall semester, three freshmen, Charles, Nine & Leto meet each other for the first time.

Charles, Nine, Leto: *staring at each other unblinking*

Charles *thinking*: Doppelgängers?? Not one but two??? Am I going to die*?

Leto *thinking*: Oh, I have identical triplets. Wait, I can’t have identical triplets. What makes Ghanima then?

It is Nine who breaks the awkward silence by taking out his phone and call his pa and ma to ask, which undoubtedly causes a ruckus at his home.

After a while, they all come to a conclusion that they are neither triplets nor doppelgängers, just unrelated strangers who look a little alike. Leto smartly points out that perhaps they aren’t so identical, as Charles’s eyes are ocean-blue, Nine’s are sky-blue while his are sapphire-blue, and glowing.

The boys shake hands, make friends and part way to find their own class.

As for Erik, Stelios and David, they have never really had a chance to see each other: Stelios is either on the football field or hanging out with his buddies Leo and Astie, or hanging out with Leo and Astie on the football field; Erik is usually found at some deserted corner of the school, sleeping or smoking (or both) and David is almost 24/7 in the abandoned lab behind the backyard (when he’s not having class period). When they finally see each other (thanks to Charles, Nine and Leto), they’re rather cool about the fact that they look identical, except for hair color, hairstyle and choice of outfit.

*Note: there’s a legend that if you see your doppelgänger, you’re going to die soon.

Scenario 2Stelios & Leto

That Prince Leto has the worst sense of direction is a national truth back in his kingdom. So naturally, when he comes to Shaw’s Highs (which is built like a whacky maze, all thanks to Mr. Vice-Principal), he’s lost. As he’s trying to find his way out (and failing epically), Leto runs into Stelios. Being the chivalric hero always ready to rescue the damsel in distress (?), Stelios just grabs Leto’s hand and takes the boy to the football field, introducing him to his team, Sparta. The whole team’s thoroughly impressed by Leto’s surprising stamina and speed, despite his small, lean frame. Eventually, Stelios coaxes him into joining the football team.

Scenario 3Charles & Erik

Charles has the highest scores in his class.

Erik has the lowest scores in his class.

Charles and Erik happen to be in the same class.

Charles lacks a few extra credits to earn the school scholarship. His homeroom teacher suggests he should earn the credits by fulfilling an assigned task. Since he wants to get the scholarship (which allows him to use the dormitory as he likes during the weekends and holidays in one year- a bizarre scholarship almost no students wants), Charles agrees.

His task is to help the student with the lowest scores in class to improve his study records.

In short, his task is tutoring Erik.

Charles has confidence in himself that he can help Erik get better.

Soon as he speaks to Erik for the very first time in the entire semester, Charles’s confidence shatters.

Erik is as smart as Charles and he obviously needs no help. His problem is that he doesn’t bother to study.

Now, it’s Charles that needs Erik’s help if he really wants that scholarship.

Scenario 4Ghanima, Erik, Stelios, David and Azazeal

It is Ghanima’s first time to come to Shaw’s Highs, a place as large as her palace back home (and far more bizarre). And since she’s Leto’s twin, the princess shares her brother’s horrible sense of direction.

So, she gets lost.

First, she runs into Stelios, who enthusiastically grabs her hand (we assume this is Stelie’s bad habbit when seeing beautiful boy/girl getting lost) and offers to help her find Leto. Mildly disturbed by his boisterousness, Ghanima refuses his offer, receiving only his directions.

It is a mistake and naturally, she gets lost again.

Second, she runs into David, whose childish personality is currently reigning. Despite fully knowing Ghanima takes him for Stelios, David doesn’t bother to clear the misunderstanding. He calmly smiles and suggests she should talk to the Principal. He’s nice (?) enough to send her off with a detailed (and highly confusing) hand-drawn map to the Principal’s office.

It would be a wonder if Ghanima didn’t get lost.

Frustrated, she runs into Erik, who is dozing off on the grass. Annoyed, Erik grunts slightly and gets up and off to find another place to continue his adventure in dreamland, leaving behind a very confused Ghanima.

Erik would have beaten her for disturbing his sleep if Ghanima wasn’t a girl. Aggressive as he is, still, Erik will never hit a girl, no matter how much that girl enrages him.

Terribly lost and infuriated, this time, Ghanima runs into Azazeal, who is lying leisurely (but not inelegantly) on a sturdy branch of the enormous tree of unknown species right in the middle of the schoolyard. Not realizing that she’s run into four different people (who happen to share the same face), Ghanima erupts, her molten fury pouring down the poor and clueless Azazeal.

That this little lady can see and speak to him piques Azazeal’s interest and the former angel offers to lead her to her brother, Leto.

Thus begins the princess and the Alterum*’s unusual friendship.

*Note: Alterum – “The Other”, as referring to Azazeal’s not being angel, human or demon

To be continue (?)

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