26 Shades of Mind and Metal (A-E)

Disclaimer: Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom: X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Rating: from K+ to M

Pairing: Cherik – Erik Lehnsherr x Charles Xavier (X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Genres: Fanfiction, slash, humor, fluff, angst, dark, AU etc. (depends on each snippet)

Characters: Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto), Charles Xavier (Professor X), Henry Phillip “Hank” McCoy (Beast), Raven (Mystique) etc.

Warnings: spoilers for First Class and Days of Future Past, mpeg, character’s death, violence, shark joke etc. (again, depends on each snippet)

Summary: An alphabetical collection of snippets revolving around the relationship of Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) and Charles Xavier (Professor X)




Illustration: pixiv.net “Delivery”

A – Alone

He thought he was alone in this world, like the Frankenstein’s monster he had been created to be. Until a voice, a gentle but firm voice mysteriously found its way into the tumultuous mess of rage and murderous intents that was his mind.

“You’re not alone.”

Not now, at least.

B – Blue

Charles didn’t really save him when they met for the first time, for Erik wasn’t going to drown; he was a much better survivor than that. Yet, as they spent their time together, Erik found himself hopelessly drowning in the blue of Charles’s eyes.

C – Chance

“God has given us a second chance, Charles.”

Erik stood straight and firmly, no longer in his withered, wounded and dying body of the dark future; he was youthful and vigorous again.

So was Charles.

“It wasn’t God, Erik, but us.”

On his legs Charles walked steadily toward Erik. He reached out and gently pulled his friend into his embrace.

“Let’s start things over, my friend.”

D – Delivery

“This arrived early in the morning, the receiver being you but the sender’s left blank.”

Hank laid a starch white box on the table before Charles. “You happen to know the sender?”


Charles answered while carefully lifting the box to examine its weight before opening it.

Charles’s blood froze at the sight of a pair of arms placed neatly inside, the visible veins under the skin and dark blotches of dried blood indicating they weren’t the least unauthentic.

And to confirm the identity of their owner, there was a row of numbers tattooed on the left forearm.


E – Experiment

Charles woke up on the floor, the cold, hard uncarpeted floor, to the chill of a winter morning. When he discovered what had kicked him off his dear, warm bed, for the first time in his life, Charles was mad with anger.

That had been one huge bloody mistake.

He shouldn’t have found Hank’s idea interesting and approved to it. He shouldn’t have allowed Hank to carry out the experiment. Most of all, he shouldn’t have let Erik participate in this bloody experiment.

Why Erik, of all mutants in the house?

Because Erik was the only one who could control the magnetic field and that helped the experiment, Hank explained. That and because the metal bender was more than eager to help as a way to make up for his mess in D.C.

The experiment, as far as Hank concerned, was a fair success and Erik came out in one piece and unharmed. It didn’t look like a mistake…

… Not a mistake, a disaster.

It was not until later, when Charles found himself on the floor, absent of Erik’s warmth and cuddle, that he came to this conclusion.

On their bed lied a shark, its massive body occupying the king-sized bed.

What was a bigger surprise for him, Charles mused for a brief moment, a shark that was sleeping peacefully or a shark that was living perfectly healthy out of water.

Nope. It was the fact that this shark was having Erik’s platinum chain around his neck (if sharks have neck) that shocked Charles the most.

Erik had forged an identical pair to mark their reconciliation: one for himself and one for Charles.

Why, of all animal, a shark, Erik?” was Charles’s mental groan.

And the next thing was an earthshaking shout at the name of Henry Phillip “Hank” McCoy.

Well, basically, in “Delivery”, someone had sawed off Erik’s arms (and probably killed him too), wrapped them up and had them sent to Charles (this story line may continue)

My dark, twisted mind rises again ORZ

First shark joke lol

6 thoughts on “26 Shades of Mind and Metal (A-E)

  1. Hi Joel! Your stalker is back! A little surprised to see you’ve fallen into the trap of Charles and Erik. Cool ides as always 🙂 Reading this brings back memories from “X-Men : First Class.” That film may have its issues but I still enjoyed it a lot. So refreshing to see younger versions of Charles and Erik, Fassbender and McAvoy make a great couple, although I’m not very fond of the supposed love triangle involving Mystique, it’s kinda cliche.

    One silly question: Am I right when I assume Erik takes the place of seme and Charles is the uke? Haven’t seen “Days of future past” yet, waiting for a HD torrent, but as far as I know it was met with warm reception, so it must be good doesn’t it?

    P.S: I got a feeling that this couple most likely may reach a bad ending, they carry discrepant beliefs after all.


    1. Welcome back.
      To be honest, I was a bit scared by the thought that you’d left. It happened a lot to me.

      Most fans agree that Erik tops (though McAvoy made it very clear that he’d be the one to top in this relationship lol).

      Don’t worry about the triangle relationship lol. Erik and Raven broke up like, centuries ago. And if they somehow haven’t, in Days of Future Past, they surely do (spoiler). Raven even told Charles: “He’s all yours” (fangirl squee).

      The old Charles and Erik got a bittersweet ending (spoiler: they held hands as they faced death together). The young Charles and erik got an open ending, which is likely to be settled in Days of Apocalypse (2016).


  2. Ha ha I was certain my presense would not be missed. I may not be on wordpress on a daily basis but as long as you keep posting new stuff I will keep showing up and perhaps grow into a pain in the a*s at some point.

    In previous X-Men installations I couldn’t decide, between Professor X and Magneto, who should prevail over whom. It’s hard to let your imagination flow looking at two senior citizens *excuse me gentlemen* The fact that Sir McKellen used to play Gandalf doesn’t help. But then First Class dispels all my doubts, Erik/Michael has to be on top. Some fan tipped me off that he is very well-endowed *excuse my expression* Although Erik seems to be more “broken” and somewhat less clear about his purpose at first. The last scenes near the end where Charles got shot and Erik saved him were nicely done. Erik held an injured Charles in his arms, listening to his words and realized they had to part ways. Michael and James nailed that scene. Besides, Charles sits in a wheelchair so correspondingly he is more “submissive,” I think *head scratching* And did McAvoy really say that? Was he asked about “Cherik” in some interview? Kudos to the asker!!!

    I kinda like Mytisque when she’s on her own so I’m glad to know the filmmakers have given up on that stupid love triangle. Now if they decided to pair her up with Storm or Kitty, I might not be complaining.

    Rumor has it that Days of Apocalypse would be more of a First Class sequel. For now I still have to wait for a high quality version so I can torrent Days of Future Past *sign*


    1. Yep, James said that in Graham Norton show. The show invited Michael, James and Hugh Jackman to talk about the new X Men movie. Then the host showed a mike and James some Fassavoy (not Cherik) fan arts and fanfictions, rating K to M. Mike was speechless but James insisted he was the top in the relationship. James was quite wicked you know. In another interview he even said he’d had sex with Mike 4 times :)))).

      The screenplay writer recently said that First Class, Days of Future Past and Days of Apocalypse are (I don’t remember the exact words) 3 parts of a love story so I guess Cherik’s quite canonical. Raven eventually comes back to Hank (as implied in a deleted scene at the end of Days of a Future Past – I guess they wanted to save that piece for Apocalypse)


  3. OMG after a stroll around Youtube I was left LMFAO, James is such a huge troll, he even ships McFassy harder than fangirls =)) How does he affect sincerity while telling obvious lies =)) “yes, I’ve had sex with him, like 4 times” Well he has the potential to be on top =))

    I just discovered that fan arts and fanfictions are Graham’s favorite adding to the show. Poor Jmaes, he looked really bummed at the fact that he is the submissive in all pictures and even “pregnant with twins” in the fanfic (Hugh seems to genuinely enjoy reading that part) You can sense so much awkwardness and “WTF” from the actors’ expression. It’s nice that they played along and embraced “fan sevice.”


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