26 Shades of Mind and Metal (F-J)

Disclaimer : Characters belong to their respectful owners

Fandom : X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Rating : from K+ to M

Pairing : Cherik- Erik Lehnsherr x Charles Xavier (X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Genres : Fanfiction, slash, humor, fluff, angst, dark, AU etc. (depends on each snippet)

Characters : Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto), Charles Xavier (Professor X), Henry Phillip “Hank” McCoy (Beast), Raven (Mystique) etc.

Warnings : spoilers for First Class and Days of Future Past, mpeg, character’s death, violence, shark joke etc. (again, depends on each snippet)

Summary : An alphabetical collection of snippets revolving around the relationship of Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) and Charles Xavier (Professor X)




Illustration: pixiv.net “Frankenstein’s Monster”

F – Frankenstein’s Monsters

“214782… is it?”

“… Yes. You are…”

He answers with hesitance, still perplexed at being called by a voice that isn’t his master’s.

Lifting his head up, he briefly examines the other creature. A he. Structured almost like himself, only leaner, smaller, more delicate-looking. Much more.

He looks down to the other creature’s left forearm.

“… 287412.”

His verwandtschaft, this creature.

“Please, I prefer Charles Xavier.

Charles smiles amiably, blue eyes shining like ocean in midsummer day.

Not that he knows anything about the ocean and the summer himself. His creator mentioned those to him at some point.

“You should have a name too. What do you prefer?”

“He won’t allow.” is his reply.

A name indicates the birth of the ego, something “He” can’t afford in his creations.

“He can’t not allow.”

Charles tilts his head to the left.

… where “He” lies, or more precisely, his carcass…

One smeared, delicate hand removes his restraints and the other caresses his cheekbones, Charles smiles his amiable, harmless smile again.

“So, how about Erik Lehnsherr?”

* verwandtschaft: kin

G – Gift

There was an envelope which hid itself neatly under the pair of arms. The handwriting was stark and it read: “Deepest apology. Other parts will arrive shortly after. Please consider them… a gift.”

*sequel to “Delivery”

H – Haunted


Karl turned his head and his baby blue eyes caught sight of a man standing in the corner where the sun couldn’t touch. He was at least ten years older than the boy and possessed such a pale complexion that he almost looked transparent. Other than that, he was quite pleasing to the eyes.

A handsome geist, the boy mused. But a geist nonetheless.

Seeing ghosts wasn’t a strange thing to Karl; it was one of the many gifts given to the thirteen-year-old German boy on his sixth birthday. From then, ghosts kept popping out from god-know-where to communicate with him.

Some asked for his help; some merely wanted a person to pour their hearts out; some were confused and needed to be reminded of their ghost state; whoever came to him, Karl did his best to help them all.

“Traurig, my name’s Karl, not Charles, though they indeed came from the same root**. Anything I can help you with, Herr geist***?”

“You don’t recognize me, you don’t know me, Charles?”

Karl could feel the metal rail he was leaning on was vibrating. The ghost was angry, Karl could tell but the boy knew neither what he had done to enraged him, or how to soothe him.

“Tut mir sehr leid, Herr geist. But this is the first time I’ve seen you.”

The ghost’s blue eyes were filled rage.

And pains, too. Somehow Karl could feel them.

He wished he could help ease them, even just a little bit.

The rail was shaking violently. A few bolts came out, scattering around his feet.

An eternity seemed to have passed before all of sudden, rage turned to serenity as the ghost’s eyes were tranquilized with unfathomable sorrow.

“Maybe it’s better that way.”

The ghost turned away, his figure fading as well as his voice.

“Abschied mein freund….”

“Hey, wait up…”

Karl called out to the ghost but it was too late; he had already vanished into thin air.

Unfathomable sorrow filled the boy’s young heart and a grain of tear rolled down his cheek. Though the ghost had disappeared, Karl knew he would be forever haunted by the sorrow in his eyes.

*they’re speaking in German.

** “Karl” is “Charles” in German.

***”Herr geist” is “Mr. Ghost”.

I – Illusion

Hank thought he had gone mad when he witnessed Erik Lehnsherr sitting across from Charles Xavier, eyes attentive to the chess match between them. Not Magneto with that stupid helmet, silly cape and crazy terrorist attitude, just the snarky big brother Erik they had known.

What was happening here? Both Magneto and Erik had gone for years. Hank knew that. Charles knew that. Should know that.

And yet…

From that moment on, ‘Erik’ was everywhere the mansion, sauntering in the yard, cooking in the kitchen, reading in the library, playing chess in the living room. It wasn’t long before Hank noticed that this ‘Erik’ could only be seen when Charles was around.

J – Jealousy

Charles thought that kid Peter Maximoff was a pain in the ass the first time they met. He didn’t like Peter and he didn’t know where such negative feeling sprouted from, barely knowing the boy and all. Surely Peter was pretty annoying at first but once you got to spend time with him, he turned out to be likable. Still, even when Charles gradually grew fond of Peter, he could not completely shake off his previous spite against the boy. It wasn’t until much, much later that he learned of the reason: Peter Maximoff was the bastard child of Erik Lehnsherr.

So, in “Illusion”, Charles’s grief over losing Erik and immense power took over him. It hypnotized Charles into believing that Erik was still here with him and the result was the “Erik” Hank saw.

6 thoughts on “26 Shades of Mind and Metal (F-J)

    1. Not just one child, 4 (1 boy, 3 girls) in the comic. The first three came from Erik’s first wife, Magda. They are Anya, Pietro and Wanda. Anya was killed by humans. Pietro and Wanda grew up to be 2 powerful mutants. The last girl’s Lorna, whose mother’s Erik’s lover. Lorna’s mutant and her power is the same as Erik’s.

      And if you count Onslaught, that makes 5 children, though Onslaught can hardly be called a child, or human. Onslaught was born from Charles and Erik (a result of mindfuck, sorry about the language). He has both Charles and Erik’s power and he can steal power from other mutants, probably making him the most powerful and dangerous being on Earth.

      So far, only Pietro (renamed Peter) made it to the screen; you’ll see him in Days of Future Past. In one scene, Peter told Erik that his mother had dated a man who could control metal, a hint about their father-son relationship. Judging from Peter’s age (about 14-15), it’s likely Erik’d met his mom and fathered the boy before he met Charles in First Class.


  1. Now I recall, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are Magneto’s children. They will join The Avengers in two years’ time. Marvel fans are pretty pissed as Fox is still holding the rights to X-Men and Spider Man, so Pietro and Wanda are referred to as “miracles” instead of “mutants”. Some say “mutant” has become the taboo word in Marvel Universe. I hope two studios can solve the conflicts because I want to see the Magneto vs Iron Man battle. It would be epic!!

    I haven’t found any information on Onslaught yet, would you mind enlightening me *puppy face* How can Charles and Erik have a child? Artificial insemination?


    1. Mag vs Iron Man( ̄◇ ̄;). You sure it’s even a fight??

      Onslaught is a result of angrey sex bw Charles and Erik, seriously =)))). Charles mindfucked Erik so hard that Erik was put into veggie state for sometime. In that time, Erik’s rage mixed with Charles’s growing frustration to form Onslaught (in Charles’s body). Onslaught then got out of his father’s body and start wreaking all sorts of havoc. Onslaught has Charles and Erik’s powers and all the variations. He even absorbs some other mutants’ powers.

      Try googling him and you’ll see, Onslaught looks like Erik in helmet, armor and cape.


      1. Magneto vs Iron Man is a comic arc. I’m curious to see how Tony will stand a chance against the metal bender when his all his toys become useless *evil laugh*

        I found Onslaught’s wiki page now. His birth is…inconceivable, perhaps this is the author’s subtle support for Cherik fangirls. Onslaught does take after his father, it seems he gets in conflicts with every Marvel’s super heroes, even Spider-Man 0-0


  2. Maybe it’s not so subtle after all. The Cherik hints in comic makes the movie pale in comparison.

    Mag vs Iron Man,?? I thought it was a joke 0__0. Maybe Tony remakes his armor and stuff and then we’ll have Plastic Man/Rubber Man/ Porcelain Man/ Glass Man/ Vegetable Man etc.


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