That she would remember him, that she would see him and him alone, was the final thought ringing in his mind as he steered his wheel and crashed into the lamppost.

The concussion killed him, faster than he’d imagined a thousand times before.

A valued friend, a cherished brother was what he had been to her and would remain to be until her time ended. And a valued friend, a cherished brother was what he had never meant to be.

It’d just happened that way.

Light was what she was always yearning for. Light was what he would give her.

With his life.

When they found him, they found him with a contented smile on his lips.

His final wish was granted.

From the day she knew light for the first time till the moment light died from her eyes, all she would ever see was the contented smile he’d left behind.

3 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. I like your “Tales of Bizarrity” series. Each story contains a mysterious sense that keeps me pondering upon its connotation. Sometimes I’ve got a feeling that those stories are a stream of fragmentary memories that somehow flows into words, which makes me question the writer: Did the ideas come to her while she was dreaming? What does she really mean in those stories? I guess they could be a reflection of her experiences in real life, or are merely fictional. I can see horror is a common theme in your writings, and despite my cowardice, I enjoy reading “A Maiden’s Embrace” and “Kagome, Kagome” very much ( to be fair, I thought that was about Inu Yasha’s girlfriend so I clicked on it). Anyway, keep up the good work ❤ I'm looking forward to the next pleasantly befuddling tale.


    1. Thank you.
      As you said, some of the ideas came to me in dreams while others came to me when I was brushing my teeth, washing my face, bathing, eating, dozing in class… I really don’t know how ideas came to me; they just…came. Like this “Eyes”, I got the idea while having to watch a Korean drama series (my friend wasn’t particularly impressed with the ending; he said it was quite cliche).

      Some of the stories are means to satisfy my (rather) twisted mind (like Necrophillia, Mysophobia, Hair…); others serve as metaphors (like A Maiden’s Embrace, The Girl in White, Caged…)


  2. I off my hat to your imagination *bow* The only thing I can think of all day is food, and how to gain weight *face palm*
    Not all stories need an explicit ending or even a proper plot, after all, stories are just stories 😀


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