Episode 191113

Surrounded with lies. Surrounded with falseness

You said you care about me then how come you never see the wounds on my body, the wounds I created in your name? How come you never try to know why I made them in the first place or the effect they bring about? How come you never get to understand me?

I’m supposed to love, I have to love you; still, I find myself hate you more and more with each passing day.

See my grave contradiction?

The sound you made clearly shown your disdain. I never meant to ask that for myself. I was merely testing. And the result was devastating and agonizing beyond words.

However, I don’t regret asking you that question. Though painful, it at least give me the truth.

The tarot was right after all; I’m alone on the path I chose in the pursuit of my dream.

Anyway, no matter what outcome, I won’t ever regret.


The scars have formed yet the wounds remain.

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